Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

“Changing jobs” has gradually become a “lifestyle” of the city. Some people jump and gradually advance their personal career development; others jump more and more back, and worse.

  ”Jumping” is not the purpose, but development is the direction.

Everyone has different reasons to choose “hopping”, those who value material are based on salary and benefits; those who value environment are based on company conditions, scale, and fame; those who value personality development are based on hobbies, professional personalityIt is an important index; those who value career development are required to increase the occupational content and achieve career goals as a rule .pressure?

  Further, when Haikuo Sky left the job, he properly handled his interpersonal relationships and walked cleanly, neatly, and beautifully. The future of this person is boundless.

Conversely, if you go angry and resentful, you will easily turn your back on your own wall and destroy your future.

So, when the scenery changes, don’t let the good dreams turn into nightmares.

  It is often said to take a step back and the sky is wide.

Actually going further, why can’t the sky be wide?

When exiting the original company, don’t face people and things with a negative attitude, let alone complain.

Instead, be grateful and reach out to key people to thank them for their help.

Do n’t say hard to forget when you break up, but do n’t speak bad words.

This is the most basic accomplishment of a professional person.

Former colleagues, because they couldn’t cooperate anymore, broke their face and fought overnight. As a result, they lowered their style and made people see the joke.

  Ai Ruo: I “hop for a job” several times, only once. I took the initiative to “hop for a job.” That is because I think the company is too far away from home.

I retired under the pretext of renovating the new home.

When the Internet was on the rise, for the sake of making waves, the salary of Internet media was several times higher than that of traditional media. At that time, the days were both tense and exciting.

But the dot-com bubble forced me to be forced to “hop”. Fortunately, every time a crisis hits, I caught a glimpse of it, and found my next home in advance. When the company went bankrupt, I could make a smooth transition.

Last year’s “SARS”, I again had to leave the newspaper office where I started my own business.

However, every time I changed jobs, I talked well with the original company. My colleagues were not friends. Although there were some disagreements, times have changed, and everything goes with the wind.

  I’ve seen many people pat their ass as soon as they “jumped” and left without saying goodbye, no handover, no farewell, and leaving an endgame to the company.

  Zi Tao: When I was about to leave my job as the general manager of the company that I started, I consulted a lawyer and got the following advice: “In the next three or four months, all preparations must be done well.

Leave in the easiest and calmest way.

First, don’t tell anyone about your plans; don’t say bad things about the company everywhere.

Even the closest friend in the company, you ca n’t tell him how bad you think the company ‘s administrative management system is . ”“ Changing ”Do n’t get in trouble, and do n’t“ Jump ”out of the lawsuit case caused by“ Changing ”Gradually more and more, “hopping” is possible, but we must pay attention to relevant legal issues.

Workers have the freedom to “change jobs”, but they are also obliged to abide by the contract.

The agreement should be carried out carefully after many years, and cannot be broken at will.

Honesty and trustworthiness is the most basic requirement for citizens in a market economy and society. Although many units or enterprises have not yet reached confidentiality agreements with employees, employees who want to “hop” should also discipline themselves. If the interests of the original unit are seriously damaged, it is impossibleJust walked away.

  Managers’ interests with the original unit far exceed those of ordinary employees. Therefore, managers must consider carefully before they change jobs, and properly handle various related agreements, otherwise they will let things go and suffer from the sequelae of “hopping.”


Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Yoga Asana 1, Cobra 1 prone, hands under shoulders, legs close together.

  2 Inhale, slowly stretch your arms straight up and perpendicular to the front of the entire body. Look up, keep your pubic bones on the ground and tilt your feet backwards.

Keep this posture breathing normally 6?
8 times.

(Every time I do this, I will hear the sound of the spine above the tailbone being stretched. The whole body feels good!

) 3. Exhale, slowly bend your arms, let your waist, chest, and back to the ground in turn, and return to the prone position.

Repeat this pose 3?
5 times.

  Second, the boat-style 1 sits straight back, with the back slightly back.

Move your feet close together, bend your knees to the floor, and put your hands under your elbows.

