When it’s time to score,Three people quickly formed a flush toilet,Just like Transformers,Waiting for the scoring hero to enjoy the special treatment of sitting in the toilet。

When everyone spent an hour finally successfully rehearsing“To the restroom”After this new celebration,The players from Dongchuan Middle School returned to their dormitories in the dark.。
Hu Lai got into the toilet when he entered the dormitory。
Then sit on the real toilet,He entered the system。
Actually on the way to the training ground,His distraction is not like he said,What are you thinking about celebrating,But suddenly received two tasks released by the system。
Yes,Two tasks。
This salted fish system even released two tasks in one go。
Because people were outside,Surrounded by my teammates,He is afraid of being discovered by others,Didn’t look closely。I just know that they are two new tasks,What is the specific task content,What is the reward,He didn’t even see。
Now after returning to the dormitory,Of course, you have to hide in the toilet for the first time。
“task:Use hard facts to prove to Zhou Zijing that you are the one who can challenge Chen Xingyi。reward:integralx5000,Intermediate Training Scroll:Catch the ballx1。”
“task:Use practical actions to prove that you are better than Chen Xingyi。reward:integralx20000,Advanced training scroll:Shotx1。”
See these two tasks,Hu Lai was taken aback while sitting on the toilet。
Give two tasks in a row,But it’s rare to give two consecutive fuzzy tasks like this。
The previous mission will have specific mission goals anyway,For example, to score a goal in a game,Or just get the chance to play。
But this is only to let Hu Lai prove that he is better than Chen Xingyi,I just told him to prove to Zhou Zijing that he is the one who can challenge Chen Xingyi……The goal of this task is so vague,Instead, Hu Lai was caught off guard。
Tasks with ambiguous goals like this,Hu Lai thought over and over again as if he had only the task given to him in the last national competition,Facing the provocation of Wang Le from Xizi Middle School,Let him fight back,Boost team morale。


Qin Liang looked at Chen Hao’s back in surprise,It was the first time that he saw Chen Hao say such words during work。

Turned around and went to the VIP room,Open the door and have a look,Qin Liang smiled,He now knows why Chen Hao said that。
The person sitting in the VIP room is Xiao Huahan……
“Brother-in-law,Why are you here to find me?”
Qin Liang pondered;Is there something serious??Otherwise, why would Xiao Huahan have time to find himself in the company?。
“Can someone miss you anymore??You can’t even see a personal picture all day long,I’m not here to find you where to find you?”
Xiao Huahan pouted exaggeratedly,Then stood up and walked beside Qin Liang,Reached out and slung his arm。
“Brother-in-law……Let’s go to my office。”
Qin Liang said awkwardly。
Anyway, I am now the acting president of the company,Being held so intimately by a big man in the company,If someone saw this,Spread everywhere,I don’t need to have this face。
“Ok,Little baby,Let’s go。”
Xiao Huahan smiled softly,Nod in agreement。
Qin Liang immediately felt goose bumps all over his body。
Came to Qin Liang’s office,Xiao Huahan carefully closed the door,Then walked to Qin Liang and said;“Guess why I came to you?”
“Did you find the clue to the boss behind the kidnapping of Murongshan’s daughter??”
Qin Liang is a little excited,After all, it’s been a long time since I met a decent opponent。
“That’s not there yet,But I found other important clues。”
Xiao Huahan pretends to be a mysterious whisper。
“About whose?”



