It’s healthier for teens to quarrel with their parents-

Are teens arguing with their parents healthier?

The Observer newspaper recently quoted Holmes’s opinion and reported that conflict can be beneficial for young people, and can teach them how to cultivate healthy personality, social cognitive skills and how to reason with people.

  ”I was surprised during the study that teenagers basically thought that a violent argument with their parents made them closer to their parents,” Holmes said.

“However, Holmes acknowledged that noisy, but the conflict must be handled in the right way.

Parents need to really listen to their children’s perspectives; they need to be able to adjust their perspectives and positions in a timely manner; they need to respect their perspectives, and have the courage to acknowledge their perspectives correctly when arguing.


These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

Reminder 1: Baby should not eat more eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrients and contain lecithin that is good for brain, but baby is not suitable for eating more eggs.

  It is not advisable for infants to eat four eggs, and infants should not eat too much eggs.

  Because infants and young children have poor digestive ability, if they are allowed to eat a lot of eggs, it will not only easily cause indigestion and affect their physical health.

  Second, infants and young children before the age of half should not eat egg white.

  The development of the digestive system of babies under half-year-old is not perfect, the permeability of the intestinal wall is higher, the albumin molecules in egg white are smaller, and sometimes they can directly enter the baby’s blood through the intestinal wall, so that the baby’s body produces conductive protein moleculesAllergies, eczema, and acute measles.

  Third, it is not advisable to eat uncooked eggs.

  According to research, even unbroken eggs are easily contaminated with salmonella.

Then fry the eggs for 3 minutes, and boil the eggs for 7 minutes, otherwise harmful bacteria can easily cause bacterial poisoning of the baby.

  Fourth, children with fever should not eat eggs.

  Baby fever, egg protein can produce “extra” changes after eating, leading to an increase in the body’s transition, which is not conducive to the recovery of sick children.

  Reminder 2: Babies should not eat more oranges. Oranges contain lutein. If the baby eats too much, it is easy to produce “chlorophyll skin disease”, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even cause bone disease.

  Oranges have a bright color, sweet and sour taste, and they look very appealing to the baby. In addition, they are rich in nutrients, so mommy often allows the baby to eat hard, as long as the baby likes it!

However, this matter is not so simple, because there are many “mummy learning” among them.

  There are too many monosaccharides in oranges, which can be easily absorbed by the small intestine, but if it is blocked in the stomach, it can easily form bloating gas and cause constipation.

Therefore, do not give your baby immediately after a full meal.

Moreover, it is not standard to give the baby before meals, because the baby’s stomach capacity is still relatively small, if eaten before meals, it will occupy a certain space.

In addition, the baby should not drink milk for 1 hour before or after eating the orange. Otherwise, the fruit acid in the orange and the protein in the milk will immediately coagulate, affecting the nutrient absorption in the orange.

  If your baby’s constitution is too hot, it is best to eat cold fruits, such as pears, watermelons, bananas, kiwis, mangoes, etc. They can defeat the fire; eating more oranges can cause fires, so it is not appropriate to eat more hot childrenorange.

  Reminder 3: Baby should not eat more lentils Lentils may cause bloating, so it is not advisable to eat more lentils.

It is best not to eat bloated and sick babies.

  Unripe lentils can easily cause poisoning. The main culprit of lentils is erythrocyte lectin, saponin and other natural toxins.

These toxins are relatively heat-resistant and can only be destroyed if they are heated to 100 ° C and continuously re-started.

The method of boiling lentils with boiling water and frying lentils with rapid fire is often not able to completely destroy the natural toxins due to short processing time and insufficient temperature for frying (cooking).

These toxins can strongly irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause human poisoning.

The family processes lentils because of the small pot and small amount, it is easy to cook and thoroughly cooked, and poisoning rarely occurs.

However, when the lentils are fried in restaurants and canteens, they have large pots and large quantities, and they are not uniformly fried.

Therefore, no matter whether eating at home or eating out, lentils try not to give too much to young children.

  Reminder 4: Baby should not eat more soy milk Soy milk is made with beans as the main raw material.

At present, soy milk sold in the market has many varieties, suitable prices, and convenient consumption, so it is very popular with consumers.

