The Yin family is really good at instigating divorce,This is obvious to all,But what the Yin family really said,It’s hypocritical to say that he didn’t get into Bao Zhigang’s heart at all.。

Especially when faced with the chaos at the scene just now,Peng Changyi gave everyone a lively lesson,Although he didn’t show up,But his reaction to unexpected events、The ability to control events is much higher than any of them,Bao Zhigang is not convinced,But helpless。Peng Changyi’s current momentum,Has a tendency to surpass him,Yin Jiashi has said it more than once,But what can I do otherwise?Is he going to get along with Yin Jiashi??Of course not!Bao Zhigang has principles on this point。
Someone in Brother City had told him,Said he is not good at the mayor,There is Jiang Fan, the secretary of the world,There is a strong next、Deputy Mayor Peng Changyi,And Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are still brothers,The mayor of him is not easy to do in the cracks。
To stand out,Must have a decent achievement,now,Lang Zhu belongs to him. Bao Zhigang’s grades are not very obvious,The concept of running the city was put forward by Jiang Fan when he was the mayor,Implement this concept in the past two years,The city is much better than before,More scientific than before、more beautiful;There is no obvious credit for him, Bao Zhigang, in attracting investment.,Several large projects registered in the province were introduced by Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,Has little to do with him。An official,The most obvious political achievements are nothing more than two manifestations,One is the policy agenda and governance methods,One is to attract investment or launch a major project,If the hardware and software are not available,That is indeed a bit mediocre,Especially Bao Zhigang is at the best age for an officer,Only political achievements,Can give him extra points,In order to attract the attention of superiors,Have a chance for promotion。
First13chapter Aftermath
Political achievement,It has always been a hard indicator to determine whether an official is promoted,It is also the main content of the assessment officials,Hardware construction not only reflects the performance of a local government,It is also a manifestation of the political achievements of an official as an official。and so,Officials above and below are all grabbing hardware。
Grab hardware,No social resources,Bao Zhigang has been an official for 20 years,He never left Lang Zhu,Start with an ordinary officer of the city government,Step by step to the current position of the mayor,No real power before,In addition to being upright,Unwilling to go with the flow,So he never deliberately managed his official business,He doesn’t go through so many places like Peng Changyi and Jiang Fan,And I have established my own connections without going anywhere,Nothing else,Just talk about a former reporter from the provincial newspaper,Now they can bring investment from foreign companies to Peng Changyi,Not to mention his father-in-law relationship。so,Officialdom,Is the last thing to be honest、Aloof place,Is the least able to maintain the true colors、Maverick place!Officialdom,Should be a“Everything is learned,Human feelings are the article”The place,It’s where you need to pay attention most,Have a good time,Wind and water,Not playing well,Be eliminated,Or be marginalized。
Understand this truth,Bao Zhigang recently made conscious contacts with people from all walks of life,Even if he goes to other places to attract investment, he is only a friend,He keeps in touch with this person consciously,Maybe you will come across a useful one,Isn’t Peng Changyi doing this??A driver of average age and old can use it for more than ten years,Even the township government is a gatekeeper,In the end it was all used by him。of course,This person watching the gate is not a simple character,Is the life and death friend of the provincial party committee organization minister,This kind of luck is not something mortal can encounter,Just met,If there is no Huigen,Hard to work。
I have to say that Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are both lucky people,Jiang Fan and Fan Wenliang work together、Yuan Qipu’s appreciation during attending the Central Party School,When supporting the side, he accidentally became a subordinate with Yuan Qipu,And get promoted on the spot,Otherwise, he won’t be able to be Mayor Langzhu,What’s more unexpected is,Yuan Qipu and the governor Yuan Jincheng are actually cousins who did not have the Five Fortunes;Peng Changyi is even more lucky,During his tenure at Sanyuan,He is very good at using the resources of the old revolutionaries who have lived and fought in the old district,Made a dazzling achievement,Get promoted,same,He relies on Fan Wenliang,Promotion all the way,I found the daughter of a Beijing professor,Brought a big investment project,It even attracted a large foreign company registered in the whole province……
To know,Not everyone can have luck and opportunities like them,Not everyone can catch this kind of luck,This and their to people、Sincerely related to the cause,So Bao Zhigang wants to learn from them,Learn their way of being in the world,Learn from them、The skills of a director,at this point,Can’t learn。
Try to change your past nobility、Honest image,Although there is no conspicuous political achievement,But strive to make fewer or no mistakes at work,Even if there is no big political achievement,But not opposed by the people、Not spurned by the people、Don’t let political opponents get hold of the handle、A good mayor who does not seek meritorious deeds, he still has confidence。Be a pollution-free person,This is Bao Zhigang’s current position。of course,He is not mortal,There is also the pursuit of fame,then,He also intensified contact with his superiors。
recent,He consciously strengthened his ties with Vice Governor Huang。
The second day of the groundbreaking ceremony,Bao Zhigang went to the province,Conducted a review for Vice Governor Huang,Said something like this happened,He underestimated the problem,Poor work,and many more,After saying a lot of reviews,Vice Governor Huang asked:“Isn’t this job that Peng Changyi has been catching?,What are you reviewing?”
Bao Zhigang said awkwardly:“Responsible with me,Responsible with me……”
After review,He reported to Vice Governor Huang on some policy adjustments made by the Langzhu Municipal Government in this year’s investment promotion work.,I hope Vice Governor Huang will continue to favor Langzhu,Give Langzhu more projects。
Deputy Governor Huang was originally the Deputy Governor of the Provincial Government in charge of industry,Later, after the former vice governor of the Standing Committee was transferred away,He competes with Vice Governor Cao, who is in charge of agriculture, forestry and hydropower,In the end, the vice governor of industry took the position,Took over as executive vice governor,should say,He should have the resources。
Vice Governor Huang comforts Bao Zhigang,Said Lang Zhu has developed too fast in the past two years,The new major projects are ranked in the top three or four in the province,And economic indicators are growing rapidly,Equivalent to the sum of the past seven or eight years of Langzhu,Will be more prominent in the next two years,Persuade him not to rush,Don’t eat a fat man in one bite。
Maybe,Bao Zhigang didn’t even expect it,In the days after the riots subsided by the workers in the cotton mill,Various rumors about the riots are raging。
Some say,Peng Changyi intends to make the mayor Bao Zhigang ugly,Deliberately inciting workers to make trouble,It could have prevented minor failures,He secretly encouraged the workers to make trouble,And then act as a good person,Calmed down the storm with no effort;Some say,Peng Changyi has long known that there will be that storm,But because he is not there,Did not communicate with the municipal party committee in time,So that several city leaders were surrounded by workers,Blocked for more than three hours;Someone else said,Yin Jiashi, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, called the Public Security Bureau,Police support,But Peng Changyi relied on his relationship with the director,He just refused to send police,Almost cause a catastrophe……


