Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

This summer is really boring, especially the MM who is busy in the office. The mood is really a different kind of trouble. The skin also issues a warning, not only dry and rough, but also small dry lines, red dots, and most of them sweat.And also oil, always makeup.
In fact, this is all due to lack of water.

  OL replenishment and moisturizing strategy to save summer dry air conditioning muscles The general office air conditioner will quickly drain the deep water on the skin surface, coupled with the radiation brought by the computer, the polluted air will make the skin rough, and the indoor hugeTemperature differences can also make your skin sensitive and fragile.

Therefore, the office mm should be expected to hydrate and hydrate in summer.

  Some mm always think that in the process of washing the face, it will wash away the dirty things and the water will be washed away. In fact, this is just a misunderstanding. The correct way to wash your face can no longer completely dissolve, remove the dirt, and also soothe the skin.To regulate skin dehydration.

  Proper steps for washing your face: 1. Bundle your hair behind your head and cleanse your face; 2, wash your hands with hand sanitizer; 3, splash your face with warm water; 4, squeeze the cleansing products into the palm of your hand and gently apply on the faceEvenly, then gently massage the facial skin with your fingertips as capillaries.

It is best to replace the ring finger from the inside out, from the bottom up (don’t forget the facial hairline and proper).

Then, wash off the cleansing product with warm water (water temperature is controlled at about 40 seconds).

  5. Wipe gently with a cotton pad to remove the missing areas on the top and face.

  Do not wash your face for more than 30 seconds. If it takes too long, it will absorb moisture.

  FEERDAYs Skin Free Breathing Moisturizing Cleansing Facial Cleansing Mud The best thing about this cleansing product is that you can remove makeup and clean it. You can use this cleansing mud directly, it is very clean and not tense after washing.

The cleaning power is very strong, and it can deeply remove pore waste and excess oil. Moreover, the requirement of adding Suntech water to this cleansing product is very strict. After washing, it feels water and will not be tight at all.

(100ml / 70 yuan) FANCL no added moisturizing cleansing flour This is a very comfortable and reassuring cleansing product, the foam is fine and not tight after use.

Run out of skin soft.

The cleansing power is very good, and the moisture loss is controlled to ensure the hydration of the skin.

(50g / 145 yuan) Clinique Clinique Ultra Whitening Moisturizing Cleansing Soap This product has a very strong cleaning power. Basically not too strong makeup can be cleaned. The washed face is refreshing, non-tight, and has a sense of suppleness.
Just wet your hands and gently wipe the soap body, then rub your hands to make a lot of bubbles, very durable and cost-effective.

(100g / 260 yuan) Toner is a moisturizing product that mm is very passionate about, but toner is not just so simple to apply in it, you must master the correct way of use!

  Proper use of toner: 1. Drop a few drops of toner on the surface of the cotton pad. 2. Use your ring finger to point at the cotton pad and gently wipe in the opposite direction of the pores to avoid eye and lip areas.

  3. Don’t forget a point, you have to lift it up.

  Extra points: If you want to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can also tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the jaws and forehead that are most dry. In just 5 minutes, you can see that it is not as big as usualHydrating effect.

  Biotherm Biotherm Mineral Toner This toner can provide a large amount of moisture to the skin, improve the transparency of the skin, and is obviously very refreshing. Especially after using the supplement, the pigmentation has actually faded a lot, the skin is much smoother and increased elasticityYou can choose your age and skin type.

(200ml / 220 yuan) Mary Kelly Lin Kelly Moisturizing Toner This toner can clean the skin again, remove the water and alkali remaining in the body after washing your face, so that the skin is not dark yellow.

At the same time, hydrate the skin.

After use, the skin is hydrated and moisturized all day.

(150ml / 100 yuan) Avene moisturizing and moisturizing lotion This product can not only add a lot of moisture to the skin, but also has a soothing effect. Girls with sensitive skin can rest assured to use it, as long as it is used consistently, it can fundamentally change the skinOh.
(200ml / 188 yuan) Even if you use very expensive lotion, you can only fully hydrate, but for deep moisturizing, you also need moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

Only in this way can the water and oil balance in the skin be maintained, and the skin will say goodbye to dryness or greasy, and it will become really tender and tender.

  Generally, when choosing a cream in summer, you must choose crystal dew, moisturizing products of gel oil, and eliminate products containing oil.

