Hangcha Group (603298): Continuous industrial chain layout will include new energy and other high-end products

Hangcha Group (603298): Continuous industrial chain layout will include new energy and other high-end products

Hangcha Group released its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 84 in 2018.

400 million, an annual increase of 20.

5%, to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of 杭州桑拿论坛 listed companies5.

4.7 billion, an annual increase of 15.

2%, realized non-net profit deducted from shareholders of listed companies.

5.7 billion, an annual increase of 11.

7%, the performance was basically in line with expectations.

Sales of forklifts exceeded 120,000 units, increasing 20% annually.

Hangcha achieved sales of 12 in 2018.

60,000 units, an increase of 20 in ten years.

4%, industry-wide forklift sales of 59.

70,000 units, an increase of 20 in ten years.

2%, the company maintained a synchronous growth with the industry.

In the company’s specific sales structure, the largest proportion of internal combustion forklifts has an annual growth rate of more than 15%, which is higher than the industry average; sales of electric counterbalanced forklifts continue to lead the industry; pedestrian storage 淡水桑拿网 truck products have ushered in a structural explosionThe domestic market increased by more than 100% in two years.

From January to March 2019, the sales volume of industrial forklifts was 15.

30,000 units, an increase of 11 in ten years.

1%, with the exception of electric ride-on models, the overall growth of various models to varying degrees, of which electric pedestrian storage forklifts increased by 25% each year.

Gross profit margin has dropped slightly and is expected to rise in 19 years.

In 2018, the company’s forklift and other accessories business gross margin was 21%, a decrease of 1 from 2017.

2pc, of which the gross profit margin of the domestic business is 19.

9%, overseas business 25.


The decline in gross profit marginThe price of the main raw materials rose. The cost of raw materials increased by 25% in 18 years, which was faster than revenue growth. The cost of raw materials in the entire forklift manufacturing accounted for about 85% -90%, which caused pressure on the gross profit margin.
So far in 2019, steel prices have fallen somewhat, and the company’s gross profit margin is also expected to rise.

R & D expenses 3.

4.0 billion, an annual increase of 22.

2%, launched high-end series and new AGV products.

The research and development mainly focuses on the industrial vehicle product technology upgrade, category expansion and basic technology research. The high-end new energy forklift XC series has been launched, and new products are gradually gaining momentum.

At the same time, Hangzhou Fork Intelligent Technology was established, and more than 100 new AGV products were initially developed, and the overall logistics solution capabilities continued to be significantly improved.

Net operating cash flow 4.

3.2 billion, down 18 every year.


Net operating cash flow of the company 4.

3.2 billion, down 18 every year.

4%, but it is still in a healthy state. The decline in operating cash flow was mainly due to the increase in transportation fees, technology development fees, bidding deposits, etc., which led to an increase of 37% in cash paid for other operating activities.

Continue the industrial chain layout.

In 2018, the company focused on industrial upstream and downstream industrial resources.

By integrating Hangzhou Heavy Machinery, investing in Zhengzhou Jiachen, investing in the lithium battery industry, purchasing land to build a smart manufacturing base, etc., the foreign investment has exceeded 400 million U.S. dollars. For the upstream, the control in the intelligent field has been strengthened.In 2019, the company’s production capacity will reach 200,000 units.

Despite the severe test of the industry’s judgment in 2019, the company strives to achieve sales revenue of approximately $ 9.5 billion, an increase of about 13%, with the improvement of product competitiveness.

Overseas income 16.

400 million, an annual increase of 25.

4%, the overseas market is promising.

The company’s overseas market revenue in 201816.

40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 32.

3%, the growth rate is significantly higher than domestic. The company has established 60 direct sales branches, subsidiaries and more than 500 authorized dealers and franchised dealers in the internal market, providing customers in 180 countries and regions around the world.High-quality industrial vehicle products and professional full-service.

Even under the pressure of the Sino-US trade dispute, Hangcha American Corporation has officially operated.

At present, the prices of mainstream domestic forklift brands are only about 50% of those of Toyota, Linde and other international brands. The cost-effectiveness advantage is obvious. It is expected that overseas will maintain rapid growth in recent years, and the overseas market is promising in the future.

Performance forecast and investment advice.

