Have you noticed these eating habits?

Have you noticed these eating habits?


Eat less potato foods before flying. Most of the potato foods have a strong gas-generating effect. In some European airports, “health guidebooks”, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other starchy foods are listed as “least recommended in airport restaurantsFood “, because when the plane rises, the air pressure will drop. If you eat too many potato foods that can produce gas, you will feel the lower body swell and visit the toilet frequently!


Don’t eat Danish bread in the morning. To make a soft and crisp Danish bread, you need to add a lot of shortening to the flour to form a special layered structure in the bread.

And shortening not only makes the body fat, it will affect female hormone secretion.

Because human hormone levels are most sensitive in the morning, European medical experts recommend that the best time to eat Danish bread is noon, when the human estrogen level is relatively stable, and you will not lose the strong femininity due to too much butter!


Professor Houghton Smith of the University of Ontario Health College, Canada, 40 minutes after drinking coffee, pointed out that just after drinking coffee, the central nervous system of the human body is more excited. At this time, when you go to the gym, you will exercise too much without feelingAnd cause muscle damage!


Coffee companion is fatter than potato chips US food regulators point out that the content of trans fatty acids in instant coffee companions is higher than that of potato chips, and trans fatty acids are the root cause of women’s fatness!

I recommend that you drink fresh coffee as much as possible. If you have to drink instant coffee, don’t add too much coffee mate to the cup because of covetous taste!


You will also have “tennis elbow” for long calls. Don’t think that you will only encounter “tennis elbow” if you exercise too much!

If you can make a phone call, the elbow is too tight, and the elbow joint nerve will be injured as well. At this time, you will feel pain in the lower arm, poor elbow movement, and the speed of the computer operation will be greatly affected!

So I suggest that you try to put on headphones when you call!


Normal temperature milk is healthier than hot milk. The longer the milk is heated, the faster the calcium content will be lost, and the lactose content will not change.

Nutrition experts believe that milk at room temperature is healthier than hot milk.

If you have to drink hot milk, it is best not to use a microwave oven to heat the milk protein. The use of a gas stove or boiling water to warm the milk bag is a better choice!


Eating raw garlic makes you smarter Iowa State University research points out that most of the energy required for human brain activity is provided by glucose converted from vitamin B1, and alliamine in raw garlic has a stronger effect than vitamin B1.Garlic makes you smarter!


Supplementing high-quality finances so that you always wear skirts Want to always wear sexy and beautiful skirts?

American medical experts refer to the fatty acids in avocado and banana as “quality fatty acids”. It will not only make you fat, but also effectively raise the body surface temperature. Even in occasional windy nights, you can still wear eye-catching dresses!


Eating onions at night is prone to insomnia. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there is a statement in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Suffering”, if you choose the wrong dinner, you are likely to put it on the other side of the night!

The onion smells spicy and belongs to bloating food. If you eat too many onions during dinner, you will easily feel bloating in the abdomen, which will lead to reduced sleep quality!


After eating kiwi, do not drink milk immediately. Kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B, which combined with milk lipoprotein in milk, it is easy to produce protein clots and make you diarrhea!

Therefore, I suggest you drink milk or eat other dairy products after eating kiwi for 2 hours!


Eating a few biscuits before going to bed can say goodbye to nightmares. Indian medical experts have proved that 45% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia, and the blood sugar content is too low, which can cause brain neurocortical cells to absorb too much emotion.Nightmares recurring while sleeping.

If you eat a few biscuits or drink a cup of sweetened soy milk before falling asleep, it can effectively reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality!


A bad appetite is related to shoe squeezing. A health report from Waseda University School of Medicine in Japan states that appetite is related to shoe size!

Because there are 6 meridians on the feet, it directly affects the neural response of internal organs.

When the shoes squeeze the feet, blood circulation in the feet is blocked and the blood supply to the feeding center is insufficient. You will feel bad appetite and decreased appetite!

  13 Apples should be consumed within 15
minutes. Apples are rich in vitamins and acids. New Zealand food experts point out that if you eat apples too slowly, it will cause your stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, which will work with fruit acid to cause indigestion.!!

So I suggest you: Apple must be finished in 15 minutes!

Mushrooms make women stand upright. A visiting medical expert from Korea’s Culture Daily suggested that women must eat mushrooms every day, especially mushrooms that are often exposed to the sun.

Because ergosterol in shiitake mushrooms can produce a large amount of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, this high-quality calcium supplement can make your waist stick straight and full of skinny beauty!

Carrot soup calcium is better than soybeans. Canadian food experts have found that 191 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soybeans, and 360 mg of calcium per 100 grams of carrots, almost double the soybeans!

Therefore, food experts recommend that you do not easily lose the precious carrot soup when you buy vegetables. Using it to cook soup, stir-fry or mix salad can achieve unexpected calcium supplements!