PetroChina Engineering (600339) Semi-annual Report Comment: Exchange Exchange Leads to Interim Results and Expected Orders from Three Major Sectors

PetroChina Engineering (600339) Semi-annual Report Comment: Exchange Exchange Leads to Interim Results and Expected Orders from Three Major Sectors

Event: The company released the semi-annual report for 19 years, and realized operating income of 21.4 billion yuan, which was basically flat for one year; net profit attributable to mothers was zero.

8 billion, previously -35%.

19Q2 / Q1 revenue was + 29% MoM, and net profit attributable to mothers was -77% MoM.

Opinion: The short-term growth in performance is mainly due to the company’s net exchange gain of 0 in the first half of the year.

100,000 yuan (reduction of 0 per year).

US $ 7.3 billion, and the gross profit margin of the refining segment exceeded expectations.

In the first half of the year, the company’s upstream / midstream / downstream / environmental engineering business achieved revenues of 1.031 / 61/360 / 130,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +11% / + 10% /-35% / + 8%; gross margins reached 7 respectively.

6% / 7.

5% / 3.

9% / 14%, ten years +0.

6 / + 1.

9 / -4.

4 / + 3.


In the first half of the 杭州夜网论坛 year, new orders were generally flat, upstream orders increased sharply, and pipeline orders were waiting for the pipeline company to land.

The company newly signed 3759 effective projects with a newly signed contract value of US $ 25.2 billion, which is almost the same. The amount of unsigned contracts has been awarded to US $ 8.6 billion, and the total outstanding contract value has been US $ 12.2 billion, with a total contract value of 45.9 billion.The above is basically the same.

In the new millennium, overseas orders are 20% and 20%, accounting for 18%; in the new decade, oil and gas field surface engineering orders are 70%, exceeding + 43%; and pipeline and storage and transportation engineering business have exceeded 4.5 billion orders, exceeding-19%; US $ 9.3 billion in refining and chemical engineering business 深圳spa会所 in the new millennium, which is basically the same for a year; environmental engineering, project management and other businesses in the new millennium, US $ 3.9 billion, each time -24%.

The growth of the company’s upstream orders is in line with our judgment on the increase in domestic upstream long-term capital expenditure.

Business Outlook: The State Pipe Network Corporation is expected to be established this year, and there is huge space for investment in pipeline storage and transportation.

The goal of 30,000 kilometers of pipeline mileage from 18-20 to now needs to be achieved, with an investment of about 300 billion yuan and an average annual investment of 100 billion yuan, which is twice that of 16/17.

By 2025, the mileage of the Iraqi natural gas pipeline network will reach 16.

30,000 kilometers, supplemented by 5.

90,000 kilometers, with an estimated investment of 5900 trillion, with an average annual investment of 118 billion.

As a domestic leader in the construction of oil and gas pipeline networks, the company has benefited from order promotion.

The greater domestic oil and gas exploration and development speed has been increased to the point of ensuring national energy security, and oil and gas surface engineering is expected to bring upstream long-term capital expenditures.

PetroChina’s capital expenditures recovered from 2017, and upstream capital expenditures reached 1620/1961/2282 billion in 17/18/19 respectively. It is estimated that the receivables and gross profit margin of the company’s land and ground engineering business segment will continue to recover at least until 2020.

In the refining and chemical business, the order for the Jieyang project of CNPC is pending, and orders are expected to grow well.

Taking into account the weaker-than-expected interim results, we lowered our 19-year performance forecast to 1 billion (originally 1.6 billion), maintaining a 20/21 net profit of 21/26 trillion, and an EPS of 0.



46 yuan / share, corresponding to 22/10/8 times of PE, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: the uncertainty of the national pipeline network company landing, the risk of global oil and gas investment decline


Chao Hongji (002345): Impairment of goodwill in the fourth quarter drags down performance

Chao Hongji (002345): Impairment of goodwill in the fourth quarter drags down performance

2018 results are in line with the newsletter Acer announces 2018 results: revenue 32.

48 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

2%; the net profit attributable to mothers is RMB 71.04 million, a year-on-year decrease of 75%, corresponding to a higher net profit of 0.

08 yuan.

The performance is in line with 夜来香体验网 the company’s express report. The decrease in net profit was mainly due to the provision of large asset impairment losses in the fourth quarter.