We expect the forklift industry’s growth rate to improve in 2019, but the overall trend is still increasing. The market share of Hangcha Group will rise steadily in 2019. It is expected that Hangcha will reach $ 9.5 billion in revenue in 2019, and its net profit will be 7

1.6 billion yuan, corresponding to PE 13 in 2019.

2 times, maintenance is highly recommended.

Risk warning: The overall sales volume of forklifts and the sales volume of parts and components systematically overlap, and the prices of raw materials have increased significantly.


Aerospace Appliances (002025) Interim Review: Revenue Expansion, Civil Product Growth, Product Structure Changes and Material Growth Due to Gross Margin Adjustment

Aerospace Appliances (002025) Interim Review: Revenue Expansion, Civil Product Growth, Product Structure Changes and Material Growth Due to Gross Margin Adjustment
Event: On August 19, 2019, Aerospace Appliances released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved operating income of 16.190,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.56%; net profit attributable to parent company1.8.7 billion yuan (+19 per year).17%); Realize net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 1.74 trillion, an increase of 18 in ten years.17%; realized basic profit income of 0.44 yuan / share, an increase of 18 in ten years.92%. Opinion: The high growth of electrical connectors and relays led the company to achieve high-level revenue growth in the first half of the year.The company achieved revenue of 16 in the first half of 2019.1.9 billion, an increase of 38 in ten years.56%. In terms of products, the sales of connectors and relays increased rapidly, achieving 9 respectively.9.4 billion, 1.3.6 billion in revenue, an increase of 58 each year.05%, 36.65%; the motor business is developing steadily, realizing revenue4.3.1 billion, an increase of 14 over the same period last year.61%; optical devices are still in the development stage, and revenue is zero.4 billion, downgraded by 8 from the same period last year.62%. The company’s main sector revenues achieved high growth. Preliminary: First, the company expanded marketing, product promotion, capacity enhancement efforts, the main business sector scheduling, and achieved rapid growth in operating income; the second is the division of Guangdong Huaying Electronics Co., Ltd. since March 2019Aerospace Appliance’s scope of consolidated financial statements. Suzhou Huajing has achieved an average increase in revenue and profits. We believe that the reason or the rapid growth of orders for civilian products.By segment, the parent company achieved 7.8.7 billion in revenue, an increase of 35.04%; Suzhou Huajing achieved revenue in the first half of the year 5.3.9 billion (+73 y / y).3%) and net profit of 3996.10,000 (+36 compared with the same period last year).73%).Guilin Linquan achieved income 4.32 billion (year-on-year).59%), with a net profit of 3190.20000.Suzhou Huajing was initially positioned as a communication and transportation connector production base to produce more trendy civilian products. We believe that the growth of Suzhou Huajing’s revenue and profits may indicate that the company’s expansion in the civilian products sector has accelerated. Product structure changes, the proportion of civilian products with a reduced gross profit margin increased, and prices of raw materials such as precious metals rose, resulting in a decline in the company’s gross profit margin.In the first half of 19, the company’s operating costs increased by 54.56%, exceeding the growth rate of income, and the overall gross profit margin decreased by 6 compared with the same period last year.38pct, looking at the effects of relays, connectors, and optical communication devices by product, the gross profit margin 都市夜网 decreased by 11 respectively.68, 8.55 points, 11.25 points.The decline in gross profit margin was affected by changes in the product structure. The company ‘s revenue from civilian products increased, but its gross profit margin declined; the prices of precious metals in the restructured company ‘s raw materials rose.pressure. Profitability is still improving, and asset turnover rates continue to rise.We previously judged that the company’s ROE will be in a long-term improvement trend, basically a stable net interest rate, and a long-term increase in equity multiplier and turnover rate.The operating data of this period shows the company’s net interest rate improvement, but the fixed asset turnover rate and inventory turnover rate are still increasing, maintaining the upward trend of asset turnover rate, so the ROE is still improved.We still maintain the view that the company’s ROE will be improved in the long term, especially the improvement in the company’s fixed asset turnover rate will be transformed into an intelligent production line reform and continue to improve. We are optimistic that the company’s revenue end will continue to expand. The gross profit margin may be pressured by rising prices of raw materials such as precious metals and changes in the structure of military and civilian products. However, revenue growth should ensure the company’s profit scale. Earnings forecast and rating: We predict that the company will realize operating income in 2019-2021.7.2 billion, 44.7.4 billion, 52.48 ppm, an increase of 33 in ten years.12%, 18.59%, 17.31%; net profit attributable to mothers4.5.3 billion, 5.5.7 billion, 6.610,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.35%, 22.86%, 18.62%; realized diluted earnings1.06 yuan, 1.30 yuan, 1.At 54 yuan, we are optimistic about the continuous expansion of Aerospace Appliance’s revenue end, the increase in gross profit margin, and the ability to maintain high profitability for a long time and maintain a “buy” rating. Risk factors: Macroeconomic fluctuation risks; increased competition in the same industry; decline in the company’s profitability; lower-than-expected demand for military electronic components, and significantly lower-than-expected growth in military expenditures; the development of groupings has increased operational management difficulties, which has reduced operational efficiency;Asset securitization was lower than expected.


