Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes Regulate Stroke Sequelae

Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes Regulate Stroke Sequelae

Stroke, or stroke, is a sudden, acute cerebrovascular disease, mostly caused by hypertension or cerebral thrombosis.

Too many patients have not survived after treatment, but have lost their ability to work to varying degrees, manifested as hemiplegia, paralysis of the hands and feet, unfavorable language, and skewed mouth and eyes. They are commonly referred to as the sequelae of stroke.

For the sequelae of stroke, Chinese medicine has a wealth of experience in treatment. In addition to the principles of syndrome differentiation and treatment, drugs, acupuncture, massage, functional exercises and other methods are used. Pay attention to light diet, reasonable mix and rich nutrition.

The staple food is mainly rice, flour, corn, millet, etc .; eat more soy products and fruits and vegetables such as celery, spinach, cabbage, radish, cucumber, lotus root, orange, etc .; fish is the best protein (except for carp).Black fish, yellow croaker, catfish, etc .; eat less meat such as pork, beef and their internal organs; eat less salt, sugar and spicy products.

If combined with the corresponding drug therapy, it can further promote rehabilitation. Several methods that have become commonly used are introduced as follows: 1. Yiqihuoxue: shortness of breath and fatigue due to sequelae of stroke, limb weakness, numbness, paralysis, swelling and expansion of limbsEtc., optionally with the following medicated diet.

① Astragalus and Guizhi Porridge: 15 grams of astragalus root, 10 grams of fried white scallion, 10 grams of cinnamon sticks, 3 slices of ginger, 4 flavors of decoction, and 100 grams of rice and 5 jujubes are cooked for thin porridge.

Yiqi Yangxue and Wen Meridian.

② Astragalus Roe Deer: 30 grams of astragalus, 10 jujubes, angelica, 10 grams each of wolfberry, 100 grams of lean pork (sliced), stewed soup, seasoned with salt, eat soup with meat.

Can nourish yin and help yang, nourishing qi and activating blood.

③ Astragalus Dilong lean meat porridge: 50 grams of fresh Dilong, cut open and clean the mud, 50 grams of lean pork, shredded, shared seasonings; take 10 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of rice, add water and boil,Take the ground dragon and lean meat and cook until the porridge is cooked.

④ Cordyceps turmeric chicken: 1 hen, 30 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 50 grams of turmeric, sacrifice the chicken, wash it open, separate the cordyceps, turmeric and the right amount of seasoning, stew and simmer after sewing.

  Second, nourishing the liver and kidney: after the sequelae of stroke, hemiplegia is seen for a long time, shortness of breath, tinnitus, faintness, soft waist and knees, insomnia and dreams, numbness of the limbs, muscle tremor, etc., the following dietary methods can be used.

① Chestnut longan porridge: 10 chestnuts (shelled and cut into pieces), boil the porridge with 50 grams of previous rice, put 20 grams of longan meat when cooked, and cook for another 10 minutes.

② Braised persimmon and wolfberry stew: 200 grams of meat, 30 grams of astragalus, and 20 grams of wolfberry. Add the right amount of water and simmer until the meat is cooked and ready to serve.

③ Ertong fish belly porridge: Asparagus and wheat asparagus 30 grams each, decoction and juice, 20 grams of wolfberry, rice 50 grams porridge; when the porridge is cooked, add 10 grams of mashed fish belly gelatine, And then boil one, two boil, ready to eat.

④ Huangjing pearl oyster porridge: Huangjing 10 grams, mother of pearl, 30 grams each of oysters, decoction with 3 flavors of water, increase 50 grams of rice and cook for thin porridge.

It can flatten the liver and bury the sun, extinguish the wind and clear the collaterals, and it is suitable to meet those who are flushed and restless.

  Third, the spleen and phlegm: dizziness, dizziness, delirium, limb numbness, unfavorable movements, chest fullness, and lack of appetite, etc., you can use the following conditioning diet.

①Yam yam powder: 150 grams of yam, 200 grams of pueraria powder, 100 grams of millet.

②Huailian lemon paste: 18g of Huaishan and 30g of lotus rice, respectively roasted and ground into fine powder; another half of sour lemon is ground into a slurry, put 200ml of water in a small pot, boil, and pour into HuaishanStir in lotus rice flour to make a paste, add 40 grams of rock sugar to dissolve, and cool it to eat.

Suitable for those who have dry lips and dry stools.

③Orange peel and hawthorn porridge: 10 grams of orange peel, 15 grams of hawthorn meat (dry product), 12 grams of rice dumplings, first roasted separately and researched into fines; another 100 grams of glutinous rice are cooked, and porridge will be added when the porridge is ready.Cook a little bit, season a little salt, and eat at any temperature.

Suitable for those with high blood lipids.


Have you noticed these eating habits?

Have you noticed these eating habits?


Eat less potato foods before flying. Most of the potato foods have a strong gas-generating effect. In some European airports, “health guidebooks”, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other starchy foods are listed as “least recommended in airport restaurantsFood “, because when the plane rises, the air pressure will drop. If you eat too many potato foods that can produce gas, you will feel the lower body swell and visit the toilet frequently!


Don’t eat Danish bread in the morning. To make a soft and crisp Danish bread, you need to add a lot of shortening to the flour to form a special layered structure in the bread.