  2 Inhale.

Lift your calf until it is parallel to the ground, your toes are facing the sky, your upper body is leaning back, forming a 45-degree angle with the ground, and your abdomen is tightened to balance your entire body.The gusset is stretched straight, and the trunk and feet form a “v” shape.

Hold both hands and straight forward parallel to the ground.

Gather the main shaft strength, straighten the waist and chest.

Clamp your feet together.

Keep breathing naturally.

Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

  3. Spine spine 1 Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward and your back straight; 2 Bend your left leg, place your left foot outside the right leg, and bend your right leg to the left rear side; 3 Put your left hand onThe ground on the back of the body, the right elbow is locked and the left leg is aligned; 4 exhale, try to turn the body to the left and rear, thereby twisting the spine; 5 go to the limit, keep this posture for a few seconds; 6 inhale, place the bodyTurn back to your original position and retract your left leg; do the opposite.

  Fourth, the flat style 1 lies on a yoga mat, hands on both sides of the hips, toes on the ground, and strongly support the body.

  2 Spread the power evenly across the entire palm, tighten the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, and buttocks to make the body a straight line.

  3 Put your head forward, and feel that yoga can stretch forward indefinitely from the spine.

Eyes look down naturally.

Relax your throat and eyes.

  4 flat style is a position in the traditional sun worship.

Or you can stay for 30 to 60 seconds as a separate exercise position.

  Fifth, the hero twisted 1 straightened his body, his right leg took a step to the right, and his toes were forward.

Both arms extend flat to both sides of the body, keeping both arms parallel to the ground; 2 Take a deep breath, while keeping the legs straight, rotate the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left heel 62 degrees to the right;  3 Exhale, straighten your arms, stretch your upper torso to the right until twisted and bend downwards, stretch your left hand to the back, your right hand from the front of your right thigh to the back, and hold your left hand.

With your body facing forward and looking diagonally upward, stretch your side waist to reverse the spine.

Keep this position for about 15 minutes; 4 inhale, slowly return the hands, body and feet to the starting position, exhale; 5 inhale, repeat the above actions in the opposite direction to practice.

  Yoga breathing Holy Light breathing method: Start at 1, meditate in a comfortable yoga sitting position, close your eyes.

  2 When practicing this kind of breath adjustment, always relax and don’t try hard.

  3 First adjust the breathing to abdominal breathing, you can put your hands on the abdomen to feel the movement of your abdominal muscles.

  4 Inhale, quickly contract abdominal muscles when exhaling, squeezing breath out of the body.

You need to be able to hear the breath of your nose when you exhale.

Be rhythmic but not violent.

Remember to feel your obvious abdomen inward movement when exhaling, not inhaling.

  In simple terms, the yoga diet divides foods into pleasing foods, inert foods, and modified foods according to the effect of food on the mind.

If you want to get rid of constipation and lose weight, you should eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits in Yue food. The staple food should be based on coarse grains.


Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Enterprise investigation ★ Strike personnel Yang Jintao, director of human resources of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. Browse resumes within half a minute. Hanwang Technology is currently conducting personnel on large websites.

The company’s human resources director Mr. Yang Jintao introduced the company’s online screening principles and process arrangements in an interview with reporters.

“Education is hard-biology. The first procedure on the corporate Internet is to divide resumes into positions, and then conduct further screening according to the needs of the positions.

Different positions have corresponding education requirements, and people who have previous work experience, especially in large enterprises with good employment experience, are easy to be screened online.

“Mr. Yang, who has been engaged in corporate human resources for many years, has his unique insights on the Internet.” The most important thing on the Internet is the resume sent by the individual to the company or the personal data of the website database.

The Internet is a very large project, and people have to browse a large number of personal resumes at a certain time.

According to experience, personnel will not spend more than half a minute on each resume. If the resume statement is clear and the experience is very attractive, it will pass smoothly.

If the resume is expressed in a flashback way for personal characteristics and professional experience, and the expression is vague and confusing, then it is likely to be screened out.

“So, in the process of online, do companies favor certain kinds of people?

Mr. Yang told reporters, “From the resume or personal data, we can see the previous work experience of the candidate and grind his work attitude and previous status from it.