Single quarter revenue increased 4 in the fourth quarter.

3%, net profit 1.

5.7 billion.

The company’s 1Q19 performance income increased by 13.

6% to 9.

5.7 billion, net profit fell by 5.

6% to 88.03 million yuan.

Revenue sharing: (1) The three major brands of the company, Chao Hongji, Fandi, and Fei An, have a total net increase of 112 stores to 1,220, up to a maximum of 10.

1%, the pace of opening stores accelerated in the second half of the year, including 907 jewelry stores (570 self-operated stores, 337 franchise stores, a total of 89 net openings), 313 women’s bag stores (23 net openings); ((2) fromIncome from camps, agents, and wholesales grows 2 each year.

2%, an increase of 18.

9%, expenditure 19%; (3) Revenue growth by product, fashion jewelry, traditional gold jewelry, leather goods.

7%, 1.

2%, 1.

4%; (4) By region and channel, East China, which has the largest offline share (48%), increased its revenue by 12%.

9%, the other regions (except Northeast, North and Central China) also achieved different degrees of positive growth; online business growth of 0.

2%, contributing 15% of overall income.


Financial Overview: Gross profit margin increased in 20181.

8ppt to 37.


Self-operated, agency, wholesale gross margin increased by 1.

8ppt, 3.

3ppt, 2.

4ppt; jewelry, gold jewelry, leather goods gross margin increased by 3ppt, replace 1.

9ppt, slightly increased by 0.


Sales management expense ratio increased by 2.

8ppt to 24.


Impairment of first-class goodwill 2.

09 million yuan (2017: None) dragged down performance.

Maximize investment returns 19.

3%. Development Trends In 2019, the main jewelry industry will sink and further expand through agency channels; the leather goods business will continue to focus on product youth and channel upgrades.

The company hopes that the growth rate of some of the main business income mentioned above will be improved.

Earnings forecast As the profitability of the company is still sluggish in 1Q19, we lower our 2019 earnings forecast by 15% to 0.

30 yuan, date to 0 in 2020.

35 yuan, corresponding to an annual increase of 287.

4%, 13.


It is estimated and recommended that the company currently can sustain 15/13 times P / E for 2019/20.

Maintain Neutral rating, consider profit forecast adjustment, and due to the decline in 2018 net profit, profit improvement in 2019 remains to be seen, reducing the target price by 28% to 5.

17 yuan, corresponding to 17 times P / E in 2019, implying 12% upside.

The risk cost is high; the risk of improper integration of mergers and acquisitions.


Zhaoyan New Drug (603127) Incident Review: An important step in the international development of the acquisition of the American company BIOMERE

Zhaoyan New Drug (603127) Incident Review: An important step in the international development of the acquisition of the American company BIOMERE

Event: The company issued an announcement on the evening of May 17th. The company plans to pay US $ 27.28 million to acquire 100% equity of Biomere. After the transaction is completed, Biomere will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The transaction is proposed to use cash acquisition. The source of funds is the company.private 重庆耍耍网 capital.

Views: 1.

Biomere: American preclinical CRO with a high degree of synergy with the company’s business1) This time the company only acquired the CRO business of Biomere, Biomere’s main preclinical CRO business and vaccine research and development business, the pre-delivery vaccine business will be replaced according to the agreement.

2) Biomere’s preclinical CRO has strong synergy with the company, including GLP and non-GLP businesses, of which the GLP business has passed the FDA on-site inspection.

3) Biomere’s pre-clinical CRO business process is excellent, with more than 20 years of operating experience, a mature business model and management structure, a good customer base (including large pharmaceutical companies such as Shire, Novartis, Abbott), and about 100 employeesThe team and the laboratory and animal room of about 8,268 square meters have developed into one of the Top 3 preclinical CROs in the New England region of the United States, and are one of the few CRO companies in the region that can conduct primate experiments.

4) Biomere’s pre-clinical CRO business is mature and profitable. In 2018, the CRO business achieved revenue1.

260,000 yuan, with a net profit of 10.98 million yuan.

2. An important step in the development of internationalization and further improvement of internal collaborative profitability. Biomere will be the first overseas company with a complete business acquired since the company was established. We believe that this acquisition is a step in the company’s acceleration of the implementation of its internationalization strategy.Important steps taken: 1) After the acquisition of Biomere, the company will have a GLP laboratory in the eastern United States, which will improve the US market layout, further optimize the company’s business structure and customer group structure, and increase the company’s overseas brand influence.

