Can dietary therapy during menstruation also relieve stomach pain?

Can dietary therapy during menstruation also relieve stomach pain?

What to do if my stomach hurts during menstruation?

Many girls take painkillers every menstrual period.

Therefore, gynecologists at Beijing Cikang Hospital cautioned that painkillers can cause neurological dysfunction, memory loss, insomnia and other adverse consequences, but you can choose food therapy to relieve menstrual pain, and it can also have a cosmetic effect.

  According to gynecological experts, many girls in the survey belong to primary dysmenorrhea. Generally, they begin after menarche and almost every month. Many girls have a certain sense of fear, worsening the onset of dysmenorrhea, and even a vicious cycle.

This is mainly due to high psychological pressure, sedentary blood circulation, poor menstrual flow, and cold foods.

In addition, menstrual hypertension, easy to be affected by wind, cold, dampness and cold, can easily cause dysmenorrhea.

  Method of treating dysmenorrhea with diet: 1) Boiled eggs of Xuanhu and Leonurus: 20 grams of Xuanhu, 50 grams of Leonurus, 2 eggs.

Add the above 3 flavors and cook with water. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes to drink soup and eggs.

With pass through, analgesic, menstrual blood, Yue color, moisturizing beauty effect.

  (2) Black bean egg wine soup: 60 grams of black beans (black beans), 2 eggs, 100 ml of rice wine or rice wine.

Boil black beans and eggs with water.

It has the functions of adjusting the middle, lowering the breath and analgesic.

It is suitable for women with weak dysmenorrhea of qi and blood, and has a moisturizing effect.

  (3) Ginger barley porridge: dried ginger, artemisia leaves 10 grams each, coix kernel 30 grams.

Fry the first two flavors of water to extract the juice, cook the coix kernels to eight maturity, and cook with the medicinal sauce until cooked.

It has the effects of warming menstruation, removing blood stasis, dispersing cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.

For cold and damp stagnation dysmenorrhea.

  (4) Motherwort fragrant soup: Motherwort, 100 grams each, 250 grams chicken, 5 onion whites.

Pat the onion to rotten, and fry with chicken, motherwort, and fragrant water.

Drink soup and eat chicken.

Apply to dysmenorrhea and brighten skin.

  (5) Hawthorn cinnamon stick brown sugar soup: 15 grams of hawthorn meat, 5 grams of cinnamon sticks, brown sugar 30?
50 grams.

Put the hawthorn meat and cinnamon sticks in a clay pot, add 2 bowls of water, and fry the remaining 1 bowl with gentle heat, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and boil.

With Wenjing Tongmai, Huayu analgesic effect.

Applicable to women with cold dysmenorrhea and those who have no facial expression.

  (6) Ginger jujube and brown sugar water: 30 grams each of dried ginger, jujube, and brown sugar.

Wash the first two flavors, slice the dried ginger, pit the jujube, and add brown sugar to fry.

Drink soup and eat dates.

With warming and cooling effect.

Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and melasma.

  (7) Rose tea: Pick rose flowers in summer and autumn, and use purple-red semi-open flower buds without loose petals.

Add it as a tea and add it daily.

With Qi, blood circulation, moisturizing effect.

Suitable for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  (8) Safflower wine: 200 grams of safflower, 1000 milliliters of low-alcohol, moderate amount of brown sugar.

Wash the safflower, dry the surface moisture, fill the clean gauze bag with brown sugar, seal the mouth of the bag, put it in the jar, seal it, and soak it for 7 days.

Usage: 1?2 servings of 20 servings each time?
30 ml.

It has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing skin, promoting blood circulation.
Applicable to women with blood deficiency, blood stasis, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.


Physiotherapy benefits of warming uterine yoga with yoga

Physiotherapy benefits of warming uterine yoga with yoga

Most people’s understanding of the ovary is very vague. Today, we will unveil the mystery of the ovary and take a look at what is the ovary and how to perform ovarian maintenance.

In fact, when it comes to maintaining the ovaries, we recommend starting with three aspects of daily life, yoga diet and exercise.

