Comprehensive Analysis of the Leftover Hate Marriage Psychology

Comprehensive Analysis of the Leftover Hate Marriage Psychology

They regard marriage as a necessary task in life. They hate getting married and dreaming of white wedding dresses from a young age. Their whole life is to be a good wife and mother.

They think the happiest thing is to have a warm family.

Marriage is the task of life.

  They have no marryable candidates who hate marrying women. They have high requirements for marriage, but also material and romantic. It is often difficult to find people who meet the “standard”.

Or searched and searched and found no suitable person.

  Or, this kind of hatred marrying girl has very good conditions and belongs to the three high-ranking groups: “highly educated, tall, high-income”, or the “white bone essence”: white-collar, backbone, elite.

Such women often have no one dare to marry, and Luo Shi intentionally makes Jun unconscious.

Old age often hates marriage.

  They can’t resist the pressure of public opinion. They may be forced by the surrounding environment. Parents and friends worry about their marriage all day long. For a long time, they start to worry about marrying people.

  They may be very eager to get married. This ceremony dreams of putting on a white wedding gown, and the antique perfect wedding in the eyes of everyone.

This is a plot of marrying people. The yearning for the ritual of “marriage” far exceeds the result of marriage-the yearning for marriage itself.

  They are insecure, afraid of loneliness and loneliness, and want a stable life. Many hate married women feel that the pace of modern life is too fast, people feel lonely, insecure, and want a stable life.

At a certain age, I really want to have a home.

          They are afraid of aging. Generally speaking, when they are twenty-five years old, everyone around them is married, and together with the small social circle, they start to panic; and when the good friends around them send “pink bombs”, they are even more panic.

Everyone said: “A woman is a treasure before the age of 20, a grass before the age of 30, and no one wants it after 30.”

Parents, relatives and friends only asked one sentence when they met: “When will you get married?

How not to hate marriage?

  They may wish to escape from reality by marriage. Some hate marrying girls are often afraid of fierce social competition, often those college students who have just graduated.

I hope I can go home and work as a full-time wife without facing any personnel disturbance.

The idea of “when going out to work and seeing the face of the world, it is better to look at the face of a person at home”, and I want to have my own peaceful nest.



The most healthy way to eat Chinese cabbage to lose weight and cure the disease

The most healthy way to eat Chinese cabbage to lose weight and cure the disease

Lead: prevent health: Chinese cabbage’s most healthy way to lose weight and cure the disease (picture).

What is the practice of Chinese cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is the most commonly eaten vegetable in our daily lives. It is cheap and delicious, rich in nutrition, health and healing.

Chinese medicine believes that the cabbage is Ganping, which has the effect of clearing heat and removing annoyance, quenching thirst and diuretic, and Tongli stomach.

But do you know how to eat cabbage is the most healthy?

Here are some of the most healthy and curable ways to eat Chinese cabbage.

  Rich nutrition In fact, Chinese cabbage is very rich in nutrients, with a conversion of 41 per 100 grams of Chinese cabbage.

84 kilojoules (10 kcal), coarse fiber1.

5 grams, protein 0.

8 grams, calcium carbonate 1.

2 grams, aunt 0.

1 g.

Chinese cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote bowel wall peristalsis and maintain smooth stool.

  Chinese medicine believes that cabbage has a sweet taste, has heat-clearing and annoying, thirst-relieving, diuretic, and Tongli gastrointestinal effects. Eating cabbage often can prevent vitamin C deficiency (scurvy).

The “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” said that cabbage is “sweet and thirsty, nontoxic, good for the stomach, and good for urination”.

  Small folk recipes There are also recipes for treating colds with cabbage. “San Bai Tang” uses three cabbage roots, seven green onions and seven white radishes, one, ginger as a priming, fried water with brown sugar, and served while hot, coveredSweat and cold are getting worse.

  Chinese cabbage can be fried and used raw.