Daqin Railway (601006) February 2019 Operation Data Review: February traffic volume is in line with expected equity contribution or hedging risk

Daqin Railway (601006) February 2019 Operation Data Review: February traffic volume is in line with expected equity contribution or hedging risk

The average daily coal consumption of the power plant is back to 65?
70 and carry out summer maintenance and replacement, daily traffic in March or 120 or more.

Tanggang Railway may contribute rights and interests in 20193.

400 million, Tang Tie’s earnings hedged the risk of diversion, and the company’s net profit is expected to increase by 1 after the balance sheet.


Assume that the dividend payout ratio is maintained at 50%, and the dividend yield is close to 6%, making the investment attractive.

The daily shipment volume in February was in line with expectations, and the spring maintenance and consolidation may speed up the rush.

In February 2019, the company’s core asset Daqin Line completed a freight volume of 3185 to reduce at least 10.


Daily average volume 113.

8 announced, basically in line with our previous expectations.

It is expected that the Daqin Line will enter the spring maintenance period of about 23 days in April, or it may force coal companies to speed up the rush.

At the same time, considering that the average daily coal consumption of the power generation group has returned to a high level, the transportation volume is expected to recover in March.

The average daily coal consumption may return to a high level, and the average daily coal consumption in March or above 120.

As of February 28, the average daily coal consumption of the six major power generation groups was 49.

In 22, it was down 29 from January.

9%; The coal inventory of the six major power generation groups was 1,709 titles, an increase of 12 from the previous month.

0%; Qingang coal inventory of 545 attachments, an increase of 1 from January.


As of March 8th, the coal inventory of the six major power generation groups and Qingang has been adjusted to around 1648 and 561 leads. It is expected that the average daily coal consumption of the six major power generation groups will return to 65?
Around 70.

After the year, the price of coal will rise, and the shipping of coal enterprises is expected to increase. The daily shipment volume of the Daqin Line in March or above 120.

Tanggang Railway holds 19 shares.

73%, high-quality assets merged to enhance profitability.

SDIC Transportation, Caofeidian Port Affairs and Hebei Jiantou issued a confirmation letter promising to keep the company consistent with the company when exercising shareholders’ voting rights, with four companies holding a total of 61 shares.

6%, beyond the scope of consolidated financial statements.

Tanggang Railway is mainly responsible for the railway freight transportation of Cao Line, Caoxi Line, Jingtang Port Line, etc., with a mileage of 237.

6 kilometers.

In 2017, the Tanggang-Hong Kong Railway completed freight volume2.

1.3 billion tons, of which Qian Cao line accounted for 84%.

Under the background of the ban on automobile transportation in the port, the geographical advantages of the Jigang Railway have been enhanced, and its profitability has been significantly improved.

On January 9, 2018, the net interest rate of Tang-Hong Kong Railway increased to 39.

3%, the baseline Qin Railway is 18 high.

0, high-quality asset injection to improve profitability.

Accelerating the increase in coal diversion and transportation, Tang Tie may contribute equity3.

4 billion.

Qingang Co., Ltd. invests in the sixth and seventh phases of the coal terminal in Caofeidian Port, with a total annual design tungsten of 100 million tons.

The certainty of the coal port moving south has been improved, and the relocation of the Cao Line as the location of Caofeidian and Lingang Railway in the Jingtang Port area has been enhanced.
On January 9, 2018, Tanggang Railway realized net profit13.