Today we will take a look at how physical therapy yoga maintains the ovaries.

  Physiotherapy effects of yoga Yoga practitioners use special exercise movements, combined with special breathing methods, and more importantly, mental adjustment to unblock the blood circulation of female organs and adjust hormone secretion, especially irregular menstruation and fallopian tubesNowhere, postpartum vaginal relaxation, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. have very good results.

  At the same time, it can also strengthen the kidney function of the human body, restore the “vitality” that women lose due to miscarriage or after giving birth, make women emit a youthful atmosphere from the inside out, and delay aging.

  Yoga to warm up the uterus, improve various skin problems caused by ovarian dysfunction, so as to achieve the purpose of staying beauty, this exercise method will be another pursuit for those female friends who have prejudice to maintain the ovaries through massage.
  A certain type of physiotherapy yoga pose is suitable for women to practice.

The butterfly type sits on a yoga mat, with the palms facing each other, aligned to open to both sides, the thighs aligned close to the ground, the feet try their best to be close to the perineum, stretch the spine to avoid slackness, and keep the beam angle type.

  Grasp your feet from the front with your right hand, and naturally shift your left hand behind your body with your fingertips back.

  Inhale, stretch your back, exhale, twist your waist to the left and back, open the side, look at the left and back, keep 5 breaths, and change to the other side.

  The function can regulate the stomach and intestines, expel the exhaust gas from the body, relax and massage the entire spine, can treat cervical and lumbar pain, and can exercise the organs in the pelvic cavity and condition the uterus and ovaries.


Sit on the ground with the legs in the angle of the arms. Hold your left ankle with your left hand, put your left foot in your right elbow, and hold your calf with your hands crossed. Place it on your chest.

  Inhale, stretch your lower back, exhale, hold your calf close with your hands, your calf as parallel as possible to the ground.

Keep breathing 6-10 times, then change to the other side.

  The effect can promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, increase the elasticity of the muscles, help maintain the uterus and ovaries, and regulate menstruation.


Prayer squatting on yoga mat, feet open vertically, heels off the ground, heels opposite, pointing to both sides, lower back stretched, upwards, sitting on the heels of the feet, perineum downwards, perpendicular to the ground.

  Put your hands together, put them on your chest, loosen your shoulders, and keep breathing 6-10 times.

  The function promotes blood circulation in the pelvic region, can relieve cold hands and feet, maintain the uterus and ovaries, and cause dysmenorrhea.

  We all know that women are half of the society. How can we guarantee our women’s health?

Today, we introduced the yoga movements for maintaining the female ovaries, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

In addition, pay attention to safety when practicing yoga!


6 food therapies that effectively treat morning sickness

6 food therapies that effectively treat morning sickness

1. Tomato papaya honey juice material: tomato, papaya, honey or rock sugar water ratio: 5: 8: 1 effect: tomatoes vitamin C, carotene, protein, trace elements, etc., sweet and sour, with beauty fitness effect.

Eating tomatoes can reduce or disappear skin pigmentation, or be used to treat skin disorders such as butterfly spots; papaya can treat the spleen and stomach, and can treat indigestion, vomiting and other diseases.

Obviously a large amount of vitamin A is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can effectively prevent the loss of calcium during pregnancy.

It also contains enzymes that can promote the metabolic balance of pregnant women during pregnancy.

  2, pineapple celery honey juice material: pineapple, celery, honey or rock sugar water ratio: 5: 1: 1 effect: celery is nutritious, has the effect of strengthening the spleen, stomach, lungs and cough; pineapple has a pleasant fragrance, sweet and delicious.

Significantly rich vitamins and iron, calcium, protein and crude fiber can help digestion, spleen and thirst, swelling and dampness.

The celery in this juice contains aromatic oils, so it has a special aroma that can increase the appetite of pregnant women.

  3, apple lemon juice material: apple, lemon ratio: 10: 1 effect: lemon has the effect of spleen and digestion, is beneficial to pregnant mothers to assist pregnancy, so lemon has the “suitable mother and child”.

