[How to make spaghetti meat sauce]_pasta meat sauce_how to make_how to make

[How to make spaghetti meat sauce]_pasta meat sauce_how to make_how to make

Pasta meat sauce is usually added with tomato flavor, so it is very suitable for some white-collar workers or other people who have less time to work, but it is best to prepare more spaghetti meat sauce each time, and then separate each portion. The following is introduced before freezingLet’s do it.

In a large pan without oil, add ground meat, diced onion, diced green pepper, celery, and minced garlic, and fry until the ground meat is golden brown, and strain off the fried oil.

Then add fresh diced tomatoes or canned diced tomatoes, add tomato paste, water, sugar, salt, black pepper and all spices, cook until boiling, turn to medium-low heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes;Then open the lid and cook for another ten to fifteen minutes until you have the desired concentration.

Note: This meat sauce can be mixed with about half a pound to three-quarters of a pound of fresh-cooked pasta. Of course, you can also serve as much as you like.

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder on the surface, called flavor!


[How to make dried daylily soup]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dried daylily soup]_How to make_How to make

Dried daylily, also known as golden needle lily, is a traditional food that people like to eat.

Because it has very thick petals, golden color, and looks like fungus, straw mushroom, and high nutritional value, it is regarded as a treasure on the dining table.

When we use dried daylily for soup, we must choose clean, tender, no debris, and the core is not open. This kind of dried daylily is the best daylily.

The practice of dried daylily soup 1.

Wash one chicken leg and one paw.

It turned out to be very clean, my sister washed the chicken feathers and washed it, so it was very clean after washing it twice.

After the water is thrown into the casserole, put cooking wine, shallots, ginger slices, star anise, pepper, fill with water, cover and cook 3.

After more than an hour, add the soaked fungus, day lily and shiitake mushrooms, and cook for another hour, season with salt to prepare day lily (dry). Instructions: 1.

Fresh daylily contains colchicine, which can cause symptoms of upstream poisoning. Therefore, it cannot be eaten raw. It must be processed and dried. Stir it with boiling water before eating and soak it in cold water for more than 2 hours.Do not eat too much at a time.


It is suitable for cold dressing (should be cooked first), stir-fried, wonton soup or as ingredients.


It is not suitable to stir-fry alone, but should be served with other food.


In addition, it should be better to use cold water.

The nutritional value of dried daylily Daylily has better brain-building and anti-aging effects because it is rich in lecithin. This substance is a component of many cells in the body, especially brain cells, which enhances and improvesCerebral function plays an important role, and at the same time it can clear the sediment in the arteries. It has special effects on symptoms such as lack of focus, memory loss, and cerebral arterial complications.

According to research, daylily can significantly reduce the content of serum hypertension, which is beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and can be used as a health vegetable for patients with hypertension.

Daylily also contains active ingredients that can inhibit the growth of antigens, and rich crude fiber can promote the excretion of stool, so it can be used as a food for implanted cancer.


[Practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp]_Homemade practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp_Practice of green orange mint soy sauce shrimp_How to do green orange mint soy shrimp

