[How to make oil mash?】 _How to_Daquan Practice

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[Flaxseed powder for constipation]_Constipation_Action_Precautions

[Flaxseed powder for constipation]_Constipation_Action_Precautions

Constipation is very common in life and is generally related to poor eating habits.

Constipation is very harmful and should be treated promptly if it occurs.

Medication is the most common way to treat constipation. In fact, the diet can also achieve good results. Flaxseed powder is very good for constipation. We can try flaxseed powder to treat constipation.

Let’s take a closer look at the treatment of constipation by flaxseed powder.

Can flaxseed treat constipation? People who often forget to drink water are prone to constipation. People who like to eat spicy food for a long time can easily cause bowel depression. Women in the third trimester can easily form the bladder due to uterine compression.Situation of constipation.

If you want to alleviate the situation, you need to correct bad habits, and you need to choose flaxseed for treatment.

Because flaxseed contains a special vegetable oil, it can lubricate and lubricate. In addition, this ingredient can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and increase the consumption of flaxseed to improve constipation.

Notes on Flaxseed Treatment for Constipation For better results, you need to take some precautions when taking flaxseed.

First of all, when using flaxseed oil, it can be used in combination with green tea, which can make it have better antioxidant effects, let its effects be exerted, and improve the condition of patients with hypertension; then it can use milk and flaxseedTaken after mixing together, both have the effect of running itself, so it can make the effect of treating constipation better.

In addition to the effects of flaxseed that enhance physical fitness, flaxseed is actually a very ideal food for precipitating fiber, which has a very good effect on dredging interactions and alleviating constipation. Regular consumption of flaxseed can make good use of itThe laxative effect helps the body excrete excess toxins in the body, improves gastrointestinal motility, and protects intestinal health!

In addition, because flaxseed is a natural fiber food, he will not have strict food taboos like some Chinese medicines. Pregnant women and children who need it can also consume it, but the amount can be appropriately reduced.Take 1 tablespoon at a time.


[How to make canned Sydney]_How to make canned Sydney

[How to make canned Sydney]_How to make canned Sydney

Usually, we often see canned iced Sydney cans in supermarkets. Canned foods are usually eaten more in winter because there are fewer fruits in winter. Canned foods also allow us to eat different flavors of fruits, which can also bring very moisturizing.It works, but the price of canned syrup can’t be low, everyone might as well make it at home.

Canned iced Sydney method / steps Sydney, Fengshui Pear, and Crown Pear are actually eaten directly. The most delicious is Fengshui Pear, followed by Crown Pear, and finally Sydney.

However, because it is cooked, it can be tested with taste.

After washing the pears, peel them and place them on a cutting board and cut them into small pieces. By the way, remove the cores of the pears, put the pears in the pot, and put 2 pieces of rock sugar, because the pears are already sweet, so onlyPut two pieces into the water, do not exceed the height of the pear pieces. After the ripeness, the moisture of the pear itself will come out and open the fire. During the heating process, the rock sugar will gradually melt. After the rock sugar is completely melted, it can be turned

Glass bottles are steamed in a steamer and allowed to cool.

Put in the refrigerator.

It turns out that this homemade can is very delicious.


[How to fry Cantonese sausages]_How to make_Method

[How to fry Cantonese sausages]_How to make_Method

Everyone knows that there are many varieties and varieties of Cantonese sausages. The main types are fresh duck sausages, waxed gold and silver sausages, fresh shrimp sausages, and rose pork sausages.The gift of choice is Cantonese-style sausages, which are very bright in color, but also have the advantages of mellow flavor and delicious taste, as well as thin skin and tender meat.

First, how can fried Cantonese sausages taste delicious?

Stir-fried Cantonese-style sausages with bell peppers.

Sausages are sliced obliquely, ginger and chives are cut into sections.

Wash and cut the bell peppers, and cut the celery into sections.