It’s like walking in a corridor with sensor lights,With his steps,The lights are on in front of him,It goes out one after another behind him。

He walked into the classroom of Grade One and Two in the eyes of everyone。
Song Jiajia saw Hu Lai,I got up from my seat and greeted me:“how about it?Write a few thousand words check?”
Hu Laibai gave him a glance:“What to write check?”
“That’s it……Announce criticism?”
“I do exercises seriously,Work hard,What a crime?”Hu Lai spread his hands and asked his deskmate。“It’s someone like you,Every time I do exercises,This is not responsible for your own body!”
Song Jiajia heard what Hu Lai said,I knew he was all right,So I took a sip:“Pooh!You can continue tomorrow!”
Hu Lai shook his head:“Wood show in the forest wind will destroy it,The more serious I am, doesn’t it make you more perfunctory??No no no,I can’t do it for myself,I’ve got my classmates injustice!”
“whispering sound!”Song Jiajia gave her tablemate a blank eye。
When Hu Lai and Song Jiajia had a conversation,Many people in the classroom are staring at them,It’s just that most people’s eyes are joking and gloating.,When I heard Hu Lai say this last,Everyone burst into laughter——Hu Lai, this kid obviously doesn’t dare,Have to be hard-headed。
Hu Lai in these obviously unfriendly laughs,But not angry,I still have a happy smile on my face。
In the laughter,Li Qingqing, who also looked at Hu Lai, curled his lips when seeing this.,The frowning brows didn’t stretch out。
Hu Lai doesn’t know much about his classmates,Is it because he is eager to receive the task reward in his mind?。


.org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president!