It can still be made into sauerkraut, pickles, pickles, pickles, dehydrated vegetables, air-dried vegetables and so on.

Therefore, the ancients had a joint saying, “Hundred dishes are still beautiful in cabbage, but the meat is only fragrant with pork.”

  Recommended practices for Chinese cabbage: 1, vegetarian stir-fried cabbage ingredients: net Chinese cabbage 5, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate.

  Preparation: All selective cabbage help, wash the cabbage and control the moisture.

Cut into 1-inch wide strips along the length, and then obliquely slice into half-inch slices.

Set aside a fire, put ginger into a pot, and it is best to explode both inside and outside the pot.

Immediately take cabbage, stir-fry over high heat until half cooked, add soy sauce, vinegar, salt and stir-fry, add MSG.

  2, vinegar slide cabbage heart preparation: cabbage heart, seaweed sea rice, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, wet starch, green onion, ginger powder instead.

  Production: The cabbage heart slices are sliced, and the sea rice is soaked in warm water.

Raise the wok, heat the oil over the fire, cook the onion, ginger, and fry the cabbage, then add sea rice (with the original soup), fry the soy sauce quickly, add vinegar, thicken, add MSG, turn it a few times, pourServe with sesame oil.

  Efficacy: help digestion, condition the five internal organs, and improve immunity.

  3, sea rice roasted cabbage preparation: cabbage heart, sea rice, winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, onion ginger, refined salt, sugar, cooking wine, soup, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate.

  Production: Wash the cabbage.

Cut the long strips and cut them into segments. Cut the bamboo shoots into slices and cut the mushrooms in half.

  Raise the wok, burn the salad oil to 60% heat, add cabbage and fry, pour out, and control the oil.

Reheat the pan, cook the lard under low heat, and remove the meat residue.

Open the fire, boil the pot with onion ginger, stir-fry the winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and then add the broth, seasoning, sea rice, and cabbage to burn, add MSG, and drizzle with sesame oil.

  Efficacy: Xiaoshixiaqi has a certain effect on kidney deficiency impotence.

  It is said that Turkish women’s skin is white and tender, and skin diseases such as acne rarely occur, which is why they often use Chinese cabbage leaves to stick their faces.

Make a acne-removing mask with cabbage leaves.

  4, cold cabbage heart preparation: cabbage heart, green onions, shrimp skin, salt, vinegar, MSG.  Production: Choose strong Chinese cabbage heart and cut it into fine silk;

Add shrimp skin, refined salt, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and mix well.

  Efficacy: appetizer and digestion, it has the effect of preventing colds, and also has the effect of weight loss.

  5. When Korean Kimchi SARS was rampant, the British “The Times” reported that Koreans do not suffer from SARS because the Koreans like kimchi and they use garlic in a large amount in Kimchi.

Later, when I met my Korean friend, I asked him for a pickle method.

He said that there are dozens of kinds of Korean kimchi, and I can’t introduce them one by one, so he wrote me a basic method, saying that it can be changed from it (Busan, South Korea, provided by Mr. Min).

  Preparation: cabbage, leek, ginger, garlic, apple, glutinous rice, refined salt, white sugar, hot pepper sauce.

  Production: Put all the cabbage into two, apply the salt evenly to each piece of cabbage, and apply it to both the front and the back, instead of the pot, pressing on it, and marinating for half a day.

  Cut garlic, ginger, and chives into pieces; shred apples; cook glutinous rice into sticky porridge and let cool.

  Put minced garlic, minced ginger, minced chives, chili sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, shredded apples in a basin, then pour glutinous rice porridge into a basin and mix well.

  Wash the jars that contain kimchi, rinse the pickled cabbage with water several times, and put them in the jars.

Put a layer of cabbage and spread a layer of sauce.

Grab it a few times and try to make every slice of cabbage dip into the sauce.

  The jar was sealed.

Leave it at room temperature for one day, then transfer to a cool place.