And shortening not only makes the body fat, it will affect female hormone secretion.

Because human hormone levels are most sensitive in the morning, European medical experts recommend that the best time to eat Danish bread is noon, when the human estrogen level is relatively stable, and you will not lose the strong femininity due to too much butter!


Professor Houghton Smith of the University of Ontario Health College, Canada, 40 minutes after drinking coffee, pointed out that just after drinking coffee, the central nervous system of the human body is more excited. At this time, when you go to the gym, you will exercise too much without feelingAnd cause muscle damage!


Coffee companion is fatter than potato chips US food regulators point out that the content of trans fatty acids in instant coffee companions is higher than that of potato chips, and trans fatty acids are the root cause of women’s fatness!

I recommend that you drink fresh coffee as much as possible. If you have to drink instant coffee, don’t add too much coffee mate to the cup because of covetous taste!


You will also have “tennis elbow” for long calls. Don’t think that you will only encounter “tennis elbow” if you exercise too much!

If you can make a phone call, the elbow is too tight, and the elbow joint nerve will be injured as well. At this time, you will feel pain in the lower arm, poor elbow movement, and the speed of the computer operation will be greatly affected!

So I suggest that you try to put on headphones when you call!


Normal temperature milk is healthier than hot milk. The longer the milk is heated, the faster the calcium content will be lost, and the lactose content will not change.

Nutrition experts believe that milk at room temperature is healthier than hot milk.

If you have to drink hot milk, it is best not to use a microwave oven to heat the milk protein. The use of a gas stove or boiling water to warm the milk bag is a better choice!


Eating raw garlic makes you smarter Iowa State University research points out that most of the energy required for human brain activity is provided by glucose converted from vitamin B1, and alliamine in raw garlic has a stronger effect than vitamin B1.Garlic makes you smarter!


Supplementing high-quality finances so that you always wear skirts Want to always wear sexy and beautiful skirts?

American medical experts refer to the fatty acids in avocado and banana as “quality fatty acids”. It will not only make you fat, but also effectively raise the body surface temperature. Even in occasional windy nights, you can still wear eye-catching dresses!


Eating onions at night is prone to insomnia. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there is a statement in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Suffering”, if you choose the wrong dinner, you are likely to put it on the other side of the night!

The onion smells spicy and belongs to bloating food. If you eat too many onions during dinner, you will easily feel bloating in the abdomen, which will lead to reduced sleep quality!


After eating kiwi, do not drink milk immediately. Kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B, which combined with milk lipoprotein in milk, it is easy to produce protein clots and make you diarrhea!

Therefore, I suggest you drink milk or eat other dairy products after eating kiwi for 2 hours!


Eating a few biscuits before going to bed can say goodbye to nightmares. Indian medical experts have proved that 45% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia, and the blood sugar content is too low, which can cause brain neurocortical cells to absorb too much emotion.Nightmares recurring while sleeping.

If you eat a few biscuits or drink a cup of sweetened soy milk before falling asleep, it can effectively reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality!


A bad appetite is related to shoe squeezing. A health report from Waseda University School of Medicine in Japan states that appetite is related to shoe size!

Because there are 6 meridians on the feet, it directly affects the neural response of internal organs.

When the shoes squeeze the feet, blood circulation in the feet is blocked and the blood supply to the feeding center is insufficient. You will feel bad appetite and decreased appetite!

  13 Apples should be consumed within 15
minutes. Apples are rich in vitamins and acids. New Zealand food experts point out that if you eat apples too slowly, it will cause your stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, which will work with fruit acid to cause indigestion.!!

So I suggest you: Apple must be finished in 15 minutes!

Mushrooms make women stand upright. A visiting medical expert from Korea’s Culture Daily suggested that women must eat mushrooms every day, especially mushrooms that are often exposed to the sun.

Because ergosterol in shiitake mushrooms can produce a large amount of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, this high-quality calcium supplement can make your waist stick straight and full of skinny beauty!

Carrot soup calcium is better than soybeans. Canadian food experts have found that 191 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soybeans, and 360 mg of calcium per 100 grams of carrots, almost double the soybeans!

Therefore, food experts recommend that you do not easily lose the precious carrot soup when you buy vegetables. Using it to cook soup, stir-fry or mix salad can achieve unexpected calcium supplements!


These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

Reminder 1: Baby should not eat more eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrients and contain lecithin that is good for brain, but baby is not suitable for eating more eggs.

  It is not advisable for infants to eat four eggs, and infants should not eat too much eggs.

  Because infants and young children have poor digestive ability, if they are allowed to eat a lot of eggs, it will not only easily cause indigestion and affect their physical health.

  Second, infants and young children before the age of half should not eat egg white.

  The development of the digestive system of babies under half-year-old is not perfect, the permeability of the intestinal wall is higher, the albumin molecules in egg white are smaller, and sometimes they can directly enter the baby’s blood through the intestinal wall, so that the baby’s body produces conductive protein moleculesAllergies, eczema, and acute measles.

  Third, it is not advisable to eat uncooked eggs.

  According to research, even unbroken eggs are easily contaminated with salmonella.

