6 food therapies that effectively treat morning sickness

6 food therapies that effectively treat morning sickness

1. Tomato papaya honey juice material: tomato, papaya, honey or rock sugar water ratio: 5: 8: 1 effect: tomatoes vitamin C, carotene, protein, trace elements, etc., sweet and sour, with beauty fitness effect.

Eating tomatoes can reduce or disappear skin pigmentation, or be used to treat skin disorders such as butterfly spots; papaya can treat the spleen and stomach, and can treat indigestion, vomiting and other diseases.

Obviously a large amount of vitamin A is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can effectively prevent the loss of calcium during pregnancy.

It also contains enzymes that can promote the metabolic balance of pregnant women during pregnancy.

  2, pineapple celery honey juice material: pineapple, celery, honey or rock sugar water ratio: 5: 1: 1 effect: celery is nutritious, has the effect of strengthening the spleen, stomach, lungs and cough; pineapple has a pleasant fragrance, sweet and delicious.

Significantly rich vitamins and iron, calcium, protein and crude fiber can help digestion, spleen and thirst, swelling and dampness.

The celery in this juice contains aromatic oils, so it has a special aroma that can increase the appetite of pregnant women.

  3, apple lemon juice material: apple, lemon ratio: 10: 1 effect: lemon has the effect of spleen and digestion, is beneficial to pregnant mothers to assist pregnancy, so lemon has the “suitable mother and child”.

Apples are sweet and sour and refreshing, which can increase appetite, promote digestion, recover morning sickness, supplement alkaline substances, potassium and vitamins, and effectively prevent edema during pregnancy.

Apple-pear fiber, organic acid, can easily promote gastrointestinal motility and implant constipation.

  4. Dragon Fruit Sydney Juice Material: Dragon Fruit, Sydney Ratio: 1:12 Efficacy: Dragon Fruit has a unique effect on cough and asthma. Dragon Fruit can promote bowel movements, eliminate intestines, and laxative effects. It is rich in vitamin C andReplenish fiber; Sydney removes annoyance and quenches thirst, clears lungs and moisturizes, and its nutritional value is similar to that of apple.

According to analysis, the sugar content in its pulp reached 9.

3%, with only 0 acid content.


  5. Grapefruit Orange Juice Material: Grapefruit, Orange, Honey or Rock Sugar Water Ratio: 1: 20: 1 Function: Grapefruit is rich in new rinds, which can relieve cough, relieve phlegm, resist bacteria, and remove gastrointestinalThe effect of treating bad breath on pregnant mothers with loss of appetite and light taste; oranges are rich in a variety of nutrients such as pectin, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, C, especially the highest content of vitamin C, orangesIt has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, digesting and appetizing, and is suitable for pregnant mothers in early pregnancy. Yuzu also contains insulin that can lower blood sugar, which can effectively prevent high blood sugar during pregnancy.

  6, hodgepodge juice material: apple, fragrant pear, orange, kiwi ratio: 3: 2: 2: 6 efficacy: kiwi fruit is delicious, unique flavor, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition.

It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, clearing away heat and water, and promoting hydration and dryness.

Contains good soluble dietary fiber, which can effectively reduce low cholesterol, promote heart health, quickly clear and prevent harmful metabolites accumulated in the body.


Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty


Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty

With the increase of age, the skin curve conference gradually shows a downward trend. Sleep deprivation, irritability, stress and so on are all fed back to the skin, and the skin’s resilience is not worse than in the past . In the face of skin with lower and lower recovery function, if you let it goNo matter what, it will get worse-wrinkles, sagging, etc. will come to you one by one.

If you feel that your skin is not right, you should immediately switch to a series of basic maintenance products, control the problem at the initial stage, and climb to a new high point of the “beauty curve”.

  Clearance Level 1: Eliminate Dullness-Shaping Healthy Cuticle Fatigue, When Sleeping Lacks, When Our Mood Depresses Our Skin Will Be Yellow and Black, No Glossiness at all

The dermatologist described the situation as “dark”.

But what exactly is “dark”?

Inappropriate maintenance, young skin will also appear tired-often darkened, sometimes like a layer of dryness; the yellow gas of competition, and sometimes feel ashamed.

Whitening never looked translucent, and hydration was still dry.

  Persistence of dryness and contraction are related to aging, external environment, and dermal aging; and because the epidermal layer has become dry.

After long-term drying, the epidermis gradually received repeated “dry warnings” and became metabolically disordered. The instructions issued by the uploader could not be completed accurately, and naturally nothing could be filled.