2) After the acquisition of Biomere, the company further expanded Biomere’s business scope and project quality by increasing capital expenditure on Biomere, technical training and business undertakings, and rapidly improved Biomere’s profitability.

3) Extension expansion is an important means for the rapid development of CRO. The acquisition of Biomere can accumulate valuable experience for subsequent overseas mergers and acquisitions, and at the same time lay the foundation for building a professional international management team, and provide talent reserves for future extension development.

3. The company’s logic is reorganized: high-end CRO companies with high endogenous growth and predictable extension are currently maintaining the high growth trend of their preclinical evaluation. The extension of internal business extension is worth looking forward to, and the company’s growth is constantly opening up.

1) The company has been engaged in pre-clinical evaluation of drugs for many years, and its combat effectiveness is almost full. Suzhou 1 in 2019.

The gradual commissioning of the 10,000-square-meter animal house and the 750-square-meter animal house in Beijing will bring huge performance flexibility. Full orders in hand will be released quickly, and the pre-clinical evaluation will gradually increase. The trend of high growth remains unchanged. The company recently disclosed that it will build in Chongqing, Wuzhou and other places.The new drug evaluation center project will provide guarantee for long-term development.

2) The company continues to improve the overall competitiveness of the CRO field, accelerates new business layouts such as pharmacovigilance, and first-phase clinical trials, fosters new profit growth points, and will further increase the company’s growth ceiling.

3) The acquisition of the pre-clinical CRO business of the American company Biomere will have a synergistic effect with the company’s business and increase its profitability. At the same time, it will further expand the overseas influence of the “Zhaoyan” brand, as an alternative measure for the subsequent internationalized developmentbasis.

Summary: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent from 2019 to 2021 will be 1.

6.1 billion, 2.

3 billion, 2.

97 ppm; EPS is 1.

00 yuan, 1.

43 yuan and 1.

84 yuan, corresponding PE is 46X, 32X and 25X.

We are optimistic that the company is the absolute leader in the field of domestic safety evaluation. Under the high prosperity of the domestic CRO industry, the high performance growth is both explosive and sustainable.

The addition of new production capacity in 2019 will provide great performance flexibility in the 杭州夜网论坛 next two years. The extension of internal business extensions will continue to improve the company’s ceiling and maintain the “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: less-than-expected capacity expansion; adverse changes in pharmaceutical policies; less-than-expected business expansion; intensified competition in the industry, etc.


Tongling Nonferrous Metals (000630): Volume increase but price decrease but performance remains relatively stable

Tongling Nonferrous Metals (000630): Volume increase but price decrease but performance remains relatively stable
Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income of 468 in the first half of the year.600 million, an increase of 15 every year.09%; net profit attributable to mother 4西安耍耍网 .14 ppm, an increase of 0 per year.18%. Opinions: 1. Increasing output is inferior to the price drop, and the profit of the copper business is significantly reduced: the single quarter revenue in the second quarter was the highest in the past 16 months, but the net profit in the single quarter decreased by 52% month-on-month and even fell by 36%.Looking at the gross profit by business, although by-products such as gold increased by 19% and by-products such as sulfuric acid increased by 20%, the largest proportion of cathode copper gross profit decreased by 23%, driving down the overall gross profit margin.1 up to 4.15%.The reason is that copper processing fees have continued to be sluggish, and spot TCs have been 93 since the end of 2018.US $ 5 / dry ton unilaterally fell to the current 7-year low of US $ 53 / dry ton, so even the company’s output increased by 8.84%, but performance is still down. 2. The adverse effect of the decrease in the period’s expenses and the decrease in the gross profit: the increase in operating response in the first half of the year resulted in the company’s net operating cash flow.At least 6.4 billion US dollars, with at least an increase in improvement, can also significantly reduce the company’s financial costs1.8.5 billion (or down 29%).Taken together, the expense ratio was only 2 during the first half of the year.25%, reducing by 0 every year.54 units, doubled by one in absolute volume.900 million, effectively hedged the negative impact of reduced gross profit. 3. The expected performance is still stable: The company’s July and Antofagasta copper mine supply long-term orders set by the first half of 2020, the TC is about 65 US dollars, which is far lower than the long-term unit price in 2019, highlighting that the smelting-end capacity growth rate exceededMuch more than copper.The current global trade budget is severe and the risk of economic growth is increasing. If the prices of by-products such as sulfate continue to fall, the profits of smelting companies may still be further eroded.However, the relatively 杭州桑拿网favorable factor lies in the current demand or has bottomed out. The recovery of China ‘s real estate completion data and the automobile stimulus policies can still be expected to drive copper consumption; the prices of by-products such as expensive metals are in a trending upward cycle, which can make up for some of the profit decline.We expect net profit attributable to mothers from 2019-2021.31/9.44/10.4.5 billion, EPS is 0.08/0.09/0.10 yuan to maintain the overweight level. 5. Risk warning: Copper prices and processing fees change, demand is less than expected


