Hualu Hengsheng (600426) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Exceeds Expectations

Hualu Hengsheng (600426) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Exceeds Expectations

Event: The company achieved revenue of 70 in the first half of 2019.

7.6 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 1.

13%; net profit attributable to mother 13.

09 billion yuan, down 22% ten years ago.

Q2 single-quarter revenue of 35.

3.3 billion won was flat in Q1; net profit in Q2 was 6.

6.7 billion, an increase of 3 from the previous month.


Interim results exceeded market expectations.

Cost reduction and incremental hedge product price breakdown.

The prices of some of Q2’s products fell. Among them, the 杭州夜网 average market prices of acetic acid, ethylene glycol, compound fertilizers, octanol, and butanol decreased by 14 from the previous month.

9%, 10.

7%, 8.

4%, 6.

9%, 5.


The company adjusted its product structure in time. The sales volume of 1H fertilizer increased by about 44 inches, which effectively hedged the impact of profitable output of methanol and polyols.

In addition, the prices of major raw materials such as coal, benzene, and propylene decreased, driving the gross profit margin of Q2 to 30.

2% (1% higher than the previous month.


Optimistic about the company’s performance center, new projects open up room for growth.

We believe that the company has fully demonstrated its capacity adjustment capability of “multi-line, flexible co-production”. At present, the prices of all major products are relatively at the bottom. It is expected that the company ‘s performance center will remain stable and increase.

The company plans to build caprolactam and nylon new material projects (30 cases / year) and 16.

The 66 year / year refined adipic acid quality improvement project will further complement the strong petrochemical industry chain layout and provide the company with performance increase.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s revenue to be 154.16% -167.6 billion in 19-21, net profit attributable to the mother 25.



200 million yuan, corresponding to the current PE 10.

0x / 9.

2x / 8.

5 times.

The company is a scarce target in the industry with high integration and excellent cost control. We continue to be optimistic about the company’s growth and maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: changes in environmental protection policies, reduction in product prices, and project construction progress falling behind expectations


Nangang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600282) 2019 Interim Report Review: Smaller Decline in Performance and Earnings Highlighted

Nangang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600282) 2019 Interim Report Review: Smaller Decline in Performance and Earnings Highlighted

Incident company released semi-annual report, the company achieved operating income of 240 in the first half.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

44%; realized net profit attributable to parent company18.

41 trillion, down 19 a year.


Commenting on the optimization of the product structure of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the company’s overall profit growth of steel products has gradually fallen below the industry average.

In terms of production, in the first half of the year, the company’s steel products achieved strong production and sales, except for pig iron output, which was affected by the overhaul of No. 2 blast furnace for a decade.

17% to 481.

15 For the first time, the average output of crude steel and 武汉夜网论坛 steel has increased, and the report states that the company has completed crude steel output of 539.

54 cobalt, steel output 503.

02In the beginning, the output of crude steel and steel was the best in history.

In terms of sales, the company seized the potential of infrastructure construction, actively changed the structure of its products, and increased its market share in the fields of energy, railways, and rail transportation. The company’s comprehensive average molecular weight of steel products in the first half of the year was 4,030.

52 yuan / ton, up 90 before.

40 yuan / ton.

In terms of cost control, in the first half of the year, the company faced the challenge of increasing the cost of raw fuel caused by a large amount of iron ore.4.

5.1 billion.

Production, sales and cost control worked together to push the company’s profit in the first half of the year to fall below the industry average, and the company’s profit fell only 19 in the first half.

56%, far below the level of industry average profit decline of about 30%.

The company’s minority shareholding problem will be solved and profitability will be improved.

In 2017, the company transferred part of the shares of Nangang Development to CCB Investment due to debt-to-equity swap. In April this year, the company’s controlling shareholder Nanjing Steel United acquired the shares of Nangang Development and Jinjiang Furnace held by CCB Investment. The company plans to issue sharesWay to purchase Nangang Development and Jinjiang Furnace Charge 38 from the controlling shareholder.

72% equity. After the transaction is completed, the target company will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. Based on the caliber of the first half of 2019, Nangang Development and the integration of Jinjiang Furnace Charge into the company will increase the net profit of its parent company shareholders by 18.

4.1 billion to 21.

49 trillion, an increase of 16.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency, optimize product structure and enhance the company’s profitability. Maintain the “overweight” rating. The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

77, 0.

81, 0.