The work experience of some people is to go up step by step, gaining some honors in the enterprise, indicating that he is excellent and motivated; and those who have participated in other than professional education, indicate that he has a relatively strong learning ability;The post has a relatively wide span, indicating that his knowledge is relatively broad and his ability to respond is replaced.

Such people are more favored by companies.

On the contrary, the person who constantly changes jobs makes people feel that he cannot work steadily, and it is difficult to win the favor of the company.

In addition, Mr. Yang advised candidates not to mention salary issues too much online.

  ★ Participant No. 2 Work experience: More than one page. Li Qiong believes that candidates should express themselves directly on the Internet. “In your online resume, you should explain your career experience in detail. It is best to list previous military projects and makeStatement of achievement and specific work content.

Often companies pay more attention to the position that the candidate has held in the previous company, which directly reflects the job experience and ability of the candidate.

Statements of previous work experience must be concise, reasonable and clear. Usually, the amount of text printed on a sheet of A4 paper is more appropriate.

It is best to indicate long-term, qualitative work periods and hope for some development within a few years.

“For college students who have just graduated, what kind of attitude do companies hold when they are online?

Ms. Li said, “Applicants with no work experience are best to deeply copy the job demand and their career orientation in the online application form.

Should be expressed in more detail as the company’s awareness and insights on positions.

Self-confidence is very important for candidates. From the online resume, companies can grind a person’s affirmation of the job, how positive they are, and his communication and coordination skills.

“Online resumes should be updated regularly for companies to go online. Generally, there are two channels. One is to advertise on the Internet. Candidates let the company know themselves by sending e-mails. The other is to check the online resume database.Screening of personnel resumes to get what is needed.

  The Internet is the core channel of the company. We do not own the job applicants to submit resumes like Tiannu scattered flowers.

The selection of companies and positions must be targeted, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, determine the next career direction, and choose the company that matches them better to send their resumes.

If there is a company that you want to go to, you need to do more homework in advance. You need to know this company more carefully and understand the job requirements thoroughly before you can replace the winner online.

If you are applying for a foreign company, it is recommended that the self-evaluation part of the candidate be written more brilliantly, and it is best to have a bright split.

  Applicants need to be reminded that they must go to the registered website frequently to reactivate the update.

Many applicants will find that no company has contacted themselves for a long time after registration. The reason is that there are quite a few people registering resumes every day, and the website will automatically change these information according to time.

Only by constantly refreshing can companies see the resumes of candidates in a timely manner.

  Three taboos for online job hunting 1.

Job change is too overloaded.

For companies, the personal experience of changing jobs is not a good sign.


Too careful salary issues.

It is not recommended to mention the salary issue again here, and do not over-specify the required salary standard in the online resume. This question can be exchanged in the interview before communicating with the enterprise.


Randomly submitting resumes online is not targeted.Such a performance is seen by the enterprise as a manifestation of no sense of responsibility. The attitude and method of applying to a certain extent reflects a person’s sense of responsibility and initiative in work, and an attitude of dealing with people.


Answer: What fruits should people with diabetes eat?

Answer: What fruits should people with diabetes eat?

What fruit is good for diabetics.

Q: I am a diabetic and have been diabetic for more than 10 years.

It has always been controlled with drugs.

Since I knew I had diabetes, I seldom ate fruits.

Afraid to eat fruit, blood sugar will rise.

But when I see so many colorful fruits, I always want to buy a few.

But what kind of fruit is good for us as diabetic?

What fruit does the blood sugar increase?

What kind of fruit can you eat with diabetes?

Although I am diabetic, I also want to be able to eat fruit like a normal person.

Diabetes expert answers: The treatment of diabetes has always been advocated to control diabetes through diet therapy.

People with diabetes should reasonably arrange their daily diet.

Foods with high sugar content are not eaten. Foods containing fat and starch are eaten sparingly. They are mainly vegetables and cereals, and foods with a certain amount of high-quality protein such as lean meat, milk, eggs, soy products, etc.

So fruits are sugary, shouldn’t they be eaten?

This thinking of people with diabetes is wrong.

Avoiding fruits altogether is not appropriate, because fruits are rich in vitamins, cellulose and minerals, which are good for people with diabetes.