Qin Liang’s heart started to itch……
“This is hard to say……I don’t know how good you are,How can i compare。But last time you were‘Gulincun’when,Defeated those who ambush us,You should be great too。”
Xiaodie said to himself。
“Do you want me and Adby to try it for you??”
Qin Liang said on a whim。
“Don’t!You two are the best people to me,I don’t want you two to do it,I don’t want to be fake。”
Xiaodie immediately said firmly。
“Ok……Then treat me as if I didn’t say anything,But i’m curious,How could they find that we two slipped away?”
Qin Liang said with interest,I saw him coming with Xiaodie on his back,Ade and they immediately retreated to the opposite side of the road,Then you continue to follow them。
“do not know……”
Of course Fluttershy wouldn’t tell her secretly to Ade。
“But it’s better,They are awesome,Your safety will be guaranteed。”
Qin Liang thought for a while and said。
“Don’t worry about my safety,I’ll be fine,Come,Let me down,Let’s go together。”
Fluttershy rides enough,I’m about to come down again……
Going home full of nature,Fluttershy turns on the TV,Then curled up on the sofa with his snacks,Qin Liang turned around twice inside and outside,Finally sat beside Xiaodie。
“Do you want to eat my snacks?”
Fluttershy turned his face,Ask Qin Liang seriously。


Tian Jing immediately deliberately said loudly。

Yang Shiyun was immediately embarrassed,It turns out that this girl answered the phone in Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom,The hands-free button was forcibly pressed by Shen Ruoxi,So this call,Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Chen Hao and Song Min listened all the time!
Chapter three thousand three hundred and two Come home with me
Shen Ruoxi and others knew from Qin Liang’s mouth that Yang Shiyun’s father was the commander of the Haishang Military Region,So Yang Shiyun doesn’t need to hide them,And everyone is a good friend of worship,Yang Shiyun didn’t want to hide anything from them,Except for the private relationship with Qin Liang,。
“You heard what your mother said?So i order you:Hurry up and take time to report me home,otherwise,Just wait for me to send soldiers to your unit to catch you back,I’m always the same,You know it,You figure it out!Don’t blame me for not giving you face then!”
Yang Muhua took the opportunity to threaten her daughter again,Can ask my daughter to go home in this way,It’s also quite amazing。
“dad,Tell me if you want me to go home,Why are you so fierce?!I am your daughter,Not your enemy,I need to tie it home……”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
“nonsense!Do you come back without being tied??Think about it yourself,How long have you not been back to this home?Now the wings are hard?Don’t need this home,You don’t need your father and mother, right??”
Yang Muhua unceremoniously taught her daughter a few words,This is how he usually talks。
“I didn’t say that。”
Yang Shiyun is guilty,On this matter,She really has a guilty conscience,She didn’t think about going home to see her parents,The point is she is really too busy,I’m too tired after work,The journey home is far,She really has more than enough energy,Of course,None of these can be an excuse for her not going home for a long time。
“Too lazy to talk to you,I will give you three days,in three days,If you don’t show up at home,Let’s meet each other。”
Yang Muhua finished these few words very aggressively,Just hang up the phone!
“Can’t you talk to our daughter?Why do you feel like an enemy when you speak?She is your daughter!Is your only baby girl!”
Tian Jing was immediately dissatisfied,Started complaining about my husband again,This is the mother,How can I complain about my daughter?,But I never want to see my daughter suffer any wrongdoing。


After he got the ball, he dared to make moves,No matter who you face,Even if it’s Qin Lin, a big man in Chinese football,He’s also rude。