Add a little edible oil to the pan, stir-fry the bell peppers and celery.

Stir until the bell peppers are broken and add salt.

Add the remaining oil to the pan and add the ginger.

After the scent, the sausage is lowered.

Stir fry over low heat until the sausage becomes transparent and scoop out the oil.

Boiled bell peppers and celery before.

Stir fry and pour in steamed fish stew.

 Slightly for 2 minutes.

Sprinkle the shallots and leave the pot.

Note: After the sausage is taken out of the pot, simmer on low heat.

Because the sausage is sweet, the fire is easy to stick to the pan and the bottom.

Second, Cantonese-style sausages are fried with pepper.

Preparing materials: Hang pepper and sausage, wash the pepper and cut into oblique sections, cut the sausage into slices, pour oil in the pan, add sausage slices and stir-fry when the Liuqicheng is hot, and stir-fry the pepper when the sausage changes colorSalt, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, cook off the heat.

Third, are Cantonese-style sausages and fried dishes delicious and healthy?

Stir fry with oil-absorbing vegetables. Do not add salt and oil when frying. Add more water.

The Cantonese sausage has a salty flavor. Putting water to boil can allow too much salt and a small amount to be poured into the water. Eating sausages can reduce the intake of fat.

Oil-absorbing vegetables are: broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, and the like, and do not add salt and oil when fried. Sausage itself has oil, fried vegetables can use its fat, and then put the oil may be upside down.

How to make Cantonese sausages delicious?

Cantonese style fried dutch beans.

Method: Prepare the ingredients, wash the peas, peel off both ends and stems, sausages, and garlic.

Wash the ingredients, peel and mince the garlic, and slice the sausage.

Heat oil in a wok and add minced garlic to sauté.

Add the sausages and stir fry quickly.

Then add dutch beans and salt.

After stir-frying quickly, sprinkle in chicken essence and stir-fry.


Adisseo (600299): Q3 gross profit growth is good compared with the previous quarter, liquid methionine sales increase rapidly

Adisseo (600299): Q3 gross profit growth is good compared with the previous quarter, liquid methionine sales increase rapidly

Event: Adisseo announced the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved revenue of 83 in the first three quarters.

1.3 billion, (-2 per year.

49%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.

120,000 yuan (ten years +14.

42%), realizing deducted non-attribution net profit8.

120,000 yuan (one year -2.


Among them, 19Q3 achieved revenue of 29.

550,000 yuan (ten years +6.

49%, +12.

61%), realizing net profit attributable to mothers2.

RMB 780,000 (+26 for the whole year.

18%, +16.

86%), realizing deducted non-attributed net profit1.

950,000 yuan (ten years -9.

79%, MoM-1.


The company also plans to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 1 for every 10 shares to all shareholders.

03 yuan, totaling RMB 2.

7.6 billion (both tax included).

Comment: Adisseo’s Q3 gross profit increased month-on-month. Our analysis is mainly due to the continued increase in sales of main products; transformation, net profit growth has contributed to insurance claims income, while the decrease in non-net profit growth has mainly come from fair value gains and losses.Variety.

3Q19 Adisseo achieved gross profit 9.

64 trillion (ten years +12.

8%, +8.

0%), an increase from the previous quarter, reflecting the trend of the main business.

In terms of price, Boya and News 19Q3 liquid methionine (Shandong) quarterly average price was 14.

59 yuan / kg (+1 for ten years.

10%, compared to -30.

82%), VA (500,000 IU / g) is 371 yuan / kg (-2% per minute, the chain ratio is flat), the average selling price of the product is relatively stable, and the methionine chain ratio has improved; in terms of sales, the company ‘s owner in the third quarterLiquid methionine achieved double-digit growth (China’s sales volume increased by 21%), selenium, enzyme preparations, ruminants (US dairy market is recovering now), aquatic products (good performance in Europe and Asia Pacific), mycotoxins management businessGet 15 in bulk?
25% increase; in terms of cost, thanks to the fall in raw material prices (such as 19Q3 China futures price of 7423 yuan / ton, each time -13.