The sugars contained in fruits include glucose, fructose and sucrose, among which fructose does not need to be consumed during metabolism, so people with diabetes do not always replace fruits after blood sugar has been controlled.

So what kind of fruit is good for people with diabetes?

Some fruits with low sugar content.

Ome, watermelon, melon, orange, lemon, grape, peach, plum, apricot, coriander, pineapple, strawberry, sugarcane, coconut, cherry, olive, etc. per 100 grams of food can be substituted by people with diabetes.

Fruits with a sugar content of 11-20 grams, such as bananas, pomegranates, grapefruits, tangerines, apples, pears, litchis, mangoes, etc., must be carefully replaced; more than 20 grams of dates, red fruits, especially dried dates, candied dates, persimmons,Raisins, dried apricots, longan, etc., whose sugar content is very high, are forbidden to eat.

In addition, you need to match your appetite, and don’t change it.

Watermelons have 4% sugar, pears have 12% sugar, and bananas have 20%.

Watermelon is low in sugar, but eating 500 grams is equivalent to 100 grams of bananas and 170 grams of pears, so you should not eat too much.

You should also pay attention to how to eat fruits. Do not eat immediately after meals. You can eat between meals or before bedtime.

It is best to try to eat, that is, to measure urine sugar 2 hours after eating, if the urine sugar increases, you need to reduce the amount; if the urine sugar is still high after fruit reduction, the amount of staple food should be appropriately reduced.


Chinese medicine explains the way of spring health


Chinese medicine explains the way of spring health

The winter solstice spring, from the cold to warm, but the cold is not exhausted, the weather is changeable, the virus, bacteria are very easy to breed, at this time the frail elderly are susceptible to illness, should pay more attention to health.

銆€銆€Spring is hard work.

“Nei Jing” cloud: “Spring March, night sleep early, wide step in the court . health regimen also.

“Spring weather melts and more outdoor activities, breathing fresh air, stretching muscles, circulation of blood, can enhance the adaptation and regulation of the nervous system to the climate, improve disease resistance.

Liver disease, hypertensive patients should take medication at the time, and suddenness is especially important.

銆€銆€Spring and autumn are frozen.

This is the experience of many years of folk disease prevention practice, in line with human physiological functions.

Because the temperature in the spring is warm and cold, the skin of the human body is dilated and the sweat pores are slack. If the clothes are suddenly reduced, it is easy to make the “wind evil enter the inside”, causing colds, bronchitis and lung diseases.

Should increase or decrease clothes according to weather changes, do not catch cold, pay special attention to the back end to keep warm.

Especially in the elderly, those who are weak and weak, and squatting, so as not to invade the cold wind.

銆€銆€Spring is lacking in autumn.

Spring yang sprouts, making people feel drowsy.

This is because the body adapts to climate warming to heat, the blood vessels on the surface of the body expand, the blood flowing to the skin increases, the blood supply to the internal organs and the brain is relatively reduced; the metabolism of the body is active, such as insufficient supply of nutrients in the food, which reduces the energy conversion efficiency of the brain.In addition, the average molecular weight in the spring warm air has a calming and hypnotic effect on people.

Through physical exercise, enhance heart function, improve blood circulation and brain supply, you can reduce spring discomfort.

銆€銆€The acid is increased.

If the acid is increased, you will eat less sour and eat more sweet food.

This is because when the liver is in the liver, the liver qi is the first to affect the spleen.

It is also one of the causes of chronic gastritis and digestive ulcers in the early stage.

Because of the soreness of the liver caused by eating sour food, it is not advisable to eat more.

Eating more desserts can strengthen the function of the spleen to help fight the ability of liver gas to invade.

Therefore, the spring and autumn diet should choose Xin, Gan, Wenzhi products, such as onions, ginger, dates, peanuts and so on.

Avoid sour, high-greasy, cold and cold.

Eat more yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, green peppers, cauliflower and so on.

銆€銆€People who love to lose their temper and are emotionally excited are often regarded as “heavy fires.”

In fact, the physique commonly known as “hepatic fire” has the following symptoms: dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, sleep and sleep, body sultry, poor bowel movements or sticky stools, red lips, dry, cracked, thickened tongue coatingWait.