In this situation,The Anton fans in the stands and in front of the TV can’t help but worry that their team’s goal will soon be lost.……
Pan Hongwei on the coach of the South China Sea team has already begun to consider taking this opportunity to increase his offensive investment,Strive to take advantage of the situation,Turn one point into three points in one go!
Just then Flash Star fought back once。
Zhang Qinghuan passed the football to Chen Xingyi,Chen Xingyi drove the ball into the 30-meter area of the Nanhai team,After passing one person, he went straight to the Nanhai team penalty area。
Liu Gan saw that Chen Xingyi wanted to copy his last goal,Suddenly thought of Hu Lai’s suggestion to him,So he rushed forward without hesitation,I want to completely surround Chen Xingyi。
The result was just when he rushed up,I saw Chen Xingyi, who was in the encirclement, suddenly flicking the football with the outside of his right foot,Just dialed to Hu Lai who was plugged in in the middle.!
“Hu Lai!”Anton TV commentator is particularly excited,Because I haven’t seen Hu Lai for a while,After the South China Sea equalized,The opponent is on the offensive,The flashing star can only shrink defense,Hu Lai even has fewer chances to get the ball。
Result now,This dagger appeared in the deadliest part of the South China Sea team,Picture poor see!
Facing the ball passed by Chen Xingyi,Hu Lai adjusts pace,Ready to shoot。
The full-back Feng Lei, who came up to fill Liu Gan’s position, immediately dropped his focus when he saw this.,Shoveled over,I plan to use my body to block Hu Lai’s shot。
As a result, Hu Lai just let the football slip past him,Passed by Feng Lei who came from flying shovel。
Then he moved a step sideways,Kick shot!
Hu Lai’s change in rhythm,Not only deceived Feng Lei,Also fooled the goalkeeper Xie Fang,He was ready to save when he saw Hu Lai making a shot,Hu Lai did not shoot,His whole body was shaken。Pounce out now,It’s already a bit weak……
Xie Fang fell to the ground,Slow motion,Far from football!


Qin Liang was almost instant,It’s changed back to sling,Cynicism。

“How do you want me to thank you?”
Yang Shiyun feels a little uncomfortable,I feel like Qin Liang is doing a deal。
“Forget the money,Talk about money hurt feelings,Just let me kiss you once.。”
It’s rare that Qin Liang could say these words seriously。
Yang Shiyun was speechless……what is this?Obviously it’s official,Why I became a traded item?But when I think of such a dangerous action that might cost life and blood,What Qin Liang needs,Just can kiss yourself,Her heart is very sweet and happy。
Since ancient times,A beautiful woman,Usually harm a lot of men。
And the same,A handsome man,Can also harm many women,Qin Liang,Undoubtedly such a man。
Yang Shiyun is a smart girl,Otherwise she wouldn’t be a good female detective,But whenever she met Qin Liang,Her cleverness will disappear without a trace。
usually,Only when a girl faces her likes,When the man she loved,Will happen like this。
Chen Hao’s work efficiency is quite high,She only took three short days,Just sorted out the list of all female employees in the company who are suitable to participate in the underwear display,of course,Those girls who have not yet come to the company for interview are all on her list.。
But she still encountered difficulties,When she announced the content of the exhibition to the girls,Half of the girls immediately said they didn’t want to participate。
the reason is simple;In this country,Almost all women are traditional and conservative,Although they can accept a lot from more developed,Thoughts and cultures of more advanced countries,But when you really want them to take the lead,They flinched immediately。
Chen Hao almost used all her energy to do the ideological work of these girls,In her unremitting efforts and”Bullying“under,Qin Liang finally successfully completed this“Be surprised”The unique idea that came up later。
The next step is to contact the venue and other processes,For Chen Hao,It’s not a problem,Everything is ready in an instant。
When Chen Hao told Qin Liang that the preparations for this exhibition had been completed,Qin Liang was also surprised。


[How to make spaghetti meat sauce]_pasta meat sauce_how to make_how to make

[How to make spaghetti meat sauce]_pasta meat sauce_how to make_how to make

Pasta meat sauce is usually added with tomato flavor, so it is very suitable for some white-collar workers or other people who have less time to work, but it is best to prepare more spaghetti meat sauce each time, and then separate each portion. The following is introduced before freezingLet’s do it.