You can’t wait to get rid of it ╀ 袱 擶 ╀ 廴 绾 緾 琩  殑 鍦 鍦 揩 鏄 鏄 Response to 錏  ゼ 屜 峕 値 尤尤 嬤 啤 啮 啤 啤 尤 啤悆鎯簡蹇閫熼锛屼篃浼氭€€蹇佃捣瀹跺父渚块キ鏉ワ紝闈掓钖勮嵎閰辨补铏剧殑鍋氭硶鏂逛究蹇嵎锛屽崄鍑犲垎閽熷氨鍙互鐑归オ鍑虹殑缇庡懗锛屽彧闇€钂哥叜锛屾棤闇€鎷呭績娌圭儫鐨勪激瀹炽€?銆 ? 3 tweezers?鐗囪杽鑽峰彾锛岀敤50鍏嬬函鍑€姘存场鍑鸿杽鑽峰懗銆傛垜绉嶇殑钖勮嵎鍙墿浜涘皬鍙朵簡锛屾墍浠ョ敤浜嗗皯璁告銆?銆佺劧鍚庣敤钖勮嵎姘村拰椴滈叡娌广€佹枡閰掋€佺櫧绯栧厬鎴愭眮锛屾渶鍚庡姞鍏ラ矞铏捐荆閰辨补锛屼緷浣犻杈g殑鍙e懗娣诲姞銆傝懕濮滃垏涓€浜涚粏涓濊鐩樼敤锛屽叾浣欑殑濮滃垏鐗囥€佽懕鍒囧娈点€傝杽鑽峰彾澶囩敤銆?銆佹渤铏炬礂杩囨播骞叉按鍒嗐€傚彇鐐掗攨鐑ц壊鎷夋补锛屾补鍏垚鐑椂鏀惧叆娌宠櫨鐐歌嚦铏惧3璧烽叆鎹炲嚭銆傚緟娌规俯鍗囬珮鏃跺啀蹇€熷鐐镐竴娆℃播娌广€?Do you know how to fix it? Do you want to fix it? Do you want to fix it? 坽 咢 咢 十 卞  鐖 嗛  銆?銆佸姞鍏ュ厬濂界殑姹佺儳寮€锛屾崱鍘昏懕濮溿€?Do you like it? Do you like it? Do you like it?Are you looking for? Lou Fufu?銆佽鐩樻椂鎾掍簺钁卞涓濓紝鐢ㄨ杽鑽峰彾鐐圭紑鍗冲彲銆傚彧瑕佸浼氫簡涓€浜涘甯歌彍鐨勫仛娉曪紝姣斿闈掓钖勮嵎閰辨补铏剧殑鍋氭硶锛岄偅鑷繁鍦ㄥ閲屽仛楗氨涓嶄細鍐嶆槸闅句簨銆?


ST Xinmei (600732): The rise of Aixu Technology’s back-shell battery expertise

ST Xinmei (600732): The rise of Aixu Technology’s back-shell battery expertise

Introduction to this report: Ai Xu Technology focuses on battery replacement, adheres to the leading strategy of conversion efficiency, changes the production capacity of Tianjin Phase I and Yiwu Phase II, and achieves continuous growth in profits.

The first coverage is given an “overweight” rating with a target price of 10.

8 yuan.

Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time and give an “overweight” rating.

Due to Aixu Technology’s leading technology and outstanding profitability, the reasonable market value of injected assets has increased by 22.1 billion yuan, so the target price is given as a reference to the injected assets.

8 yuan.

It is predicted that the EPS for 2018-2020 will be 0.



03 yuan, the EPS for 2019-2021 is 0.



69 yuan.

Key assumptions.

We expect Aishu Technology to rely on its leading edge in conversion efficiency to achieve a sustained high level of unit profitability. At the same time, it can achieve fixed sales based on sales. The overall profit will continue to grow. It is expected that the reductions will be 6 in 2019-2021.


30, 14.


A different understanding.

The market generally believes that due to the accelerated growth of 合肥夜网 PERC, competition will gradually intensify, and the profits of related companies may be damaged.

We believe that Aixu Technology adheres to efficiency first, and always maintains a leading position in the market with conversion efficiency, and its profitability promotes a steady rise.

The company is the first to mass-produce competitive tubular PECVD technology, double-sided battery technology, etc., to obtain conversion efficiency advantages, and adopt industry4.

0, AI and other technology plan production lines to reduce non-silicon costs to achieve cost advantages, and quickly expand production capacity in a timely manner to achieve scale advantages.

As photovoltaic cells follow conversion efficiency pricing, lasting efficiency leadership can achieve a stable premium capacity, and cost reduction can continue to make profits. Therefore, Aixu Technology will be able to achieve fixed production while selling rapidly.It can also maintain a stable and sustainable level of unit profitability and achieve overall profit growth.


Aixu Technology continues to lead in conversion efficiency, and will be the first to achieve 23% conversion efficiency by the end of 2019 and early 2020.

risk warning.

Risk of backdoor listing failure, major technological progress risks, overseas trade risks, patent dispute risks.