銆€銆€Warm spring is coming, and many questions about spring food health are in front of others.

“The traditional medicine of the motherland pays attention to the combination of nature and man, and the spring, summer and summer are harvested in winter, so people should raise the sun in spring and summer and raise the yin in autumn and winter.

And the five internal organs correspond to the four seasons, the spring is wood, and the liver is strong.

The Chinese medicine says that “the liver is too strong” is roughly equivalent to saying that when people are nervous, sympathetic nerves are excited, which is the ‘stress’ reaction state of modern language.

When the liver is strong, people are prone to anger, easy to be nervous, and easy to be impatient.

“The Tang Dynasty medical doctor Sun Sizhen said: “Spring 72, the province’s acid increased sweetness, to raise temper.

“The Ming Dynasty sorghum “Zunsheng gossip” also records: “When the spring, the taste should be reduced acid and sweet, to raise the temper.

“It means that when the liver is spring, you should eat less acidic food, otherwise it will make the liver fire more prosperous and hurt the spleen and stomach.”

At this time, you can eat more foods with sweet taste.

Throughout the spring, the principle of feeding is to reduce acid and sweetness and to raise temper.

Because the spring liver is easy to spleen the spleen and cause spleen and stomach disease, and the sour taste is the original taste of the liver, so it should be reduced in acidity at this time, can not help the liver gas to avoid excessive prosperity, so as to protect the temper from the slash.

Gan is the original taste of the spleen. In order to resist the possible invasion of liver qi, increase the sweet taste to enhance the temper, this can strengthen the body’s defense.


IT people’s slim health action is an urgent task


IT people’s slim health action is an urgent task

IT is a fashionable industry in the 21st century, but it is also a profession that is difficult due to high pressure. It is a profession that is difficult to cultivate good living habits.

IT people’s professional habits are too helpless, work at least 15 hours a day, and they are sitting in front of the computer.

For the same thing, the boss layer will have at least some kind of decision every day, then you have to do it three times. Every day after work, it’s like a skeleton. Don’t relax with friends or friends, the nerves will collapse.of.
Therefore, every time with the netizens, one by one shouted and shouted such as “back pain, neck and eyes hurt” the opening remarks will be normal.

There are still too many IT people who have a fascination with Internet technology and computer assembly knowledge. When they get off work at night, they often have friends or friends who are invited to “go to the banquet”.If you don’t want to play with your computer, sometimes you have to catch three or four games a night.

銆€銆€It can be seen that the professional habits of IT people are indeed very helpless.

And the boss-level professional managers can’t taste it anymore – how can the business environment change, how can they stick to their own thinking – not moving?

Therefore, many IT people who are in good youth, feel that their bodies are not as good as one day, the muscles of the body are slowly relaxing, and the skin that follows them is squatting, and at a young age, they are puffy, although the spirit looks pretty good.In fact, their bodies are already very weak, and they often feel “exhausted.”

It is said that having a healthy body before the 40-year-old IT person can only be a dream.

銆€銆€The case is a lot of disillusionment. The professional person’s bitterness Mr. Lin is a professional IT manager who has just passed forty years. He has been sick for three months due to physical reasons. At present, he only eats vegetables. He spends six hours in the gym every day.Shenzhen went to work again.

He also said that he is committed to IT.

銆€銆€The case 2 is illusory, because the professional habits are too helpless. Since entering the network company, Xiaobai has rarely returned before 12 o’clock in the evening.

It’s not that there are so many jobs. The key is that the boss’s idea is changing at any time. As a subordinate, he only has the right to obey orders. He only does his own hard work. As long as the boss’s idea is changed, he must also completely push it down.The same thing has to do a lot of useless work, hard work is self-evident, overtime is also a commonplace.

銆€銆€Xiao Li is the generation born in the past 80 years. It is not so much to say that it is strong.

Therefore, despite the hard work and repeated efforts, it can still be eaten.

“Unfortunately”, many colleagues in this industry, friends like to gather together after work to chat, fiddle with the computer, although the work during the day has been exhausted, can hinder the common hobbies and friends of friends, andIt is not good to quit, and over time, it will develop this “leisure” habit after work.

