Vice Minister Yao coldly scolded impatiently。

Two people ran over immediately and pulled Secretary Lan away。
Secretary Lan struggled hard,Tears running across the face,Panicked:“minister,I’m wrong,I admit,I beg you to give me another chance,minister!President Mo,I beg,Please let me go……”
But her voice is getting smaller,The two who dragged her have dragged her straight out of the hotel lobby。
“Sorry,President Mo,I apologize for the negligence of the people below me。”Vice Minister Yao Chongmo Xiaosheng said apologetically。
“You’re welcome,Don’t blame you for this。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Took the document handed over by another staff member,Signed the name。
“President Mo,Thank you again for your great kindness,I will visit your company next day,What difficulties will the enterprise encounter in the future,Just tell me,I will definitely help!”
Vice Minister Yao firmly shook Mo Xiaosheng’s hand again,Very sincere in tone。
After speaking, he handed Mo Xiaosheng a business card,Mo Xiaosheng quickly returned one。
Because the whole auction process takes too long,After Mo Xiaosheng, Li Qianying and others leave the hotel,It’s almost midnight,Car parked in front of the hotel,Only Mo Xin Xueyan and Li’s group are left。
“I’ll call you then。”Li Qianying smiled and stretched out her hand to Mo Xiaosheng。
“it is good,this is……”


“Legend has it that Mrs. Du is already in sixties this year,But with a girlish face,So to say,Seems to be true……Really this girl on stage!”

The person in the know said in astonishment。
Mo Xiaosheng opened his mouth when he heard this.,Looking at the girl in front of me for a moment, I don’t know what to say,He didn’t believe that the girl in front of him was 50 or 60 years old!
“Not bad,Hello everyone,I am Mrs. Du!The owner of this manor,Mr. Du’s daughter!”Mrs. Du greeted everyone generously and smiled,“But I am not a legendary immortality,It’s just a slower development,And good at maintenance!”
When she speaks, her tone and demeanor are indeed very old,It is extremely inconsistent with her youthful and beautiful face!
Mo Xiaosheng was a little dumbfounded,Took a look at this woman,Then smiled:“Madame Du,You look so beautiful!If it is known to other women in the world,I’m going to be mad with jealousy!”
“Mr. Mo praised!”Madam Du chuckled covering her mouth,All women in this world like to be flattered by men,She is no exception。
“Madame Du,You are really beautiful,Prettier than a girl of seventeen or eighteen!”
Mo Ziqin ran up excitedly at this time,Flattered Mrs. Du,Then took out the bank card and handed it to Madam Du,Can’t wait,“Come,Please swipe your card!”
He doesn’t care about the face of Madam Du forever,Immortality,He cares most,This is the god king tripod。
Madam Du winked,There was a cheongsam woman next to him who came over and took the card in his hand,Walked to the side and brushed it,And then handed it back to him。
“Then this god king tripod……”
Mo Ziqin looked at the real God King Ding with a beaming face,Excited。
“Pack it for Director Mo!”



First714chapter Fight for the apprentices
A little closer,Just let you hold hands。Be brave,I’ll go with you。”
“What are you waiting for,Time is running out,I have to be friends anymore。”
8Midsummer,Many cities in China,Many malls andKTVinside,All resounding like this song。
9A chorus of girls,Still sounds so comfortable,So that makes people feel youthful。
Such a song,In the summer, I especially feel energetic。
last year8month,A female heaven group in China was born,Quickly became the idol of almost all young people。
This is“Meteor girl”。
“Meteor girl”Relying on《Burn my calories》a song,Fire all over the country。
In so close to half a year,Cities across the country,The most played song is definitely this song。
Even inKTVinside,The most on-demand song,also been《Burn my calories》Occupied。
A group of little girls sang this song on demand repeatedly,Really adds a lot of operating copyright income to。
Also relying on《Burn my calories》,“Meteor girl”Performing everywhere in the country,Circle fans everywhere。


In China,There are people who are as ambitious as Little Buss。

He is naturally Jiang Zhenkun, the proud chairman of these days.。
Shen Huan played a god-level performance in the first game,Immediately brought huge traffic and attention to。
Registered members have also increased substantially,Less than a week,Already exceeded3000Ten thousand people registered。
There are also netizens who watch the game as many tourists,I believe I will join it soon。
Of course Jiang Zhenkun also watched the second game。
Shen Huan can’t compete2Sent off in minutes,This made Jiang Zhenkun stunned,It’s cold all over。
He only found out later,The development of the matter is beyond his imagination。
Netizens not only did not scold and reconciled,Instead, she started to support Shen Huan actively and lively。
That’s not2Minutes of game video,It has become the most exciting scene on all websites。
With the number of viewers of,Is also constantly climbing。
Although Shen Huan was punished,But they are also worried about the Lakers’ performance because of Shen Huan,So come to cheer for the Lakers。
In fact, it is also cheering for Shen Huan。
Then in the signal source of,Because it’s the Lakers’ own signal,So there was a scene where Shen Huan went to check in midway,And announcing that Shen Huan’s body is fine,Have set a new high in viewership。