Inspirational movies for women to watch

Inspirational movies for women to watch


Julie and Julia Julie and Julia, who are discouraged and frustrated by their work, Julie?

TV master Julia?
Powell (Amy Adams) decides to practice the United States in one year?

Child (Meryl?

(Meryl Streep, Streep) All 524 dishes from the first recipe “Mastering the Art of French Culinary” and blogging to record daily progress.

Essentially, the film is interspersed with Julia?

Cherd’s husband, Paul, who served with the US News Agency?

Child (Stanley?

(Stanley Tucci, Tucci) arrived in Paris, France in 1948 to study cooking, and after ten years of hard work, he published more than 700 pages of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.

Powell is imitating Julia?

Cherd finally found himself in the process, and through the increase in blog views, even Julia herself knew of Julie’s existence, but the results were unexpected.


Homeless in Harvard: Liz Murray’s story Harvard Road Liz (Sora Birch Sora Birch) was born in a slum in the United States and has been bearing family since childhoodDistressed, parents suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, and mothers suffer from schizophrenia.

The poor Liz needs to go out and beg, wandering in the corner of the city, the suffering of life seems endless.

  As she slowly grew, Liz knew that only by studying can she change her destiny and get out of the mire-like situation.

She is expected to get a test paper from her teacher, complete the answer sheet beautifully, and she is expected to have the chance to study.

From now on, Liz has begun her journey on the long road to school.

She made every effort to apply for a full Harvard scholarship and did not even have a decent dress during the interview.

However, poverty did not stop Liz’s determination to move forward. In her life, the struggle never shrinking was an eternal theme.


Bridget Jones’s Diary BJ’s Diary Bridget?

Jones (Renee?

Zivig) is a 32-year-old single woman.

Her work and life are bland, and the only thing she wants is to have a sincere love. Even if there are friends around to comfort him in time, Bridget is still not good.

In the new year, she will have a new life.

She chose to use a diary to record everything in her life, and she began to become happy.

  At this time with her romantic boss Daniel?

Cliff (Hugh?

(Grant)). Daniel had an engagement with his girlfriend, which made Bridget sad.

Proud but real mark?

Darcy (Colin?

Phils) also expressed her admiration for her.

Bridget was working between the two men, not knowing how to choose.


Toscani’s marriage failure under the sun is a cruel blow to Francis (Dean Lynn Diane Lane), a female writer in her thirties.

Fortunately, her friend was considerate and made a special trip to Tuscany, Italy.
Unexpectedly, the beautifully suffocating city of Tuscany has changed the second half of Francis’ life.
  Francis saw an advertisement for a country house in Tuscany.

She didn’t plan much, but the subsequent coincidences made her and the house inextricably linked.

As a result, the writer from the United States resolutely decided to give up everything he had before and set up his own new nest in a foreign country.

  Francis decorates her new house, and her trivial matters make her frown. Various new people and new things make the new tenant overwhelmed, and a new relationship is unfolding.

The sunny Tuscany gradually enriched Francis’s heart.


Million Dollar Baby (Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood) is a famous boxing coach, his apprentice has a brilliant record on the boxing ring.

But because his wife was too devoted to the rugby career and ignored the feelings of her family, Frankie’s relationship with her daughter has been frozen for a long time, and he has thus closed up long-term self-enclosement and depression.

One day, Maggie (Hillary Swank, Hilary Swank), a woman with a strong interest in boxing, entered the training hall and asked Frankie to be a disciple.

Perseverance has softened Frankie, and he finally decided to train Maggie into an outstanding female boxer.