Apples are sweet and sour and refreshing, which can increase appetite, promote digestion, recover morning sickness, supplement alkaline substances, potassium and vitamins, and effectively prevent edema during pregnancy.

Apple-pear fiber, organic acid, can easily promote gastrointestinal motility and implant constipation.

  4. Dragon Fruit Sydney Juice Material: Dragon Fruit, Sydney Ratio: 1:12 Efficacy: Dragon Fruit has a unique effect on cough and asthma. Dragon Fruit can promote bowel movements, eliminate intestines, and laxative effects. It is rich in vitamin C andReplenish fiber; Sydney removes annoyance and quenches thirst, clears lungs and moisturizes, and its nutritional value is similar to that of apple.

According to analysis, the sugar content in its pulp reached 9.

3%, with only 0 acid content.


  5. Grapefruit Orange Juice Material: Grapefruit, Orange, Honey or Rock Sugar Water Ratio: 1: 20: 1 Function: Grapefruit is rich in new rinds, which can relieve cough, relieve phlegm, resist bacteria, and remove gastrointestinalThe effect of treating bad breath on pregnant mothers with loss of appetite and light taste; oranges are rich in a variety of nutrients such as pectin, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, C, especially the highest content of vitamin C, orangesIt has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, digesting and appetizing, and is suitable for pregnant mothers in early pregnancy. Yuzu also contains insulin that can lower blood sugar, which can effectively prevent high blood sugar during pregnancy.

  6, hodgepodge juice material: apple, fragrant pear, orange, kiwi ratio: 3: 2: 2: 6 efficacy: kiwi fruit is delicious, unique flavor, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition.

It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, clearing away heat and water, and promoting hydration and dryness.

Contains good soluble dietary fiber, which can effectively reduce low cholesterol, promote heart health, quickly clear and prevent harmful metabolites accumulated in the body.


Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

Moisturizing and hydrating full strategy to save summer air conditioning muscles

This summer is really boring, especially the MM who is busy in the office. The mood is really a different kind of trouble. The skin also issues a warning, not only dry and rough, but also small dry lines, red dots, and most of them sweat.And also oil, always makeup.
In fact, this is all due to lack of water.

  OL replenishment and moisturizing strategy to save summer dry air conditioning muscles The general office air conditioner will quickly drain the deep water on the skin surface, coupled with the radiation brought by the computer, the polluted air will make the skin rough, and the indoor hugeTemperature differences can also make your skin sensitive and fragile.

Therefore, the office mm should be expected to hydrate and hydrate in summer.

  Some mm always think that in the process of washing the face, it will wash away the dirty things and the water will be washed away. In fact, this is just a misunderstanding. The correct way to wash your face can no longer completely dissolve, remove the dirt, and also soothe the skin.To regulate skin dehydration.

  Proper steps for washing your face: 1. Bundle your hair behind your head and cleanse your face; 2, wash your hands with hand sanitizer; 3, splash your face with warm water; 4, squeeze the cleansing products into the palm of your hand and gently apply on the faceEvenly, then gently massage the facial skin with your fingertips as capillaries.

It is best to replace the ring finger from the inside out, from the bottom up (don’t forget the facial hairline and proper).

Then, wash off the cleansing product with warm water (water temperature is controlled at about 40 seconds).

  5. Wipe gently with a cotton pad to remove the missing areas on the top and face.

  Do not wash your face for more than 30 seconds. If it takes too long, it will absorb moisture.

  FEERDAYs Skin Free Breathing Moisturizing Cleansing Facial Cleansing Mud The best thing about this cleansing product is that you can remove makeup and clean it. You can use this cleansing mud directly, it is very clean and not tense after washing.

The cleaning power is very strong, and it can deeply remove pore waste and excess oil. Moreover, the requirement of adding Suntech water to this cleansing product is very strict. After washing, it feels water and will not be tight at all.

(100ml / 70 yuan) FANCL no added moisturizing cleansing flour This is a very comfortable and reassuring cleansing product, the foam is fine and not tight after use.

Run out of skin soft.

