Qin Liang’s mouth was close to Yang Shiyun’s face again,Ask quietly。

Since Yang Shiyun never thought about being with Qin Liang“Turn face”,Then naturally you can only compromise。
“Okay several meanings?You can answer directly?Little baby,Are you my woman?Answer quickly,Otherwise I can’t wait。Ha ha ha ha ha……”
Qin Liang really can’t wait,Yesterday he and Shen Ruoxi were so affectionate,Now he really wants to get in touch with Yang Shiyun like this。Anyway, he knew in his heart,Even if he did that,Yang Shiyun won’t be so。A woman willing to die with herself,Would you care if you have sex with her??
Yang Shiyun mosquitoes call the same,Spit out this word with difficulty!
“Hehe,So obedient,be good,Reward one。”
Qin Liang immediately became excited,Then I kissed Yang Shiyun again,But his hands didn’t come out of Yang Shiyun’s clothes……
In the house“temperature”Heat up again,Both of them gradually became confused,then,Qin Liang’s impulse,The demon finally defeated reason,The ambiguous atmosphere between the two began to rise,The two started fighting,But Qin Liang didn’t really ask Yang Shiyun,Although she and Shen Ruoxi were fake marriage,But at any rate, she also has Shen Ruoxi’s position in her family.,Besides, Yang Shiyun doesn’t know yet,It’s okay for two people to tease me,But really want to have a relationship,It’s not easy to explain……
Yang Shiyun immediately fell into the whirlpool of love,Her mind became blank,Don’t know anything……
Two people ate this meal for three full hours。
Later, Yang Shiyun didn’t even know how he got out of the restaurant。
“What time do you get off work at night?I’ll wait for you to get off work, OK??”
Back to the door of the criminal police team,Qin Liang asked Yang Shiyun cautiously,He’s uneasy now,I feel that I have done too much to Yang Shiyun。
“Six o’clock。”
Yang Shiyun lowered his head,Answered in a low voice。
“Then I’ll wait for you here at six。”