Then fry the eggs for 3 minutes, and boil the eggs for 7 minutes, otherwise harmful bacteria can easily cause bacterial poisoning of the baby.

  Fourth, children with fever should not eat eggs.

  Baby fever, egg protein can produce “extra” changes after eating, leading to an increase in the body’s transition, which is not conducive to the recovery of sick children.

  Reminder 2: Babies should not eat more oranges. Oranges contain lutein. If the baby eats too much, it is easy to produce “chlorophyll skin disease”, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even cause bone disease.

  Oranges have a bright color, sweet and sour taste, and they look very appealing to the baby. In addition, they are rich in nutrients, so mommy often allows the baby to eat hard, as long as the baby likes it!

However, this matter is not so simple, because there are many “mummy learning” among them.

  There are too many monosaccharides in oranges, which can be easily absorbed by the small intestine, but if it is blocked in the stomach, it can easily form bloating gas and cause constipation.

Therefore, do not give your baby immediately after a full meal.

Moreover, it is not standard to give the baby before meals, because the baby’s stomach capacity is still relatively small, if eaten before meals, it will occupy a certain space.

In addition, the baby should not drink milk for 1 hour before or after eating the orange. Otherwise, the fruit acid in the orange and the protein in the milk will immediately coagulate, affecting the nutrient absorption in the orange.

  If your baby’s constitution is too hot, it is best to eat cold fruits, such as pears, watermelons, bananas, kiwis, mangoes, etc. They can defeat the fire; eating more oranges can cause fires, so it is not appropriate to eat more hot childrenorange.

  Reminder 3: Baby should not eat more lentils Lentils may cause bloating, so it is not advisable to eat more lentils.

It is best not to eat bloated and sick babies.

  Unripe lentils can easily cause poisoning. The main culprit of lentils is erythrocyte lectin, saponin and other natural toxins.

These toxins are relatively heat-resistant and can only be destroyed if they are heated to 100 ° C and continuously re-started.

The method of boiling lentils with boiling water and frying lentils with rapid fire is often not able to completely destroy the natural toxins due to short processing time and insufficient temperature for frying (cooking).

These toxins can strongly irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause human poisoning.

The family processes lentils because of the small pot and small amount, it is easy to cook and thoroughly cooked, and poisoning rarely occurs.

However, when the lentils are fried in restaurants and canteens, they have large pots and large quantities, and they are not uniformly fried.

Therefore, no matter whether eating at home or eating out, lentils try not to give too much to young children.

  Reminder 4: Baby should not eat more soy milk Soy milk is made with beans as the main raw material.

At present, soy milk sold in the market has many varieties, suitable prices, and convenient consumption, so it is very popular with consumers.

According to analysis, soy milk is rich in rich nutritional ingredients, especially rich in protein and cracked micro-element magnesium, which is converted into vitamin B1, B2, etc., which is indeed a better nutritious food.

  Soy milk contains not many varieties of sugar, calcium and vitamins.

The protein contained in soy milk is mainly vegetable protein, and soy milk contains more aluminum. Babies drink soy milk for a long time, transforming aluminum conversion in the body, affecting brain development, and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and other nutrients in milk,Good for children’s growth.

  Therefore, you should not use soymilk to feed your baby, but you should feed it with milk, especially for infants under 4 months. Soymilk should not be used instead. Soymilk can only be used as a supplement. For some reason, there is no milk for a while.When you must feed with soy milk, you should pay attention to adding a small amount of cod liver oil, adding some sugar, calcium powder (such as calcium gluconate, etc.), egg yolk, fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup and other foods in time, so the baby needs various nutrients.


Extreme emotional fear

Extreme emotional fear

In everyday life, people are sensitive to newborns who lack food.

However, many people have overlooked another type of drought, which is the emptiness and loneliness of the mind, which is difficult to become, and the state of mental weakness.

Psychologists call this “emotional fatigue.”

Emotion is the psychological state of joy or unhappiness generated by a certain military activity.

It is inevitable to encounter joy and sorrow in life.

The happiness and pain of such families, the success and failure of their careers, the sorrow and joy of people, etc. Without these, people will lose their sweet and bitter emotional experience.

  Generally speaking, emotional drought has a lot to do with whether people’s lives are rich or not.

Emotional fatigue often arises among people who are rich in life, idle and comfortable, and who are not pursuing. They are carefree in appearance, but diminished in vitality, feeling numb, and depressed.

  Women over 30 years of age will have a sense of crisis. If Huarong loses color, youth is no longer, and there is not much progress in career, the psychology will easily lose balance.

At this time, the woman was suspicious of marriage because of emotional fatigue, and even Hongxing went out of the wall.

  Emotional obesity is an unhealthy state. It can make women lose confidence in marriage and family, and treat life with indifference.

For greater emptiness, they either hang around playing cards or looking for extramarital affairs, and then they are still at a loss.

Therefore, the most important thing is to have confidence in your marriage and family. When you are familiar with everything your husband handles and truly loves you, your emotions will quietly leave you.

In addition, diversion methods can be used to attract emptiness in the mind in a diligent manner.

If you make achievements in your career, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

When you develop passion for life with acceptable things, where will there be emotional drought?

  It’s a good idea to cultivate a passion for life and build a social circle that suits you.