In a large pan without oil, add ground meat, diced onion, diced green pepper, celery, and minced garlic, and fry until the ground meat is golden brown, and strain off the fried oil.

Then add fresh diced tomatoes or canned diced tomatoes, add tomato paste, water, sugar, salt, black pepper and all spices, cook until boiling, turn to medium-low heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes;Then open the lid and cook for another ten to fifteen minutes until you have the desired concentration.

Note: This meat sauce can be mixed with about half a pound to three-quarters of a pound of fresh-cooked pasta. Of course, you can also serve as much as you like.

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder on the surface, called flavor!


[How to make dried daylily soup]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dried daylily soup]_How to make_How to make

Dried daylily, also known as golden needle lily, is a traditional food that people like to eat.

Because it has very thick petals, golden color, and looks like fungus, straw mushroom, and high nutritional value, it is regarded as a treasure on the dining table.

When we use dried daylily for soup, we must choose clean, tender, no debris, and the core is not open. This kind of dried daylily is the best daylily.

The practice of dried daylily soup 1.

Wash one chicken leg and one paw.

It turned out to be very clean, my sister washed the chicken feathers and washed it, so it was very clean after washing it twice.

After the water is thrown into the casserole, put cooking wine, shallots, ginger slices, star anise, pepper, fill with water, cover and cook 3.

After more than an hour, add the soaked fungus, day lily and shiitake mushrooms, and cook for another hour, season with salt to prepare day lily (dry). Instructions: 1.

Fresh daylily contains colchicine, which can cause symptoms of upstream poisoning. Therefore, it cannot be eaten raw. It must be processed and dried. Stir it with boiling water before eating and soak it in cold water for more than 2 hours.Do not eat too much at a time.


It is suitable for cold dressing (should be cooked first), stir-fried, wonton soup or as ingredients.


It is not suitable to stir-fry alone, but should be served with other food.


In addition, it should be better to use cold water.

The nutritional value of dried daylily Daylily has better brain-building and anti-aging effects because it is rich in lecithin. This substance is a component of many cells in the body, especially brain cells, which enhances and improvesCerebral function plays an important role, and at the same time it can clear the sediment in the arteries. It has special effects on symptoms such as lack of focus, memory loss, and cerebral arterial complications.

According to research, daylily can significantly reduce the content of serum hypertension, which is beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and can be used as a health vegetable for patients with hypertension.

Daylily also contains active ingredients that can inhibit the growth of antigens, and rich crude fiber can promote the excretion of stool, so it can be used as a food for implanted cancer.


[Practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp]_Homemade practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp_Practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp_How to do green orange mint soy shrimp