But things like Su Mo happened these two days,Everyone has a bit of rumbling,Always feel unsafe outside。

Even if it’s just an ordinary party,They are also a little bit of a warrior。
Think about it,Which entertainment industry party,Don’t tell me anything,No vulgar jokes?
Su Mo’s affairs are so big now,In case someone learns,If these words are recorded,Send it online,Don’t say anything ashamed,More serious, I’m afraid I can’t mix in the entertainment industry。
So Tang Yuan simply changed to stay at home。
Since it is at home,Tang Yuan naturally treats fewer people。
That is5table40Multiple good friends,Those who are in general,Work-related,Not in this circle,None please。
Rao is so,Didn’t get rid of the paparazzi。
When Shen Huan parked the car in the parking lot outside the alley,Was followed by dozens of paparazzi asking questions。
Only Shen Huan didn’t answer a single one,Just walked into Tang Yuan’s house indifferently。
This attitude of the teenager,Not strange at all。
The recent stars are like this,Even Tang Yuan who always smiles like this。
everybody knows,This is the celebrities expressing their dissatisfaction that the paparazzi violated their private lives。
But the words come back,Without our paparazzi,Where can the exposure and popularity of your stars improve??
Shen Huan came earlier。
Entered the house,Under the leadership of Assistant Tang Yuan,He went to the yard。
Many acquaintances in the music scene are here。
Xu Ping、Zhou Jing、Heavenly King Zhu Shengyu、Little Heavenly King Fu Bufan、Lyricist Wang Zhao、Songwriter Wu Xinyan……
Shen Huan greeted them one by one,Fu Bufan, who hasn’t seen him for a long time, still wants to chat with Shen Huan.,But was cut off by Lan Kai who hurried over。
“Kaige,Why are you so haggard?”Shen Huan looked at the middle-aged uncle who was at least several years old,Unconsciously。


That house should belong to Guo Miaomiao and Fang Hao’s home, right??

She is moving in,Isn’t it just being sent under the fence?
but,Tell her to give up living with Fang Hao,Very reluctant。
before ending get off work,She still sent a message to Fang Hao,Ask her if she wants to move out now,Rent another house?
Fang Hao’s reply is that he doesn’t need to move,There are three rooms anyway,Just keep living。
then,after get off work,She transferred her clothes and everything to another room,Withdraw from the master bedroom。
Now this house still has a place for her,But she also needs to know how to advance and retreat,I can no longer consider myself the hostess of this house。
Know advance and retreat,Not to please Guo Miaomiao,But don’t want Fang Hao embarrassed。
She can’t bear to embarrass this man。
When moving those things in the master bedroom,Thinking of the memories left in this room,Can’t help crying again。
That night,She just slept in another room,Toss and turn overnight,Having trouble sleeping。
the next day,Go to work。
morning,Ruan Xiaowen, an executive of Jinshan Investment Company, called her,Came to Haoran Culture Company,I want to discuss cooperation with Ye Wenwen。
I saw that the office of Haoran Cultural Company was actually in a farmer’s house,Ruan Xiaowen couldn’t help but say to Ye Wenwen:
“Can’t you work in this office now?,This must be seen by others,Will doubt your strength。”
Ye Wenwen blushed:“When our company was founded,lack of funds,So I can only。”
“Before was before,I can’t do that now,This is related to the face of a company,I still think you should move this company out,At the very least, the office should be opened in the office building。”Ruan Xiaowen Road。


It was past four in the afternoon,Zhan Li just left。

when it is time to leave,She is a little tired,But the mood looks very happy。
Three people stayed together in the hotel for so long,Of course it’s the landlord to kill the boredom,This is very reasonable and logical。
It looks like,The three had a great time。
Fang Hao knows it,People in this circle are better at playing than ordinary people。
He can only be regarded as a person in half a circle,He thinks he still has a lot to learn。
After a few days of such a mess,Have an in-depth understanding of more female artists,Fang Hao finally ushered in the day of the fan meeting。
Tang Xiaodie was not there this time,But she controls many things remotely,The level of participation is quite high。
Those souvenirs with Fang Hao’s head,It was not brought by Fang Hao,It was mailed directly to a big fan in Beijing。
This event was not organized by Haoran Culture Company,It’s hosted by Fang Hao’s fan club,Those specific operations,Of course you don’t need Fang Hao to care。
What Fang Hao did,It’s that time,To meet those fans at that place。
There are a few big fans in Beijing,The specific matters are the responsibility of those big fans,They also supervise each other,So as not to put the crowdfunded money in your own pocket。
Although every big fan has a superior family background,But now who can completely trust whom?
Fantou uses crowdfunding activities to put crowdfunding money into his pockets.。
Those accounts are public in the group,Everyone can supervise。
There is even money for security personnel in the accounts。
——It seems that these fans also know what they are like,No security personnel,This meeting will definitely be a mess。
Chapter Three and Three Crazy fans