6%, +4 from the previous quarter.

0%) and the improvement of the company’s operating efficiency, the company’s operating costs were effectively controlled based on the increase in sales (19Q3 operating costs 19).

91 trillion, ten years +9.

2%, +15.

0%), and finally achieved a gross profit margin of 32 in 19Q3.

62% (year -1.

57 points.
, +2.

6 points.
) To maintain a good level.

In addition, the company’s 19Q3 non-recurring income reached zero.

8.3 billion (decade +0.

7.9 billion, +0.

4.2 billion), mainly from insurance claims; in the net profit of non-return to mothers, the net income from changes in fair value affected the penetration, which was -0 in 19Q3.

170,000 yuan (ten years-0.

4 billion, -0 chain.

38 ppm), 18Q3 is mainly due to changes in the euro / dollar hedging, 19Q2 is also mainly derived from gains from changes in fair value of derivative financial instruments, and 19Q3 is mainly participating in incentive programs.

Overcapacity of methionine and continued low prices; Adisseo achieved rapid sales growth with its liquid egg advantage, cost competitiveness and R & D strength, and new projects have been built to drive company performance growth.

It is said that Feedinfo currently has a global annual output of about 170 tons of methionine and a demand of about 130 tons. The overall situation of oversupply has caused prices to continue to fall for 15 years. In April this year, Novus announced the cancellation of Texas.The methionine production expansion plan, the same month the Ministry of Commerce of China launched an anti-dumping investigation on methionine, which boosted the price of methionine and has continued to this day (an increase of about 10%).

According to the Japan Chemical Industry Daily, in October, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce production indicators, the same month the Ministry of Commerce ‘s anti-dumping hearing on methionine was on schedule. We analyzed the major or large-scale expansion of methionine overseas in the future.

In addition, due to the continuous increase of domestic liquid methionine permeability and broad market prospects, and the aforementioned cost advantages and technological research and development strength of Adisseo, the company’s liquid methionine sales have grown rapidly (domestic growth rate of more than 20%).

The company expanded the production of 5 injections in Europe in 18 years, the Nanjing factory completed the demoulding transformation, and the current Nanjing 18 injection new liquid methionine project (planned to invest 4).

(9 billion US dollars) construction is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to be put into production in 21 years. The company is expected to maintain the industry leading position of methionine in the future (According to the announcement, Adisseo’s global market share is currently about 27%).

Stable development of vitamin A business and accelerated layout of special product segments.

Due to the impact of the BASF accident in June, the price of VA is relatively relative; Feedinfo expects that the BASF plant will be restored in November, but the start of 19Q4 and 20Q1 will maintain the level, and 20H2 will have production shutdown and expansion plans, so the supply or maintenance of the VA industry in the medium termTightening situation.

The company maintains a stable production capacity of 4,000 tons / year.

In addition, the high-value-added specialty products business is the company’s second pillar business. It is derived from the continuous expansion and development of existing product lines, the continuous introduction of new products and external mergers and acquisitions. Andy Su has become a global leader in animal nutrition specialty products.One, the development will continue to accelerate in the future.

Adisseo completed an investment in smart farming on October 9.

The investment target is Tibot, a pioneer in robotics that focuses on poultry farming. The company develops robotic solutions for poultry farmers to increase their income, improve farm working conditions and improve animal health.

It is planned to hold 100% of Adisseo Nutrition Group to optimize the company’s financial structure.

In October, the company announced that it intends to acquire from the Bluestar Group a 15% remaining equity of its subsidiary Adisseo Nutrition Group (the 85% equity held has been injected during the 15-year asset restructuring), achieving 100% control.
The underlying asset’s EPS estimate is 30.