Although the road was difficult, the two got in touch with each other in training and games, so Frankie was comforted by his family, and Maggie also boarded the baseball stadium.

Courage and dreams let them let go of the pain of the past, and a new power in their hearts.

  The film won the 77th Academy Award for best film, best director, best actress, best supporting actor 4 awards.


Flower season girls often listen to calm songs

Flower season girls often listen to calm songs

When adolescent girls are irritable or sad, they can choose sad music first, such as Beethoven’s “Fate” and Liu Ruoying’s “Love You, Love You”.

When the mood is calm, choose some soothing, bright, smart, sunny songs, such as Schubert’s Serenade, Strauss’s Blue Danube and so on.

  Mei Xiangsheng, deputy chief physician of the Otolaryngology Voice Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that adolescent girls are rebellious, have strong vanity, are excited, lose their temper, and are eager to be noticed. They have become “sentimental” and “moody”The girls in “A Dream of Red Mansions” are one.

  Once encountering problems such as first love, classmate quarrels, dormitory conflicts, and academic performance, many young girls choose to cry or listen to music when they are upset or sad when they encounter such sad things.

  Music is indeed an important way to heal psychological pain.

In music selection, if you choose the melody of excessive sadness, it becomes an escape, and over time it becomes more dark, and even leads to anxiety and depression.


How to eliminate annoying red blood cells

How to eliminate annoying red blood cells

Red blood will not make the whole face look very fragile, so what should I do with red blood?

How to effectively eliminate red bloodshots?

Today I introduced several methods for everyone, let’s take a look.

  1. For girls who have red blood on their skin, they can massage more red blood spots every morning and evening when washing their face. This can promote blood circulation and reduce the degree of flushing on the face. It is naturally beneficial to lighten red blood.

But to avoid scratching with your nails, you can only massage with your nails.

Red blood can be added to the place where more water, using yogurt, honey and other smearing effect is also good.

  2, increase skin immunity Friends with poor skin or skin problems, in addition to natural skin quality is life and work and other reasons.

The more tired you are from stress or work, the more your skin will be tired!

Even if the skin is good, but because of the appearance of red bloodshots, this is also the reason for the decline in skin immunity.

  3, skin moisturizing The skin is to have sufficient moisture to improve the skin’s immunity. The most important thing to eliminate red blood cells is to moisturize. Use a moisturizing mask three times a week. The red blood cells on the face can also be significantly improved.

  4, avoid the steam bath skin can not withstand repeated temperature differences, continuous exposure to very cold or hot environment, can not use the steaming instrument to steam the face, neither can the steam bath, bathing should also try to use mild water temperature.

  5. Peeling with nails for exfoliating is the biggest mistake. Our facial skin is very fragile and cannot be removed with nails.

The cuticles on our face are actually not very thick, just need to be removed with exfoliating products.

Some friends’ facial skin will be rougher easily. If you try to touch it, you will notice the presence of stratum corneum, and the red blood will become more serious.

It is recommended that the exfoliation work be performed once a week. Such regular exfoliation and cleansing the face are believed to be helpful in eliminating red blood lines. Pay attention to exfoliation and don’t replace it too much.

  6. Moisturizing is important No matter what the skin is, it is very important in moisturizing.

Skin moisturization is generally very moisturizing, and skin with red blood should pay more attention to moisturizing.

The cause of red bloodshots is also related to dry and dehydrated skin. Moisturizing milk skin care products containing alcohol are not suitable for red bloodshots!

  7, pay attention to makeup and makeup removal is very necessary, cosmetics residues are very serious damage to the skin, so no matter how tired you must remove your makeup, can not leave makeup on the skin, will cause allergies, etc.symptom.
  8, skin care methods for girls with red bloodshot, we must avoid the use of scrub-type products, as well as peeling mask, you can use salt instead of exfoliating, just rub with salt when bathing,The strength should not be too heavy, so that it can moisturize and eliminate the anti-inflammatory effect. It can be done once every half a month, and it can’t be repeated many times. It is not good for the skin.


Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

This summer is really boring, especially the MM who is busy in the office. The mood is really a different kind of trouble. The skin also issues a warning, not only dry and rough, but also small dry lines, red dots, and most of them sweat.And also oil, always makeup.
In fact, this is all due to lack of water.