Try to let yourself live in the crowd, share your hardships with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and transform your soul into vibration.

You should also cultivate a hobby to enrich your soul and find the joy of life from it.

Whether singing or playing the piano, or writing and drawing, you will enter a new realm and effectively eliminate emotional fatigue.

When you feel idle, you can watch TV, read a book or listen to music.

In this way, you have emotional “nutrition” that will make you live a full life.


The most effective way to save love

The most effective way to save love

He always thought that he was the most reliable man in the world, and never thought that one day he would betray you.

But it really happened, the one who you thought you could give him wholeheartedly to, still caused the thing that sorry you-and another woman!

This must be a big deal for you, the feelings of the two people suddenly dropped to the freezing point, and you are a helpless little deer standing by the cliff.

At this time, did you watch it fall into the abyss or save it on the cliff in time?

Jiang Mei, 25, noticed to us the story between her and her boyfriend.

Through her own experience, Jiang Mei wants to tell us that love is sometimes worth saving!

  The love towards the freezing point I should have thought of from the beginning. A few months ago, Link started to talk less in front of me. He worked overtime in the company late at night, and always added new clothes one by one.

It took me a long time to learn slowly and slowly: Link had something hiding from me. Although I wasn’t sure what it was, I gradually felt bad.

In my opinion, the relationship between us has been rock solid for two years, and the split can withstand any storm.

We lived together a year ago, and the first days were quite pleasant. Slowly, life was flat and the enthusiasm of the two seemed to gradually diminish. Day after day, week after week. Of course, there was no rush.too noisy.

  And I have been comforting myself: This is normal, all love ends up being “seven things to open the door every day”.

  But the atmosphere became more and more wrong.

We all tried to talk about topics that were not irritating, thinking that this would break the cold wall that had been standing between the two for months.

But everything was futile.

I asked myself over and over again: What happened to us?

Why did it become what it is now?

Questions are always unanswered.

That morning, I couldn’t help it anymore, I poured my fear to him: Link, I’m so scared, I’m afraid that if we go on like this, we will end one day!

  Although some of Link’s anomalies, I never thought that he would carry me to bed with other women, never thought about it.

Even though we weren’t as excited as before, we still had sex regularly, and I didn’t think there was anything wrong.

More often, I just think that our relationship becomes indifferent because of the inevitable passion and love.

That morning, sitting at the table and looking at half of the jam bread, I said to myself, it’s time to make a break, we can’t drag on.

And I never thought that the train of feelings had already derailed.

  The truth was obvious that Link was initially silent, but then he finally spoke, but then flashed incoherently and did not know what to say.

I’m a bit annoyed, what’s wrong with the big man’s house, I have to hide it?

In fact, looking at him, I already guessed that, but I didn’t want to believe that I didn’t believe my Link would do such a thing.

K, what happened, I asked.

Then, from his mouth, vaguely popped out the words that I least wanted to hear: “I have made two trips with a female colleague, and then we . have four weeks .”.

  Link was sitting on the couch crying like a child, the first time I saw him cry so sad.

But I just felt cold, and I was sitting there all the time. The scenes in the past few months began to flash in my mind: Before the business trip, Link put on his beautiful suit; he often came home at midnight and kept his mouth open.He muttered a lot of things to do today; that endless dinner, overtime; and, his evasive eyes . oh dear, why did I just realize that until now?

At that time, the fear and hatred of that woman was far less harmful to me than the deception and betrayal of the people closest to me.

  Analysis: Give each other a space to think-is love going or staying?

In the first few days after the truth was revealed, this issue was enough to be the focus of discussion and consideration between the two.

Standing at the ends of the balance, you are hesitant.

At this time, the best way is to separate from each other and consider this issue calmly.

You can go on vacation or someone can move out of a two-person cabin to regroup.

In this way, the two sides can sort out their emotions more calmly, so as not to make a wrong decision on the fly.

  The lingering nightmares are more like bad nights.The road ahead seemed to be covered by a very thick and thick fog, and the whole person walked aimlessly deep and shallow.

As a result, he and I still maintain a careful relationship with each other, except that I often find myself inexplicably tantrums like volcanic eruptions, becoming extremely sensitive and vulnerable.

  I don’t want to know the details of the entanglement between them.

However, the so-called evil, I often imagine in my mind the various details of two people together: in the office, at the lunch table, on the journey . These pictures entangle me like a devil, can not shake.
Looking at Link out of the house every day, thinking that he and the female colleague are still looking down at the company, I will become more anxious, like a thorn in the back.

I once saw the woman at a party at Link ‘s company. She was tall and had a glorious face-the kind of woman that every man couldn’t help but see more.

And no matter how I was then, I never thought that the man I loved would do such a shameless thing.

  Analysis: Overcoming crime as soon as possible-whether it is a one-night stand, or he (she) has an ambiguous relationship with another woman (man), in short, things that can only be shared between couples, he (she) also goes with another personShare it. As a direct victim of this kind of thing, you must have been greatly hurt. What is more heartbreaking than the betrayal of your favorite person?

However, you can’t keep indulging in this kind of helplessness and self-blame. You need to be relieved and you need to supply nutrients for your injured soul.