According to analysis, soy milk is rich in rich nutritional ingredients, especially rich in protein and cracked micro-element magnesium, which is converted into vitamin B1, B2, etc., which is indeed a better nutritious food.

  Soy milk contains not many varieties of sugar, calcium and vitamins.

The protein contained in soy milk is mainly vegetable protein, and soy milk contains more aluminum. Babies drink soy milk for a long time, transforming aluminum conversion in the body, affecting brain development, and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and other nutrients in milk,Good for children’s growth.

  Therefore, you should not use soymilk to feed your baby, but you should feed it with milk, especially for infants under 4 months. Soymilk should not be used instead. Soymilk can only be used as a supplement. For some reason, there is no milk for a while.When you must feed with soy milk, you should pay attention to adding a small amount of cod liver oil, adding some sugar, calcium powder (such as calcium gluconate, etc.), egg yolk, fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup and other foods in time, so the baby needs various nutrients.


Which type of person is suitable for long-term Latin dance

Which type of person is suitable for long-term Latin dance

In recent years, long-term sports dance has developed rapidly, and many fitness methods have emerged. For staff who are busy every day, it is important to choose an appropriate fitness and entertainment method and persist in it.

I have been thinking about which type of people should choose Latin as the fitness method, and which Latin dance is more suitable. Later, I carefully observed the characteristics of the Latin dance enthusiast group and gained some superficial understanding.

  Chinese classical dance pays attention to “heart, mind, qi”, with emphasis on rigid, crisp, tough and soft.

Ballet also pays attention to qi, but it is more about the control of the bones on the body.

The Latin dance is classified as a sports dance, indicating that it not only has artistic beauty, but also has the effect of strengthening the body.

Compared to other dances, for Asians who don’t pay much attention to muscle training, long-term practice of Latin dance will exercise most of the muscles of the body, which will have a more obvious fitness effect.

  What kind of person is suitable to choose social Latin dance as a fitness method?

  Social Latin dance does not require high physical ability, and is easy to learn. It can mainly dance in the ballroom or bar to relax the nervous nerves.

People who have long adhered to social Latin dance have some common characteristics: they are willing to spend money, like social activities, like curiosity but less perseverance, and separate from dancing and prefer to focus on their career.

Needless to say about money, long-term high spending in bars is not a small number. Most of them put their careers in a more important position and only treat Latin dance as a pastime.

If you don’t like to deal with strangers, you can’t persist for a long time, such men and women.

  What kind of person is suitable for long-term competitive Latin dance?

  Competitive Latin dance requires more technical skills and complementary physical abilities, which require longer learning and practice.

If you want to persist, you must have a strong interest so that you can continue to do so when you experience frustration.

Basically, there must be a relatively radial acceleration. This is not to say that too much time. Some people’s work will put a lot of pressure on their minds. They focus on their work all day. Such people are not suitable for competitive Latin.Dance as a long-term fitness method.

Of course, those who choose competitive Latin dance must have a certain research spirit and like to explore complex things. In order to learn the five Latin dances, they can persist and improve for a long time.

However, such people may inevitably make dancing affect their lives or careers, because if the leisure time spent on dancing can improve their professional level, they can also achieve certain results.

It may be the cause of stress in life. There are fewer men than women in some people.

  What kind of person is suitable for flamenco?

  Flamenco is a very expressive dance, and its enthusiasts can be considered a niche.

This colorful dance is suitable for people with clear love and hate, rich emotions but not melancholy, people who express their emotions directly, and do not like restrained people. Only such people can challenge flamenco’s crisp beat rhythm and provocationThe dance style, strong explosive power and graceful arm movements are performed vividly.

Of course, flamenco is also a kind of long-term focused practice to achieve better mastery.


How to eliminate bags under the eyes

How to eliminate bags under the eyes

How to eliminate bags under the eyes?

Eye bags are the lower eyelid edema that we often say.

Because the skin on the top of the eyelids is thin, the subcutaneous tissue is easy to relax, so it is easy to cause edema, which leads to the appearance of eye bags.

How are bags under the eyes formed?

According to experts, how the bags under the eyes form this problem must be analyzed in detail.

So how to eliminate bags under the eyes?