Except for Liu Xiaoyun looking at Qin Liang with faint eyes,There is nothing to do with his cheeky。
“All right,Let’s continue to watch them fight water battles,Small meatballs。”
Qin Liang said it to the end,I haven’t forgotten to molest Liu Xiaoyun,Anyway, he knows that Liu Xiaoyun has nothing to do with him……
This water splashing battle triggered by the dragon soul fighters,There is a growing trend,In the end, almost all the adults who play in the swimming pool,All the kids are in battle。
Several lifeguards seem to want to stop this huge scale“Melee”,What are they shouting hoarsely around the swimming pool……unfortunately,No one can hear what they are shouting,No one cares about them,Seeing Qin Liang and the others all laughed。
“Don’t laugh……It’s all our fault。”
Shen Ruoxue said quietly。
“nonsense,Obviously the moon is to blame,It has nothing to do with us?”
Qin Liang said。
Yang Zhi beside Qin Liang,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue all laughed!There is no way not to laugh,Sometimes Qin Liang looks like a child,Sometimes what I say makes people laugh or cry。
“What are you laughing laughing?Be serious,Didn’t you see so many people fighting??You are laughing while watching the fun here?No sympathy at all,It’s too much for you people!”
Qin Liang is getting more and more excited about this。
“We laugh at you,It’s not good?”
Liu Xiaoyun replied Qin Liang tangledly。
“Laugh at me even more shouldn’t,I was just bullied by Qiao’er and Xin’er,Almost drowned in the water,Poor and helpless……It’s not easy to be able to pick up the life,You still laugh at me now,You are too much!”


Xiao Dou thought about it:“the first thing,I was entrusted by the old principal,Thank you for donating to the school,All the windows in the school have been replaced with glass,I bought a few tons of coal with the remaining money,There is no problem with heating this winter。I didn’t ask for the money for our art team,We can’t spend much,The pocket money my parents gave me is enough。The old principal said it was inconvenient for her to come down,and so,Specially entrust me to thank you。She also specifically asked me,Let me bow to you for her。”

Xiaodou said,Just put down the apple,Stood up,Bowed respectfully to Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi quickly sat up straight,Hold hands together,Pay her back。
Xiaodou continued to sit down and continued:“Second thing,The old principal wrote you a letter。”Talking,Xiao Dou took out an envelope,Holding hands,Solemnly hand it over to Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi didn’t look immediately,But to ask:“What content?”
Xiaodou said:“It’s about the road to the mountain,If this road is repaired,It’s much easier for children on the mountain to go to school,And adults can also pick up,In addition,Road repaired,Maybe the teachers in the county are willing to come here to teach。”
Peng Changyi put the envelope on the coffee table,Didn’t watch it right away,He said:“Go back and tell the old principal,I noticed this problem,This road must be repaired,But how to fix,When to start,We have to study,Specific discussions with relevant departments,I just arrived,Some problems are not yet familiar,Can’t make a decision now,But please rest assured, teachers, students and parents,I will give priority to this issue。”
“Ok,Thanks magistrate peng,The third……”
“and many more,You answer me a question first。”Peng Changyi interrupted Xiao Dou to say:“Did you come to me specially?”
Xiaodou smiled,Said:“Not specifically,The old principal asked me to ask you for advice。”
“Why come here for instructions,Is there anything wrong with you?”
“Haha,You are so smart。”
“clever?”Peng Changyi smiled,I realized I was also infected by her,I feel more relaxed and happy。
“Yes,I did come by,Because i want to go back to school,School is almost off,I’m going back to deal with some things,I have to buy something for the school by the way。”
“Oh,understand,Ok,Say the third thing。”
“The second thing is……”Xiaodou is obviously embarrassed。
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t worry,Eat apple first。”
Obviously Xiao Dou is a bit embarrassed about the third thing,She picked up the apple on the coffee table,But didn’t eat,But using this time to consider,Thought for a while,She raised her head,Said:“Magistrate,The third thing has nothing to do with the school,It’s about the mine disaster,I don’t know if you should speak?”There is tension in her eyes。
Hear here,The smile on Peng Changyi’s face immediately disappeared,He didn’t answer her right away,But leaning back on the sofa again,Put your left leg on your right leg,Looking condescendingly at Xiao Dou,Stern and powerful eyes,Like two swords,Harsh and severe,Like to penetrate her,He asked seriously:“Who made you come?”Although the sound is not high,But very strict,There is an unshakable majesty。


When Shu Qing didn’t know how to say this,Peng Changyi’s phone rang,Peng Changyi just wanted to reach out for the phone,Don’t know,At this time the other car overtakes,I drove backwards towards Peng Changyi’s car,Peng Changyi quickly slowed down and avoided it。