You can’t wait to get rid of it ╀ 袱 擶 ╀ 廴 绾 緾 琩  殑 鍦 鍦 揩 鏄 鏄 Response to 錏  ゼ 屜 峕 値 尤尤 嬤 啤 啮 啤 啤 尤 啤悆鎯簡蹇閫熼锛屼篃浼氭€€蹇佃捣瀹跺父渚块キ鏉ワ紝闈掓钖勮嵎閰辨补铏剧殑鍋氭硶鏂逛究蹇嵎锛屽崄鍑犲垎閽熷氨鍙互鐑归オ鍑虹殑缇庡懗锛屽彧闇€钂哥叜锛屾棤闇€鎷呭績娌圭儫鐨勪激瀹炽€?銆 ? 3 tweezers?鐗囪杽鑽峰彾锛岀敤50鍏嬬函鍑€姘存场鍑鸿杽鑽峰懗銆傛垜绉嶇殑钖勮嵎鍙墿浜涘皬鍙朵簡锛屾墍浠ョ敤浜嗗皯璁告銆?銆佺劧鍚庣敤钖勮嵎姘村拰椴滈叡娌广€佹枡閰掋€佺櫧绯栧厬鎴愭眮锛屾渶鍚庡姞鍏ラ矞铏捐荆閰辨补锛屼緷浣犻杈g殑鍙e懗娣诲姞銆傝懕濮滃垏涓€浜涚粏涓濊鐩樼敤锛屽叾浣欑殑濮滃垏鐗囥€佽懕鍒囧娈点€傝杽鑽峰彾澶囩敤銆?銆佹渤铏炬礂杩囨播骞叉按鍒嗐€傚彇鐐掗攨鐑ц壊鎷夋补锛屾补鍏垚鐑椂鏀惧叆娌宠櫨鐐歌嚦铏惧3璧烽叆鎹炲嚭銆傚緟娌规俯鍗囬珮鏃跺啀蹇€熷鐐镐竴娆℃播娌广€?Do you know how to fix it? Do you want to fix it? Do you want to fix it? 坽 咢 咢 十 卞  鐖 嗛  銆?銆佸姞鍏ュ厬濂界殑姹佺儳寮€锛屾崱鍘昏懕濮溿€?Do you like it? Do you like it? Do you like it?Are you looking for? Lou Fufu?銆佽鐩樻椂鎾掍簺钁卞涓濓紝鐢ㄨ杽鑽峰彾鐐圭紑鍗冲彲銆傚彧瑕佸浼氫簡涓€浜涘甯歌彍鐨勫仛娉曪紝姣斿闈掓钖勮嵎閰辨补铏剧殑鍋氭硶锛岄偅鑷繁鍦ㄥ閲屽仛楗氨涓嶄細鍐嶆槸闅句簨銆?


ST Xinmei (600732): The rise of Aixu Technology’s back-shell battery expertise

ST Xinmei (600732): The rise of Aixu Technology’s back-shell battery expertise

Introduction to this report: Ai Xu Technology focuses on battery replacement, adheres to the leading strategy of conversion efficiency, changes the production capacity of Tianjin Phase I and Yiwu Phase II, and achieves continuous growth in profits.

The first coverage is given an “overweight” rating with a target price of 10.

8 yuan.

Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time and give an “overweight” rating.

Due to Aixu Technology’s leading technology and outstanding profitability, the reasonable market value of injected assets has increased by 22.1 billion yuan, so the target price is given as a reference to the injected assets.

8 yuan.

It is predicted that the EPS for 2018-2020 will be 0.



03 yuan, the EPS for 2019-2021 is 0.



69 yuan.

Key assumptions.

We expect Aishu Technology to rely on its leading edge in conversion efficiency to achieve a sustained high level of unit profitability. At the same time, it can achieve fixed sales based on sales. The overall profit will continue to grow. It is expected that the reductions will be 6 in 2019-2021.


30, 14.


A different understanding.

The market generally believes that due to the accelerated growth of 合肥夜网 PERC, competition will gradually intensify, and the profits of related companies may be damaged.

We believe that Aixu Technology adheres to efficiency first, and always maintains a leading position in the market with conversion efficiency, and its profitability promotes a steady rise.

The company is the first to mass-produce competitive tubular PECVD technology, double-sided battery technology, etc., to obtain conversion efficiency advantages, and adopt industry4.

0, AI and other technology plan production lines to reduce non-silicon costs to achieve cost advantages, and quickly expand production capacity in a timely manner to achieve scale advantages.

As photovoltaic cells follow conversion efficiency pricing, lasting efficiency leadership can achieve a stable premium capacity, and cost reduction can continue to make profits. Therefore, Aixu Technology will be able to achieve fixed production while selling rapidly.It can also maintain a stable and sustainable level of unit profitability and achieve overall profit growth.


Aixu Technology continues to lead in conversion efficiency, and will be the first to achieve 23% conversion efficiency by the end of 2019 and early 2020.

risk warning.

Risk of backdoor listing failure, major technological progress risks, overseas trade risks, patent dispute risks.