If you really want to move towards smooth and fair skin, you must completely eliminate the aging and accumulated cuticles.

  Must know the beauty muscle upgrade: 1, cuticle accumulation can not be alleviated?


  The use of lotions can make aging cutin difficult to form. It sounds a bit like heaven and earth, but it is actually very easy to achieve.

After applying the lotion normally, roll the cotton pad on the middle finger, and rub it on the nose, forehead, and chin, which are the T-zones that easily form the stratum corneum.

By doing this every day, you can feel the skin becoming soft and elastic.

Applying a cream after applying the lotion can assist in oil penetration.

  2. Is the facial cleansing product effective enough?


  In fact, this season is not suitable for exfoliating. Instead, the skin care lotion containing keratin conditioning function can not only clear the pores after cleaning, but also regularize keratin metabolism.

  Clearance preliminary 2: optional nutrition sweater-water and oil balance is the most valuable After entering winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening is not to mention, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor has not been reduced at all.

After a while, the air conditioner will dry the skin again!

If you want to keep your skin moisturized for a long time, you need oil, moisture and humidity.

It is best to maintain the water-oil balance through the trilogy of replenishment, storage, and lockup.

  Must know the initial upgrade of beautiful skin: 1. Is it 0K only with lotion?


  There have been research institutes using cotton pads as tests to prove that when using a lotion, the water can only stay for 30 minutes before using the lotion. If it is not enough to replenish the oil content, it must be used in conjunction with an emulsion to effectively inhibit water evaporation.

  2. Can any lotion work?


  It is not clever to choose a bottle of lotion to use at will. Add a bottle of lotion that is not heavy and choose antioxidant, soothing, oil control or hydration functions according to your needs.

  Clearance preliminary 3: accelerate blood circulation-blur the dark muscles to brighten the diet, air pollution, all accumulate poison in the body.

Not only does it invade from the outside, when the pressure is high, reactive oxygen will increase a lot, which will slow down the blood circulation and the toxins will be accumulated and transformed.

At this point, you have to work hard to relax yourself, loosen the stiff muscles, the skin’s circulating cells will double, and the metabolites of blood circulating cells and carbon dioxide will be carried to the lungs, kidneys and skin for excretion.

At this time, the effect is most obvious when the waste is sucked out.

Better circulation and smooth blood flow are the best time for self-healing. If you want to fill in nutrients now, repair the damaged cells, the skin brightness and water retention will increase greatly.

  Must know the preliminary upgrade of beautiful skin: 1, skin care products do not massage?


  The beautician always focuses on the effect of massage in skin care. Learning a few techniques while using the product can increase the temperature of the skin and speed up the blood circulation (head massage uses the fingers from the middle of the forehead to perform spiral massage on both sides).

  2. Does it matter if the schedule is irregular? No!

  A stress-free life and plenty of sleep are naturally best for promoting circulation.

However, when we are unable to change the stress of life, some correct habits can also help.

Such as washing your face in hot and cold water, eating acceptable VC, food, regular exercise and so on.

  Clearance 4: Metabolism unblocked-increase skin elasticity. After 25 years of age, metabolism starts to decline, and absorption will be much worse than before even if you stay up late.

Smart women’s anti-aging starts with anti-slackening, and cares about whether the skin is tight and deep in the skin. There are a large number of implanted tissues that maintain elasticity and the fibers that connect these reorganized tissues.

If you use beauty products that promote their growth for a long time, you can strengthen the cell vitality from the inside and achieve the supreme elasticity of the appearance.

Improve from the inside of the cell and realize the lymphatic circulation to restore the elasticity of the past.

  Must know the upgrade of beauty skin: 1. Tap the lotion?


  Use both hands to rub the lotion. When rubbing the hands with the epidermis during massage, it will cause the old waste keratin and waste to loosen. It can accelerate the metabolism of old waste keratin and unblocked pores, so that the skin has appetite for nutritional secretion.The only way to do it.

  2. Is there a guarantee with the essence?


  Let the essence stay on the palm for a while to become warm, then slowly spread on the face, cover the surface with both palms for 10 to 20 seconds, so that the skin can have sufficient tension and elasticity.


Three health benefits of pistachios

Three health benefits of pistachios

Dr. Zhaoping Li, Ph.D., of the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, said that pistachio lies in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has the characteristics of low fat, low calories, and high fiber.Brings three effects: The heart “bodyguard” pistachio replaces arginine, which can alleviate the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, leading to lowering blood lipids, reducing the risk of hypertension, reducing prevention, and alleviating acute mental stress reactions.