RMB 860,000, deducting non-attributed net profit in 201811.四川耍耍网

4.9 billion calculated equivalent to the acquisition price-earnings ratio of 17.

9 times, if the completion of the acquisition is feasible in Q1 2019?
The net profit attributable to mothers of listed companies in Q3 increased.


The acquisition will be paid in cash, with a consideration of 15 in the first period.

430,000 yuan was paid with Adisseo’s own funds, and the consideration for the second phase was 15 yuan.

$ 4.3 billion or additional funding through financing.

According to the announcement, at the end of 19Q3, Adisseo’s currency fund surplus was US $ 5.2 billion (of which daily operating capital requirements were US $ 2 billion), and the asset-liability ratio was 19.

4%, the fund surplus meets the requirements of the first payment, and the financing is worry-free with a low asset-liability 都市夜网 ratio.

In addition to increasing the earnings of listed companies, the acquisition will also further enhance the control of listed companies on Adisseo Nutrition Group, which will help improve and simplify the corporate governance structure, promote the company’s management decisions and management efficiency, and help develop andEnhancing the competitiveness of the company’s core business can fully realize the most efficient allocation of company resources.

Shareholder Bluestar Group intends to issue Adisseo exchangeable bonds.

Adisseo’s shareholder Bluestar Group issued Adisseo’s exchangeable corporate bonds held on October 16 with a size of no more than $ 4.5 billion and an initial conversion price of 11.

56 yuan / share, the conversion period is from October 21, 2020 to October 18, 2024.
Calculated based on the issue of 45 million shares, corresponding to 3 after all conversions.

8.9 billion shares of Adisseo, accounting for 14 of the total share capital.

5%, that is, Blue Star Group’s shareholding in Adisseo was reset to 89.

1% dropped to 74.
6%, holding shares unchanged.

After the issuance of funds from the issuance of exchangeable bonds minus the issuance costs, the Blue Star Group will be used to repay interest-bearing debt.

Investment suggestion: Overweight-A investment rating. We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 11.

470,000 yuan, 12.

1.4 billion, 13.

500,000 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of 10 on October 24, 2019.

The predicted price-earnings ratio of 68 yuan per share is 25.

0, 23.

6, 21.

2 times.

Risk warning: the risk of price fluctuations of methionine and vitamin A products, the risk of fierce competition in the industry, the risk of rising raw material prices, and the risk of new business expansion falling short of expectations


Bohai Ferry (603167): High profit and stable dividends and repurchase increase value

Bohai Ferry (603167): High profit and stable dividends and repurchase increase value

This report reads: The mature and stable ferry market will provide stable profits, and high dividends and repurchases will enhance the value of stock investment.

Investment Highlights: Increase earnings forecasts and target prices, and maintain a “cautious increase” rating.

The stability of supply and demand in the Bohai Bay ferry market will keep the profit stable, while increasing the dividend ratio and large repurchases will increase the value of stock investment.

Increase EPS forecast for 2019-21 to 0.



85 yuan (the original forecast for 2019-20 is 0.


75 yuan).

Based on the DCF and PE estimates, raise the target price to 11.

6 yuan (originally 10.

49 yuan), maintaining a “cautious overweight rating.”

Fuel subsidies and investment gains boosted profits beyond expectations.

The sharp rise in fuel prices in 2018 has led to an increase in the profit of ferry’s main business.

However, fuel subsidies increased by 27 million yuan, investment income from wealth management products increased by 40 million yuan, and the loss of cruise business increased gross profit by 40 million yuan, driving the overall profit to exceed expectations.

Considering the uncertainty of fuel supplements, investment cash can increase, and we believe the company’s future earnings will remain stable.

Develop cargo and international passenger rolls to alleviate excess capacity.

Market size Bohai Ferry’s delivery of three Ro-Ro ships may cause excess capacity.

We believe that the development of Bohai Ferry’s rolling cargo transportation will attract dangerous chemicals, drop-and-hook transportation vehicles; the development of international passenger rolling transportation will divert some of the transportation capacity.