800 million, considering the acceleration of coal diversion in Caofeidian Port Area, it is estimated that net profit will be about 1.7 billion in 2019.
The acquisition of the reconstruction of the Tang-Gang Railway will enhance the collection and distribution system itself and its independence until 2019.

5 billion, Qin Port is expected to diverge to 1000 length of Caofeidian Port, the company’s net profit will be reduced by 75 million, Tang Tie’s earnings or hedging the risk of diversion, the company’s net profit is expected to increase by 1 after the consolidation.


Risk factors: The demand for thermal coal is less than expected, the imported coal exceeds expectations, and the southward movement of coal ports is more than expected.

Earnings forecasts, estimates and investment ratings.

The daily average volume in February was 113.

8 is the highest, basically in line with expectations.

The daily average coal consumption of the 6 major power generation groups has recently returned to 65?
70 and carry out continuous spring maintenance, daily traffic in March or more than 120.

Considering Tang Tie’s post-consolidation equity or hedging risks, we adjusted our 2018-2020 net profit forecast to 145.

200 million / 146.

700 million / 147.

500 million (previous forecast 2018-20) 14.7 billion / 14.2 billion / 14 billion US dollars, corresponding to EPS0.



91 yuan (previous forecast was 0.



94 yuan).

The 2019 Railway Working Conference is committed to the in-depth implementation of incremental freight operations, benefiting from the layout and reorganization of Daqin or maintaining full load, and enhanced high dispersion attractiveness.

Maintain “Buy” rating.


28th Funding Plan-The main fund invested 21.5 billion Longhu Ranking institutions grab 6 shares

28th Fund Scheduling: The main funds invested in 21.5 billion Longhu ranking institutions grab 6 shares

[Plan for Funding on the 28th]The main funds with a net amount of more than 21.5 billion on the Dragon and Tiger Rankings rushed to raise 6 shares. Source: Securities Times. On August 28, A shares oscillated and the market closed. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell 0.

29% to 2893.

At 76 points, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell 0.

31%, at 9414 points, the ChiNext Index fell 0.

18% at 1625.

19 o’clock.

The total turnover of the two cities was 4,936.

3.6 billion yuan, down 646 from the previous trading day.

3.9 billion yuan.

  1 The net capital of the two cities throughout the day exceeded 21.5 billion. Today, the main capital of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities opened 121 net inflows.

4.4 billion, a net decrease of 19 late.

9.3 billion, a net reduction of 21.5 billion in capital throughout the day.

  2 Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 today’s main fund net replacement of 104.

4.8 billion CSI 300 today ‘s net replacement of 104 main funds.

4.8 billion, GEM net reduction of 26.

US $ 4.5 billion, a small net decrease of 48 for small and medium-sized boards.

4.1 billion.

Net share value of Shanghai Stock Connect 1.

南京夜生活网13 trillion, Shenzhen Stock Connect net reduction of 3.

03 trillion (here the China-Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect net net amount is based on the amount used on the day, which is slightly different from the net purchase amount of the transaction, but the meaning is generally the same).

  3 Net inflow of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing 22.

Among the first 28 Shenwan first-class industries with 200 million yuan, 4 industries achieved net capital inflows, of which 22 were inflows from the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries.

200 million.

  4 Pig industry concept net inflow 17.

In terms of the 8 trillion yuan in the first concept section, today’s pig industry, anti-tariff, swine fever vaccine and other concept sections show a net inflow of funds, including the pig industry concept of net inflows.

800 million.

  5 Zhengbang Technology’s main capital inflows 5.

4.6 billion (Note: The main force of net inflow statistics in this table is different from the net purchase statistics of the institutions in the previous table and the next table).The data showed that the institution appeared 14 shares, of which 6 shares of Starnet Ruijie showed a net purchase of institutional funds, and 8 shares of Zhengbang Technology showed a net sale of institutional funds.

  7The top ten active stocks of Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect today


Not tell you to whom

Not tell you to whom

It was almost nine o’clock late, and the third floor’s Zhang came to my house again and said to me with a bitter smile: “I’m here to take refuge again, please, kill two sets.”

“So I set up a chessboard and killed.