The cleansing power is very good, and the moisture loss is controlled to ensure the hydration of the skin.

(50g / 145 yuan) Clinique Clinique Ultra Whitening Moisturizing Cleansing Soap This product has a very strong cleaning power. Basically not too strong makeup can be cleaned. The washed face is refreshing, non-tight, and has a sense of suppleness.
Just wet your hands and gently wipe the soap body, then rub your hands to make a lot of bubbles, very durable and cost-effective.

(100g / 260 yuan) Toner is a moisturizing product that mm is very passionate about, but toner is not just so simple to apply in it, you must master the correct way of use!

  Proper use of toner: 1. Drop a few drops of toner on the surface of the cotton pad. 2. Use your ring finger to point at the cotton pad and gently wipe in the opposite direction of the pores to avoid eye and lip areas.

  3. Don’t forget a point, you have to lift it up.

  Extra points: If you want to upgrade the moisturizing effect, you can also tear the cotton pad, soak it in lotion, and apply it on the jaws and forehead that are most dry. In just 5 minutes, you can see that it is not as big as usualHydrating effect.

  Biotherm Biotherm Mineral Toner This toner can provide a large amount of moisture to the skin, improve the transparency of the skin, and is obviously very refreshing. Especially after using the supplement, the pigmentation has actually faded a lot, the skin is much smoother and increased elasticityYou can choose your age and skin type.

(200ml / 220 yuan) Mary Kelly Lin Kelly Moisturizing Toner This toner can clean the skin again, remove the water and alkali remaining in the body after washing your face, so that the skin is not dark yellow.

At the same time, hydrate the skin.

After use, the skin is hydrated and moisturized all day.

(150ml / 100 yuan) Avene moisturizing and moisturizing lotion This product can not only add a lot of moisture to the skin, but also has a soothing effect. Girls with sensitive skin can rest assured to use it, as long as it is used consistently, it can fundamentally change the skinOh.
(200ml / 188 yuan) Even if you use very expensive lotion, you can only fully hydrate, but for deep moisturizing, you also need moisturizing lotion and cream to help you lock in moisture.

Only in this way can the water and oil balance in the skin be maintained, and the skin will say goodbye to dryness or greasy, and it will become really tender and tender.

  Generally, when choosing a cream in summer, you must choose crystal dew, moisturizing products of gel oil, and eliminate products containing oil.

  L’OREAL Paris Moisturizing All Day Moisturizing Essence is very effective in replenishing, refreshing and non-greasy, it is suitable for mixed skin and oily skin mm.

After using for a while, the skin becomes much smoother.

However, some netizens said that some stinging was used, so the best mm for dry and sensitive skin is (110 yuan / 50 ml) OLAY Magnolia Oil Water Moisturizing Deep Moisturizing Milk texture is refreshing, and it is a bit cold and coldThe feeling is not greasy, and the hydration effect is very good. No matter it is greasy in the T section and the U section is dry, it can hydrate and moisturize well, which is worth its price.

(110 yuan / 150ml) FREEDAY Skin Free Breathing 24 Hours Moisturizing Beauty Cream can be used once a day to complete the moisturizing of the whole day. It feels moisturized and moisturized. After use, it feels that the skin becomes water-hate,It is smooth, delicate, without dry lines, and even with small pores, it is a good product with good price.

(158 yuan / 50g) VICHY Hot Spring Mineral Moisturizing Essence is very refreshing, suitable for all seasons, it feels very moisturized after use, and the skin becomes smooth, that is, the durability is not so good. After a few hours, you have toRepainting it is more troublesome.

(278 yuan / 30ml) Drinking water in the body: Generally, drinking water in a timely manner is the easiest way to hydrate the skin.

When the body is dehydrated, it will not immediately feel thirsty, the body will “borrow water” from peripheral organs first, and the most important thing is the skin.

You feel thirsty when there is no water available in your skin.