Supply and demand in the Bohai Bay passenger transport market will be basically balanced, and 杭州桑拿 freight rates are expected to stabilize.

High dividends and repurchases increase stock investment value.

In 2018, the proportion of dividends was increased to 72%, and high dividends reduced the reinvestment risk of retained profits.

at 1.

Based on the repurchase of 8-2 million US dollars of own funds, the company intends to issue convertible bonds to raise 5 million US dollars for repurchase, which is expected to promote the return of value.

risk warning.

The added value of fuel surpassed expectations, and the relaxation of the super-supervision led to an increase in car ferry traffic. The advancement of passenger roaming vessels caused asset impairment losses. The added value of cruise business increased, and the RMB exchange rate continued to increase and decrease.Transport needs.


Guangxun Technology (002281): Three quarterly report on revenue growth speeds up, expects 5G, self-developed chip power

Guangxun Technology (002281): Three quarterly report on revenue growth speeds up, expects 5G, self-developed chip power

Event: On October 26th, Nikko Technology released three quarterly reports, with revenue of 3.9 billion yuan (+ 6%) in the first three quarters, and net profit attributable to the mother 2.

7 ppm (+ 1%); gross profit margin 19.

84% (+1.


The single Q3 revenue was 1.4 billion (+ 16%), which was attributed to the mother’s net profit1.

200 million (-2%), with a gross profit margin of 20.

58% (-2.


Single quarter revenue growth accelerated and net profit remained stable.

From Q1 of 2018 to Q3 of 19, the company’s revenue growth rates were -5%, + 9%, + 21%, + 10%, + 1%, + 3% and + 16%; the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was-19%, -18%, + 55%, -16%, -18%, + 30% and -2%.

In Q3’18, the company’s revenue / profit grew rapidly, with a relatively high base. However, in Q3’19, the company’s revenue grew faster than Q1 and Q2. At the same time, the net profit attributable to the parent in the single quarter was the same as Q3’18.

Continue to invest in research and development, and look forward to chip power.

The company’s R & D expenses in the first three quarters3.

11 ppm (+ 10%); single Q3 R & D expense1.

3.4 billion (+ 28%).

In the first half of the year, the company made phased progress in various 25Gb / s rate semiconductor inverter chips for 5G, data center and other applications; for 5G fronthaul (wireless access layer), middle backhaul (aggregation layer + core network) and other scenariosOptical transceiver modules achieve full model coverage; 400Gb / s high-speed optical transceiver modules for data centers have completed prototype development; 400G multi-mode COB platform process capability construction is completed, small batch delivery capabilities are integrated, and single-mode 8-channel COB process platform construction is completed.

Advance receipts / payments have increased significantly, and 5G brings new opportunities.

The company’s prepayments for the third quarter 1.

40,000 yuan (+ 205%), 0 donations received in advance.

8.2 billion (+ 731%).

With the rapid advancement of 5G commercialization, we believe that the company’s passive WDM, fronthaul, and mid-backhaul products will help to fully benefit and strongly promote the company’s business growth.

Give a “first-tier market” rating.

What do we expect 苏州桑拿网 in 2019?
The company’s revenue will be 58 in 2021.

3.9 billion, 67.

6 billion, 79.

4.5 billion, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 3.

9.8 billion, 5.

4.3 billion, 7.

42 trillion, EPS is 0.

59 yuan, 0.

80 yuan, 1.

10 yuan.

With reference to industry and historical estimates, the 2019 PE range is 45-55x, which corresponds to a 6-month reasonable value range of 26.


45 yuan, given a “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

Domestic demand fell short of expectations, progress in 25G optical chips exceeded expectations, and trade frictions affected.


Tricks to prevent itching

Tricks to prevent itching

Tricks to prevent itching in summer. Don’t be afraid of mosquitoes biting in the summer. A common problem that damages everyone also comes. That is-mosquitoes breed, especially in the rainy season. Mosquito larvae multiply in large waters.