Attend more parties or outings. These activities can distract you, and more importantly, let you find yourself.

  Are you arguing?

  The most unbearable thing was that he was hanging there dryly, like the cable car was suddenly cut off at halfway, and he was hung up there idiotly.

In the first few days after his “confession”, he was reluctant to talk about how the relationship between the two would develop.

He seemed to be at a loss all of a sudden, completely at a loss.

And I, I just want to save our love, and if possible, I don’t want to give up.

Looking back now, I am really grateful that I did not have the courage at the time, and I broke up with him angrily.

Sometimes, people may gather a little bit of persistence, and when they are nearing the end, some people often choose to let go.

And I don’t want to be that way, I don’t want to let the happiness I find so hard to be replaced so easily.

  A few days later, Link told me that he would end the relationship with that woman, because, on his emotional balance, nothing was more important than the relationship between the two of us.

I was relieved to hear him say this, after all, his insistence was not wasted.

However, with it came a whole host of difficult issues to be resolved.

After all, the damage this incident did to me was not so easy to disappear.

  The subsequent silence of Link made me anxious.

When there was a problem between a loving couple, the man chose to be silent, and his attitude made me heartache.

Sometimes when I can’t stand it, I even shouted at him: “Talk, talk!

“But he couldn’t open his closed mouth.

Link didn’t have the courage to tell his inner struggles to those around him.

  I can’t watch our relationship go to freezing point like this.

Since Link was unwilling to speak, I had no choice but to think that he had cut it. I didn’t want to refuse like a whistle-wife all day long, and it was not helpful for Link to get angry.

For a few weeks, I tried to think about Link from the perspective of the woman: was there something in the woman that I didn’t exist, but attracted Link, and how to re-establish trust between the two, and so on.

Every night I think about these issues without thinking.

Both Link and I may be a bit exhausted.

After a few days of silence, Link also finally realized that we needed to find a psychiatrist to consult.

  Analysis: Candid relative-When two people can calm down and talk openly, one question that cannot be avoided is: what caused the person to betray your love and cause derailment.

Maybe he or she has always been dissatisfied that you are too busy with work and have no time to take care of his indifference, but he or she either speaks out and tries to find comfort from others.

  If his (her) relationship with that person is not over yet, give him or her a deadline so that he or she has enough time to make the right choice.

There are other details of the two people together, even the details of the bed, not that the more you know, the more helpful it is to solve the problem.

Because the deceived party often does not ask these questions out of interest, otherwise they mistakenly believe that they can enter to achieve peace of mind.

Then there is an incurable vicious circle: the deceived party keeps asking those details in order to achieve what he or she calls inner peace.

  It may not be easy for a professional to tell another person who has nothing to do with this kind of thing between you.However, this approach is often very effective.

When you and your good friends talk about your distress and helplessness, they are often on your side to improve favoritism, so it is impossible to propose constructive solutions.

Expert recommendations can be impartially judged to find effective solutions.

  : The skylight said that the doctor’s “treatment” really worked.

He encourages us to talk to each other, talk to each other and listen to each other, rather than run away.

We talked a lot, including the current situation of the two, and that period of emotional imbalance.

I began to understand that in the past six months, I often ignored him because of unsatisfactory work, and ignored him.

I didn’t tell him what was wrong, but I swallowed it.

My anxiety may have affected Link-this is something I haven’t noticed until now, and Link has slowly begun to hesitate to face me.

He chose to associate with other women instead of helping me through the breakthrough.

To put it simply, he abandoned me at the time-this idea still makes me feel a little heartache.

And that female colleague, for him at the time, was indeed the embodiment of passion. Although the days I spent with me were very reassuring, I really felt a little tedious, and under the circumstances, the atmosphere of our little home was also a bittension.

  Now I finally understand: Only when two people openly and openly can the relationship between the two be stable.

If your relationship with him begins to surround the deadlock or even shake up, then the only solution is to say what is in your heart. Communication is the key to solving the problem.

You know, sometimes the problem may be related to the relationship between two people, and sometimes the psychological change of one person will also affect the relationship between the two people, so you must also ask “What’s wrong with me”.

In order to keep yourself at peace, your partner is your best partner to talk to. Do n’t worry. Tell your restlessness to him or her. You should know that the most intimate lover should also talk about everything at the same time.confidant.


Five Men’s Five Heart Diseases

Five Men’s Five Heart Diseases

Regardless of the blood type symptoms: these men are generally in an active offensive state when they are in love. When they meet a girl who is very close to their dream person, or when the girl they have been longing for gives themWhen there is a glimmer of hope, their nerves will be highly excited, so they will desperately devote themselves to the love movement, launching the most violent attack on the target regardless of the cost.

In this situation, the men in love always maintain a state of high excitement. In order to get the love and love of their lovers, they can say that they have spared no effort.

Once, when her lover saw a jewellery with a price of 8,500 yuan in the mall, she was very moved, and our male protagonist only earns 750 yuan a month. At present, the bank deposit is only 10,000 yuan, he will not hesitateI bought this jewellery for my lovers, even though they determined that the relationship was less than a month old, and even the girl might soon become another multimillion-dollar fashion in the store and expressed great interest.

Our heroine can’t think about so much, as long as they can please the lovers, they will do it regardless.