Shenzhen Tianma A (000050) Quarterly Report Review: Q3 High Profits Continue to Overweight Flexible OLEDs

Shenzhen Tianma A (000050) Quarterly Report Review: Q3 High Profits Continue to Overweight Flexible OLEDs

Events: (1) The company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 was 23.4 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 7.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 10.

3 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 15%, net profit of non-attributed mothers5.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.

3%; the company’s 19Q3 single-quarter revenue was 88.

3 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

9 trillion, down 10 a year.

3%, net of non-attributed net profit 2.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.


(2) The company intends to raise no more than RMB 7.3 billion through non-public offering of shares to invest in Wuhan Tianma G6 AMOLED Phase II production line.

Opinion: The company is in the leading position in the small and medium size display field, especially in the high-end display area such as LTPS. We believe that the company’s high profit growth in Q3 is mainly due to the upgrade of product structure.Development prospects in the professional display field.


Q3 profit achieved high growth rate, product structure continued to upgrade The company’s revenue and profit scale were relatively stable in the first three quarters, Q3 single-quarter non-attributed net profit growth rate was 66.

At 6%, the performance is dazzling. We believe that it mainly benefits from the increase in the proportion of high-margin products such as the company’s high-end LTPS product specialty products.

As a leading company in the small and medium size and automotive display industries, the company is expected to continue to maintain its leading edge and is optimistic about the company’s development prospects.


Non-public issuance of shares. The company intends to invest in the second-phase production line of AMOLED. The company will issue a preliminary plan for non-public issuance of shares in August.

The current consumer electronics market continues to increase demand for gradual development, high definition, wide viewing angles, ultra-thinness, etc. AMOLED display panels are the main technological upgrade route in the future. The company’s fundraising projects will help the company to further improve its technological level and capacity scale, and enhanceCore competitiveness to consolidate and improve the company’s industry position and market influence.

After the project is completed, it is expected to increase the annual average sales income by about 17.18436 million yuan (combined with the overall calculation of the first-phase project and the second-phase project) and add an annual average total profit of about 2.25.9 billion yuan.


Continued expansion of production, 48 billion yuan invested in Xiamen OLED production line company co-invested 48 billion yuan in Xiamen OLED production 四川耍耍网 projects (substrate size 1500mm * 1850mm), the designed production capacity is 48 thousand flexible display substrates per month.

It will further enhance the company’s market layout in the small and medium-sized high-end display, especially in the AMOLED field, which will help the company improve its business layout, seize the opportunity of the rapid development of the AMOLED industry, and accelerate the realization of leading corporate strategic goals worldwide.

Investment suggestion: The company is in the leading position in the small and medium size display field. We are optimistic about the company’s development prospects in the small and medium size high-end display and professional display field. Due to the tight supply and demand relationship in the panel industry, the company’s 19-year profit forecast is reduced to 21.

800 million down to 12.

16, giving the company a 20-21 profit forecast of 15.

26 and 20.

19 trillion, EPS is 0.

74 and 0.

99 yuan, corresponding to 23 in 19-21.



27, corresponding to PB 1.




Risk Warning: Panel prosperity is lower than expected, orders are lower than expected, showing the risk of technological iteration


Jingwang Electronics (603228): The downstream application market is weakening, waiting for the industry to pick up

Jingwang Electronics (603228): The downstream application market is weakening, waiting for the industry to pick up

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the first three quarters of 2019 achieved revenue of 45.

35 ppm, a 24 year increase.

52%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

31 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.


Analysis and judgment: The market demand is weakening, and product prices are under pressure. The increase in revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 is mainly due to the release of production capacity of the Jiangxi Jingwang Phase II project and the increase in revenue of Jingwang Flexible.

83 yuan, an annual increase of 23.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

04 million, down 13 each year.


Q3 single quarter gross margin was 25.

67%, a decline of 6 per year.

4 averages, down 1 from the previous month.

66 units.

The company’s products are divided into three main categories: rigid board, flexible board, and metal substrate. The downstream applications mainly include mobile phones, automobiles, industrial, medical, and communications.

Looking at the mobile phone market, IDC expects global smartphone sales in 201913.

700 million units, ten years away2.