You can eat in two or three days.

If the fermentation is too fast, you can drip a little white wine and it will not be sour.


How high the room temperature is, the most comfortable for newborns

How high the room temperature is, the most comfortable for newborns

The newborn’s ambient temperature is lower than the temperature of the mother’s womb after birth, so the newborn’s body temperature drops significantly after birth.

It can be reduced by 2 in one hour.

5 ℃, if the ambient temperature is moderate, the newborn’s body temperature can gradually rise to 36 ℃ -37 ℃. This most suitable ambient temperature is usually called “moderate temperature” or “neutral temperature”.It can maintain the normal body temperature of the newborn, consume very little oxygen, have the lowest metabolism rate, and consume less transfer, so that the nuclear nuclear energy can be used instead for the growth and development of the body.

Therefore, in a moderate temperature environment, not only can prevent the occurrence of disease, but also fast weight gain.

Moderate temperature in the neonatal period is related to the maturity and age of the newborn.

For example, the “moderate temperature” of a normal newborn on the first day after birth is 33 ° C-35 ° C, and gradually rises from 22 ° C to 26 ° C the next day.

The room temperature requirements of premature babies are higher than those of normal babies.

Newborns usually return home from the hospital 3-5 days after birth, so it is appropriate to keep the temperature of the newborn’s room at 20 ℃ -22 ℃.

Excessive room temperature is not good for newborns. At the same time, it can cause the newborn’s skin to evaporate a large amount of sweat and dissipate heat, breathing faster, taking away water, making the body less water, and concentrating the blood, which causes fever called “dehydration fever”.

If the plasma is too low, the newborn’s body temperature will not rise, it will cause the newborn’s skin and subcutaneously to harden slightly, and neonatal scleredema will occur, which will affect limb movement and sucking.

Therefore, the appropriate ambient temperature is the most basic measure to keep newborns warm.

There are many ways to maintain indoor temperature. Air conditioners are commonly used, and the temperature can be adjusted as needed.

You can also use an oven, stove, or heater to maintain a certain temperature in the room to suit the needs of the newborn.

No matter which method is used for heating, the air will be dried, so it is necessary to maintain a certain humidity, which is generally about 50%.

At the same time, it is necessary to open the window regularly 2-3 times a day to ensure that the indoor air is fresh and beneficial to the health of the newborn.

   Because the function of the newborn’s body temperature regulation center is not fully developed, it cannot be adjusted according to changes in the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature increases, the body temperature of the newborn will also increase. Therefore, the newborns born in summer also have room temperature.It should be controlled in advance at 20 ℃ -22 ℃.

Air conditioning, electric fans and other methods can usually be used, but the direct blow of the newborn should be avoided, and a large amount of breeze ceiling fans can be used.

Also when using air conditioners, windows should be opened regularly for ventilation to keep the indoor air fresh, which is conducive to the development of the newborn’s respiratory system and ensures physical health.


What foods help your baby’s intelligence

What foods help your baby’s intelligence

Nutritionists point out that children who eat too much often cause digestive disorders, which will increase the burden on the digestive organs of the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, plasma and the brain to control the digestive tract nerves and appetite centers.

If the nerves responsible for digestion and absorption inside the brain are often in an excited state, the central nervous system’s intelligent activities such as language, memory, and thinking in the cerebral cortex are in a state of inhibition.

  Overeating children affects intellectual development. Nutritionists point out that children who eat too much often cause digestive disorders, which will increase the burden on the high-temperature nerves and appetite centers that control digestion and absorption of the stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, and trace digestive organs and the brain.
If the nerves responsible for digestion and absorption inside the brain are often in an excited state, the central nervous system’s intelligent activities such as language, memory, and thinking in the cerebral cortex are in a state of inhibition.

  Medicine believes that protein is an important material foundation for the development and metabolism of brain tissue, and is the main substance that presides over the process of brain cell excitement and inhibition. It plays an important role in memory, language, thinking, exercise, and neurological diseases.