Lu Ban smiled lightly,Then said:“You may not believe it……

I and them are really just friends。”
The start-up press conference will end without risk。
Gradually covered the sky,Countless stars broke through the night and came out。
The tide of autumn night soaks in the air.。
A hotel not far from the studio。
《Charlotte troubles》All the crew members have a dinner together for the first time,Ban Lu also drank a lot of wine。
It’s just that I’m not as drunk this time。
Gao Shan and Liang Kesheng saved him face。
Out of hotel,Hiccup,I feel that the whole person is much smoother。
He thought about it,I still called Gu Qiao。
“Busy working?”Gu Qiao said coldly after connecting。
Since I was angry that day,Gu Qiao seems to have become the woman who makes people have no desire to chat,But Ban Lu knows,All this is disguise。
otherwise,Nor after I get drunk,Come all the way to pick him up。
“The press conference just ended,Have a dinner and drink with the crew。”Ban Lu answered the phone,Rubbing his temples,Said:“Just watched Weibo,Your concert is about to start?”
Gu Qiao said:“acquired。”
She has been preparing for her concert for a long time,From《Let’s get married》I was preparing when I was shooting,Recently because of the news with Luban,Something unexpected happened,Fortunately, it didn’t affect ticket sales,Tickets for Gu Qiao’s online concert are still hard to find。
Lu Ban smiled:“What a coincidence,I also just booted up here,May not go。”


Red and yellow on both sides.Color matching,It looks very beautiful and has a sense of nobility。

It’s just that if this little boy wears it,It’s a funny and festive feeling。
“Kaka Kaka……”
Reporters take pictures,The little boy almost couldn’t open his eyes。
Shen Huan hugged him,And handed it to his parents at the top。
Then Shen Huan went straight back to the locker room。
Facing the loud inquiries of the reporters behind him, he ignored them。
Shen Huan obviously underestimated his influence。
Almost ten minutes later,Not just in North America,Is in Europe and China,The red he gave the little boyTShirt,Has appeared on various social media and forums。
The reporters are also very professional,Less than a minute,Took hundreds of photos。
Netizens selected seven or eight of them,Basically, the front, back and sides are taken care of,Has become the most widely circulated pattern。
“Oh,This adidasTThe shirt looks good!Is this the first jersey created by Adidas for Shen Huan??”
“It should be,I also think it’s beautiful!Whether it is the head of Shen Huan in front,Or the oriental dragon behind……do you know,Oriental dragon is a very sacred animal!Not our dragon!”
“But I have already called the adidas store,Found that they did not have thisTShirt sale!”
“May not be on the shelves yet,This should be the sample they gave Shen Huanfa,Then Shen Huan took it out and gave it away。”
“I give this ad00Minute。At this time give out such a compassionate shirt,Is almost equivalent to20Advertised in front of 100 million people。”
“I love Shen Huan the most,I would still give him a monkey!So the one with his headTI must buy a shirt!No matter how much!”
“Don’t get excited about the girl above,AdidasTWhere can the shirt go?And it will definitely not be a limited edition,Must have!”


It happens that every time Shen Huan cooks it is delicious,So that my grandparents can eat more,Still very happy。

So after she came over to do the data research and recording,Now I eat more and more in Youzuo Hutong。
Shen Huan doesn’t care about these,Anyway, he eats by himself,It’s more lively to eat more people。
When I was in Mingde Lane,He eats at the water house every day。
Even if the food made by Xiahe and Shuiqingshan is not very tasty,But that kind of family atmosphere,But Shen Huan liked it very much。
“Bai Xuejie,Your research topic,Is it about nanomaterials??”Shen Huan asked casually。
Bai Wushuang nodded seriously,“Nanomaterials in the future must be the forefront of the development of human science,Of course our school has research。I have also written several such papers,However, there is no specific direction for practice。”
“I have been earnestly studying and researching scientific subjects in physics this year。”Shen Huan said:“Once I was using a pencil,Look at the pencil characters on the paper,I wondered if the composition of the pencil could be divided into nano-level substances,So what is this carbon nano-level substance??”
Bai Wushuang was taken aback,After thinking,Nodded:“It must be,But so far no one can separate and make it。”
“So i want to try。”Shen Huan raised her head and said to her,“Sister Bai, do you want to be with me??”
Why is Bai Wushuangren so dumb?,I can’t help but be surprised at this time。
Shen Huan actually did such a nano experiment?
Doesn’t he know how difficult it is?