Mosquito bites make it difficult to fall asleep and will spread the disease.

However, it is not easy to completely kill mosquitoes. It is inevitable that they will be bitten by mosquitoes.

After being bitten by a mosquito, I feel itchy and unbearable. What should I do?

These mosquito remedies and mosquito repellent recipes will definitely help you!

Tips to itch after mosquito bites: 1. It can be applied quickly with a thick soap in the family to relieve itching quickly, or it can be applied with red soap on the swelling area.

Reason: Sodium salt of higher fatty acids in soap.

After the sodium salt of this fatty acid is hydrolyzed, it is significantly alkaline (containing oh-), and the formic acid aqueous solution contains h. Because the oh- in soap water and the formic acid h are neutralized into h2o, it can quickly eliminate pain and itching.

2. Apply a little ammonia to stop itching, the principle is the same as above.

3, if the bite is itchy, you can first flick it with your fingers, and then apply wind oil.

4. Smear or soak the itch with salt water, which can soften the lumps and also effectively relieve itching.

5, the juice in the aloe leaf can be used to stop itching.

When the mosquito bites redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaves, wash it and open it, and rub a few times on the redness and swelling.

6. Open a garlic clove, and use a cross section to apply the bag bitten by a mosquito.

7, grinding aspirin pills and water on the wound, also has anti-inflammatory swelling effect.

8. If you are sensitive to mosquito bites, you may wish to take an antihistamine drug and spray mosquito repellent water or vitamin B1 solution before going out.

9. As long as you are willing to change your diet of alkaline vegetables, your physique and blood are slightly alkaline. Not only do mosquitoes do not like to bite, even after being bitten, they will not be too itchy!

If you get a bite, you can use your own slightly alkaline saliva to apply mosquito bites to relieve itching!

10. The absorption of golden oil and salt can make local anesthesia and soothe nerves and relieve itching.



Use of chopsticks for too long induces liver cancer

Use of chopsticks for too long induces liver cancer

Core tips: Do not use chopsticks for more than 3 months, because disposable chopsticks that are used overdue can breed a variety of molds, and mild cases may cause digestive diseases such as infectious diarrhea and vomiting.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Carcinogenic factors are everywhere, they may be around you, and if you are not careful, you will be found by cancer.

Many people know that toothbrushes, towels and other supplies need to be changed regularly, but they do not know much about the frequency of chopsticks replacement. It is also common for a pair of chopsticks to be used.

It is generally believed that there is no need to change chopsticks if they are not broken.

Did you know that using chopsticks for too long can induce liver cancer?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  The use of chopsticks for more than 3 months to induce liver cancer overuse of disposable chopsticks can breed various molds, and mild cases may cause infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive system diseases.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Household chopsticks that are overdue are particularly rich.

Because household chopsticks are used frequently and washed with water for a long time, they can easily become hotbeds for bacterial growth, such as yellow bacillus and E. coli.

Placing chopsticks in a cabinet for a long time may increase the chance of chopsticks deterioration by more than five times.

  How should chopsticks be used? When using chopsticks, you must observe every day whether there are spots on the surface of the chopsticks, especially mold spots.

Bamboo products and wood products are the favorite living environment for mildew. As long as the environment is not dry, the moisture content of the substance itself reaches a certain level, which can be generated in only one day.

  If non-bamboo or wood-like spots appear on the chopsticks, it indicates that the chopsticks are likely to be moldy and deteriorated and should not be continued to be used; chopsticks are prominent or bent and deformed, which means that they have been damp or left for too long, and the shelf life may have passedSmell, if there is a clear sour taste, it is a sign of contamination or expiration, and you can not continue to use it.