Iron is one of the main substances constituting human hemoglobin. The lack of iron can seriously reduce the physiological activity of hemoglobin and affect the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the brain.

Vitamin C can strengthen the structure of cells and eliminate the relaxation or tension between cells. The excess vitamin C can make the brain function flexible, sharp, and improve children’s IQ.

  Carefully select several brain health foods: 1.

Egg: It mainly contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, rich in lecithin and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., which is beneficial to brain development.


Walnut: The main component of the fat contained in walnuts is glycerol linoleate. This oil can supply the brain and the brain. The trace elements zinc and manganese are important components of the pituitary gland and can strengthen the brain.


Banana: Can help the brain to make a chemical component-serotonin, this substance can stimulate the nervous system, which is great for promoting the function of the brain.


Apple: Apple is rich in zinc, which can enhance memory and promote active thinking.


Green onion: Contains an ingredient called “prostaglandin A”, which is often eaten to relax small blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and make people flexible.


Inspirational movies for women to watch

Inspirational movies for women to watch


Julie and Julia Julie and Julia, who are discouraged and frustrated by their work, Julie?

TV master Julia?
Powell (Amy Adams) decides to practice the United States in one year?

Child (Meryl?

(Meryl Streep, Streep) All 524 dishes from the first recipe “Mastering the Art of French Culinary” and blogging to record daily progress.

Essentially, the film is interspersed with Julia?

Cherd’s husband, Paul, who served with the US News Agency?

Child (Stanley?

(Stanley Tucci, Tucci) arrived in Paris, France in 1948 to study cooking, and after ten years of hard work, he published more than 700 pages of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.

Powell is imitating Julia?

Cherd finally found himself in the process, and through the increase in blog views, even Julia herself knew of Julie’s existence, but the results were unexpected.


Homeless in Harvard: Liz Murray’s story Harvard Road Liz (Sora Birch Sora Birch) was born in a slum in the United States and has been bearing family since childhoodDistressed, parents suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, and mothers suffer from schizophrenia.

The poor Liz needs to go out and beg, wandering in the corner of the city, the suffering of life seems endless.

  As she slowly grew, Liz knew that only by studying can she change her destiny and get out of the mire-like situation.

She is expected to get a test paper from her teacher, complete the answer sheet beautifully, and she is expected to have the chance to study.

From now on, Liz has begun her journey on the long road to school.

She made every effort to apply for a full Harvard scholarship and did not even have a decent dress during the interview.

However, poverty did not stop Liz’s determination to move forward. In her life, the struggle never shrinking was an eternal theme.


Bridget Jones’s Diary BJ’s Diary Bridget?

Jones (Renee?

Zivig) is a 32-year-old single woman.

Her work and life are bland, and the only thing she wants is to have a sincere love. Even if there are friends around to comfort him in time, Bridget is still not good.

In the new year, she will have a new life.

She chose to use a diary to record everything in her life, and she began to become happy.

  At this time with her romantic boss Daniel?

Cliff (Hugh?

(Grant)). Daniel had an engagement with his girlfriend, which made Bridget sad.

Proud but real mark?

Darcy (Colin?

Phils) also expressed her admiration for her.

Bridget was working between the two men, not knowing how to choose.


Toscani’s marriage failure under the sun is a cruel blow to Francis (Dean Lynn Diane Lane), a female writer in her thirties.

Fortunately, her friend was considerate and made a special trip to Tuscany, Italy.
Unexpectedly, the beautifully suffocating city of Tuscany has changed the second half of Francis’ life.
  Francis saw an advertisement for a country house in Tuscany.

She didn’t plan much, but the subsequent coincidences made her and the house inextricably linked.

As a result, the writer from the United States resolutely decided to give up everything he had before and set up his own new nest in a foreign country.