84, corresponding to PE.

00, 3.

82, 3.

70 times, maintain “overweight” rating on the company.

Risk warning: The company’s steel product demand is less than expected, and the restructuring progress is less than expected.


Spring Airlines (601021) Interim Review: Increased Revenue, Leading Industry, Maintaining Buy

Spring Airlines (601021) Interim Review: Increased Revenue, Leading Industry, Maintaining “Buy”

Block-km revenue (block revenue) improves the industry’s leading position, dragged down by the decrease in subsidy revenue, and the performance is gradually expected to be 71 in the first half of 2019.

500 million, an increase of 12.

9%, net profit attributable to mother 8.

500 million, an increase of 17.


Net profit attributable to mother is higher than our democratic forecast (RMB 9.

300 million) low 7.

8%, mainly due to the current route subsidy3.

1 billion, down from 0 previously.

700 million.

During the reporting period, the company recorded a rise in both volume and price, the growth of revenue levels maintained, and the cultivation of bases went smoothly, thus highlighting aviation demand.

Optimistic about the company’s ability to resist interference and disturbance, and based on the semi-annual report results, we adjusted the company’s 2019E / 20E / 21E return to the net profit of the mother to 20.



300 million, the updated target price range is 52.


24 yuan, maintain “buy”.

Both volume and price rose in the first half of 2019, with a 3% increase in revenue.

4% In the first half of 2019, against the backdrop of unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, Spring Airlines registered volume and price increases, reflecting the increase in aviation demand.

In terms of capacity, the company introduced a total of 5 aircrafts in the first half of 2019, and replaced them by 0 every hour.

7%, the overall ASK increased by 9.

3%, the flight structure is balanced, domestic and international ASK increase by 8 respectively.

9% / 8.

8%; overall RPK increased by 12.

2% (domestic 10).

2% / International 15.

1%), leading to an increase in load factor by 2.

4pp (domestic 1.

1pp / international 4.

9pp) to 91.


At the same time, the company’s unit passenger kilometer revenue continued to grow steadily, increasing by zero.

7%, we calculated that RASK increased by 3.

4%, the industry’s leading increase.

Fuel cost pressure deviation, unit deduction of fuel costs rose slightly in the company’s operating costs during the reporting period61.

800 million, an increase of 11.

3%, slightly lower than the increase in revenue, driving up the gross profit margin1.

2pp, reaching 13.5%.

Unit operating costs increased by one.

9%, of which the unit deduction of operating costs increased by 2.

8%, mainly due to the increase in takeoff and landing fees and the new budget to increase lease and depreciation fees.

In addition, the ex-factory price of aviation kerosene also decreased by 1 during the reporting period.

9%, fuel cost pressure deviation, fuel cost increased by 9 during the reporting period.


The company’s cost management and control continued, and in the second half of the year, along with the 淡水桑拿网 implementation of civil aviation fund halving and other fee reduction policies, the company’s unit cost showed a downward trend.

The base was cultivated smoothly, and the replenishment of routes reduced the company’s replenishment.

1 billion, down from 0 previously.

700 million, or because more capacity was put into at least high-quality routes during the reporting period, and the base construction was smooth, the passenger-kilometer revenue of the seven major bases except the newly established base in Lanzhou has been comprehensively improved, reducing compensation.

In addition, the base period of advance payment subsidy increased by 2.

300 million, or with the replenishment of related maritime capacity, the replenishment of routes will pick up.

Adjust target price range 52.


24 yuan, maintaining 北京桑拿洗浴保健 the “buy” rating. Against the background of the overall weak demand in the industry, Spring Airlines can still record a significant increase in RASK, reflecting the company’s good level of refined management.

Optimistic about the company’s ability to resist disturbances and adjust its 2019E / 20E / 21E annual net profit forecast values based on semi-annual results.

1% / 6.

7% / 5.

6% to 20.



3 billion.

Reference company estimated multiples in the past 3 years (mean 3).

3x PB), maintaining 3.


4x 2019PB (BPS forecast for 2019 is 16.

54 yuan), adjust the target price range 52.


24 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Oil prices continue to increase, RMB appreciation, high-speed rail speedup, economic growth trends, major epidemics or natural disasters, substitutions surpassing expectations, and peak-time growth is not up to expectations.