  OL replenishment and moisturizing strategy to save summer dry air conditioning muscles The general office air conditioner will quickly drain the deep water on the skin surface, coupled with the radiation brought by the computer, the polluted air will make the skin rough, and the indoor hugeTemperature differences can also make your skin sensitive and fragile.

Therefore, the office mm should be expected to hydrate and hydrate in summer.

  Some mm always think that in the process of washing the face, it will wash away the dirty things and the water will be washed away. In fact, this is just a misunderstanding. The correct way to wash your face can no longer completely dissolve, remove the dirt, and also soothe the skin.To regulate skin dehydration.

  Proper steps for washing your face: 1. Bundle your hair behind your head and cleanse your face; 2, wash your hands with hand sanitizer; 3, splash your face with warm water; 4, squeeze the cleansing products into the palm of your hand and gently apply on the faceEvenly, then gently massage the facial skin with your fingertips as capillaries.

It is best to replace the ring finger from the inside out, from the bottom up (don’t forget the facial hairline and proper).

Then, wash off the cleansing product with warm water (water temperature is controlled at about 40 seconds).

  5. Wipe gently with a cotton pad to remove the missing areas on the top and face.

  Do not wash your face for more than 30 seconds. If it takes too long, it will absorb moisture.

  FEERDAYs Skin Free Breathing Moisturizing Cleansing Facial Cleansing Mud The best thing about this cleansing product is that you can remove makeup and clean it. You can use this cleansing mud directly, it is very clean and not tense after washing.

The cleaning power is very strong, and it can deeply remove pore waste and excess oil. Moreover, the requirement of adding Suntech water to this cleansing product is very strict. After washing, it feels water and will not be tight at all.

(100ml / 70 yuan) FANCL no added moisturizing cleansing flour This is a very comfortable and reassuring cleansing product, the foam is fine and not tight after use.

Run out of skin soft.

The cleansing power is very good, and the moisture loss is controlled to ensure the hydration of the skin.

(50g / 145 yuan) Clinique Clinique Ultra Whitening Moisturizing Cleansing Soap This product has a very strong cleaning power. Basically not too strong makeup can be cleaned. The washed face is refreshing, non-tight, and has a sense of suppleness.
Just wet your hands and gently wipe the soap body, then rub your hands to make a lot of bubbles, very durable and cost-effective.

(100g / 260 yuan) Toner is a moisturizing product that mm is very passionate about, but toner is not just so simple to apply in it, you must master the correct way of use!

  Proper use of toner: 1. Drop a few drops of toner on the surface of the cotton pad. 2. Use your ring finger to point at the cotton pad and gently wipe in the opposite direction of the pores to avoid eye and lip areas.

  3. Don’t forget a point, you have to lift it up.

  Extra points: If you want to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can also tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the jaws and forehead that are most dry. In just 5 minutes, you can see that it is not as big as usualHydrating effect.

  Biotherm Biotherm Mineral Toner This toner can provide a large amount of moisture to the skin, improve the transparency of the skin, and is obviously very refreshing. Especially after using the supplement, the pigmentation has actually faded a lot, the skin is much smoother and increased elasticityYou can choose your age and skin type.

(200ml / 220 yuan) Mary Kelly Lin Kelly Moisturizing Toner This toner can clean the skin again, remove the water and alkali remaining in the body after washing your face, so that the skin is not dark yellow.

At the same time, hydrate the skin.

After use, the skin is hydrated and moisturized all day.

(150ml / 100 yuan) Avene moisturizing and moisturizing lotion This product can not only add a lot of moisture to the skin, but also has a soothing effect. Girls with sensitive skin can rest assured to use it, as long as it is used consistently, it can fundamentally change the skinOh.
(200ml / 188 yuan) Even if you use very expensive lotion, you can only fully hydrate, but for deep moisturizing, you also need moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

Only in this way can the water and oil balance in the skin be maintained, and the skin will say goodbye to dryness or greasy, and it will become really tender and tender.

  Generally, when choosing a cream in summer, you must choose crystal dew, moisturizing products of gel oil, and eliminate products containing oil.

  L’OREAL Paris Moisturizing All Day Moisturizing Essence is very effective in replenishing, refreshing and non-greasy, it is suitable for mixed skin and oily skin mm.

After using for a while, the skin becomes much smoother.