  Francis decorates her new house, and her trivial matters make her frown. Various new people and new things make the new tenant overwhelmed, and a new relationship is unfolding.

The sunny Tuscany gradually enriched Francis’s heart.


Million Dollar Baby (Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood) is a famous boxing coach, his apprentice has a brilliant record on the boxing ring.

But because his wife was too devoted to the rugby career and ignored the feelings of her family, Frankie’s relationship with her daughter has been frozen for a long time, and he has thus closed up long-term self-enclosement and depression.

One day, Maggie (Hillary Swank, Hilary Swank), a woman with a strong interest in boxing, entered the training hall and asked Frankie to be a disciple.

Perseverance has softened Frankie, and he finally decided to train Maggie into an outstanding female boxer.

Although the road was difficult, the two got in touch with each other in training and games, so Frankie was comforted by his family, and Maggie also boarded the baseball stadium.

Courage and dreams let them let go of the pain of the past, and a new power in their hearts.

  The film won the 77th Academy Award for best film, best director, best actress, best supporting actor 4 awards.


Tricks to prevent itching

Tricks to prevent itching

Tricks to prevent itching in summer. Don’t be afraid of mosquitoes biting in the summer. A common problem that damages everyone also comes. That is-mosquitoes breed, especially in the rainy season. Mosquito larvae multiply in large waters.

Mosquito bites make it difficult to fall asleep and will spread the disease.

However, it is not easy to completely kill mosquitoes. It is inevitable that they will be bitten by mosquitoes.

After being bitten by a mosquito, I feel itchy and unbearable. What should I do?

These mosquito remedies and mosquito repellent recipes will definitely help you!

Tips to itch after mosquito bites: 1. It can be applied quickly with a thick soap in the family to relieve itching quickly, or it can be applied with red soap on the swelling area.

Reason: Sodium salt of higher fatty acids in soap.

After the sodium salt of this fatty acid is hydrolyzed, it is significantly alkaline (containing oh-), and the formic acid aqueous solution contains h. Because the oh- in soap water and the formic acid h are neutralized into h2o, it can quickly eliminate pain and itching.

2. Apply a little ammonia to stop itching, the principle is the same as above.

3, if the bite is itchy, you can first flick it with your fingers, and then apply wind oil.

4. Smear or soak the itch with salt water, which can soften the lumps and also effectively relieve itching.

5, the juice in the aloe leaf can be used to stop itching.

When the mosquito bites redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaves, wash it and open it, and rub a few times on the redness and swelling.

6. Open a garlic clove, and use a cross section to apply the bag bitten by a mosquito.

7, grinding aspirin pills and water on the wound, also has anti-inflammatory swelling effect.

8. If you are sensitive to mosquito bites, you may wish to take an antihistamine drug and spray mosquito repellent water or vitamin B1 solution before going out.

9. As long as you are willing to change your diet of alkaline vegetables, your physique and blood are slightly alkaline. Not only do mosquitoes do not like to bite, even after being bitten, they will not be too itchy!

If you get a bite, you can use your own slightly alkaline saliva to apply mosquito bites to relieve itching!

10. The absorption of golden oil and salt can make local anesthesia and soothe nerves and relieve itching.



Flower season girls often listen to calm songs

Flower season girls often listen to calm songs

When adolescent girls are irritable or sad, they can choose sad music first, such as Beethoven’s “Fate” and Liu Ruoying’s “Love You, Love You”.

When the mood is calm, choose some soothing, bright, smart, sunny songs, such as Schubert’s Serenade, Strauss’s Blue Danube and so on.

  Mei Xiangsheng, deputy chief physician of the Otolaryngology Voice Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that adolescent girls are rebellious, have strong vanity, are excited, lose their temper, and are eager to be noticed. They have become “sentimental” and “moody”The girls in “A Dream of Red Mansions” are one.

  Once encountering problems such as first love, classmate quarrels, dormitory conflicts, and academic performance, many young girls choose to cry or listen to music when they are upset or sad when they encounter such sad things.