  L’OREAL Paris Moisturizing All Day Moisturizing Essence is very effective in replenishing, refreshing and non-greasy, it is suitable for mixed skin and oily skin mm.

After using for a while, the skin becomes much smoother.

However, some netizens said that some stinging was used, so the best mm for dry and sensitive skin is (110 yuan / 50 ml) OLAY Magnolia Oil Water Moisturizing Deep Moisturizing Milk texture is refreshing, and it is a bit cold and coldThe feeling is not greasy, and the hydration effect is very good. No matter it is greasy in the T section and the U section is dry, it can hydrate and moisturize well, which is worth its price.

(110 yuan / 150ml) FREEDAY Skin Free Breathing 24 Hours Moisturizing Beauty Cream can be used once a day to complete the moisturizing of the whole day. It feels moisturized and moisturized. After use, it feels that the skin becomes water-hate,It is smooth, delicate, without dry lines, and even with small pores, it is a good product with good price.

(158 yuan / 50g) VICHY Hot Spring Mineral Moisturizing Essence is very refreshing, suitable for all seasons, it feels very moisturized after use, and the skin becomes smooth, that is, the durability is not so good. After a few hours, you have toRepainting it is more troublesome.

(278 yuan / 30ml) Drinking water in the body: Generally, drinking water in a timely manner is the easiest way to hydrate the skin.

When the body is dehydrated, it will not immediately feel thirsty, the body will “borrow water” from peripheral organs first, and the most important thing is the skin.

You feel thirsty when there is no water available in your skin.

So, when you feel thirsty, your skin is already “dry.”
So be sure to drink a lot of water every day, at least 8 glasses of water.
  Extra points: In summer, it can be mixed with calcium, magnesium and other minerals and carbon dioxide, which can make the skin delicate and rosy, and rich in vitamin C. Lemon water is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea, Chinese wolfberry tea, lotus leaf tea and other Chinese herbal teas, green tea, Pu’er tea, Longjing tea, etc. are often hydrated.

These beverages speed up the circulation of body fluids, leaving the skin clean and moist.


Have you noticed these eating habits?

Have you noticed these eating habits?


Eat less potato foods before flying. Most of the potato foods have a strong gas-generating effect. In some European airports, “health guidebooks”, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other starchy foods are listed as “least recommended in airport restaurantsFood “, because when the plane rises, the air pressure will drop. If you eat too many potato foods that can produce gas, you will feel the lower body swell and visit the toilet frequently!


Don’t eat Danish bread in the morning. To make a soft and crisp Danish bread, you need to add a lot of shortening to the flour to form a special layered structure in the bread.

And shortening not only makes the body fat, it will affect female hormone secretion.

Because human hormone levels are most sensitive in the morning, European medical experts recommend that the best time to eat Danish bread is noon, when the human estrogen level is relatively stable, and you will not lose the strong femininity due to too much butter!


Professor Houghton Smith of the University of Ontario Health College, Canada, 40 minutes after drinking coffee, pointed out that just after drinking coffee, the central nervous system of the human body is more excited. At this time, when you go to the gym, you will exercise too much without feelingAnd cause muscle damage!


Coffee companion is fatter than potato chips US food regulators point out that the content of trans fatty acids in instant coffee companions is higher than that of potato chips, and trans fatty acids are the root cause of women’s fatness!

I recommend that you drink fresh coffee as much as possible. If you have to drink instant coffee, don’t add too much coffee mate to the cup because of covetous taste!


You will also have “tennis elbow” for long calls. Don’t think that you will only encounter “tennis elbow” if you exercise too much!

If you can make a phone call, the elbow is too tight, and the elbow joint nerve will be injured as well. At this time, you will feel pain in the lower arm, poor elbow movement, and the speed of the computer operation will be greatly affected!

So I suggest that you try to put on headphones when you call!


Normal temperature milk is healthier than hot milk. The longer the milk is heated, the faster the calcium content will be lost, and the lactose content will not change.

Nutrition experts believe that milk at room temperature is healthier than hot milk.

If you have to drink hot milk, it is best not to use a microwave oven to heat the milk protein. The use of a gas stove or boiling water to warm the milk bag is a better choice!