However, some netizens said that some stinging was used, so the best mm for dry and sensitive skin is (110 yuan / 50 ml) OLAY Magnolia Oil Water Moisturizing Deep Moisturizing Milk texture is refreshing, and it is a bit cold and coldThe feeling is not greasy, and the hydration effect is very good. No matter it is greasy in the T section and the U section is dry, it can hydrate and moisturize well, which is worth its price.

(110 yuan / 150ml) FREEDAY Skin Free Breathing 24 Hours Moisturizing Beauty Cream can be used once a day to complete the moisturizing of the whole day. It feels moisturized and moisturized. After use, it feels that the skin becomes water-hate,It is smooth, delicate, without dry lines, and even with small pores, it is a good product with good price.

(158 yuan / 50g) VICHY Hot Spring Mineral Moisturizing Essence is very refreshing, suitable for all seasons, it feels very moisturized after use, and the skin becomes smooth, that is, the durability is not so good. After a few hours, you have toRepainting it is more troublesome.

(278 yuan / 30ml) Drinking water in the body: Generally, drinking water in a timely manner is the easiest way to hydrate the skin.

When the body is dehydrated, it will not immediately feel thirsty, the body will “borrow water” from peripheral organs first, and the most important thing is the skin.

You feel thirsty when there is no water available in your skin.

So, when you feel thirsty, your skin is already “dry.”
So be sure to drink a lot of water every day, at least 8 glasses of water.
  Extra points: In summer, it can be mixed with calcium, magnesium and other minerals and carbon dioxide, which can make the skin delicate and rosy, and rich in vitamin C. Lemon water is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea, Chinese wolfberry tea, lotus leaf tea and other Chinese herbal teas, green tea, Pu’er tea, Longjing tea, etc. are often hydrated.

These beverages speed up the circulation of body fluids, leaving the skin clean and moist.


Have you noticed these eating habits?

Have you noticed these eating habits?


Eat less potato foods before flying. Most of the potato foods have a strong gas-generating effect. In some European airports, “health guidebooks”, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other starchy foods are listed as “least recommended in airport restaurantsFood “, because when the plane rises, the air pressure will drop. If you eat too many potato foods that can produce gas, you will feel the lower body swell and visit the toilet frequently!


Don’t eat Danish bread in the morning. To make a soft and crisp Danish bread, you need to add a lot of shortening to the flour to form a special layered structure in the bread.

And shortening not only makes the body fat, it will affect female hormone secretion.

Because human hormone levels are most sensitive in the morning, European medical experts recommend that the best time to eat Danish bread is noon, when the human estrogen level is relatively stable, and you will not lose the strong femininity due to too much butter!


Professor Houghton Smith of the University of Ontario Health College, Canada, 40 minutes after drinking coffee, pointed out that just after drinking coffee, the central nervous system of the human body is more excited. At this time, when you go to the gym, you will exercise too much without feelingAnd cause muscle damage!


Coffee companion is fatter than potato chips US food regulators point out that the content of trans fatty acids in instant coffee companions is higher than that of potato chips, and trans fatty acids are the root cause of women’s fatness!

I recommend that you drink fresh coffee as much as possible. If you have to drink instant coffee, don’t add too much coffee mate to the cup because of covetous taste!


You will also have “tennis elbow” for long calls. Don’t think that you will only encounter “tennis elbow” if you exercise too much!

If you can make a phone call, the elbow is too tight, and the elbow joint nerve will be injured as well. At this time, you will feel pain in the lower arm, poor elbow movement, and the speed of the computer operation will be greatly affected!

So I suggest that you try to put on headphones when you call!


Normal temperature milk is healthier than hot milk. The longer the milk is heated, the faster the calcium content will be lost, and the lactose content will not change.

Nutrition experts believe that milk at room temperature is healthier than hot milk.

If you have to drink hot milk, it is best not to use a microwave oven to heat the milk protein. The use of a gas stove or boiling water to warm the milk bag is a better choice!


Eating raw garlic makes you smarter Iowa State University research points out that most of the energy required for human brain activity is provided by glucose converted from vitamin B1, and alliamine in raw garlic has a stronger effect than vitamin B1.Garlic makes you smarter!


Supplementing high-quality finances so that you always wear skirts Want to always wear sexy and beautiful skirts?

American medical experts refer to the fatty acids in avocado and banana as “quality fatty acids”. It will not only make you fat, but also effectively raise the body surface temperature. Even in occasional windy nights, you can still wear eye-catching dresses!