The most healthy way to eat Chinese cabbage to lose weight and cure the disease

The most healthy way to eat Chinese cabbage to lose weight and cure the disease

Lead: prevent health: Chinese cabbage’s most healthy way to lose weight and cure the disease (picture).

What is the practice of Chinese cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is the most commonly eaten vegetable in our daily lives. It is cheap and delicious, rich in nutrition, health and healing.

Chinese medicine believes that the cabbage is Ganping, which has the effect of clearing heat and removing annoyance, quenching thirst and diuretic, and Tongli stomach.

But do you know how to eat cabbage is the most healthy?

Here are some of the most healthy and curable ways to eat Chinese cabbage.

  Rich nutrition In fact, Chinese cabbage is very rich in nutrients, with a conversion of 41 per 100 grams of Chinese cabbage.

84 kilojoules (10 kcal), coarse fiber1.

5 grams, protein 0.

8 grams, calcium carbonate 1.

2 grams, aunt 0.

1 g.

Chinese cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote bowel wall peristalsis and maintain smooth stool.

  Chinese medicine believes that cabbage has a sweet taste, has heat-clearing and annoying, thirst-relieving, diuretic, and Tongli gastrointestinal effects. Eating cabbage often can prevent vitamin C deficiency (scurvy).

The “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” said that cabbage is “sweet and thirsty, nontoxic, good for the stomach, and good for urination”.

  Small folk recipes There are also recipes for treating colds with cabbage. “San Bai Tang” uses three cabbage roots, seven green onions and seven white radishes, one, ginger as a priming, fried water with brown sugar, and served while hot, coveredSweat and cold are getting worse.

  Chinese cabbage can be fried and used raw.

It can still be made into sauerkraut, pickles, pickles, pickles, dehydrated vegetables, air-dried vegetables and so on.

Therefore, the ancients had a joint saying, “Hundred dishes are still beautiful in cabbage, but the meat is only fragrant with pork.”

  Recommended practices for Chinese cabbage: 1, vegetarian stir-fried cabbage ingredients: net Chinese cabbage 5, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate.

  Preparation: All selective cabbage help, wash the cabbage and control the moisture.

Cut into 1-inch wide strips along the length, and then obliquely slice into half-inch slices.

Set aside a fire, put ginger into a pot, and it is best to explode both inside and outside the pot.

Immediately take cabbage, stir-fry over high heat until half cooked, add soy sauce, vinegar, salt and stir-fry, add MSG.

  2, vinegar slide cabbage heart preparation: cabbage heart, seaweed sea rice, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, wet starch, green onion, ginger powder instead.

  Production: The cabbage heart slices are sliced, and the sea rice is soaked in warm water.

Raise the wok, heat the oil over the fire, cook the onion, ginger, and fry the cabbage, then add sea rice (with the original soup), fry the soy sauce quickly, add vinegar, thicken, add MSG, turn it a few times, pourServe with sesame oil.

  Efficacy: help digestion, condition the five internal organs, and improve immunity.

  3, sea rice roasted cabbage preparation: cabbage heart, sea rice, winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, onion ginger, refined salt, sugar, cooking wine, soup, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate.

  Production: Wash the cabbage.

Cut the long strips and cut them into segments. Cut the bamboo shoots into slices and cut the mushrooms in half.

  Raise the wok, burn the salad oil to 60% heat, add cabbage and fry, pour out, and control the oil.

Reheat the pan, cook the lard under low heat, and remove the meat residue.

Open the fire, boil the pot with onion ginger, stir-fry the winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and then add the broth, seasoning, sea rice, and cabbage to burn, add MSG, and drizzle with sesame oil.

  Efficacy: Xiaoshixiaqi has a certain effect on kidney deficiency impotence.

  It is said that Turkish women’s skin is white and tender, and skin diseases such as acne rarely occur, which is why they often use Chinese cabbage leaves to stick their faces.

Make a acne-removing mask with cabbage leaves.

  4, cold cabbage heart preparation: cabbage heart, green onions, shrimp skin, salt, vinegar, MSG.  Production: Choose strong Chinese cabbage heart and cut it into fine silk;

Add shrimp skin, refined salt, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and mix well.

  Efficacy: appetizer and digestion, it has the effect of preventing colds, and also has the effect of weight loss.

  5. When Korean Kimchi SARS was rampant, the British “The Times” reported that Koreans do not suffer from SARS because the Koreans like kimchi and they use garlic in a large amount in Kimchi.