This big Zhang, the asylum, is to come to my place to avoid his wife’s concubine. He said that his wife didn’t know where there was so much “nonsense”, and when he returned home, his child’s academic performance dropped.The school charged fees again, the price of oil went up again, the unit was corrupted, and even the electric meters and water meters were doubted, and the electricity and water charges were high . Sometimes one thing can be repeated many times.

  After sending Zhang Da away last night, I never fell asleep in bed.

I think the husband and wife live together under the same roof, isn’t it the desire to have an exchange of emotions, a communication of thoughts, a support of the soul?

In the journey of life alone, ups and downs, ups and downs, full of sourness and sweetness, heart troubles, distresses, grievances, and who do you pour into your spouse if you do not return home?

  My wife is also a caring woman. I also have a very annoying mood, sometimes very annoying. I often miss the unrestrained, free and single life.

But a small sight that came into my eyes by accident made me feel a little bit sad and felt that my wife’s concubine was a fortune.

  It was a meeting in Shanghai a few years ago. After the meeting, I took the tourist train from Shanghai to Nanjing.

A middle-aged 40-year-old couple sitting opposite me, from getting on the bus to getting off in Nanjing, the whole journey is the process of the wife’s nagging to the husband, talking about the naughtiness of the son, the intelligence of the son, the body of the parents, and the unit.The benefits of sisters, the marriage of sisters, the excitement of excitement, the sigh of helplessness.

The husband was on the side, holding his chin in his hand, listening quietly, accidentally inserting a sentence or two, or subconsciously moving the tea cup in front of his wife, without any annoyance.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on them, reflecting a happy, warm halo.

There was an inexplicable touch in my heart: all the lovers were lovers, and the husband and wife love each other.



Chinese medicine whitening skin care products DIY


Chinese medicine whitening skin care products DIY

The following are all whitening skin care products made of traditional Chinese medicine. Let’s make it together!

  White noodles: 90 grams of oysters (burned to flour), 30 grams of sweet potato root, moderate amount of white honey.

First grind the oysters and sweet potato roots, then blend with honey.

Can be applied every night and washed off with warm water in the morning.

  Efficacy: This formula can make skin fair.

  Qibai cream mask food, formulated with more than 70 kinds of precious Chinese medicines such as Pisha Ren, Sanako, Paeonia lactiflora, Gansong, mung bean, ginseng, honeysuckle, husband root, pearl powder, licorice, and ganoderma.

  Efficacy: Whitening, freckle, pores, moisturizing, wrinkle, lead, mercury, toxins, supernatural whitening and other magical effects.

The mask is dark brown, with strong Chinese medicine taste, and it is very firm when applied. After washing it off, the skin is fair and delicate, and it can be used for a long time to remove black and yellow, light spots, wrinkles, and eliminate skin toxins.

  Whitening and moisturizing essence ginseng, honeysuckle, pearl powder, angelica and other effects: whitening, hydrating, freckle removal, deprinting, delicate skin, shrink pores, hydrating and moisturizing effect is excellent, the skin is bright and tender after use, soft to the touch, if used at night,The second weather color will be very good, long-term use can whiten pale spots and rejuvenate.


Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

“Changing jobs” has gradually become a “lifestyle” of the city. Some people jump and gradually advance their personal career development; others jump more and more back, and worse.

  ”Jumping” is not the purpose, but development is the direction.

Everyone has different reasons to choose “hopping”, those who value material are based on salary and benefits; those who value environment are based on company conditions, scale, and fame; those who value personality development are based on hobbies, professional personalityIt is an important index; those who value career development are required to increase the occupational content and achieve career goals as a rule .pressure?

  Further, when Haikuo Sky left the job, he properly handled his interpersonal relationships and walked cleanly, neatly, and beautifully. The future of this person is boundless.

Conversely, if you go angry and resentful, you will easily turn your back on your own wall and destroy your future.

So, when the scenery changes, don’t let the good dreams turn into nightmares.

  It is often said to take a step back and the sky is wide.

Actually going further, why can’t the sky be wide?

When exiting the original company, don’t face people and things with a negative attitude, let alone complain.

Instead, be grateful and reach out to key people to thank them for their help.

Do n’t say hard to forget when you break up, but do n’t speak bad words.

This is the most basic accomplishment of a professional person.