  Symptoms of Gain and Loss: Men with Gain and Loss are a classic paradoxical complex.

They may have met their lovers themselves or they were introduced by others.

Such men are often too calm, too calm, showing too much trouble in their relationship with their lovers.

Number of people, they fall in love with their lover (or have not yet determined whether they fall in love with each other at all), and hope to work with her to join together, but instead, they are reluctant to spend too much time, income and money for loversBecause they are not sure whether they and their lover will succeed in the future, they don’t see the hare or the hawk.

The reason is that the typical man is too realistic and relatively lacks the passion of love; or because he has felt some setbacks emotionally, which causes heavier suspicion and is afraid to be deceived again.

  Self-righteous symptoms: This man is often talented and at the center of public praise, so he feels generally superior.

In love activities, they are mostly passive, but they also have a sense of self-domination.

He said that he was in a passive state because the girl around him was not his effort to chase it, but someone else was attracted by the charm of our hero, in this case, no matter how good the girl isRarely, our male protagonist is also unaware, so he will have an inexplicable sense of superiority, and thinks that as long as he doesn’t disapprove, the girls around him will stay with them forever.They always appear in front of lovers as a charity, and sometimes even arrogant.

  Depression symptoms: Men with depression are generally known to lovers through introductions from others.

Such men are usually not very good in their own conditions, and lack a healthy and cheerful attitude, so they lack self-confidence and inferiority.

They rarely show their strengths in front of the opposite sex, and even deep in their hearts is very eager to have the love and tenderness of their lovers.

Therefore, once someone cares about him and introduces friends to him, he will be very grateful and will cherish this opportunity.

But the bad thing is that the stubborn inferiority complex is always present and lingering.

When his lover talked happily with other men, when his lover temporarily rejected one of his invitations due to physical inconvenience, when his lover was given the opportunity to be promoted or raised . The inferiority demonHe will jump out at any time, and he will focus all on his lover, and care too much about his and her opinions and evaluations. Over time, he will increasingly ignore his own advantages and charm.The advantages and charms that are not superfluous continue to die away.

  Sloppy army-type symptoms: Most of these men ignore the nature of love and are more indifferent to psychological pleasure.

They know that skin contact is more than emotional communication. They acknowledge that the end of marriage is more than the process of love. Therefore, they adopt a sloppy attitude towards love. As long as they see the girl, and the girl is willing to marry herselfIn that case, they don’t even feel like getting married right away, it doesn’t matter if they are in love.

So as long as there is a little catalysis of external factors, they immediately made a request to their lovers to enter the siege.

A junior heard that the unit was to be divided into houses, and he did not hesitate to go back to the one who asked him to marry, but he ignored the fact that the two knew each other only one or two months (note!

They are not the kind of lovers who fell in love at first sight, and maybe they haven’t really pulled them together). It can be said that he is a typical sloppy special force.

It’s amazing that this kind of person still has a good market, just like the old man mentioned above, in the end, he really really wished for the harvest of the house lady, and he was praised by his friends and relatives, especially his parents: Well, my son-in-law is so capable.


Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Yoga Asana 1, Cobra 1 prone, hands under shoulders, legs close together.

  2 Inhale, slowly stretch your arms straight up and perpendicular to the front of the entire body. Look up, keep your pubic bones on the ground and tilt your feet backwards.

Keep this posture breathing normally 6?
8 times.

(Every time I do this, I will hear the sound of the spine above the tailbone being stretched. The whole body feels good!

) 3. Exhale, slowly bend your arms, let your waist, chest, and back to the ground in turn, and return to the prone position.

Repeat this pose 3?
5 times.

  Second, the boat-style 1 sits straight back, with the back slightly back.

Move your feet close together, bend your knees to the floor, and put your hands under your elbows.

  2 Inhale.

Lift your calf until it is parallel to the ground, your toes are facing the sky, your upper body is leaning back, forming a 45-degree angle with the ground, and your abdomen is tightened to balance your entire body.The gusset is stretched straight, and the trunk and feet form a “v” shape.

Hold both hands and straight forward parallel to the ground.

Gather the main shaft strength, straighten the waist and chest.

Clamp your feet together.

Keep breathing naturally.

Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

  3. Spine spine 1 Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward and your back straight; 2 Bend your left leg, place your left foot outside the right leg, and bend your right leg to the left rear side; 3 Put your left hand onThe ground on the back of the body, the right elbow is locked and the left leg is aligned; 4 exhale, try to turn the body to the left and rear, thereby twisting the spine; 5 go to the limit, keep this posture for a few seconds; 6 inhale, place the bodyTurn back to your original position and retract your left leg; do the opposite.

  Fourth, the flat style 1 lies on a yoga mat, hands on both sides of the hips, toes on the ground, and strongly support the body.

  2 Spread the power evenly across the entire palm, tighten the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, and buttocks to make the body a straight line.

  3 Put your head forward, and feel that yoga can stretch forward indefinitely from the spine.

Eyes look down naturally.

Relax your throat and eyes.

  4 flat style is a position in the traditional sun worship.

Or you can stay for 30 to 60 seconds as a separate exercise position.

  Fifth, the hero twisted 1 straightened his body, his right leg took a step to the right, and his toes were forward.