Shu Qing picked up the phone,Handed him。Peng Changyi thought it was from Kangzhou who asked him to drink,Just asked:“Who?”
Shu Qing said:“I did not see。”
Peng Changyi took a look,It’s Jiang Fan,Just connected:“mayor,please say。”
Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,Old Wei and others are waiting for us at the intersection ahead,You can give them the car,Get in my car,Let Old Wei give you an introduction。”
Peng Changyi hesitated。
Jiang Fan immediately caught Peng Changyi’s hesitation,Said:“If you are not tired,You can also drive by yourself,I’m afraid you are tired after driving so long。”
Peng Changyi glanced at Shu Qing,Shu Qing nodded at him,Peng Changyi said immediately:“Tired but not tired,But you can listen to Old Wei’s plan,it is good,Changyi listens to you。”
Peng Changyi put down the phone and said:“Let’s go to the mayor’s car,Old Wei will follow us for a while,You do not mind right?”
Shu Qing is very happy that Peng Changyi can think of her,Just say:“do not mind,You were there to help them。”
Peng Changyi moved his shoulders,Said:“Really tired。”
“Yes,You have been driving for nearly two hours。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“More than two hours to not be tired,Go to the grassland,I changed shifts with Xiao Xu,All of a sudden, six or seven hours are not tired。”
“Why did you get tired in two hours??”
“Because of your scrutiny。”
“Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,Said:“You finally have a sincere side。”
“What finally?I am sincere。”
Shu Qing glanced at Peng Changyi,She was very satisfied with Peng Changyi’s nervous interrogation,It shows that he is paying attention to his question。Speak more boldly:“During the Republic of China, there was a talented woman named Lin Huiyin,Even though he died young,But her short life is very meaningful,Let’s not say that she has left her own unique mark in many academic fields,Let’s say she has gained a lot of sincere emotions,Husband’s、Affectionate person,And the confidant who has always been alone for her。Maybe my feeling is wrong,I feel that Xiaoding is such a happy woman right now,With a husband、Confidant love,Although the way of love is different,But the meaning is the same。”


First6chapter Meet Hu Li

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At the gate,Peng Changyi got off the car consciously,Push the car in,At this moment,An old man walked out of the communication room nearby,Stopped him。.
“Gay,Are you Section Chief Peng of the Municipal Party Committee??”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,He looked at the person in front of him,Fifties,Thin body,Lean and neat,Gaze,The face is covered with wrinkles that should be at this age,Wearing a black Chinese shirt,Looking at him with a smile。
Peng Changyi was surprised,This old man has a good image and temperament,It seems,It’s the city,Even the doorman is so neat,Extraordinary bearing。What surprised him even more,This guard can actually recognize himself。
Peng Changyi hurriedly smiled and nodded to the old man,Said:“uncle,I am Peng Changyi,You know me?”
Old man smiled,In no hurry to answer his questions,But reached out to the communication room,Made one to him“please”Actions。
Peng Changyi did not move,He is smiling,Said:“uncle,I came to see Secretary Zhu。”Finished,Pushing the car to continue walking in。
The old man’s eyes still look at Peng Changyi smiling,The outstretched arm waved at him again,Insisted on letting him into the reception room。
Peng Changyi smiled,I thought it was for him to register。He supports the bike,Walked into the reception room。Look around,There is no such thing as a register:“uncle,Where is the register?”
He didn’t hear the answer,Look outside,I saw the old man pushing his bike into the yard carport,Locked the car for him,Take the briefcase off the handlebar,Hold into the reception room,Put it on your own bed,Take out a white enamel jar with the Bayi logo,Ready to make him water。
Peng Changyi is a little worried,Said:“uncle,I’ll look for Secretary Zhu after I log you in,In a hurry。”
The old man smiled,Say:“Young man,Don’t worry。Tell you the truth,Secretary Zhu told me to receive you。I dare not squint at noon,Waiting for you。Drink water first,Secretary Zhu will be back soon。”


One’s identity may be bad,But that does not mean that his feelings for a certain person must also be bad,Like Lehi,Although Li Hai is a typical heinous villain,But his feelings for Xiao Yuer are also true,at this point,It cannot be changed by people’s hatred of him,Because facts are facts,Facts will not change according to people’s will。