  What are the causes of liver cancer? The etiology of liver cancer is not completely clear, but from the characteristics of epidemiology, the main causes are as follows: 1. Viral hepatitis: viral hepatitis includes hepatitis B and CTwo, the cause of liver cancer may be liver virus damage caused by hepatitis virus, which leads to liver tissue hyperplasia or atypical hyperplasia, which is sensitive to carcinogens, causing uncontrolled cell growth and continuous proliferation of liver cells with the participation of multiple etiologies, and finallyCause cancer.

  2. Alcohol: In western countries, alcohol is the most important factor leading to chronic liver disease, but studies have shown that alcohol is not directly related to liver cancer.

However, its role as a catalyst can promote the occurrence and progression of liver cancer.

This is because alcohol can affect the normal metabolism of the liver, causing trace precipitation in the liver and causing liver cancer.

Large amounts of alcohol can eventually lead to cancer.

  3. Diet: Long-term consumption of moldy foods, foods containing nitrosamines, and lack of trace element impurities are all important factors that promote liver cancer.

Among them, aflatoxin present in moldy foods and nitrite in pickled foods are the main carcinogens.

  4, other factors: such as drinking water pollution, genetic factors, parasitic infections, etc.


Five wonderful recipes to fight fat traps

Five wonderful recipes to fight fat traps

Why are you always thin?

When you have a meal, do you have a good idea of whether it is really a physical need? It is very simple to be thin. As long as you can manage your mouth, the following is a diet diet for the common diet, and you can easilySkinny.


The breakfast that is too lazy to get up is too late to get up, so there is no time, so buy a sweet bread in the bakery, get it in the office, or buy a high-level muffin at McDonald’s.

  Instant oatmeal with low fat milk is a convenient choice.

You can take a bite in makeup and dressing.

Bring an apple or banana to the office and eat it when you are hungry.

The body is fully nourished and will not scream.


The lunch break was too busy, so I had to skip the lunch and just eat some fast food.

(Some people are dinner) Busy!

Maybe a guest’s phone delays the time you go out to eat, or it may be that the file that the boss wants in an afternoon has not been played, so you have to stay in the office at the expense of lunch break, and ask your colleague to buy you a McDonald’s or bread and send it back.lunch.

Then in the afternoon, you will think, I didn’t eat at noon, then the cookies handed by my colleague, the snacks in the trigger will all sweep into your mouth.

  High-fiber biscuits or milk are good emergency supplements, you can temporarily fill your stomach.

When you have time for lunch/dinner, eat a balanced, light meal.


In the afternoon, when the energy is less than 3:30 or 4:1, you feel lazy, can’t lift your strength, and feel that you need to add some energy.

Some colleagues have to pick up the food they are delivering, and you will sign in immediately.

You can prevent obesity by hiding a small packet of nuts or integrated fruit in a soak or bag, and planning to eat a few mouthfuls a few hours after lunch.


Dinner will be eaten late, but if you are hungry now, you may have dinner at night, but time has not yet arrived. You are hungry now. If you are hard, you may be at the night market after passing a big meal at night.Super shop to buy a snack home.

  Prepare a 100-200 card snack, which can be a small packet of soda crackers (don’t buy a box, then want to say that you only eat one pack. usually it will turn the other packs out that night), orIt is a cup of fruit yog.etc.

7-11 is very convenient, it should not be difficult to find a snack inside.

But don’t buy when you are hungry, because you will definitely buy too much.


It should be sleeping time, but your mouth may still be talking on the phone, watching TV programs, or surfing the Internet. Anyway, you will sleep late tonight. It’s already 12 o’clock. Your stomach is hungry and you want it.Only food.
You may be like me, the jacket of the kit will go to the nearby night market to buy something to eat (yes, my home is only 10 minutes away from the night market), I don’t have to think about it, I have to get up a lot more than the next morning.

8 kg.

  High-fiber apples or pears are the best choice.

But the better is to go straight to bed.

Everyone knows that lack of sleep can cause obesity.
Still go to bed early.