Later, when I met my Korean friend, I asked him for a pickle method.

He said that there are dozens of kinds of Korean kimchi, and I can’t introduce them one by one, so he wrote me a basic method, saying that it can be changed from it (Busan, South Korea, provided by Mr. Min).

  Preparation: cabbage, leek, ginger, garlic, apple, glutinous rice, refined salt, white sugar, hot pepper sauce.

  Production: Put all the cabbage into two, apply the salt evenly to each piece of cabbage, and apply it to both the front and the back, instead of the pot, pressing on it, and marinating for half a day.

  Cut garlic, ginger, and chives into pieces; shred apples; cook glutinous rice into sticky porridge and let cool.

  Put minced garlic, minced ginger, minced chives, chili sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, shredded apples in a basin, then pour glutinous rice porridge into a basin and mix well.

  Wash the jars that contain kimchi, rinse the pickled cabbage with water several times, and put them in the jars.

Put a layer of cabbage and spread a layer of sauce.

Grab it a few times and try to make every slice of cabbage dip into the sauce.

  The jar was sealed.

Leave it at room temperature for one day, then transfer to a cool place.

You can eat in two or three days.

If the fermentation is too fast, you can drip a little white wine and it will not be sour.


Looking for effective swelling

Looking for effective swelling

Question: In training, you are famous for heavy weight and high number of times. Is this somewhat contradictory?

How do you keep your body big and strong? A: Many bodybuilders tend to be biased when they consider using “heavy weight + high number of times” for training. They think that the two are opposed to each other, and they are always separated in training.Come.

The use of extra heavy weight in order to find a low number of times results in sacrificing the shaping of the muscles due to the increase in muscle mass, or the use of a lighter weight for the high number of times. As a result, the muscle structure is sacrificed for the shaping of the muscles.

The end result is loss of muscle mass building and muscle building because the two rotations are ignored.

  When I train, I don’t think of heavy weight or high numbers.

My principle is simple. It is to maximize the swelling of the muscles. Everything else is listed below. My muscles can adapt to large weights and I can do the high number of swelling and expansion required for ideal swelling.

  You should make your body stronger through training.

But if you always care about low frequencies and extra weight, you will miss many opportunities to gain muscle growth through effective swelling.

  When I try to strengthen smaller muscle groups such as obese biceps, I find that using 4?
6RM can produce muscle swelling, so I don’t let the muscle group bear the maximum weight, and even use the weight that can make it the best swelling. The number of times is not the main factor.

  For coaxial body parts such as the back end, my approach is exactly the opposite.

To maximize muscle swelling on the buttocks, heavy weights and low numbers will produce better results.

Lighter weight and higher numbers may produce a good swelling of a small number of buttock muscles, but this weight range does not adequately cover all the terminal muscle groups.

For example: When I do a straight leg deadlift, in the last group, I have to do it twice to form the best swelling of the entire gluteal muscle group, which means that I need an 805 pound barbell.

  As another example, when I did a chest squat for the quadriceps, using the 585-pound weight, my best muscle swelling appeared in the sixth time, and I did not feel the same when I did it twice with the weight.To the best swelling of the quadriceps, similarly, if I do 10 or 12 times with reduced weight, I will feel the muscles swell insufficiently and deeply; and when I do leg flexion and extension for the same muscle group, until the firstIt took me 30 times to achieve the ideal muscle swelling. At that time, the weight on the rack was 300 pounds. On the contrary, when I did it twice with a weight exceeding 300 pounds, the blood could not be optimally filled into my strands.Quadriceps.

  Focusing on building the most powerful muscles in the most effective way is the best way to achieve the best swelling.


Can dietary therapy during menstruation also relieve stomach pain?

Can dietary therapy during menstruation also relieve stomach pain?

What to do if my stomach hurts during menstruation?

Many girls take painkillers every menstrual period.

Therefore, gynecologists at Beijing Cikang Hospital cautioned that painkillers can cause neurological dysfunction, memory loss, insomnia and other adverse consequences, but you can choose food therapy to relieve menstrual pain, and it can also have a cosmetic effect.

  According to gynecological experts, many girls in the survey belong to primary dysmenorrhea. Generally, they begin after menarche and almost every month. Many girls have a certain sense of fear, worsening the onset of dysmenorrhea, and even a vicious cycle.

This is mainly due to high psychological pressure, sedentary blood circulation, poor menstrual flow, and cold foods.