“Don’t fight too hard,Work is important,But life can’t be all work,It’s too tired to live like that,Learn to enjoy life。”
Song Junming said seriously。
“Yep,Know it,I rarely ask for overtime now。”
Yang Shiyun said with a smile。
“That’s right,You used to be too deadly,Except work,eat,go to bed,Everything else in life is blank。”
Song Junming said with a wry smile。
Many times,Song Junming wants to ask Yang Shiyun to go out together,But every time Yang Shiyun rejected him on the pretext of being busy with work and no time,And she is really busy at work,This is what Song Junming, who was also a criminal police officer in the city bureau, sees。
“Used to be a bit silly,Hehe。”
Yang Shiyun laughed at himself。
“It’s not too late to understand。”
Song Junming nodded and replied。
“I bought you cigarettes back,Why don’t you smoke?”
Yang Shiyun asked curiously。
“You don’t like others smoking in front of you,Because you hate the smell of smoke,So I won’t smoke yet,It’s never too late to smoke after you’re gone。”
Song Junming answered honestly。
Yang Shiyun sighed inwardly;Actually Song Junming almost never smoked in front of her before,Although he is addicted to smoking,But because I know Yang Shiyun hates people who smoke,So when he was in front of Yang Shiyun,Always restrain yourself,Even if other colleagues smoke,He doesn’t smoke。
Yang Shiyun now thinks about it and realizes,Song Junming has always been very accommodating to himself……