Both arms extend flat to both sides of the body, keeping both arms parallel to the ground; 2 Take a deep breath, while keeping the legs straight, rotate the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left heel 62 degrees to the right;  3 Exhale, straighten your arms, stretch your upper torso to the right until twisted and bend downwards, stretch your left hand to the back, your right hand from the front of your right thigh to the back, and hold your left hand.

With your body facing forward and looking diagonally upward, stretch your side waist to reverse the spine.

Keep this position for about 15 minutes; 4 inhale, slowly return the hands, body and feet to the starting position, exhale; 5 inhale, repeat the above actions in the opposite direction to practice.

  Yoga breathing Holy Light breathing method: Start at 1, meditate in a comfortable yoga sitting position, close your eyes.

  2 When practicing this kind of breath adjustment, always relax and don’t try hard.

  3 First adjust the breathing to abdominal breathing, you can put your hands on the abdomen to feel the movement of your abdominal muscles.

  4 Inhale, quickly contract abdominal muscles when exhaling, squeezing breath out of the body.

You need to be able to hear the breath of your nose when you exhale.

Be rhythmic but not violent.

Remember to feel your obvious abdomen inward movement when exhaling, not inhaling.

  In simple terms, the yoga diet divides foods into pleasing foods, inert foods, and modified foods according to the effect of food on the mind.

If you want to get rid of constipation and lose weight, you should eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits in Yue food. The staple food should be based on coarse grains.


How to fight ghost shaving?

How to fight “ghost shaving”?

30 grams of walnut kernels, 20 grams of Shouwu, 5 grams of Chuanxiong.
  Usage: Grind and use boiling water to substitute tea.
  30 grams cooked, 30 grams of Polygonatum.
  Usage: Chew the two medicines and swallow them once a day.
  60 grams of safflower, 90 grams of dried aunt, 100 grams of angelica, red peony, habitat, and Platycladus orientalis.
  Usage: Mince the medicine, add 300ml of 75% wine and seal and soak it for 10 days, then take the medicine solution to the affected area 3-4 times a day.
  Ginger or peeled garlic in moderation.
  Usage: Cut ginger or garlic into pieces, rub back the affected area 3-4 times a day.
  Several dried peppers, 60 ml of white wine.
  Usage: Mince the pepper, soak it in white wine, take the medicine solution after 7 days, and rub the affected area with cotton ball dipped in the medicine solution, 3-4 times a day.
  The amount of raw pinellia.
  Usage: After grinding with Pinellia ternata and an appropriate amount of vinegar, apply to the affected area 3-4 times a day.


Understanding the hidden dangers of a boyfriend’s love

Understanding the hidden dangers of a boyfriend’s love

First, absolute self-psychology.

This man regards whether the lover he is looking for is beneficial to his “future” as the only unbreakable condition.

He asked his girlfriend to show the “advantage” from time to time and bring him some benefits.

Once his expectations are not met or not reached, he will get angry and even feel that you are losing to him.

  Second, logical error association.

Such men often appear as associative and suspicious.

He generally values love, but has a narrow understanding and is very sensitive to the actions of lovers.

Once his girlfriend does something he doesn’t understand or is unhappy with, he will “think about it” and find the evidence that you don’t agree with him.

  Third, non-emotional immigration.

This kind of man evaluation, when treating his girlfriend, has no sympathy, and does not place himself in a position to give evaluation and understanding.

Especially when the girlfriend is in a situation where she needs to empathize with her, she winces or ignores.

He can only rejoice with you and not with you.

  Fourth, the wrong contrast mentality.

Such men often distinguish his strengths from his girlfriend’s weaknesses, or his girlfriend’s weaknesses and those of others.

When this kind of man begins to associate with you, he can quickly discover your advantages and appreciate it very much, and your relationship will heat up.

But if he finds that the advantage in you is so inconspicuous, he will be indifferent to you, and this indifference often makes you elusive or even a temptation, making you more mysterious.

  Fifth, adapt to excitement.

This kind of man generally likes fashion and feels sharp, but lacks autonomy and self-confidence. Individual consciousness is controlled by external trends. He especially likes trendy women.

He has outstanding appearance, hairstyles, clothing and other appearance images, and is very happy to invest in his girlfriend in this regard.

However, once you fail to adapt to his “aesthetic” requirements, he will suffocate.

  When you find that your boyfriend has any of these mentalities, don’t take it lightly.

Of course, strictly speaking, any man will more or less have one or more of these mentalities.

There is no need to panic, and there is no need to “broken off” as soon as you find it, so that you will always find a good partner.

How to master this “degree” lies in the fact that you really love him and do not prevent you from talking openly with your concerns and let him realize the danger of this hidden danger.

If you are new friends and you are not yet deep in feelings, you can also talk to him to see the effect.

If you don’t think it’s necessary, just break the diplomatic ties.

However, take either approach.

One thing to grasp is that your judgment of him is correct and comprehensive, otherwise, taking for granted and taking for granted will bring you life-long pain.


Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty


Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty

With the increase of age, the skin curve conference gradually shows a downward trend. Sleep deprivation, irritability, stress and so on are all fed back to the skin, and the skin’s resilience is not worse than in the past . In the face of skin with lower and lower recovery function, if you let it goNo matter what, it will get worse-wrinkles, sagging, etc. will come to you one by one.