In addition, menstrual hypertension, easy to be affected by wind, cold, dampness and cold, can easily cause dysmenorrhea.

  Method of treating dysmenorrhea with diet: 1) Boiled eggs of Xuanhu and Leonurus: 20 grams of Xuanhu, 50 grams of Leonurus, 2 eggs.

Add the above 3 flavors and cook with water. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes to drink soup and eggs.

With pass through, analgesic, menstrual blood, Yue color, moisturizing beauty effect.

  (2) Black bean egg wine soup: 60 grams of black beans (black beans), 2 eggs, 100 ml of rice wine or rice wine.

Boil black beans and eggs with water.

It has the functions of adjusting the middle, lowering the breath and analgesic.

It is suitable for women with weak dysmenorrhea of qi and blood, and has a moisturizing effect.

  (3) Ginger barley porridge: dried ginger, artemisia leaves 10 grams each, coix kernel 30 grams.

Fry the first two flavors of water to extract the juice, cook the coix kernels to eight maturity, and cook with the medicinal sauce until cooked.

It has the effects of warming menstruation, removing blood stasis, dispersing cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.

For cold and damp stagnation dysmenorrhea.

  (4) Motherwort fragrant soup: Motherwort, 100 grams each, 250 grams chicken, 5 onion whites.

Pat the onion to rotten, and fry with chicken, motherwort, and fragrant water.

Drink soup and eat chicken.

Apply to dysmenorrhea and brighten skin.

  (5) Hawthorn cinnamon stick brown sugar soup: 15 grams of hawthorn meat, 5 grams of cinnamon sticks, brown sugar 30?
50 grams.

Put the hawthorn meat and cinnamon sticks in a clay pot, add 2 bowls of water, and fry the remaining 1 bowl with gentle heat, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and boil.

With Wenjing Tongmai, Huayu analgesic effect.

Applicable to women with cold dysmenorrhea and those who have no facial expression.

  (6) Ginger jujube and brown sugar water: 30 grams each of dried ginger, jujube, and brown sugar.

Wash the first two flavors, slice the dried ginger, pit the jujube, and add brown sugar to fry.

Drink soup and eat dates.

With warming and cooling effect.

Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and melasma.

  (7) Rose tea: Pick rose flowers in summer and autumn, and use purple-red semi-open flower buds without loose petals.

Add it as a tea and add it daily.

With Qi, blood circulation, moisturizing effect.

Suitable for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  (8) Safflower wine: 200 grams of safflower, 1000 milliliters of low-alcohol, moderate amount of brown sugar.

Wash the safflower, dry the surface moisture, fill the clean gauze bag with brown sugar, seal the mouth of the bag, put it in the jar, seal it, and soak it for 7 days.

Usage: 1?2 servings of 20 servings each time?
30 ml.

It has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing skin, promoting blood circulation.
Applicable to women with blood deficiency, blood stasis, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.


What to do for skin whitening


What to do for skin whitening

Facial skin color is composed of general biotin: melanin (brown), oxidized hemoglobin (red), reduced hemoglobin (blue), and carotene (yellow).

The first three are endogenous pigments and the latter are exogenous pigments.

  It is the melanin content that determines the race white and black.

Melanin is produced by melanocytes and then transferred to epidermal keratinocytes under the action of tyrosinase. The color of the skin is related to the ability of melanin produced by each melanocyte and the number of melanocytes., And the speed of melanin transfection to keratinocytes.

  From the perspective of skin whitening, people always think that the less the amount of melanin, the better, and for people who work in the sun, melanin is indispensable for cancer prevention and health care.

Melanin can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet light, greatly reducing the transmission of ultraviolet UVA and UVB, thereby protecting the biological damage caused by ultraviolet and visible light irradiation of the skin, protecting and reducing the skin’s acute or chronic inflammation caused by sunlight, and preventing the skin caused by sunlightSunburn, aging and canceration.

  Sunburn is most likely to occur, and long-term sun exposure is also prone to skin cancer, plus basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, while black people rarely develop skin cancer.

In addition, melanin can also protect the decomposition of folic acid and similar important substances into the light.

  Therefore, natural dark skin is not a bad thing, so don’t deliberately pursue whitening artificially.

  For the dark skin caused by the day after tomorrow, people have to deal with it properly.

  As ultraviolet light promotes melanocyte division, the most important factor in accelerating melanin synthesis.