Eating raw garlic makes you smarter Iowa State University research points out that most of the energy required for human brain activity is provided by glucose converted from vitamin B1, and alliamine in raw garlic has a stronger effect than vitamin B1.Garlic makes you smarter!


Supplementing high-quality finances so that you always wear skirts Want to always wear sexy and beautiful skirts?

American medical experts refer to the fatty acids in avocado and banana as “quality fatty acids”. It will not only make you fat, but also effectively raise the body surface temperature. Even in occasional windy nights, you can still wear eye-catching dresses!


Eating onions at night is prone to insomnia. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there is a statement in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Suffering”, if you choose the wrong dinner, you are likely to put it on the other side of the night!

The onion smells spicy and belongs to bloating food. If you eat too many onions during dinner, you will easily feel bloating in the abdomen, which will lead to reduced sleep quality!


After eating kiwi, do not drink milk immediately. Kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B, which combined with milk lipoprotein in milk, it is easy to produce protein clots and make you diarrhea!

Therefore, I suggest you drink milk or eat other dairy products after eating kiwi for 2 hours!


Eating a few biscuits before going to bed can say goodbye to nightmares. Indian medical experts have proved that 45% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia, and the blood sugar content is too low, which can cause brain neurocortical cells to absorb too much emotion.Nightmares recurring while sleeping.

If you eat a few biscuits or drink a cup of sweetened soy milk before falling asleep, it can effectively reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality!


A bad appetite is related to shoe squeezing. A health report from Waseda University School of Medicine in Japan states that appetite is related to shoe size!

Because there are 6 meridians on the feet, it directly affects the neural response of internal organs.

When the shoes squeeze the feet, blood circulation in the feet is blocked and the blood supply to the feeding center is insufficient. You will feel bad appetite and decreased appetite!

  13 Apples should be consumed within 15
minutes. Apples are rich in vitamins and acids. New Zealand food experts point out that if you eat apples too slowly, it will cause your stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, which will work with fruit acid to cause indigestion.!!

So I suggest you: Apple must be finished in 15 minutes!

Mushrooms make women stand upright. A visiting medical expert from Korea’s Culture Daily suggested that women must eat mushrooms every day, especially mushrooms that are often exposed to the sun.

Because ergosterol in shiitake mushrooms can produce a large amount of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, this high-quality calcium supplement can make your waist stick straight and full of skinny beauty!

Carrot soup calcium is better than soybeans. Canadian food experts have found that 191 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soybeans, and 360 mg of calcium per 100 grams of carrots, almost double the soybeans!

Therefore, food experts recommend that you do not easily lose the precious carrot soup when you buy vegetables. Using it to cook soup, stir-fry or mix salad can achieve unexpected calcium supplements!


Oil Control + Pore Refining DIY White Tea Toner_1

Oil Control + Pore Refining DIY White Tea Toner

If your lotion just runs out, if you adore natural and healthy skin care, and if you just don’t want to buy it, then try this DIY lotion.

Catechin in green tea can shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.

If you happen to have large pores and love acne, then start DIY lotion.

  This time, let’s talk about white tea. Let’s first look at the health effects of white tea.

  White tea has a lot of health effects: 1. It can delay skin aging. White tea has a high-efficiency antioxidant function, which can strengthen the skin’s resistance, prevent the external environment from causing adverse effects on the skin, and cause serious problems in advance, so that the skin remains long-lasting and smooth.

  2. The polyphenol component in whitening and detoxification can effectively suppress free radical activity, which can improve human detoxification and defense effects.

  3. In addition to other carbohydrates, white tea also contains essential active enzymes. Existing medical research proves that long-term supplementation of white tea can significantly increase lipase activity in the human body, promote metabolic decomposition, and effectively control secretion.Delay the intestinal absorption of glucose, break down excess sugar in the blood, and promote blood sugar balance.

White tea is rich in a variety of amino acids.

  Teach you DIY white tea lotion Now we come to DIY lotion.

  STEP1: Take 3?
5 grams of white tea, 150ML of water, preferably heated mineral water.

Wait for it to cool slowly.

  STEP2: Pour into the spray bottle and add some glycerin (you can go to the supermarket to buy Phoenix No. 1 glycerin). If you feel your skin is dry, add more glycerin.

Finally, add a few drops of tea tree oil from THE BODY SHOP, acne-prone MM can try.

  Step 3: Store in the refrigerator, preferably at 3?
Finished 5 times.