Eating onions at night is prone to insomnia. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there is a statement in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Suffering”, if you choose the wrong dinner, you are likely to put it on the other side of the night!

The onion smells spicy and belongs to bloating food. If you eat too many onions during dinner, you will easily feel bloating in the abdomen, which will lead to reduced sleep quality!


After eating kiwi, do not drink milk immediately. Kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B, which combined with milk lipoprotein in milk, it is easy to produce protein clots and make you diarrhea!

Therefore, I suggest you drink milk or eat other dairy products after eating kiwi for 2 hours!


Eating a few biscuits before going to bed can say goodbye to nightmares. Indian medical experts have proved that 45% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia, and the blood sugar content is too low, which can cause brain neurocortical cells to absorb too much emotion.Nightmares recurring while sleeping.

If you eat a few biscuits or drink a cup of sweetened soy milk before falling asleep, it can effectively reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality!


A bad appetite is related to shoe squeezing. A health report from Waseda University School of Medicine in Japan states that appetite is related to shoe size!

Because there are 6 meridians on the feet, it directly affects the neural response of internal organs.

When the shoes squeeze the feet, blood circulation in the feet is blocked and the blood supply to the feeding center is insufficient. You will feel bad appetite and decreased appetite!

  13 Apples should be consumed within 15
minutes. Apples are rich in vitamins and acids. New Zealand food experts point out that if you eat apples too slowly, it will cause your stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, which will work with fruit acid to cause indigestion.!!

So I suggest you: Apple must be finished in 15 minutes!

Mushrooms make women stand upright. A visiting medical expert from Korea’s Culture Daily suggested that women must eat mushrooms every day, especially mushrooms that are often exposed to the sun.

Because ergosterol in shiitake mushrooms can produce a large amount of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, this high-quality calcium supplement can make your waist stick straight and full of skinny beauty!

Carrot soup calcium is better than soybeans. Canadian food experts have found that 191 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soybeans, and 360 mg of calcium per 100 grams of carrots, almost double the soybeans!

Therefore, food experts recommend that you do not easily lose the precious carrot soup when you buy vegetables. Using it to cook soup, stir-fry or mix salad can achieve unexpected calcium supplements!


Oil Control + Pore Refining DIY White Tea Toner_1

Oil Control + Pore Refining DIY White Tea Toner

If your lotion just runs out, if you adore natural and healthy skin care, and if you just don’t want to buy it, then try this DIY lotion.

Catechin in green tea can shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.

If you happen to have large pores and love acne, then start DIY lotion.

  This time, let’s talk about white tea. Let’s first look at the health effects of white tea.

  White tea has a lot of health effects: 1. It can delay skin aging. White tea has a high-efficiency antioxidant function, which can strengthen the skin’s resistance, prevent the external environment from causing adverse effects on the skin, and cause serious problems in advance, so that the skin remains long-lasting and smooth.

  2. The polyphenol component in whitening and detoxification can effectively suppress free radical activity, which can improve human detoxification and defense effects.

  3. In addition to other carbohydrates, white tea also contains essential active enzymes. Existing medical research proves that long-term supplementation of white tea can significantly increase lipase activity in the human body, promote metabolic decomposition, and effectively control secretion.Delay the intestinal absorption of glucose, break down excess sugar in the blood, and promote blood sugar balance.

White tea is rich in a variety of amino acids.

  Teach you DIY white tea lotion Now we come to DIY lotion.

  STEP1: Take 3?
5 grams of white tea, 150ML of water, preferably heated mineral water.

Wait for it to cool slowly.

  STEP2: Pour into the spray bottle and add some glycerin (you can go to the supermarket to buy Phoenix No. 1 glycerin). If you feel your skin is dry, add more glycerin.

Finally, add a few drops of tea tree oil from THE BODY SHOP, acne-prone MM can try.

  Step 3: Store in the refrigerator, preferably at 3?
Finished 5 times.

Because it is natural, there is no added thing, it is relatively easy to deteriorate.

  Netizens experience: I personally feel that the natural Dongdong is really very gentle, and the skin will not have any discomfort.

The oil control effect is good. With glycerin, the skin will not feel dry.

Shrinking pores is not particularly obvious, and has a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

The skin becomes more hydrated and can be used to soak a paper film.