2%; data from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, from January to September 2019, the number of smartphones implanted in China2.

7.5 billion units, down 4 previously.

Looking at the automotive market, according to the German Automotive Research Center, global car sales in 2019 are expected to be 79.5 million units, each replacing 5%; according to data from the China Automobile Association, from January to September 2019, China ‘s auto sales were 18.37 millionWhile falling by 10.


We judge that due to the weaker downstream demand and the continuous expansion of internal PCB companies, intensified competition in the industry has led to falling product prices, lowering the company’s gross profit margin and affecting Q3 profitability.

The logic of shifting global PCB production capacity to mainland China is still looking forward to the rebound in the industry. According to Prismark statistics, the global PCB output value in 2018 is about 623.

USD 9.6 billion, of which China’s PCB output value is 327.

US $ 2 billion, is already the world’s main PCB production place.

Prismark predicts that the average annual composite production value of global PCB output value will be 3 in 2018-2023.

7%, 5G commercial, Internet of Things, automotive electronics, industry 4.

0, cloud server, memory, etc. will become the new driving force for the growth of PCB. It is estimated that the global PCB output value will reach 747 in 2023.

US $ 5.6 billion, of which China’s PCB output value will account for 54% of the global market.


According to the China Electronic Circuit Ranking released by CPCA, the company ranked 9th in the comprehensive PCB enterprise rankings in 2018 and 2nd in the domestic PCB private enterprises rankings.

According to N.


The top 100 PCB manufacturers in the world released by the information. From 2015 to 2018, the company ranked 34th, 32th, 31st and 25th among the top 100 PCB suppliers in the world, and the ranking kept rising.

We believe that in the future, with the implementation of 5G infrastructure construction, the penetration of 5G mobile phones, the development of automobiles toward electrification, networking, intelligence, and sharing, and the upgrade of automotive electronics rates will drive the PCB manufacturing industry to achieve a cyclical business cycle.

Investment advice do we expect the company 2019?
In 2021, the net return to mothers is 9 respectively.

4.5 billion, 13.
1.5 billion, 16.
66 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 1.

57 yuan, 2.

18 yuan, 2.

77 yuan.

Reference Shenwan Printed Circuit Board Index In the past two years, the PE (TTM) is about 42 times. Since the company went public in 2017, the average PE (TTM) is 32 times, and the change range is 25 times.
42 times.

Maintain target price of 65.

4 yuan, equivalent to 30 times PE in 2020, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest macroeconomic downturn, systemic risk; raw material price risk; exchange rate fluctuation risk; increased competition in the industry.


Comprehensive Analysis of the Leftover Hate Marriage Psychology

Comprehensive Analysis of the Leftover Hate Marriage Psychology

They regard marriage as a necessary task in life. They hate getting married and dreaming of white wedding dresses from a young age. Their whole life is to be a good wife and mother.

They think the happiest thing is to have a warm family.

Marriage is the task of life.

  They have no marryable candidates who hate marrying women. They have high requirements for marriage, but also material and romantic. It is often difficult to find people who meet the “standard”.

Or searched and searched and found no suitable person.

  Or, this kind of hatred marrying girl has very good conditions and belongs to the three high-ranking groups: “highly educated, tall, high-income”, or the “white bone essence”: white-collar, backbone, elite.

Such women often have no one dare to marry, and Luo Shi intentionally makes Jun unconscious.

Old age often hates marriage.

  They can’t resist the pressure of public opinion. They may be forced by the surrounding environment. Parents and friends worry about their marriage all day long. For a long time, they start to worry about marrying people.

  They may be very eager to get married. This ceremony dreams of putting on a white wedding gown, and the antique perfect wedding in the eyes of everyone.

This is a plot of marrying people. The yearning for the ritual of “marriage” far exceeds the result of marriage-the yearning for marriage itself.

  They are insecure, afraid of loneliness and loneliness, and want a stable life. Many hate married women feel that the pace of modern life is too fast, people feel lonely, insecure, and want a stable life.

At a certain age, I really want to have a home.

          They are afraid of aging. Generally speaking, when they are twenty-five years old, everyone around them is married, and together with the small social circle, they start to panic; and when the good friends around them send “pink bombs”, they are even more panic.