Therefore, avoiding light and sun protection is the most important measure to reduce melanin formation.

   At present, there are many sunscreen cosmetics on the market, but many people find that even if they are actively applied, the effect of preventing the formation of skin pigmentation is not ideal. In this regard, sunscreen cosmetics may be used improperly.

The sun protection effect of cosmetics is generally expressed by the SPF value. The SPF value indicates that the better the sun protection effect, but the more sun protection additives are used, the greater the irritation to the skin, and some of the sun protection additives are light-sensitive substances.After easy to cause skin pigmentation.

So, for general daily protection, replace the SPF value by 10?

20 is enough, such as SPF changed 15 sunscreen cosmetics, its sun protection time is about more than an hour, so if you go out more than 2 hours, it should be reused once to ensure the consistency of sun protection.

  At the same time, because almost all sunscreen cosmetics only target UVB in ultraviolet rays, the protection of UVA is ignored.

The original purpose of producing sunscreen products was to prevent the damage to the skin caused by UVB, which is carcinogenic in ultraviolet rays. SPF stands for the actual sunscreen effect of this sunscreen product on UVB.

Recently, scientists have discovered that UVA is also an important factor causing facial stains.

The characteristics of UVA destruction include: UVA dose in sunlight is 100 times larger than UVB?

l000 times; UVA has a strong carrying capacity, 30%?
50% directly to the dermal layer; at the same time, the UVA irradiation season, the influence of clouds, glass, water; and UVA can enhance the damage of UVB, and the damage has a cumulative effect.

  Therefore, if you want to whiten your skin, you must not only prevent UVB damage, but also UVA damage.

At present, some cosmetics companies have started research and development and started to introduce cosmetics that can prevent both UVB and UVA to the market.

However, there is currently no unified standard for UVA protection, and its effects need to be further observed.

  In addition to applying sunscreen cosmetics, care should be taken to avoid excessive sun exposure. You should pay attention to it from a young age and pay attention every day. You do not need to avoid light when you are out.

Ordinary fabrics, whether natural or synthetic, have sufficient protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, when going out, holding umbrellas, wearing hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeved clothes are simple and effective protective measures.

  Maybe, many people want to have white skin over white, it will look more beautiful.

In addition to applying sunscreen and taking sun protection measures, can the whitening effect be penetrated by applying a variety of whitening and whitening products on the market today?

  At present, the internationally recognized effective whitening methods are: 1.

By chemical bleaching, whitening effect can be achieved; 2. Overcoating 2%?
5% hydrogen radical cream can whiten; 3, acid used by dermatologists, cosmeticians?


Peel off the outer layer of the skin to reveal new delicate skin.

Professionals can make mild, moderate and severe peeling of the face depending on the acid used.

For moderate peeling, glycolic acid is usually used; the other is trichloroacetic acid sulfate, which is also used for moderate peeling; carbolic acid is the strongest acid and can be used for heavy peeling.

The above three types of peeling treatments can leave the skin at different intervals?
? Brightening and whitening effect over time.


Scrubbing the skin with a scrub may also have some of these benefits, but scrubs are not available for all skin types.
  What is the whitening effect of whitening products on the market?

Professional opinion is based on the ingredients contained in the product.

If it is retinoic acid of western medicine, it will have a whitening effect.

Because medically speaking, retinoic acid can reduce fine wrinkles and skin surface pigments, change and stimulate cell regeneration, make collagen, and promote blood circulation in the dermis.

And because it also indirectly reduces melanin production by affecting tyrosinase metabolism, resulting in whitening effect.

  There are also some nourishing and moisturizing whitening creams, if they contain glycolic acid extracted from fruits or lactic acid extracted from milk, because they are all mild acid products, mainly extracted from natural substances, which can reduce fine lines on the skin surfaceMakes skin look smoother and brighter.

Both substances have the effect of making the skin white and tender.

  However, consumers may have some degree of asynchronousness when using them, such as?


Discomfort can also cause the skin to become overly sensitive to light.

Therefore, the EU countries have restricted the use of fruit acid products?


When using these two products, get professional guidance.

  Professionals believe that, in fact, many whitening products have not yet reached the whitening effect at all, but just improve the effectiveness of beautification, covering, and insulation.

Therefore, consumers are suspected of being confused by some so-called whitening cosmetics, and they should recognize the ingredients they contain and choose.