So, when you feel thirsty, your skin is already “dry.”
So be sure to drink a lot of water every day, at least 8 glasses of water.
  Extra points: In summer, it can be mixed with calcium, magnesium and other minerals and carbon dioxide, which can make the skin delicate and rosy, and rich in vitamin C. Lemon water is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea, Chinese wolfberry tea, lotus leaf tea and other Chinese herbal teas, green tea, Pu’er tea, Longjing tea, etc. are often hydrated.

These beverages speed up the circulation of body fluids, leaving the skin clean and moist.


What to do for skin whitening


What to do for skin whitening

Facial skin color is composed of general biotin: melanin (brown), oxidized hemoglobin (red), reduced hemoglobin (blue), and carotene (yellow).

The first three are endogenous pigments and the latter are exogenous pigments.

  It is the melanin content that determines the race white and black.

Melanin is produced by melanocytes and then transferred to epidermal keratinocytes under the action of tyrosinase. The color of the skin is related to the ability of melanin produced by each melanocyte and the number of melanocytes., And the speed of melanin transfection to keratinocytes.

  From the perspective of skin whitening, people always think that the less the amount of melanin, the better, and for people who work in the sun, melanin is indispensable for cancer prevention and health care.

Melanin can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet light, greatly reducing the transmission of ultraviolet UVA and UVB, thereby protecting the biological damage caused by ultraviolet and visible light irradiation of the skin, protecting and reducing the skin’s acute or chronic inflammation caused by sunlight, and preventing the skin caused by sunlightSunburn, aging and canceration.

  Sunburn is most likely to occur, and long-term sun exposure is also prone to skin cancer, plus basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, while black people rarely develop skin cancer.

In addition, melanin can also protect the decomposition of folic acid and similar important substances into the light.

  Therefore, natural dark skin is not a bad thing, so don’t deliberately pursue whitening artificially.

  For the dark skin caused by the day after tomorrow, people have to deal with it properly.

  As ultraviolet light promotes melanocyte division, the most important factor in accelerating melanin synthesis.

Therefore, avoiding light and sun protection is the most important measure to reduce melanin formation.

   At present, there are many sunscreen cosmetics on the market, but many people find that even if they are actively applied, the effect of preventing the formation of skin pigmentation is not ideal. In this regard, sunscreen cosmetics may be used improperly.

The sun protection effect of cosmetics is generally expressed by the SPF value. The SPF value indicates that the better the sun protection effect, but the more sun protection additives are used, the greater the irritation to the skin, and some of the sun protection additives are light-sensitive substances.After easy to cause skin pigmentation.

So, for general daily protection, replace the SPF value by 10?

20 is enough, such as SPF changed 15 sunscreen cosmetics, its sun protection time is about more than an hour, so if you go out more than 2 hours, it should be reused once to ensure the consistency of sun protection.

  At the same time, because almost all sunscreen cosmetics only target UVB in ultraviolet rays, the protection of UVA is ignored.

The original purpose of producing sunscreen products was to prevent the damage to the skin caused by UVB, which is carcinogenic in ultraviolet rays. SPF stands for the actual sunscreen effect of this sunscreen product on UVB.

Recently, scientists have discovered that UVA is also an important factor causing facial stains.

The characteristics of UVA destruction include: UVA dose in sunlight is 100 times larger than UVB?

l000 times; UVA has a strong carrying capacity, 30%?
50% directly to the dermal layer; at the same time, the UVA irradiation season, the influence of clouds, glass, water; and UVA can enhance the damage of UVB, and the damage has a cumulative effect.

  Therefore, if you want to whiten your skin, you must not only prevent UVB damage, but also UVA damage.

At present, some cosmetics companies have started research and development and started to introduce cosmetics that can prevent both UVB and UVA to the market.

However, there is currently no unified standard for UVA protection, and its effects need to be further observed.

  In addition to applying sunscreen cosmetics, care should be taken to avoid excessive sun exposure. You should pay attention to it from a young age and pay attention every day. You do not need to avoid light when you are out.

Ordinary fabrics, whether natural or synthetic, have sufficient protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, when going out, holding umbrellas, wearing hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeved clothes are simple and effective protective measures.

  Maybe, many people want to have white skin over white, it will look more beautiful.