  Music is indeed an important way to heal psychological pain.

In music selection, if you choose the melody of excessive sadness, it becomes an escape, and over time it becomes more dark, and even leads to anxiety and depression.


Use of chopsticks for too long induces liver cancer

Use of chopsticks for too long induces liver cancer

Core tips: Do not use chopsticks for more than 3 months, because disposable chopsticks that are used overdue can breed a variety of molds, and mild cases may cause digestive diseases such as infectious diarrhea and vomiting.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Carcinogenic factors are everywhere, they may be around you, and if you are not careful, you will be found by cancer.

Many people know that toothbrushes, towels and other supplies need to be changed regularly, but they do not know much about the frequency of chopsticks replacement. It is also common for a pair of chopsticks to be used.

It is generally believed that there is no need to change chopsticks if they are not broken.

Did you know that using chopsticks for too long can induce liver cancer?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  The use of chopsticks for more than 3 months to induce liver cancer overuse of disposable chopsticks can breed various molds, and mild cases may cause infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive system diseases.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Household chopsticks that are overdue are particularly rich.

Because household chopsticks are used frequently and washed with water for a long time, they can easily become hotbeds for bacterial growth, such as yellow bacillus and E. coli.

Placing chopsticks in a cabinet for a long time may increase the chance of chopsticks deterioration by more than five times.

  How should chopsticks be used? When using chopsticks, you must observe every day whether there are spots on the surface of the chopsticks, especially mold spots.

Bamboo products and wood products are the favorite living environment for mildew. As long as the environment is not dry, the moisture content of the substance itself reaches a certain level, which can be generated in only one day.

  If non-bamboo or wood-like spots appear on the chopsticks, it indicates that the chopsticks are likely to be moldy and deteriorated and should not be continued to be used; chopsticks are prominent or bent and deformed, which means that they have been damp or left for too long, and the shelf life may have passedSmell, if there is a clear sour taste, it is a sign of contamination or expiration, and you can not continue to use it.

  What are the causes of liver cancer? The etiology of liver cancer is not completely clear, but from the characteristics of epidemiology, the main causes are as follows: 1. Viral hepatitis: viral hepatitis includes hepatitis B and CTwo, the cause of liver cancer may be liver virus damage caused by hepatitis virus, which leads to liver tissue hyperplasia or atypical hyperplasia, which is sensitive to carcinogens, causing uncontrolled cell growth and continuous proliferation of liver cells with the participation of multiple etiologies, and finallyCause cancer.

  2. Alcohol: In western countries, alcohol is the most important factor leading to chronic liver disease, but studies have shown that alcohol is not directly related to liver cancer.

However, its role as a catalyst can promote the occurrence and progression of liver cancer.

This is because alcohol can affect the normal metabolism of the liver, causing trace precipitation in the liver and causing liver cancer.

Large amounts of alcohol can eventually lead to cancer.

  3. Diet: Long-term consumption of moldy foods, foods containing nitrosamines, and lack of trace element impurities are all important factors that promote liver cancer.

Among them, aflatoxin present in moldy foods and nitrite in pickled foods are the main carcinogens.

  4, other factors: such as drinking water pollution, genetic factors, parasitic infections, etc.


Looking for effective swelling

Looking for effective swelling

Question: In training, you are famous for heavy weight and high number of times. Is this somewhat contradictory?

How do you keep your body big and strong? A: Many bodybuilders tend to be biased when they consider using “heavy weight + high number of times” for training. They think that the two are opposed to each other, and they are always separated in training.Come.

The use of extra heavy weight in order to find a low number of times results in sacrificing the shaping of the muscles due to the increase in muscle mass, or the use of a lighter weight for the high number of times. As a result, the muscle structure is sacrificed for the shaping of the muscles.

The end result is loss of muscle mass building and muscle building because the two rotations are ignored.