Everyone said: “A woman is a treasure before the age of 20, a grass before the age of 30, and no one wants it after 30.”

Parents, relatives and friends only asked one sentence when they met: “When will you get married?

How not to hate marriage?

  They may wish to escape from reality by marriage. Some hate marrying girls are often afraid of fierce social competition, often those college students who have just graduated.

I hope I can go home and work as a full-time wife without facing any personnel disturbance.

The idea of “when going out to work and seeing the face of the world, it is better to look at the face of a person at home”, and I want to have my own peaceful nest.



Women remember seven habits that can cause cold in the palace

Women remember seven habits that can cause cold in the palace

White-collar workers spend most of their time in the office, causing excessive illness due to long-term sitting in the office.

Seven bad habits make female white-collar workers prone to cold in the palace. If your body is unwell, the following seven points must be remembered, and take good care of your body.

1. The clothes are too thin for the summer. Women are showing their skin, beautiful legs, jade arms, fragrant shoulders, and even a large back.

But in the office, there will always be a constant 24 ° C in the four seasons.

As everyone knows, at this time your uterus is being tortured by the cold outside, how much migration can you withstand this consumption?

Unconsciously, the cold air invades the body, and the viscera, a woman’s unique organ, is the first and foremost, and the palace cold is not far away.

2, like to sleep on the table, lying on the table will unintentionally reveal the lower back, and the pores are loose during sleep, which is more likely to be injured by cold evil.

3. Fast weight loss No matter whether you are on a diet, exercise, or taking medicine, the way to lose weight is to consume more than you can absorb, but it must be an alternative process.

If you achieve weight loss in a short time, you can only use health as a price.

Fast weight loss is nothing more than the use of violent medicine to replace excess water and small amounts in the body by abnormal means, which is equivalent to the body’s loss of re-injected energy substances in a short period of time, and cold evil can easily invade and attack the uterus.

4, love to eat cold drinks, gluttony In the traditional Chinese health regimen, women’s constitution is yin, can not be gluttonous.

Even in the hot summer, cold drinks, iced tea, fruits and other cold things can not be greedy, let alone those who hold ice cream all year round.

After eating too many cold and cold foods, these foods will consume Yang Qi into the body, leading to endogenous cold evils and invading the uterus.

Therefore, the guidance of eating cold in Chinese medicine is mainly applicable to women.

Chinese medicine recommends that it is best to eat cold food only in the summer season, and do not eat food just taken out of the refrigerator.

People who are dry and hot can eat more, don’t overdo it, for example, eat no more than two ice cream a day.

5, excessive fatigue or emotional changes often work overtime and work overtime, it is easy to cause excessive physical fatigue, injury to the body yang, decreased immunity, especially when working late at night, cold wind caused by night, the evil wind “enter the palace.”

6, did not choose a diet according to their own physique. Some women are born with a relatively cold physique, limbs tend to be cold, especially sensitive to cold weather, paler than ordinary people, like to drink hot drinks, rarely thirsty, afraid of cold in winter, heat-resistant in summer.

However, when choosing a diet, women do not choose warm foods because of their cold constitution, but prefer cold foods instead.

Therefore, people of different types need to pay more attention to their diet and don’t make the womb worse.

7. People who exercise “Gong Han” in general should also exercise appropriately. Generally speaking, people in Gong Han tend to be quiet and stable, and they tend to feel tired when they exercise too much.

In fact, “movement is born of Yang”, those with cold constitution need to improve their constitution through exercise.

If you want to treat palace cold, the most important thing is to warm the palace. You can take the following methods for conditioning: 1. Do more exercise.

Women with cold constitutions need more exercise to increase yang, and it is especially important to do more aerobic exercises.

By doing exercise, you can unblock the meridians, regulate qi and blood, improve blood circulation, and thus warm the whole body.

However, pay attention to keeping warm during and after exercise, especially after sweating, the pores will open, cold evil will invade, and the uterus may be attacked by cold evil. The blood gas will condense when cold, and the symptoms of cold in palace will appear.