  Protects eyesight The purple-red coat of pistachio contains anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant, while emerald-green nuts are rich in lutein, which not only antioxidants, but also protects the retinaIt is also very beneficial.

  Keep your body slim and eat 28 grams of pistachios per day, or about 49. Don’t even worry about getting fat, it will help you control your weight.

This is because the feeling of fullness usually takes 20 minutes. Eating pistachios can prolong the eating time by peeling the shell, which makes people feel full and satisfied, thereby helping to reduce food intake and control weight.


Does your family have a small medicine chest?

Does your family have a small medicine chest?

What impressed you most during the summer?

Maybe you will answer without hesitation, sunshine and temperature.

The scorching sun in summer and rising temperatures are one of the memories left to us.

This is the kind of summer that keeps us yearning. Even the plants “love” this season, especially aloe. It will grow more freely and quickly in this season. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, aloe is at home.What is the story of the standing “family medicine box”?

  Aloe is a more common plant in life. Because of its fresh appearance and high survival rate, many people will keep it at home.

Therefore, when many people talk about aloe, they feel that there is nothing worth studying. Aloe has whitening, sun protection, and freckle removal effects. It has long been rooted in people ‘s minds, but aloe has therapeutic effects. This is a side that many people do n’t understand.It is a collection of edible, medicinal, cosmetic, and ornamental plant stars, and Chinese medicine has also named it a “family medicine box”. Let us know how aloe vera embarked on its star journey?


Many people are familiar with this function because of sterilization and anti-inflammation. Because there are many mosquitoes in summer, no matter how strict the protective measures are, they will inevitably become dense. Therefore, once bitten by mosquitoes, you can take a small piece of aloeWith its juice absorbed in the wound, it can relieve itching and effectively sterilize and anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera in aloe is a very strong antibacterial substance. It has certain effects on molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.The killing effect is mainly a certain inhibitory effect on the reproduction of pathogens, so for some people with beriberi, it can also be regularly cleaned and wiped, which can treat infectious diseases such as beriberi and onychomycosis.


Dual effects of whitening and moisturizing Since sunlight and temperature are indispensable, sun protection and moisturizing have become one of the summer themes. Various whitening and moisturizing products have been continuously developing new products. Of course, there will also be a lot of aloe vera.product.

However, some chemical ingredients are always added, especially the “coming out” of some fake and shoddy products. In the face of these unpredictable injuries, why not plant “beauty products” yourself at home?

  I believe that the beauty effect of aloe will be praised by people who have used it, because the multi-vitamins and multi-vitamins contained in it have good nutrition, nourish and whiten the human skin, and the juice of the green branches and leaves of aloe is more effective for our skin.It has good astringency, moisturizing and whitening effects. It also has a certain anti-inflammatory effect on some places with acne or spots. Using aloe as an acne product can remove acne marks in time. Of course, this is a long-termThe process of persistence, because aloe is not a “magic drug” that works immediately.


Although the heat and detoxification products are very hot in summer, the summer is not dry, but the humidity is very heavy. Therefore, in the summer, many people will have the invasion of wet poison, and aloe can be used for most foods, such as: ChinaAloe vera, aloe vera and other varieties have a smooth taste. The detoxifying ingredients in aloe can enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytic cells, so it can remove various wastes generated during the body’s metabolism, and can also eliminate external in time.Invasive toxins have a good repair effect on some major diseases or injuries, because aloe vera can prevent cell regeneration, and for some cell damage caused by induction therapy, its repair effect is also recognized by the medical community.


The “cleaner” of blood TCM has always focused on the important role of a large number of qi and blood on the human body. It is believed that qi and blood are the basis of life, but the excess qi and blood need unblocked access.The blood in the body becomes more and more viscous, and there are more and more residues in the blood vessel wall. Blood circulation is gradually hindered. Various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diseases related to blood sugar and blood pressure have gradually become the main killers of healthThe first hand, and the ingredients such as calcium isocitrate in aloe can soften our blood vessels, reduce the plasma content in the blood, expand the entire capillaries, clean the “junk” in the blood in time, and help the smoothness of blood vesselsImproving the burden on the heart and blood vessels can still allow many organs to get enough blood supply and get excess nutrients, which is more conducive to the circular removal of excess waste in the “blood.”


The natural “Jianweixiaoshi tablet” summer heat will make the whole person become more irritable, and appetite is greatly reduced, but the hot still needs physical confrontation, work and life must continue, it is easy to supplement nutrition in a timely manner.The most immediate threat from exhausting yourself is heat stroke.