Because it is natural, there is no added thing, it is relatively easy to deteriorate.

  Netizens experience: I personally feel that the natural Dongdong is really very gentle, and the skin will not have any discomfort.

The oil control effect is good. With glycerin, the skin will not feel dry.

Shrinking pores is not particularly obvious, and has a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

The skin becomes more hydrated and can be used to soak a paper film.


Whitening freckle natural diet has a recipe

Whitening freckle natural diet has a recipe

Everyone wants to have a rosy and smooth face, but some people have many brown freckles, so what’s the best way to go?

Among natural foods, there are many kinds of foods that have the effect of maintaining skin and removing freckles.

  Tomato juice Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily or eating tomatoes often has a better effect on the freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin c”.

  Vitamin c can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

  Cucumber porridge takes 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumbers, 2 grams of refined salt, and 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

  The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the heat on the rice, ginger, and Wuhu boil, then use the gentle heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick, and season with salt.

  Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

Modern scientific research proves that cucumber is rich in potassium and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin c, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, sugars, proteins, and other nutrients such as mustard, phosphorus, and iron.

Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten the skin.


Is female amenorrhea premature ovarian failure?


Amenorrhea diet has taboos!

Is female amenorrhea premature ovarian failure?
Amenorrhea diet has taboos!

Does female amenorrhea mean that Croatia has prematurely declined?

In fact, this is not absolute. Women generally have amenorrhea before the age of forty, so it is the standard for judging the premature aging of the baseline. However, there are many reasons for women’s amenorrhea. It is not necessarily that the amenorrhea is premature ovarian failure.Learn more.

Is female amenorrhea premature ovarian failure?

Experts said: Through the investigation of patients with premature ovarian failure, it is found that there is no characteristic aura of menstrual abnormality before amenorrhea, and once the menstruation is closed, the development of premature ovarian failure will be quite fast, if treated within one year of amenorrhea.If there is a possibility of pregnancy, if the delay in the transfer is delayed, then the pregnancy may be almost gone.

It is only through the egg that the child is born.

Therefore, if a female friend has a secondary amenorrhea, it should first clear the corresponding examination to determine whether it is premature ovarian failure.

In other cases of female amenorrhea, in addition to premature ovarian failure, there are several situations in women with amenorrhea: 1. If a female friend points out some gynecological diseases, such as endometritis, adhesion of cervical cancer, and other genital problems,It is also very easy to cause long-term menstruation in women.

2, protein nutrient deficiency, then hormone secretion will also be correspondingly inhibited.

Without the stimulation of estrogen, the physiological activity of the uterus may stop.

3, combined use of contraceptives, then this will directly inhibit the production of estrogen in women, which is a common cause of menstruation in women.

4, a high degree of mental stress, excessive exertion affects the nervous system, and thus endocrine effects.

Dietary contraindications for women with amenorrhea 1, avoid overeating.

Overeating can damage the function of the spleen and stomach, making the air machine unfavorable, blood supply is not good, and less blood is used to cause amenorrhea.

Because the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, the spleen is the main blood, the stomach is accepted, and the blood of the whole body is adjusted by the spleen. Therefore, if there is amenorrhea, the diet should be adjusted first to avoid overeating and obesity.

2, avoid fatty and sweet.

Excessive consumption of high protein, cholesterol, trace foods, easy to cause excess nutrients in the body, trace accumulation, Chinese medicine called phlegm dampness, venous stenosis.

Being too obese can lead to amenorrhea due to the inability of menstrual blood to function properly.

3, avoid the cold and sour things.

Cold foods include a variety of cold drinks, various cold dishes, cold fruits, cold aquatic products, etc., leading to vasoconstriction, blood stasis, so that menstrual blood can not be closed, resulting in amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is caused by some hormonal changes in the body of women’s growth. In this situation, female friends should expect daily conditioning and regulation, so that we can avoid the disease to the greatest extent when we enter the old age.
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The benefits of family flowering are more – the bedroom has a beautiful flower