2. According to the Yongquan point, in free time, you can massage the Yongquan point, which is good for protecting yang and preventing cold in the palace.

In addition, every 3-5 days, scrape the lumbosacral region, abdomen and lower abdomen with a scraping plate until redness and fever. This is also a good way to treat palace cold.

3, women who eat less cold should drink a moderate amount of cold drinks, eat fruits and other cold things, food taken out of the refrigerator, it is best to put in front and eat.

Also keep in mind that you should eat hot food before eating cold food.

Ginger can disperse moderately and warmly, and can be eaten appropriately.

In addition, you can eat more black sesame, walnuts, dates, peanuts and other food to benefit Qi and warm the palace.

4. Keep warm If the air conditioner temperature is adjusted very low, over time, the cold evil will invade the internal organs and hurt the uterus.

Therefore, when staying in an air-conditioned room, you must keep warm and try to wear a longer jacket to protect your waist and abdomen.

When going out, do not sit on the ground or on a stone chair to avoid cold.


Top ten joys and regrets for women

Top ten joys and regrets for women

Women’s happiness comes from many aspects. Do you want to know more about their minds and make them happier and happier?

Then take a look, women’s top ten joys are: one, love each other.

Only when boys love girls a little more can they be regarded as falling in love.

Because boys should take good care of girls, if he pays the same love as girls, he won’t love her enough.

  Second, a happy marriage.

  Third, before the other party wants to break up with you, you first ask him to break up.

Well, in your memory, the reserve price has never been abandoned.

  Fourth, once betrayed you, forsaken your boy, came back and begged you to regain your old love, and you coldly rejected it.

What could be more lucrative than the loser’s victory?

  Fifth, the guy who thinks you spend too much money, after leaving you, married a girl who is crazy than you spend money.

  Six, rich.

A survey proves that men and women with money are indeed happier than men and women without money.

Since the poor and the rich cannot be happy, why not be rich?

When you are sad, it is better to drink two million bottles of red wine than to drink double steam.

  Seven, gain nothing.

  Eight, early retirement.

It is best to take a sum of money, retire at the age of 40, and travel around the world.

If you are too casual, find some charity to do it.

  Nine, wine every confidant.

  Ten, the pilot aircraft landed safely.

  So what are women’s top ten regrets?

Please see the next page!

  One of the top ten regrets is not to marry your favorite person.

  Second, find the person you love the most, but can’t get along.

It turns out that falling in love is not the hardest, getting along is the biggest challenge.

Third, it’s too late to find someone you like.

He’s married, she’s married, or someone around him.

Miraculous love is a belated spring.

  Fourth, meet the boy that makes you heartbreaking, but unfortunately his age has broken to be your grandpa.

  Fifth, you are hesitant to decide whether to break up with him. Who knows that he will be the first to break up first and ask you to break up first.

He will never know, it is you who first thought of not wanting him!

Even if you tell him, he will only sneer and think you are dead.

  Six, my lover is married.

  Seventh, he left you, but chose a girl with much worse conditions than you.

How can you be sad if you lose to a girl who is not as good as you?

His choice really makes you lose face.

  Eight, he left you and chose a girl with much higher conditions than you.

Would rather he choose a girl with worse conditions than you!   Nine, you broke up with him painfully, thinking that he will be sad for a long time, and it is not easy to find a girl who loves him.

However, shortly after, he told you cheerfully that he had found a new girlfriend and was very happy.

And you never have a new love.

  Ten, fall in love with a person, but unfortunately his gender is the same as you.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes Regulate Stroke Sequelae

Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes Regulate Stroke Sequelae

Stroke, or stroke, is a sudden, acute cerebrovascular disease, mostly caused by hypertension or cerebral thrombosis.

Too many patients have not survived after treatment, but have lost their ability to work to varying degrees, manifested as hemiplegia, paralysis of the hands and feet, unfavorable language, and skewed mouth and eyes. They are commonly referred to as the sequelae of stroke.

For the sequelae of stroke, Chinese medicine has a wealth of experience in treatment. In addition to the principles of syndrome differentiation and treatment, drugs, acupuncture, massage, functional exercises and other methods are used. Pay attention to light diet, reasonable mix and rich nutrition.