Former colleagues, because they couldn’t cooperate anymore, broke their face and fought overnight. As a result, they lowered their style and made people see the joke.

  Ai Ruo: I “hop for a job” several times, only once. I took the initiative to “hop for a job.” That is because I think the company is too far away from home.

I retired under the pretext of renovating the new home.

When the Internet was on the rise, for the sake of making waves, the salary of Internet media was several times higher than that of traditional media. At that time, the days were both tense and exciting.

But the dot-com bubble forced me to be forced to “hop”. Fortunately, every time a crisis hits, I caught a glimpse of it, and found my next home in advance. When the company went bankrupt, I could make a smooth transition.

Last year’s “SARS”, I again had to leave the newspaper office where I started my own business.

However, every time I changed jobs, I talked well with the original company. My colleagues were not friends. Although there were some disagreements, times have changed, and everything goes with the wind.

  I’ve seen many people pat their ass as soon as they “jumped” and left without saying goodbye, no handover, no farewell, and leaving an endgame to the company.

  Zi Tao: When I was about to leave my job as the general manager of the company that I started, I consulted a lawyer and got the following advice: “In the next three or four months, all preparations must be done well.

Leave in the easiest and calmest way.

First, don’t tell anyone about your plans; don’t say bad things about the company everywhere.

Even the closest friend in the company, you ca n’t tell him how bad you think the company ‘s administrative management system is . ”“ Changing ”Do n’t get in trouble, and do n’t“ Jump ”out of the lawsuit case caused by“ Changing ”Gradually more and more, “hopping” is possible, but we must pay attention to relevant legal issues.

Workers have the freedom to “change jobs”, but they are also obliged to abide by the contract.

The agreement should be carried out carefully after many years, and cannot be broken at will.

Honesty and trustworthiness is the most basic requirement for citizens in a market economy and society. Although many units or enterprises have not yet reached confidentiality agreements with employees, employees who want to “hop” should also discipline themselves. If the interests of the original unit are seriously damaged, it is impossibleJust walked away.

  Managers’ interests with the original unit far exceed those of ordinary employees. Therefore, managers must consider carefully before they change jobs, and properly handle various related agreements, otherwise they will let things go and suffer from the sequelae of “hopping.”


Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Yoga Asana 1, Cobra 1 prone, hands under shoulders, legs close together.

  2 Inhale, slowly stretch your arms straight up and perpendicular to the front of the entire body. Look up, keep your pubic bones on the ground and tilt your feet backwards.

Keep this posture breathing normally 6?
8 times.

(Every time I do this, I will hear the sound of the spine above the tailbone being stretched. The whole body feels good!

) 3. Exhale, slowly bend your arms, let your waist, chest, and back to the ground in turn, and return to the prone position.

Repeat this pose 3?
5 times.

  Second, the boat-style 1 sits straight back, with the back slightly back.

Move your feet close together, bend your knees to the floor, and put your hands under your elbows.

  2 Inhale.

Lift your calf until it is parallel to the ground, your toes are facing the sky, your upper body is leaning back, forming a 45-degree angle with the ground, and your abdomen is tightened to balance your entire body.The gusset is stretched straight, and the trunk and feet form a “v” shape.

Hold both hands and straight forward parallel to the ground.

Gather the main shaft strength, straighten the waist and chest.

Clamp your feet together.

Keep breathing naturally.

Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

  3. Spine spine 1 Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward and your back straight; 2 Bend your left leg, place your left foot outside the right leg, and bend your right leg to the left rear side; 3 Put your left hand onThe ground on the back of the body, the right elbow is locked and the left leg is aligned; 4 exhale, try to turn the body to the left and rear, thereby twisting the spine; 5 go to the limit, keep this posture for a few seconds; 6 inhale, place the bodyTurn back to your original position and retract your left leg; do the opposite.

  Fourth, the flat style 1 lies on a yoga mat, hands on both sides of the hips, toes on the ground, and strongly support the body.

  2 Spread the power evenly across the entire palm, tighten the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, and buttocks to make the body a straight line.

  3 Put your head forward, and feel that yoga can stretch forward indefinitely from the spine.

Eyes look down naturally.

Relax your throat and eyes.

  4 flat style is a position in the traditional sun worship.