Many people can easily get angry in the summer. Aloe vera can come in handy this summer. Oral administration can increase appetite, promote colonic motility, and help remove stool, because the emodin contained in it is well-doped.Strengthen stomach function and help to relieve diarrhea.

For external use, bathing with aloe in summer can maintain the alkalinity of body fluids, maintain health, and prevent colds in time.

  The green color of aloe vera will give you a cool feeling in summer. Planting a few pots of aloe on the balcony of your home will also protect you from the sun and relieve your irritable mood.When there are some minor illnesses and minor disasters, they will be transformed into your “little medicine box” in time.


Head north foot south makes you sleep more sweet


Head north foot south makes you sleep more sweet

Chen Jiangyuan, a senior Chinese medicine expert in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, said that to understand how to sleep, it is necessary to find a suitable sleep law from the traditional Chinese medicine theory.

銆€銆€Spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own rules.

Spring and summer should be “late in the morning and get up early”, autumn should be “early morning and early morning”, and winter should be “early and late”.

It is best to get up before sunrise, not too late.

銆€銆€Normal people sleep for about 8 hours a day, and those who are sick and sick should increase their sleep time appropriately.

銆€銆€The head north foot south is positioned accurately. The human body is affected by the earth’s magnetic field anytime and anywhere. During sleep, the brain is also affected by magnetic fields.

When a person sleeps, he takes the posture of the head north and the south, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly pass through the human body, and can reset the earth magnetic field interference to make the sleep more sweet.

銆€銆€Sleeping posture relaxation has a good sleep like a bow, and the burden on the right side is light.

Studies have shown that “sleeping like a bow” can embed the force of gravity on the human body.

Since the human heart is mostly in the body part, lying to the right side can relieve the pressure on the heart.

Also, keep your hands near your heart.

銆€銆€”Medium” sleep more than half the effort, whether it is “late sleep” or “early sleep” people, you should find your own biological clock to improve the efficiency of sleep.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the child (11 pm to 1 am the next morning), the afternoon (11:00 to 13:00) is the time when the temperature difference changes the most, and the human body needs a proper rest.


When preparing for the new year, don’t buy this poisonous melon!

When preparing for the new year, don’t buy this “poisonous” melon!

In the New Year, it is natural to buy new year goods.
In the new year, the seeds are definitely to be bought.
Whether it is a casual snack in the usual time, or a slap in the middle of the year, the status of the melon seeds can be shaken without snacks!
Nowadays, the taste of melon seeds is much more, green tea, brown sugar, creamy, spiced, plum. Many people ask Xiaobian, which one to pick when buying?
When it comes to buying melon seeds and eating melon seeds, I ask the Xiaobian to ask right.
As a person who especially loves to eat melon seeds, I have accumulated many years of experience to tell you how to pick out good melon seeds and how to eat melon seeds healthily.
(This cow blows too much) The pattern tastes so much, I advise you to buy this kind of thing. In fact, Xiaobian is very entangled in the face of various tastes, but every time it is broken by the heart.defeat!
Want to eat those rich flavors?
Can you accept additives or flavorings?
Look at those red, green, and white. Do you know how much coloring is added to people?
Take the example of green tea seeds, you are really naive and naive!
Some colors that are deep and very cheap will really be as green as below!
Reminder: I suggest you pick the original taste when you buy melon seeds!
Pick the original!
Pick the original!
The important thing is said three times.
Some additives and dyes may affect the human digestive system. It is best not to buy this kind of “dyed melon seeds”; if you taste it strong, you are advised to buy it carefully!
A handful of seeds = a spoonful of oil?
real or fake?
Some people may have heard this saying that a handful of seeds is equal to a spoonful of oil, and the seeds contain a lot of oil.
How to do?
What do you do for people who love to eat melon seeds and are afraid of getting fat?
What do you do for a person who can’t stop a melon seed?
Speaking of melon seeds, if you count 15 grams, the oil content is about 6, 7 grams.
In the eyes of Xiaobian, it is not as terrible as it is said!
But nutritionists have said that nuts like melon seeds (and walnuts, peanuts, pistachios) are just a little bit a day.
Weapons: If you really want to eat, slow down the speed of the seeds, you can effectively reduce your eating, but don’t suffocate your head and linger.
If you eat bad melon seeds and immediately do this, as long as you have eaten the seeds, you will find bad melon seeds and bitter melon seeds.
Sometimes I eat it, oh.
Was disrupted by a bad melon!
Many people will immediately spit out and continue to lay down a melon seed, and choose to let the subsequent good melon taste cover the bitter taste of the bad melon seeds.
This is lazy in life.
What should I do if I encounter bad seeds?
Immediately spit it out, and quickly rinse your mouth with water!
Why is it so serious?
This bad melon may be mildewed, scorched, and wormed. It is responsible for your health.
If it is a moldy bitter melon, it may contain aflatoxin, which is the strongest substance found in chemical carcinogens, and is classified as a type 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s cancer research institute!
To put it another way, the toxicity of aflatoxin B1 is 10 times that of the potassium cyanide (the poison in the spy film is often wiped when the mouth is scratched). It is 68 times that of the arsenic!Some people say that the seeds have been fired. Can the toxin you say be alive?