The staple food is mainly rice, flour, corn, millet, etc .; eat more soy products and fruits and vegetables such as celery, spinach, cabbage, radish, cucumber, lotus root, orange, etc .; fish is the best protein (except for carp).Black fish, yellow croaker, catfish, etc .; eat less meat such as pork, beef and their internal organs; eat less salt, sugar and spicy products.

If combined with the corresponding drug therapy, it can further promote rehabilitation. Several methods that have become commonly used are introduced as follows: 1. Yiqihuoxue: shortness of breath and fatigue due to sequelae of stroke, limb weakness, numbness, paralysis, swelling and expansion of limbsEtc., optionally with the following medicated diet.

① Astragalus and Guizhi Porridge: 15 grams of astragalus root, 10 grams of fried white scallion, 10 grams of cinnamon sticks, 3 slices of ginger, 4 flavors of decoction, and 100 grams of rice and 5 jujubes are cooked for thin porridge.

Yiqi Yangxue and Wen Meridian.

② Astragalus Roe Deer: 30 grams of astragalus, 10 jujubes, angelica, 10 grams each of wolfberry, 100 grams of lean pork (sliced), stewed soup, seasoned with salt, eat soup with meat.

Can nourish yin and help yang, nourishing qi and activating blood.

③ Astragalus Dilong lean meat porridge: 50 grams of fresh Dilong, cut open and clean the mud, 50 grams of lean pork, shredded, shared seasonings; take 10 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of rice, add water and boil,Take the ground dragon and lean meat and cook until the porridge is cooked.

④ Cordyceps turmeric chicken: 1 hen, 30 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 50 grams of turmeric, sacrifice the chicken, wash it open, separate the cordyceps, turmeric and the right amount of seasoning, stew and simmer after sewing.

  Second, nourishing the liver and kidney: after the sequelae of stroke, hemiplegia is seen for a long time, shortness of breath, tinnitus, faintness, soft waist and knees, insomnia and dreams, numbness of the limbs, muscle tremor, etc., the following dietary methods can be used.

① Chestnut longan porridge: 10 chestnuts (shelled and cut into pieces), boil the porridge with 50 grams of previous rice, put 20 grams of longan meat when cooked, and cook for another 10 minutes.

② Braised persimmon and wolfberry stew: 200 grams of meat, 30 grams of astragalus, and 20 grams of wolfberry. Add the right amount of water and simmer until the meat is cooked and ready to serve.

③ Ertong fish belly porridge: Asparagus and wheat asparagus 30 grams each, decoction and juice, 20 grams of wolfberry, rice 50 grams porridge; when the porridge is cooked, add 10 grams of mashed fish belly gelatine, And then boil one, two boil, ready to eat.

④ Huangjing pearl oyster porridge: Huangjing 10 grams, mother of pearl, 30 grams each of oysters, decoction with 3 flavors of water, increase 50 grams of rice and cook for thin porridge.

It can flatten the liver and bury the sun, extinguish the wind and clear the collaterals, and it is suitable to meet those who are flushed and restless.

  Third, the spleen and phlegm: dizziness, dizziness, delirium, limb numbness, unfavorable movements, chest fullness, and lack of appetite, etc., you can use the following conditioning diet.

①Yam yam powder: 150 grams of yam, 200 grams of pueraria powder, 100 grams of millet.

②Huailian lemon paste: 18g of Huaishan and 30g of lotus rice, respectively roasted and ground into fine powder; another half of sour lemon is ground into a slurry, put 200ml of water in a small pot, boil, and pour into HuaishanStir in lotus rice flour to make a paste, add 40 grams of rock sugar to dissolve, and cool it to eat.

Suitable for those who have dry lips and dry stools.

③Orange peel and hawthorn porridge: 10 grams of orange peel, 15 grams of hawthorn meat (dry product), 12 grams of rice dumplings, first roasted separately and researched into fines; another 100 grams of glutinous rice are cooked, and porridge will be added when the porridge is ready.Cook a little bit, season a little salt, and eat at any temperature.

Suitable for those with high blood lipids.