Extreme emotional fear

Extreme emotional fear

In everyday life, people are sensitive to newborns who lack food.

However, many people have overlooked another type of drought, which is the emptiness and loneliness of the mind, which is difficult to become, and the state of mental weakness.

Psychologists call this “emotional fatigue.”

Emotion is the psychological state of joy or unhappiness generated by a certain military activity.

It is inevitable to encounter joy and sorrow in life.

The happiness and pain of such families, the success and failure of their careers, the sorrow and joy of people, etc. Without these, people will lose their sweet and bitter emotional experience.

  Generally speaking, emotional drought has a lot to do with whether people’s lives are rich or not.

Emotional fatigue often arises among people who are rich in life, idle and comfortable, and who are not pursuing. They are carefree in appearance, but diminished in vitality, feeling numb, and depressed.

  Women over 30 years of age will have a sense of crisis. If Huarong loses color, youth is no longer, and there is not much progress in career, the psychology will easily lose balance.

At this time, the woman was suspicious of marriage because of emotional fatigue, and even Hongxing went out of the wall.

  Emotional obesity is an unhealthy state. It can make women lose confidence in marriage and family, and treat life with indifference.

For greater emptiness, they either hang around playing cards or looking for extramarital affairs, and then they are still at a loss.

Therefore, the most important thing is to have confidence in your marriage and family. When you are familiar with everything your husband handles and truly loves you, your emotions will quietly leave you.

In addition, diversion methods can be used to attract emptiness in the mind in a diligent manner.

If you make achievements in your career, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

When you develop passion for life with acceptable things, where will there be emotional drought?

  It’s a good idea to cultivate a passion for life and build a social circle that suits you.

Try to let yourself live in the crowd, share your hardships with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and transform your soul into vibration.

You should also cultivate a hobby to enrich your soul and find the joy of life from it.

Whether singing or playing the piano, or writing and drawing, you will enter a new realm and effectively eliminate emotional fatigue.

When you feel idle, you can watch TV, read a book or listen to music.

In this way, you have emotional “nutrition” that will make you live a full life.


Yang deficiency constitution health care method

Yang deficiency constitution health care method

The so-called yang deficiency refers to the lack of yang in the body, which is commonly known as “insufficient firepower”, a decline in function or decline, a low response, and a lack of metabolic production.

Insufficient yang, generally spleen and kidney yang deficiency, its clinical manifestations often appear flat and cold, warm, hands and feet are not warm, mouth is not thirsty, like hot diet, eating cold is easy to abdominal pain diarrhea, or stomach cramps, cold pain,Cold waist and knee pain, long urine, thin stools, fat tongue, white tongue slippery, pulsed and so on.

  First, diet and health yang should be appropriate to eat more warm kidney and impotence food.

Commonly used yang food can choose mutton, pork belly, chicken, octopus, dog meat, sparrow meat, venison, scutellaria, shrimp (lobster, prawn, green shrimp, river prawn, etc.), peas, walnuts, chestnuts, leeks, leeks, fennel, etc., these foods can make up the five internal organs, add marrow, strong body.

In eating habits, don’t eat cold and cold products even in the summer.

You can also choose the right medicated diet.

  Such as Cordyceps stewed duck: formula: 30 grams of walnuts, 60 grams of chestnuts, one old drake, yellow wine, ginger, scallion, salt and other seasonings.

  Production: Remove the old male duck from the internal organs, rinse it out, put it into the boiling water pot and remove it slightly. Remove the walnuts and chestnuts and put them into the duck belly. Tie with the thread and put them into the big pot. Add the rice wine., other related materials of clear water, steamed for about two hours.

  Efficacy: Bushen Yijing, nourishing yin and yang.

Deficiency, cough, waist and knee pain, impotence, nocturnal emission, spontaneous sweating, physical weakness after illness.

  Second, there are many traditional Chinese medicines for medicinal health supplementation. For traditional Chinese medicines for health care, antler, sea dog kidney, Cordyceps sinensis, Cistanche, psoralen, Eucommia, Dodder, Shayuanzi, Achyranthes, Cicada, Raspberry, Curculigo, Xianling spleen, cloves, etc.

Choose a supplemental health prescription that suits you.

  Kidney yang deficiency, you can choose gold deficiency kidney gas pill, Quanlu pill, etc., spleen yang weakness, optional Pill or Fuzi Lizhong pill; spleen and kidney deficiency can choose Jisheng kidney gas.