Or you can stay for 30 to 60 seconds as a separate exercise position.

  Fifth, the hero twisted 1 straightened his body, his right leg took a step to the right, and his toes were forward.

Both arms extend flat to both sides of the body, keeping both arms parallel to the ground; 2 Take a deep breath, while keeping the legs straight, rotate the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left heel 62 degrees to the right;  3 Exhale, straighten your arms, stretch your upper torso to the right until twisted and bend downwards, stretch your left hand to the back, your right hand from the front of your right thigh to the back, and hold your left hand.

With your body facing forward and looking diagonally upward, stretch your side waist to reverse the spine.

Keep this position for about 15 minutes; 4 inhale, slowly return the hands, body and feet to the starting position, exhale; 5 inhale, repeat the above actions in the opposite direction to practice.

  Yoga breathing Holy Light breathing method: Start at 1, meditate in a comfortable yoga sitting position, close your eyes.

  2 When practicing this kind of breath adjustment, always relax and don’t try hard.

  3 First adjust the breathing to abdominal breathing, you can put your hands on the abdomen to feel the movement of your abdominal muscles.

  4 Inhale, quickly contract abdominal muscles when exhaling, squeezing breath out of the body.

You need to be able to hear the breath of your nose when you exhale.

Be rhythmic but not violent.

Remember to feel your obvious abdomen inward movement when exhaling, not inhaling.

  In simple terms, the yoga diet divides foods into pleasing foods, inert foods, and modified foods according to the effect of food on the mind.

If you want to get rid of constipation and lose weight, you should eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits in Yue food. The staple food should be based on coarse grains.


Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Enterprise investigation ★ Strike personnel Yang Jintao, director of human resources of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. Browse resumes within half a minute. Hanwang Technology is currently conducting personnel on large websites.

The company’s human resources director Mr. Yang Jintao introduced the company’s online screening principles and process arrangements in an interview with reporters.

“Education is hard-biology. The first procedure on the corporate Internet is to divide resumes into positions, and then conduct further screening according to the needs of the positions.

Different positions have corresponding education requirements, and people who have previous work experience, especially in large enterprises with good employment experience, are easy to be screened online.

“Mr. Yang, who has been engaged in corporate human resources for many years, has his unique insights on the Internet.” The most important thing on the Internet is the resume sent by the individual to the company or the personal data of the website database.

The Internet is a very large project, and people have to browse a large number of personal resumes at a certain time.

According to experience, personnel will not spend more than half a minute on each resume. If the resume statement is clear and the experience is very attractive, it will pass smoothly.

If the resume is expressed in a flashback way for personal characteristics and professional experience, and the expression is vague and confusing, then it is likely to be screened out.

“So, in the process of online, do companies favor certain kinds of people?

Mr. Yang told reporters, “From the resume or personal data, we can see the previous work experience of the candidate and grind his work attitude and previous status from it.

The work experience of some people is to go up step by step, gaining some honors in the enterprise, indicating that he is excellent and motivated; and those who have participated in other than professional education, indicate that he has a relatively strong learning ability;The post has a relatively wide span, indicating that his knowledge is relatively broad and his ability to respond is replaced.

Such people are more favored by companies.

On the contrary, the person who constantly changes jobs makes people feel that he cannot work steadily, and it is difficult to win the favor of the company.

In addition, Mr. Yang advised candidates not to mention salary issues too much online.

  ★ Participant No. 2 Work experience: More than one page. Li Qiong believes that candidates should express themselves directly on the Internet. “In your online resume, you should explain your career experience in detail. It is best to list previous military projects and makeStatement of achievement and specific work content.

Often companies pay more attention to the position that the candidate has held in the previous company, which directly reflects the job experience and ability of the candidate.

Statements of previous work experience must be concise, reasonable and clear. Usually, the amount of text printed on a sheet of A4 paper is more appropriate.

It is best to indicate long-term, qualitative work periods and hope for some development within a few years.

“For college students who have just graduated, what kind of attitude do companies hold when they are online?

Ms. Li said, “Applicants with no work experience are best to deeply copy the job demand and their career orientation in the online application form.

Should be expressed in more detail as the company’s awareness and insights on positions.

Self-confidence is very important for candidates. From the online resume, companies can grind a person’s affirmation of the job, how positive they are, and his communication and coordination skills.

