“Legend has it that Mrs. Du is already in sixties this year,But with a girlish face,So to say,Seems to be true……Really this girl on stage!”

The person in the know said in astonishment。
Mo Xiaosheng opened his mouth when he heard this.,Looking at the girl in front of me for a moment, I don’t know what to say,He didn’t believe that the girl in front of him was 50 or 60 years old!
“Not bad,Hello everyone,I am Mrs. Du!The owner of this manor,Mr. Du’s daughter!”Mrs. Du greeted everyone generously and smiled,“But I am not a legendary immortality,It’s just a slower development,And good at maintenance!”
When she speaks, her tone and demeanor are indeed very old,It is extremely inconsistent with her youthful and beautiful face!
Mo Xiaosheng was a little dumbfounded,Took a look at this woman,Then smiled:“Madame Du,You look so beautiful!If it is known to other women in the world,I’m going to be mad with jealousy!”
“Mr. Mo praised!”Madam Du chuckled covering her mouth,All women in this world like to be flattered by men,She is no exception。
“Madame Du,You are really beautiful,Prettier than a girl of seventeen or eighteen!”
Mo Ziqin ran up excitedly at this time,Flattered Mrs. Du,Then took out the bank card and handed it to Madam Du,Can’t wait,“Come,Please swipe your card!”
He doesn’t care about the face of Madam Du forever,Immortality,He cares most,This is the god king tripod。
Madam Du winked,There was a cheongsam woman next to him who came over and took the card in his hand,Walked to the side and brushed it,And then handed it back to him。
“Then this god king tripod……”
Mo Ziqin looked at the real God King Ding with a beaming face,Excited。
“Pack it for Director Mo!”