[Can beetroot be eaten raw]_How to eat_Method

At the same time.湪鍚冪敎鑿滄牴鐨勬椂鍊欙紝涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰椋熸潗鍗敓锛屽洜涓哄緢澶氱敎鑿滄牴褰撲腑骞舵病鏈夋竻娲楀共鍑€锛屼細瀵艰嚧涓€浜涙薄鐗╄繘鍏ョ児楗繃绋嬪綋涓€備负浜嗛伩鍏嶈繖绉嶆儏鍐碉紝鎴戜滑鍦ㄥ埗Huan ~ ~ 选 炴 牴 chishen the fan 鋄 勫 悓 镞 Dou 怲 氲 曲 娉 ㄦ 夋 憸 潗 瀗 瀹 夊 及 小 咬 底 吕吕吕 尕 吕吕 尕 吕 咕 吕 尕 吕吕 咽. 姘寸叜鐢ㄥ埛瀛愬埛鎺夌敎鑿滄牴琛ㄩ潰鐨勬偿鍦燂紝鍐嶆嫈鎺夐瑩椤伙紝涓嶅繀鍘荤毊鏁撮鏀惧埌涓€閿呭喎姘翠腑锛屽紑鐏叜鑷虫哺鑵惧悗鍙栧嚭锛屽嵆鍙繍鐢ㄤ簬鍚勭鏂欑悊锛屼緥濡傛斁鍏ラ鐗╄皟閲屾満涓墦鎴愭偿锛岀敤浜庢祿姹ゆ垨閰辨枡銆傛兂鍘婚櫎澶栫毊锛屽彧瑕佹妸鐓ソ鐨勭敎鑿滄牴绔嬪埢鏀惧叆鍐版按涓紝娌ュ共鍚庡嵆鍙揩閫熷幓鐨€傜敎鑿滄牴鐨勬渶浣冲悆娉曚笌鍋氭硶 鐓敎鑿滄牴鏈夎瘈绐嶇叜鐔熺殑鐢滆彍鏍瑰彲浠ュ姞姘存墦鎴愭偿鐘讹紝鎼厤銆岄吀濂躲€嶄韩鐢綖2. 鐑樼儰鐑ょ敎鑿滄牴鏄渶绠€鍗曠殑鐑硅皟娉曪紝鏃犺鏄綘瑕佹暣棰楀寘瑁瑰湪閾濈當绾镐腑鐒栫儰锛屾垨鏄垏鐗囧悗閾哄湪鐑ょ洏涓婄儤鐑?鍙互娲掍笂鑷繁鍠滄鐨勮皟鍛虫枡锛屽缓璁惌閰嶄竴浜涙煚妾眮)锛岄€忚繃楂樻俯鎱㈢儰鐨勬柟寮忔潵璁╃敎鑿滄牴鐨勭硸浠芥參鎱㈤噴鍑猴紝鐩村埌鐒︾硸鍖栵紝鍚冭捣鏉ュ氨涓嶄細鏈夊湡鍛炽€傛暣棰楃儤鐑ょInspiring and inspiring, and inspiring and inspiring the villages and villages. Adhere to the gallium and the ammonia, and make use of the fears of the world and the people of the world. They are eager to get out of the way.牴鏈夎瘈绐嶄篃鍙互璺熷叾浠栬敩鑿滀竴璧锋贩鎼潃鐑わ紝璁板緱鍘氬害瑕佸潎鍖€锛屾穻涓婇€傞噺鐨勬﹦姒勬补浼氭洿棣欍€?. A lot of things are going on, stacking them, stacking them, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it in the same way.潰浜х敓鐨辩缉鍗冲彲璧烽攨锛岀厧杩囩殑鐢滆彍鏍瑰彛鎰熻緝杞€佸悆璧锋潵鏇寸敇鐢滐紝娲掑湪娌欐媺涓婇鑹叉紓浜張濂藉悆!4. Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans, Cans€岃嫻鏋滈唻銆嶏紝鍒╃敤閰告簻婧滅殑閱嬫彁鍑虹敎鑿滄牴鐨勮嚜鐒剁敎鍛炽€傚仛娉曪細鎶婄儰杩囩殑鐢滆彍鏍瑰垏鐗囷紝鏀惧叆鐜荤拑缃愪腑锛屽€掕繘瓒抽噺鐨勯唻銆佺爞绯栦互鍙婁竴灏忔悡鐩愬反锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚What’s the difference? Can you tell me what’s going on?Technetium?澶╁啀鍚冧細鏇寸編鍛炽€傚鏋滄槸鐢ㄧ敓椴滅敎鑿滄牴鏉ヨ厡娓嶏紝寤鸿鍏堟磼鐩愬反鏉€闈掋€佸幓闄ゅ湡鑵ュ懗锛屾尋鎺夊浣欑殑姘村垎鍐嶅姞鍏ラ唻锛屾斁鍐扮鍐疯厡1鍛ㄥ乏鍙冲嵆鍙韩鐢ㄣ€傜敎鑿滄牴鐨勬渶浣冲悆娉曚笌鍋氭硶 鐓敎鑿滄牴鏈夎瘈绐嶄篃鍙互鐢ㄥ鍙搁唻鍙栦唬鑻规灉閱嬶紝鑵屼箙涓€鐐归鍛充細鏇村ソ銆?. 鐐栫叜瑗垮紡鐐栫叜鏂欑悊涓篃鍑犱箮閮借兘鍔犲叆鐢滆彍鏍癸紝鍜屽叾浠栬敩鑿滃瑗挎磱鑺广€佽儭钀濆崪鍙婇┈閾冭柉绛変竴璧风倴鐓細鏇村ソ鍏ュ彛;渚嬪淇勭綏鏂煡鍚嶇殑銆岀綏瀹嬫堡銆嶄紶缁熷仛娉曞氨鏄姞鍏ョ敎鑿滄牴鐔嚭椴滅孩鑹充附鐨勬堡鍝侊紝鎼厤涓€鍖欓吀濂剁殑鍚冩硶鐩稿綋缁忓吀銆傜敎鑿滄牴鐨勬渶浣冲悆娉曚笌鍋氭硶 鐓敎鑿滄牴鏈夎瘈绐嶆堡鍝佸姞鍏ョ敎鑿滄牴锛屽氨鏄濂冲灏栧彨鐨勭矇绾㈣壊Xian Lei Baoluo?。 鐢熼鑻ヤ綘涓嶆€曠敎鑿滄牴鐨勫湡鍛筹紝鐢熼鏄渶蹇殑鏂规硶銆傚垏钖勭墖鎴栧埁鎴愪笣鍚庣敤浜庢矙鎷夛紝娣嬩笂灏戣鐨勮渹铚溿€佹煚妾眮鎴栬荆妞掔矇鍑夋媽灏辫兘浜敤锛屾柊椴滅敎鑿滄牴鍙f劅鐢滆剢Do you know what you are doing? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to go through the chain? Do you want to go through the chain?鐨勭敎鑿滄牴锛屽缓璁垏灏忓潡涓€鐐癸紝鍛抽亾鎵嶄笉浼氬お閲嶃€傚彟涓€涓敓椴滃悆娉曞氨鏄妸鐢滆彍鏍规斁鍏ユΘ姹佹満涓Θ鍑烘堡姹侀ギ鐢紝鍥犱负鐢滆彍鏍瑰甫鐐圭敓鑵ュ懗锛屽缓璁惌閰嶅叾浠栨按鏋滄贩鍚堜細鏇村ソ鍠濓紝渚嬪鍑ゆⅷ銆侀钑夈€佽嫻鏋溿€佽姯涔愩€佸皬榛勭摐浠ュ強瑗挎磱鑺圭瓑;鎴栨The calendar is full of gallium, the gallium, the gallium, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the sea, the earth, the sea, the earth, the sea鐨勬潖浠佸ザ銆佽眴濂剁瓑妞嶇墿濂躲€傜敎鑿滄牴鐨勬渶浣冲悆娉曚笌鍋氭硶 鐓敎鑿滄牴鏈夎瘈绐嶅洜涓烘按鏋滃拰鐢滆彍鏍圭殑鐢滃害閮藉緢楂橈紝涓嶉渶瑕佸彟澶栧姞绯栥€?. I’m going to stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly  ぉ 鐒 chop 剴 鏄  ぉ 鐒 鐑 撉 集 幨 幨 凰 咰 咰 咤炴 鏉 鳉 鳉 ゼ 銆 佲 泲 曲 雡 楡 楗 餗 Together to return to the collapse of the Lou Lou world, the world’s most important, and the silicon, cross-country, torch, torch, torch, torch, torch, torch, torchRead about it, “Let’s go, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, don’t you?”