The benefits of family flowering are more – the bedroom has a beautiful flower

涓€銆佷綇瀹呭吇鑺卞ソ澶勫銆€銆€鎹姤閬擄紝绱嫅灞炪€侀粍鑰嗐€佸惈鐑熻崏銆侀粍鑰嗗睘鍜岄浮鍐犺姳绛変竴绫绘鐗╋紝鑳藉惛鏀跺ぇ閲忕殑閾€绛夋斁灏勬€ф牳绱?鑺﹁崯銆佸悐鍏板拰铏庡熬鍏板彲娓呴櫎鐢查啗;Ivy, rose, rose, aloe and evergreen can effectively remove indoor trichloroethylene, sulfur than hydrogen, benzene, phenol, hydrogen fluoride and ether; etc.; tigertail orchid, monstera and one-leaf orchid can absorb more than 80% of indoorHarmful gases; Tianmen Branch can remove heavy metal particles; citrus, rosemary and spider plant can greatly reduce bacteria and microorganisms in indoor air.
In addition, spider plant can also effectively absorb carbon dioxide; some of the more fleshy flowers of the cactus family have little carbon dioxide at night; wisteria is more resistant to sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride, and has certain resistance to chromium, some green leaves and other waters.Plants keep indoor air humidity in excellent condition.
銆€銆€浜屻€佸崸瀹ゆ憜鑺辫璁茬┒銆€銆€灏界瀹跺涵鍏昏姳濂藉澶氾紝浣嗗崸瀹ゆ憜鑺辫璁茬┒锛岃繖鏄洜涓虹櫧澶╋紝鑺卞崏鍦ㄨ繘琛屽厜鍚堜綔鐢ㄦ椂锛屾槸鏀惧嚭姘ф皵鍜屽惛鏀朵簩姘у寲纰崇殑;鍦ㄥ闂达紝鑺卞崏涓嶈繘琛屽厜鍚堜綔鐢紝Spit carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen.
At this time, if you put flowers in the bedroom, it will be harmful to your health.
Therefore: 1.
In the bedroom, it is best to put less or no flowers at night to avoid the oxygen and affect the health of the same person;
Some flowers, which can not only freshen the air, but also have some negative effects on people, so it is best not to release them in the bedroom. For example, although the rose flowers can contain a lot of harmful gases, the rich fragrance emitted by them will beIt can cause depression, discomfort, suffocation, and even difficulty breathing; leaves such as azaleas, tulips, lilies and orangutans can also absorb volatile chemicals, but the flowers of rhododendrons contain a toxin.Poor food poisoning, heavy people will take a history (note: not on the market), most of the rhododendrons contain some volatile oils and rhododendrin and other ingredients, have a certain effect on bronchitis and asthma; tulip flowers contain a poisonAlkali, it has been reported that contact with too long will accelerate the gelation of the hair, the aroma of the lily, and the long-term stimulation of the human center will cause insomnia.
There are also some flowers, such as the pollen of Bauhinia, which may cause asthma or exacerbate coughing if it is exposed for a long time; mimosine in mimosa is a very toxic organic substance, and excessive contact with the human body may cause hair to gel down;Night scented scented stimulating particles at night will make high blood and discouragement and heart disease patients feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse, but night scent is a kind of fragrant flower for viewing, its strong aroma, can also repel mosquitoes.Generally used in courtyards and balconies.


Eating chocolate can help enhance memory


Eating chocolate can help enhance memory

Breakfast is the most important thing in a day – people generally have this consensus, but in fact, snacks also have an indelible health effect, eating snacks can make you healthier.

The latest research found that eating chocolate properly is helpful for improving memory.

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, cocoa flavanols in chocolate are a good antioxidant that improves memory that ages as it ages.

In these studies, a follow-up survey was conducted for healthy people aged 50-69, and under the guidance of investigators at Columbia University Medical Center, subjects were given a three-month drink containing cocoa flavanol.

It was found that people who might drink cocoa flavanols had better memory tests than those who drank less.

In an interview with The New York Times, the study’s leading researchers said that in the above memory tests, the average score of people who included more cocoa flavanols was similar to that of young people aged 20-30.
However, it has also been pointed out that although some studies are sufficiently convincing, it does not mean that people need to immediately go to the snack shop to buy a lot of chocolate.

In these trials, subjects were supplemented with catechins daily at 138 microns and converted to dark chocolate at a rate of approximately 300 grams of dark chocolate per day, which is almost seven times the recommended amount of edible chocolate per day.

Therefore, proper chocolate supplementation can improve memory, but be careful not to repeat too much, a small piece of dark chocolate.