In addition to applying sunscreen and taking sun protection measures, can the whitening effect be penetrated by applying a variety of whitening and whitening products on the market today?

  At present, the internationally recognized effective whitening methods are: 1.

By chemical bleaching, whitening effect can be achieved; 2. Overcoating 2%?
5% hydrogen radical cream can whiten; 3, acid used by dermatologists, cosmeticians?


Peel off the outer layer of the skin to reveal new delicate skin.

Professionals can make mild, moderate and severe peeling of the face depending on the acid used.

For moderate peeling, glycolic acid is usually used; the other is trichloroacetic acid sulfate, which is also used for moderate peeling; carbolic acid is the strongest acid and can be used for heavy peeling.

The above three types of peeling treatments can leave the skin at different intervals?
? Brightening and whitening effect over time.


Scrubbing the skin with a scrub may also have some of these benefits, but scrubs are not available for all skin types.
  What is the whitening effect of whitening products on the market?

Professional opinion is based on the ingredients contained in the product.

If it is retinoic acid of western medicine, it will have a whitening effect.

Because medically speaking, retinoic acid can reduce fine wrinkles and skin surface pigments, change and stimulate cell regeneration, make collagen, and promote blood circulation in the dermis.

And because it also indirectly reduces melanin production by affecting tyrosinase metabolism, resulting in whitening effect.

  There are also some nourishing and moisturizing whitening creams, if they contain glycolic acid extracted from fruits or lactic acid extracted from milk, because they are all mild acid products, mainly extracted from natural substances, which can reduce fine lines on the skin surfaceMakes skin look smoother and brighter.

Both substances have the effect of making the skin white and tender.

  However, consumers may have some degree of asynchronousness when using them, such as?


Discomfort can also cause the skin to become overly sensitive to light.

Therefore, the EU countries have restricted the use of fruit acid products?


When using these two products, get professional guidance.

  Professionals believe that, in fact, many whitening products have not yet reached the whitening effect at all, but just improve the effectiveness of beautification, covering, and insulation.

Therefore, consumers are suspected of being confused by some so-called whitening cosmetics, and they should recognize the ingredients they contain and choose.


Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

Job-hopping: getting things done before and after

“Changing jobs” has gradually become a “lifestyle” of the city. Some people jump and gradually advance their personal career development; others jump more and more back, and worse.

  ”Jumping” is not the purpose, but development is the direction.

Everyone has different reasons to choose “hopping”, those who value material are based on salary and benefits; those who value environment are based on company conditions, scale, and fame; those who value personality development are based on hobbies, professional personalityIt is an important index; those who value career development are required to increase the occupational content and achieve career goals as a rule .pressure?

  Further, when Haikuo Sky left the job, he properly handled his interpersonal relationships and walked cleanly, neatly, and beautifully. The future of this person is boundless.

Conversely, if you go angry and resentful, you will easily turn your back on your own wall and destroy your future.

So, when the scenery changes, don’t let the good dreams turn into nightmares.

  It is often said to take a step back and the sky is wide.

Actually going further, why can’t the sky be wide?

When exiting the original company, don’t face people and things with a negative attitude, let alone complain.

Instead, be grateful and reach out to key people to thank them for their help.

Do n’t say hard to forget when you break up, but do n’t speak bad words.

This is the most basic accomplishment of a professional person.

Former colleagues, because they couldn’t cooperate anymore, broke their face and fought overnight. As a result, they lowered their style and made people see the joke.

  Ai Ruo: I “hop for a job” several times, only once. I took the initiative to “hop for a job.” That is because I think the company is too far away from home.

I retired under the pretext of renovating the new home.

When the Internet was on the rise, for the sake of making waves, the salary of Internet media was several times higher than that of traditional media. At that time, the days were both tense and exciting.

But the dot-com bubble forced me to be forced to “hop”. Fortunately, every time a crisis hits, I caught a glimpse of it, and found my next home in advance. When the company went bankrupt, I could make a smooth transition.

Last year’s “SARS”, I again had to leave the newspaper office where I started my own business.