[How to make roast chicken]_How to do_How to do

[How to make roast chicken]_How to do_How to do

When we usually go to a restaurant for dinner, there are hot pot chickens in many places, which shows how popular dry pot chickens are in our daily lives.

After all, due to the large amount of meat, some women who are trying to lose weight may not dare to eat it, but the dry chicken will not get fat.

The chicken itself does not have too much fat, plus the unique method of dry pot chicken will not affect the figure.

The profile of the hot pot chicken is bright and red, tender meat, spicy and refreshing, and attractive aroma.

Ingredients: 800 grams of rooster, 100 grams of celery, seasoning: 50 grams of pepper (red, pointed, dried), 5 grams of pepper, 15 grams of tempeh, 5 grams of spiced powder, 30 grams of watercress, 25 grams of ginger, 40 green onionsGrams, 150 grams of lard (refined), 3 grams of MSG, 3 grams of chicken essence, 4 grams of caster sugar, 15 grams of cooking wine, 10 grams of sesame oil, and 5 grams of salt.

2. Remove the seeds and pedicles of the dried chili peppers and cut them to a length of about 2 cm; 2.

2. Wash the celery clean and cut into sections of about five centimeters; 3.

Wash the ginger and cut into ginger slices; 4.

5. Wash the shallots, take them onion, and cut them into sections; 5.

The chicken is washed and chopped into about 2.

5. 5 cm pieces, put in the pot, add refined salt, ginger slices, spring onions, cooking wine and mix well, code for ten minutes; 6.

Set the pot on a high fire, burn the refined oil to 70% heat, add chicken to fry and remove the water; 7.

Leave a small amount of oil in the pot, heat it to 50%, dry the chili festival, and stir-fry the peppercorns; 8.

Add another 40% of the oil to the pan, add the douxian watercress, ginger slices, and scallions, add the brine, add the brine, boil the ingredients, boil for a few minutes, remove the residue, and pour the chickenBlock, seasoning wine, old dried mung bean soup, dried chili, pepper, celery, sugar, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, shuffle and mix; 9.

Remove the pan and put it into the steel pan, and serve with the spatula and alcohol stove; 10.

After serving, ignite the fire and fry with a spatula until the aroma of the dried soup is full.


[Is it nutritious to eat steamed fruit]

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