銆€銆€In fact, what exactly should an IT person do to make the body healthy while taking care of some of the work?

This still has to start from adjusting professional habits!

If you wait until you are powerless, or if the body is as “coarse” as the windy sea, then it is too late for us to feel or regret again. If you are also engaged in IT career, slim and healthy action is urgent.


Wu Peici’s beautiful leg secret weapon


Wu Peici’s beautiful leg secret weapon

Wu Peici is a nine-headed long-legged woman who is recognized by the circle. Therefore, every time she attends a public occasion, a pair of slender and charming legs always kill others.

In order to maintain a pair of beautiful legs, Wu Peici can be said to be meticulous.

Otherwise, even after the “beauty teacher” Yi Neng listened to Wu Pei’s care of the beautiful legs, he shook his head and said that he would go down the wind.

Wu Peici, who is a model herself, has her own set of legs. She believes that a pair of beautiful legs must meet the golden ratio of the legs: one will not have too much meat; the other is the tightness of the foot;It is high calf.

銆€銆€The secret of her powerful legs is to apply lavender lotion every day to relax and relax the calf muscles.

銆€銆€In addition, there are some massage techniques — the beauty of the legs massage method: the emulsion in the hands of the sputum, the temperature is more easily absorbed; the calf massage must be from the bottom up; several acupuncture points focus massage (the upper leg of the bone line, the drainage of the acupuncture points, feetSanli, above the lymphatics, so that the massage can make the lymph can not be separated, not easy to cause edema.

銆€銆€Massage of the thigh: press from the middle to the outside of the ends.

銆€銆€First aid for edema in the legs: Massage your hands in different directions, just like twisting a towel.

銆€銆€Alignment massage: use a massage cream for the legs, then squeeze the massage toward the middle.

銆€銆€Masking method for covering the legs: If there are scars or bruises on the legs, you can choose the yellowing concealer cover, then apply the concealer in a wide range of offsets, and then choose a darker powdered cake.Apply it in a blocking manner to make the color even.


Nursing methods for children with mycoplasmal pneumonia


Nursing methods for children with mycoplasmal pneumonia

Keep the child’s respiratory tract unobstructed: When nursing the child, it should be placed in a comfortable environment, the temperature is about 20 掳 C, the relative humidity is about 60%, and the environment is kept ventilated, quiet and comfortable.

If the child has difficulty breathing, artificial oxygen should be given in time to make the arterial oxygen partial pressure rise properly, so that the symptoms of tissue hypoxia are improved.

Properly remove the secretions of the mouth, throat and pharynx, and keep the oral hygiene and respiratory tract unobstructed.

In the case of the condition, the positional drainage can be performed, and the sputum of the oropharynx can be replaced by an ultrasonic atomizing inhalation device, which is convenient for the child to cough.

After atomization, it can be coughed out, and at the same time, the back of the beat with the appropriate force and rhythm is shaken and the sputum is loosened and replaced.

For older children, it is advisable to teach the cough method at the same time and try to discharge the secretions.

When there is secretion and secretion seriously affecting the child’s breathing, you must use a suction device to suck, remove the secretions in the throat, to ensure that the airway is unobstructed.

Observe the condition and prevent complications: carefully monitor the body temperature of the child to prevent the occurrence of febrile seizures. If there is high fever, it should be cooled in time.

In the oral cavity, we must do a good job in their nursing work to prevent the occurrence of stomatitis.

In addition, when the child is infusion, the speed can not be too fast, so as to avoid acute heart failure; the pulse, breathing, consciousness, urine volume and diabetes of the child should be monitored at any time. If there are repeated convulsions, diarrhea, irritability, vomiting or lethargy, etc.The physician should be informed immediately that the armor should take appropriate treatment measures in a timely manner.

Diet and health guidance: Because erythromycin often causes loss of appetite in children, it is necessary to adjust the diet of children, encourage them to eat more protein, a variety of high food, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, try not toEat fried, cold food.

In addition, when caring for children, pay attention to public health. Use a handkerchief or a paper towel to pout when you cough, and do not spit in order to avoid infecting others.