Let’s find a simple and effective method with Xiaobian.

   In general, there are several reasons why bags under the eyes are formed: One of the reasons for the formation of bags under the eyes: bags under the eyes caused by genetic factors.

  For the bags under the eyes caused by genetic causes, the only effective way to solve hereditary bags under the eyes is to remove the bags under the eyes.

Seekers can go to the hospital in the distance to find an authoritative eye bag specialist for detailed consultation to find the most suitable eye bag surgery method.

  The second cause of bags under the eyes: excessive fatigue leads to the formation of bags under the eyes.

  Excessive fatigue can cause puffiness of the eyelids, which can easily lead to the formation of eye bags if left in this state for a long time.

Therefore, experts recommend that you pay attention to the rest of your eyes and avoid using your eyes excessively.

  The third cause of bags under the eyes: sleep causes the bags under the eyes.

  Bags under the eyes may also be caused by lack of sleep, excessive drinking water before bedtime, etc. However, the bags under the eyes usually recover after rest or maintenance.

  The fourth cause of bags under the eyes: bags under the eyes due to age.

  Eye bags under this cause are the most common and are the focus of treatment when we go to bags under the eyes.

In general, possible causes of bags under the eyes also need surgery to replenish excess aunt and skin in order to obtain the ideal treatment effect.

  The lingering bags under the eyes don’t bother the majority of women, which not only affects their beauty but also seriously affects their mood. How should this be good?

I will teach you a few practical and effective tips to remove bags under the eyes, let’s take a look!

  The first trick to remove bags under the eyes: If you can use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to apply pressure and massage to the skin under the eyes for 4 weeks before going to bed, you can receive bags under the eyes and reduce the aging effect.

  The second way to remove bags under the eyes: Stick figs or cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes before going to bed.

Tea can also be made by immersing papaya and mint in hot water, and it is often taken on the skin under the eyes after cooling.

  The third trick to remove bags under the eyes: Use some cream or oil on the face and hit the face with your finger upwards. Pay special attention to tapping on the weak skin around the eyes.

Usually avoid avoiding arbitrarily pulling the lower eyelid or extending it too much.

  The fourth trick to remove eye bags: Use eye cream. The eye cream uses Chinese medicine for internal and external use. The absorption of collagen can promote the skin’s regenerative ability, dredge the eye meridians, enhance skin elasticity, fully hydrate and lock water, and anti-wrinkle effect. Removing eye bags can also effectively careEye skin is satisfying.

  Fifth trick to remove bags under the eyes: often chew this kind of carrot and celery or chewing gum in the diet, which is beneficial to improve the skin.

You must pay attention to eating colloids, high-quality protein, animal livers, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods, and pay attention to balance.

It can provide the necessary nutrients for the renewal of this part of tissue cells, and it can also replace the lower eye bags. For example, Difu Chinese medicine eye cream with oral collagen.

  Sixth trick of removing eye bags: Dip two sanitary cotton balls in a mixture of ice water and fresh milk, control 80% of the moisture, and apply it to your eyes for 15 minutes, once or twice a day.

Or use a small square soaked in ice water, twist it to 80% dry, fold into a long strip and insert it on the eyelids to achieve the effect of removing eye bags.

  Seventh trick to remove bags under the eyes: Some people abroad often use chamomile, fine black tea or rose seeds, etc., and use warm castor oil or olive oil, apply wet on the bags under the eyes for 15 minutes, minutes to hours every day, these substances helpTo solve the problem of capsular bag appearing under the eyes.


What to eat at lunch and to be old and anti-aging


What to eat at lunch and to be old and anti-aging

What is the healthiest food for lunch?

Here we recommend the six great foods of “Ideal Lunch”.

銆€銆€Anti-aging anti-cancer food – broccoli recommended reason: broccoli antioxidant vitamin C and carotene.

Scientific research has proven that broccoli is the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

銆€銆€The best source of protein – fish recommended reason: fish can provide a large number of high-quality protein, and high digestion and absorption rate, is the best choice for supplementing high-quality protein.

銆€銆€At the same time, the cholesterol content in the fish is very low, and it does not bring in more cholesterol while ingesting high-quality protein.