“Online resumes should be updated regularly for companies to go online. Generally, there are two channels. One is to advertise on the Internet. Candidates let the company know themselves by sending e-mails. The other is to check the online resume database.Screening of personnel resumes to get what is needed.

  The Internet is the core channel of the company. We do not own the job applicants to submit resumes like Tiannu scattered flowers.

The selection of companies and positions must be targeted, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, determine the next career direction, and choose the company that matches them better to send their resumes.

If there is a company that you want to go to, you need to do more homework in advance. You need to know this company more carefully and understand the job requirements thoroughly before you can replace the winner online.

If you are applying for a foreign company, it is recommended that the self-evaluation part of the candidate be written more brilliantly, and it is best to have a bright split.

  Applicants need to be reminded that they must go to the registered website frequently to reactivate the update.

Many applicants will find that no company has contacted themselves for a long time after registration. The reason is that there are quite a few people registering resumes every day, and the website will automatically change these information according to time.

Only by constantly refreshing can companies see the resumes of candidates in a timely manner.

  Three taboos for online job hunting 1.

Job change is too overloaded.

For companies, the personal experience of changing jobs is not a good sign.


Too careful salary issues.

It is not recommended to mention the salary issue again here, and do not over-specify the required salary standard in the online resume. This question can be exchanged in the interview before communicating with the enterprise.


Randomly submitting resumes online is not targeted.Such a performance is seen by the enterprise as a manifestation of no sense of responsibility. The attitude and method of applying to a certain extent reflects a person’s sense of responsibility and initiative in work, and an attitude of dealing with people.


Answer: What fruits should people with diabetes eat?

Answer: What fruits should people with diabetes eat?

What fruit is good for diabetics.

Q: I am a diabetic and have been diabetic for more than 10 years.

It has always been controlled with drugs.

Since I knew I had diabetes, I seldom ate fruits.

Afraid to eat fruit, blood sugar will rise.

But when I see so many colorful fruits, I always want to buy a few.

But what kind of fruit is good for us as diabetic?

What fruit does the blood sugar increase?

What kind of fruit can you eat with diabetes?

Although I am diabetic, I also want to be able to eat fruit like a normal person.

Diabetes expert answers: The treatment of diabetes has always been advocated to control diabetes through diet therapy.

People with diabetes should reasonably arrange their daily diet.

Foods with high sugar content are not eaten. Foods containing fat and starch are eaten sparingly. They are mainly vegetables and cereals, and foods with a certain amount of high-quality protein such as lean meat, milk, eggs, soy products, etc.

So fruits are sugary, shouldn’t they be eaten?

This thinking of people with diabetes is wrong.

Avoiding fruits altogether is not appropriate, because fruits are rich in vitamins, cellulose and minerals, which are good for people with diabetes.

The sugars contained in fruits include glucose, fructose and sucrose, among which fructose does not need to be consumed during metabolism, so people with diabetes do not always replace fruits after blood sugar has been controlled.

So what kind of fruit is good for people with diabetes?

Some fruits with low sugar content.

Ome, watermelon, melon, orange, lemon, grape, peach, plum, apricot, coriander, pineapple, strawberry, sugarcane, coconut, cherry, olive, etc. per 100 grams of food can be substituted by people with diabetes.

Fruits with a sugar content of 11-20 grams, such as bananas, pomegranates, grapefruits, tangerines, apples, pears, litchis, mangoes, etc., must be carefully replaced; more than 20 grams of dates, red fruits, especially dried dates, candied dates, persimmons,Raisins, dried apricots, longan, etc., whose sugar content is very high, are forbidden to eat.

In addition, you need to match your appetite, and don’t change it.

Watermelons have 4% sugar, pears have 12% sugar, and bananas have 20%.

Watermelon is low in sugar, but eating 500 grams is equivalent to 100 grams of bananas and 170 grams of pears, so you should not eat too much.

You should also pay attention to how to eat fruits. Do not eat immediately after meals. You can eat between meals or before bedtime.

It is best to try to eat, that is, to measure urine sugar 2 hours after eating, if the urine sugar increases, you need to reduce the amount; if the urine sugar is still high after fruit reduction, the amount of staple food should be appropriately reduced.