However, every time I changed jobs, I talked well with the original company. My colleagues were not friends. Although there were some disagreements, times have changed, and everything goes with the wind.

  I’ve seen many people pat their ass as soon as they “jumped” and left without saying goodbye, no handover, no farewell, and leaving an endgame to the company.

  Zi Tao: When I was about to leave my job as the general manager of the company that I started, I consulted a lawyer and got the following advice: “In the next three or four months, all preparations must be done well.

Leave in the easiest and calmest way.

First, don’t tell anyone about your plans; don’t say bad things about the company everywhere.

Even the closest friend in the company, you ca n’t tell him how bad you think the company ‘s administrative management system is . ”“ Changing ”Do n’t get in trouble, and do n’t“ Jump ”out of the lawsuit case caused by“ Changing ”Gradually more and more, “hopping” is possible, but we must pay attention to relevant legal issues.

Workers have the freedom to “change jobs”, but they are also obliged to abide by the contract.

The agreement should be carried out carefully after many years, and cannot be broken at will.

Honesty and trustworthiness is the most basic requirement for citizens in a market economy and society. Although many units or enterprises have not yet reached confidentiality agreements with employees, employees who want to “hop” should also discipline themselves. If the interests of the original unit are seriously damaged, it is impossibleJust walked away.

  Managers’ interests with the original unit far exceed those of ordinary employees. Therefore, managers must consider carefully before they change jobs, and properly handle various related agreements, otherwise they will let things go and suffer from the sequelae of “hopping.”


Vegetables that make men healthier

Vegetables that make men healthier

Most men scoff at “feminine” foods in the vegetable and fruit category, preferring to call themselves carnivores.

However, according to the latest report by the British Food Institute, eating small amounts of broccoli every week can help prevent prostate cancer.


Broccoli’s preset for this study was divided into four servings of broccoli or peas each week.

It turned out that a group of patients eating broccoli had “anti-cancer genes” in their bodies that could protect men from prostate cancer attacks.

  Prostate cancer is the second killer of lung cancer for men, with 680,000 people unfortunately suffering from the disease every year, and 220,000 die from it.

This research report for the first time in human trials was recently published in the Journal of the Public Science Library.

In addition to broccoli, cauliflower of the same family of cruciferae, purple cabbage, the anti-cancer effect is not bad, men should eat more.


Spinach presets that men should also learn “pop sailors” and eat more spinach.

Spinach contains the trace element magnesium, which can convert the trace amount in the muscle into available energy to achieve the effect of increasing male muscle strength.

Of course, for men, spinach has a more significant advantage: folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells, increase the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, accelerate blood circulation, and can fundamentally improve the quality of male sexual life.


Tomato “It is worth mentioning that tomato is also a good vegetable and fruit that men should not miss.”

“Zhou Shaohu, chief physician of the department of urology and males in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that many of them are rich in vitamin C, contain lycopene and” unblock “glands to prevent prostate diseases.


It’s healthier for teens to quarrel with their parents-

Are teens arguing with their parents healthier?

The Observer newspaper recently quoted Holmes’s opinion and reported that conflict can be beneficial for young people, and can teach them how to cultivate healthy personality, social cognitive skills and how to reason with people.

  ”I was surprised during the study that teenagers basically thought that a violent argument with their parents made them closer to their parents,” Holmes said.

“However, Holmes acknowledged that noisy, but the conflict must be handled in the right way.

Parents need to really listen to their children’s perspectives; they need to be able to adjust their perspectives and positions in a timely manner; they need to respect their perspectives, and have the courage to acknowledge their perspectives correctly when arguing.


There are some tips for skin care before bed _1

There are some tips for skin care before going to bed

Skin care has become a problem that many beauty lovers pay close attention to, especially when winter is here, the weather is very dry, and the haze is very serious, which has brought a lot of pressure on people’s skin.

The skin problem has been designed for very serious problems. Every year the hospital receives a large number of patients, so how to maintain the skin has become a very important thing. Maintaining the skin is a thing that is needed all day. It is more important to maintain before bed.So do you know some tips for skin care before bed?