The stability of aflatoxin can be said to be very strong, that is, using 100 degrees of temperature for more than 20 hours of “sterilization”, may not be completely removed, can be said to be very stubborn.

Some people may ask, what does aflatoxin harm us?

If you eat foods that contain aflatoxins, you may have a fever, abdominal pain, and severe liver damage!

According to the weight, more than 1 mg / kg can induce cancer.

Just ask if you are afraid of it?

Reminder: moldy melon seeds spit out and rush to gargle; fried melon seeds are best not to eat; when you buy melon seeds, peanuts, because the cover of the shell is difficult to find, all you have to do is stop after eating, spit, 婕盡outh, remember!

What should I do if the melon seeds get angry and the tongue is sore?

The seeds are on fire, the tongue is sore, and even constipation. What do you ask Xiaobian?

What to do, eat less!

In fact, the seeds themselves will not cause you to get angry, let you get angry, the tongue is sore because the seeds are dry, the seeds are salty, the seeds are hard, most nuts have such a shortcoming!

If you can’t control your mouth, you will feel a little bit of pain: don’t forget to drink more water when you eat melon seeds; eat more fruits; try to choose the original taste of melon seeds!

Can’t do it?

Send you two words: deserve it!

If there are too many melon seeds, will it become “fangs” and “guar teeth”?

When the melon seeds are used as a gossip, an artifact snack in their leisure time, unconsciously, the situation of 2 hours is really too much!

So, there is a sister paper worry, finished, how can I do this bright white pearl tooth, will it become a tooth?

Become a tooth?
Basically not!

Because only continuous (minimum 8 hours) continuous force teeth will be displaced, recalling the action of eating melon seeds, it will not last for more than 8 hours, and will not continue to exert force, or a piece of force intermittently,So put your heart in your stomach.


The primary school essay The Legend of Strings, the teacher read the throat, parents: at night, the restaurant


The primary school essay “The Legend of Strings”, the teacher read the throat, parents: at night, the restaurant

Recently, the weather is getting colder. I don’t know if the little fairies are wearing long trousers. I want to say that I have already started to live a healthy life. When I look at my children’s homework at home, I am also a country’s strict and fearful.I am cold and cold. Now my body is not my own. I have to take good care of it to take care of the food and drink of other family members. I think that when we are parents, we will not only grow up ourselves, but also teach our children.They grow and let them learn to improve the quality of life.

Now that my child is in elementary school, I have a lot of alternative time, but I still pay close attention to my child’s learning.

A few days ago, the teacher sent an essay to the class. After I read it, I realized that it was written by the students. I didn’t expect it to be so complicated. Later I was told by the child that it was his handwriting. I realized that my boy’s original is quite good.
The teacher also praised her in the class group. I really enjoyed this thing for several days!

Although at school, we need to invest a lot of time energy, but after we get home, we have to run our own life, just like many treasures nowadays. The care of the children is very careful and not lowered at all.I appreciate the quality of my life.

Let me show off my baby son now!

“The Legend of Strings” Regarding food, our great ancestors left us with countless treasures and delicious food. China is a nation that cares about health, a nation that eats food for the people, and a hope for life.Nationality.

Among the many foods, my favorite is the string, which is to put some food on the signature, and then take a pot of hot soup, spicy non-spicy, tomato, mushroom, as long as you taste your tasteJust put the food in. In less than five minutes, a cup of steaming food is in front of you, it is really endless!

Now is the time when the autumn is crisp, it is the time to affix the autumn, if there is a chance, we must go to eat a string, even in the street shop, in the dim light, the family is surrounded, do notIt is a taste!

After reading the composition written by the child, I was very proud of my heart. I didn’t expect the child’s ability to control the language so well. After reading her description, I felt warm and warm, as if a hot pot of food had been presented to me.!
The teacher said that after reading the throat water, then as a parent: go to the restaurant this evening!

Children need to work hard when they are tired of learning. Let us also feel the warmth of family reunion!