If you feel that your skin is not right, you should immediately switch to a series of basic maintenance products, control the problem at the initial stage, and climb to a new high point of the “beauty curve”.

  Clearance Level 1: Eliminate Dullness-Shaping Healthy Cuticle Fatigue, When Sleeping Lacks, When Our Mood Depresses Our Skin Will Be Yellow and Black, No Glossiness at all

The dermatologist described the situation as “dark”.

But what exactly is “dark”?

Inappropriate maintenance, young skin will also appear tired-often darkened, sometimes like a layer of dryness; the yellow gas of competition, and sometimes feel ashamed.

Whitening never looked translucent, and hydration was still dry.

  Persistence of dryness and contraction are related to aging, external environment, and dermal aging; and because the epidermal layer has become dry.

After long-term drying, the epidermis gradually received repeated “dry warnings” and became metabolically disordered. The instructions issued by the uploader could not be completed accurately, and naturally nothing could be filled.

If you really want to move towards smooth and fair skin, you must completely eliminate the aging and accumulated cuticles.

  Must know the beauty muscle upgrade: 1, cuticle accumulation can not be alleviated?


  The use of lotions can make aging cutin difficult to form. It sounds a bit like heaven and earth, but it is actually very easy to achieve.

After applying the lotion normally, roll the cotton pad on the middle finger, and rub it on the nose, forehead, and chin, which are the T-zones that easily form the stratum corneum.

By doing this every day, you can feel the skin becoming soft and elastic.

Applying a cream after applying the lotion can assist in oil penetration.

  2. Is the facial cleansing product effective enough?


  In fact, this season is not suitable for exfoliating. Instead, the skin care lotion containing keratin conditioning function can not only clear the pores after cleaning, but also regularize keratin metabolism.

  Clearance preliminary 2: optional nutrition sweater-water and oil balance is the most valuable After entering winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening is not to mention, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor has not been reduced at all.

After a while, the air conditioner will dry the skin again!

If you want to keep your skin moisturized for a long time, you need oil, moisture and humidity.

It is best to maintain the water-oil balance through the trilogy of replenishment, storage, and lockup.

  Must know the initial upgrade of beautiful skin: 1. Is it 0K only with lotion?


  There have been research institutes using cotton pads as tests to prove that when using a lotion, the water can only stay for 30 minutes before using the lotion. If it is not enough to replenish the oil content, it must be used in conjunction with an emulsion to effectively inhibit water evaporation.

  2. Can any lotion work?


  It is not clever to choose a bottle of lotion to use at will. Add a bottle of lotion that is not heavy and choose antioxidant, soothing, oil control or hydration functions according to your needs.

  Clearance preliminary 3: accelerate blood circulation-blur the dark muscles to brighten the diet, air pollution, all accumulate poison in the body.

Not only does it invade from the outside, when the pressure is high, reactive oxygen will increase a lot, which will slow down the blood circulation and the toxins will be accumulated and transformed.

At this point, you have to work hard to relax yourself, loosen the stiff muscles, the skin’s circulating cells will double, and the metabolites of blood circulating cells and carbon dioxide will be carried to the lungs, kidneys and skin for excretion.

At this time, the effect is most obvious when the waste is sucked out.

Better circulation and smooth blood flow are the best time for self-healing. If you want to fill in nutrients now, repair the damaged cells, the skin brightness and water retention will increase greatly.

  Must know the preliminary upgrade of beautiful skin: 1, skin care products do not massage?


  The beautician always focuses on the effect of massage in skin care. Learning a few techniques while using the product can increase the temperature of the skin and speed up the blood circulation (head massage uses the fingers from the middle of the forehead to perform spiral massage on both sides).

  2. Does it matter if the schedule is irregular? No!

  A stress-free life and plenty of sleep are naturally best for promoting circulation.

However, when we are unable to change the stress of life, some correct habits can also help.

Such as washing your face in hot and cold water, eating acceptable VC, food, regular exercise and so on.

  Clearance 4: Metabolism unblocked-increase skin elasticity. After 25 years of age, metabolism starts to decline, and absorption will be much worse than before even if you stay up late.

Smart women’s anti-aging starts with anti-slackening, and cares about whether the skin is tight and deep in the skin. There are a large number of implanted tissues that maintain elasticity and the fibers that connect these reorganized tissues.

If you use beauty products that promote their growth for a long time, you can strengthen the cell vitality from the inside and achieve the supreme elasticity of the appearance.

Improve from the inside of the cell and realize the lymphatic circulation to restore the elasticity of the past.

  Must know the upgrade of beauty skin: 1. Tap the lotion?


  Use both hands to rub the lotion. When rubbing the hands with the epidermis during massage, it will cause the old waste keratin and waste to loosen. It can accelerate the metabolism of old waste keratin and unblocked pores, so that the skin has appetite for nutritional secretion.The only way to do it.

  2. Is there a guarantee with the essence?


  Let the essence stay on the palm for a while to become warm, then slowly spread on the face, cover the surface with both palms for 10 to 20 seconds, so that the skin can have sufficient tension and elasticity.