  The first tip: “Oil” fill the whole body with massage oil or moisturizing baby oil and slowly massage it to make the whole body absorb.

In order to avoid your favorite pajamas after oiling, it is best to change to old clothes before going to bed.

  The second tip: sugar to remove lip skin to remove dead skin on the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, gently rubbing on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm, you can rest assured to sleep.

   The third tip: tea bags apply the eyes This is the traditional method of applying eyes.

Apply two used and refrigerated tea bags to the eyelids and rest for a few minutes to restore soothing skin to both eyes.

  Tip 4: Preventive care For women, the finest line of exposed complications is the most important because it will betray your age.

You can use a moisturizing cream to massage and heal, causing a series of skin to absorb nutrients.

Note that when applying the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible, otherwise it will be self-defeating.

  Tip 5: Moisturize your hands. Always apply hand cream to moisturize your hands. The effect will be better before going to bed, so that your skin can be moisturized overnight.

  Tip 6: Gradually exercise. Don’t want bones to become rigid in old age. Exercise from a young age is the best way to stretch your legs before going to bed.

You only need to take a few minutes to do some exercise to change the pressure, relieve blood pressure, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.

  Tip 7: Do n’t drink too much. Sisters, please remember, do n’t indulge yourself in drinking too much water before going to bed, otherwise your eyes will swell after waking up the next day.

Or, don’t go to bed immediately if you drink too much water.

  Tip 8: Skin hydration Before going to bed, if your skin feels dry, you can spray water containing mint oil on your face, which has a moisturizing effect.

  Tip 9: Foot massage Walking too much or standing too long during the day will cause pain and weakness in your feet, so you should apply lotion after showering or before going to bed to moisturize your feet, or spray on feet that relieve stressSpray on your feet to restore elasticity to the skin of your feet.

  Tenth tip: Sleeping for 8 hours is not an easy task for modern people to go to bed early and get up early, but each person needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

  What are the secrets of skin care before bedtime? Looking at the introduction above, I believe that everyone has learned some ways to help people better maintain their skin.

This is a very important step in skin care before bedtime. Therefore, you must pay more attention to your daily life, so as to make your skin softer, smoother and more elastic.


Fitness: Do spin if you want to do it

Fitness: Do “spin” if you want to do it

One year is coming to an end, and work is more busy at the end of the year. Where can I go to the gym to exercise?
Then start spinning fitness method, let you do it whenever you want.
  Medical research proves that the “swivel” health method of often using eye movements, turning the head, turning the waist, and turning the legs is very helpful for regulating the spirit, strengthening the physique, and preventing organ aging.
  Forehead: Stand with your feet apart from your shoulders, stand with your chest up, and tilt your head slightly.
Keep your eyes wide and try to keep the eyeballs moving (with your head still). Turn 10 times from right to left and 10 times from left to right.
Then stop, relax the muscles, and repeat the above exercise 3 times.
This method is best performed in the garden in the morning, and it can have a refreshing effect.
  Turn your head: Stand on the floor or sit on a chair, lift your chest and abdomen, and lower your head slightly. Turn it clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise 10 times.
This method can exercise the muscles and joints of the neck, make the blood flow unobstructed, better supply blood to the head, and prevent and treat neurological headache, insomnia, cervical osteogenesis, neck and shoulder syndrome, neck stiffness and other diseases.
  Turn waist: stand on the ground, chest up and abdomen, hands on hips, legs slightly apart, four fingers close to the front, thumbs pressed against the waist and eyes, first turn the waist 10 turns clockwise, then turn counterclockwise 10ring.
This method can exercise the muscle joints of the waist, make it strong and strong, and can prevent chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, rheumatic low back pain, sciatica and so on.
  Turn your legs: stand on the ground with your legs close together, squat down, support your knees with both hands, turn your legs 10 turns clockwise, then 10 turns counterclockwise.
This method can strengthen the strength of the knee and tendon muscles, prevent the legs from getting old, and prevent diseases such as varicose veins of the lower limbs, sciatica, knee arthritis, and calf cramps.