銆€銆€Studies have shown that eating more fish can also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€Lipid-lowering foods – onions Recommended reason: Onions can clear blood and help lower cholesterol.

銆€銆€Antioxidant foods – Tofu Recommended reason: In addition to lean meat and fish and shrimp food, tofu is also a good source of protein.

銆€銆€At the same time, legumes contain a chemical called isoflavones and are an effective antioxidant.

Please remember that “oxidation” means “aging.”

銆€銆€Keeping Vigorous Foods – Cabbage Recommended Reasons: Cabbage is rich in vitamin C. It is also blended with fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and keep the digestive system young.

銆€銆€Beauty food – fresh fruits and vegetables Recommended reason: fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E.

銆€銆€Carotene is the best anti-aging element, it can maintain the health of the outer tissues of human tissues or organs, while vitamin C and vitamin E can delay the aging of cells due to oxidation.


3 foods help you get rid of bad emotions


3 foods help you get rid of bad emotions

The weather is hot in summer and people become very sensitive.

I want to get angry when I encounter a little something. Although irritability is a normal emotional reaction, occasionally I don’t have to worry too much, but if I do this every day, it will inevitably affect my work efficiency.

Below, we recommend 4 kinds of food for you to help you ease the summer irritability, so that this summer no longer worry.

銆€銆€1, eat more protein-rich food heart corresponding to summer, summer heart Yang is the most prosperous, people are prone to irritability, temper and other symptoms.

Therefore, in the summer, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the heart, drink more milk, eat more soy products, chicken, lean meat, etc., and properly supplement the body nutrition.

銆€銆€2, eat more food early, drink porridge at dinner, drink soup at lunch.

Add some lotus leaves when cooking porridge, which has the effect of eliminating heat, nourishing the stomach and clearing the intestines, and quenching thirst; adding some lotus leaves during porridge, it has the functions of eliminating heat and quenching thirst, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and producing diuresis.
銆€銆€3, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement water and inorganic salts, usually eat more vegetables, fruits, such as tomatoes, green peppers, melon, bayberry, melon, plums and other foods with heat and dampness, especially pay attention to potassium supplements.

In addition, according to the physical quality to choose the right fruit, for people with bad stomach, it is best to choose a milder fruit, not too sweet, not too sour.

Deficiency of cold and patients with stomach cold, stomach ulcers, it is best to eat less cold food such as watermelon, cantaloupe.

銆€銆€I feel irritable and need to relieve the solution in time. It is likely to cause anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

If the symptoms are serious, you should seek the help of a psychiatrist in time to restore a good physiological state as soon as possible.


Millet is the perfect detox food


Millet is the perfect detox food


The fiber contained in sweet potato sweet potato is soft and easy to digest, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help defecation.

The best way to eat it is to bake sweet potatoes, and even the skin is roasted together, eaten together, and tastes sweet and sweet.


Mung bean green bean has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dehumidifying and diuresis, quenching thirst and quenching thirst. Drinking mung bean soup is beneficial to detoxification and swelling, but the time of cooking should not be too long, so as to avoid organic acid and vitamins being destroyed and reduced.


Oatmeal oatmeal can cause laxative bowel movements, resulting in a larger stool volume, increased moisture, combined with fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility, and play a detoxification role.

It is a good choice to make steamed oats into juice. Drinking with a drink is also a good choice. You can also add other ingredients such as apples, raisins, and nutrition to promote bowel movements!


Renqiren can promote blood circulation, water metabolism, exert diuretic swelling effect, and improve edema-type obesity.

Renshui is a good detoxification method. After directly boiling the coix seed with boiling water, add some sugar to the moderate taste. It is a natural skin care product for skin whitening.


Millet millet is gluten-free and does not stimulate the combined wall. It is a mild fiber that is easily digested, so it is suitable for use with detox meals.

Millet porridge is very suitable for detoxification, has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, is rich in nutrients, and also helps whitening.


The coarse rice is the whole rice, retaining the rice bran, rich in fiber, absorbent, liposuction and considerable satiety, which can help the detoxification.

Eating a bowl of rice porridge or a cup of brown rice soy milk for a bowl of breakfast every day is a good way to detoxify.