  Third, the body of living and exercise yang deficiency, the ability to adapt to changes in the heat and cold is poor, in the harsh winter, should be cold and warm, take some health care measures.

In full compliance with the principle of “spring and summer Yangyang”, in the spring and summer, pay attention to the diet, drugs and other aspects, use the natural yang to help supplement the yang, or insist on doing air bath or sunbathing.

Livable sitting in the north facing house, don’t be greedy and sleep on the top or sleep in a house with a large temperature difference.

Suffering from the surrounding cold.

In terms of exercise, due to physical strength, choose suitable projects such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, and various ball sports.


Two Days of Valentine’s Day

Two Days of Valentine’s Day

1 They were in two cities, she stayed in graduate school and he started working.

They agreed to meet at MSN every day, and his monthly phone bill was more than half his salary.

She often refused him to be away recently, he secretly decided to fly to see her before Valentine’s Day and surprise her.

I asked a local classmate, Yan Yan, to book a hotel for himself. He first refreshed and then found a flower shop.

All the flowers have gone up in price. He still chose one of the most expensive baskets, six blue roses, and a few forget-me-nots and lover grasses.

He came to the communication room under the dormitory and waited there. All the girls in the past looked down. He knew that he was a bit silly holding a bunch of flowers.

  2 Her voice is two voices from far to near.

She and a boy appeared arm in arm around the corner.

He looked at them by surprise and stayed there, a deep chill from his feet to his heart.

She turned her head to one side and looked away.

He took a step towards them, blocking the way.

Her boyfriend looked at him angrily, and he asked, “Sir, do you buy flowers?

“”how much is it?

“He asked in a flash.

“50”, he controlled his voice and tried not to shake himself.

“Can it be cheap?

“He asked immediately.

“Haha”, he smiled instead, and gave the flower to his arms. “Your girlfriend is so beautiful, always for you, not money.”

“He turned away and ignored them both.

At the subway entrance, there is a beggar who pulls the erhu and gently plays “Erquan Yingyue”.

He took out a coat pocket and had exactly ten bucks. The beggar bowed to him and said, “This is just an ordinary day.” He froze a bit. Did he read the mind and polished his loss?
Immediately, he laughed, and the loss was clearly written on himself, and the whole world could grind.

  3The mobile phone rings, “How about?

Did you meet your girlfriend?

“Yanyan’s voice.

“Don’t ask,” he really didn’t know how to answer. Yanyan was a girl, but he always regarded her as a buddy.

“You haven’t eaten yet, let’s eat together.”

She said sensible.

They met at McDonald’s outside the school.

It is already full of little lovers who look like middle school students, and the music is very noisy.

She took the seat, he went to buy food, and the two of them sat together tacitly.

“When I was in school, I came here as a reward for myself.

She smiled and said, “Now it’s different. Seriously, you’re a good class.” He mechanically stuffed fries in his mouth and forgot to apply tomato sauce.

“It’s okay among girls, don’t forget, even girls.

“She has always been a little boyish girl. For the first time, he found that when she smiled, she looked better than not.

  The last ice cube in the Cola Cup was stuffed in her mouth, and she said, “Let’s go.”

They walked out of the restaurant side by side.

I don’t know if I should say goodbye, he is grateful she accompanied him to finish the meal.”Let’s go to school,” she specified.

They walked to the guide, and it was very cold in the night of February.

“Is it cold?

He asked.

“Oh, just eat too much and lose weight.”

He was so understanding and unwilling to give him any pressure, even if he was with him.

He was a little touched.

His nose was a little sour, and he raised his head to keep tears from dripping.

They walked a lot, and slowly they were not cold at all.

Late at night, they walked out of the school gate.

A homeless child who sells flowers is like a single rose he sells. He bought one and gave it to her.

She said, “Thank you.” Her eyes were shining.

“Girls like flowers,” he asked casually.

“Yeah, especially me, huh, I’m so shallow.

4 hit a taxi and he sent her home. She waved to him in the hallway and parted, much like Li Xiang from Tokyo Love Story.

Arriving at the hotel, a text message appeared on her phone screen.

“Thank you, such a night has always been what I was looking forward to when I was reading.

“He endured tears for one night and finally rolled down.” Tomorrow, I will take you to class by bicycle.

“He buried his head in a fluffy pillow, and he made a decision to stay here for a few more days.