  When I train, I don’t think of heavy weight or high numbers.

My principle is simple. It is to maximize the swelling of the muscles. Everything else is listed below. My muscles can adapt to large weights and I can do the high number of swelling and expansion required for ideal swelling.

  You should make your body stronger through training.

But if you always care about low frequencies and extra weight, you will miss many opportunities to gain muscle growth through effective swelling.

  When I try to strengthen smaller muscle groups such as obese biceps, I find that using 4?
6RM can produce muscle swelling, so I don’t let the muscle group bear the maximum weight, and even use the weight that can make it the best swelling. The number of times is not the main factor.

  For coaxial body parts such as the back end, my approach is exactly the opposite.

To maximize muscle swelling on the buttocks, heavy weights and low numbers will produce better results.

Lighter weight and higher numbers may produce a good swelling of a small number of buttock muscles, but this weight range does not adequately cover all the terminal muscle groups.

For example: When I do a straight leg deadlift, in the last group, I have to do it twice to form the best swelling of the entire gluteal muscle group, which means that I need an 805 pound barbell.

  As another example, when I did a chest squat for the quadriceps, using the 585-pound weight, my best muscle swelling appeared in the sixth time, and I did not feel the same when I did it twice with the weight.To the best swelling of the quadriceps, similarly, if I do 10 or 12 times with reduced weight, I will feel the muscles swell insufficiently and deeply; and when I do leg flexion and extension for the same muscle group, until the firstIt took me 30 times to achieve the ideal muscle swelling. At that time, the weight on the rack was 300 pounds. On the contrary, when I did it twice with a weight exceeding 300 pounds, the blood could not be optimally filled into my strands.Quadriceps.

  Focusing on building the most powerful muscles in the most effective way is the best way to achieve the best swelling.


Wheat can cure a lot of diseases

Wheat can cure a lot of diseases

Symptom 1: Absent-minded and unhappy.

  Prescription: 15 grams of licorice, 50 grams of Huai wheat, 10 jujubes.

Shuijianbi, one serving a day, and even eat 5 servings.

  Symptom 2: Sweating, sweating with a little activity, often feeling dizzy, soft, and easy to forget.

  Prescription: Find some floating wheat, stir fry on the fire, and grind it into flour to make porridge at night.

  Wheat is arguably the most common food in life. Steamed bread and noodles are made from wheat flour. Some families can’t live without it even for three meals a day.

But did you know that wheat can also be used as medicine?

If used correctly, the effect will be surprisingly good.

  Ganmai jujube soup, must use Huai wheat. I once encountered a typical lady with typical menopausal syndrome. She said that she was often absent-minded and forgot to do things.

I can’t sleep at night, and often have insomnia.

She often shed tears and was easily excited and flustered.

  I gave this lady a prescription: 15 grams of licorice, 50 grams of Huai wheat, and 10 jujubes.

Provided that “five servings a course of treatment, decoction with water, one serving a day.”

  She asked dubiously: “You can prescribe these 3 medicines for me. What will work?

“I said with a smile:” Cure this disease, just these three medicines, you must get them in our hospital.

After 5 days, all the symptoms of this lady had disappeared.

  In fact, this is nothing magical, I just dipped in the classic light of Chinese medicine.

This recipe is the “Ganmai Jujube Soup” in “A Brief Guide to the Golden Depression”.

However, many doctors do not use this formula in clinical practice, because they think this formula is “useless”.

  I thought about this problem for a while, and found out that it was the wrong medicine they used.

Huai wheat should have been used, but many people turned it into floating wheat.

In addition, many people are not very clear about the effectiveness of the medicine, so they do not feel any effect when using this recipe.

When I asked this patient to get medicine in our hospital, I was afraid that she would get the medicine wrong when she went to the pharmacy outside to get the medicine.

  Huai wheat raises one’s heart and calms it. Floating wheat gathers sweat and sweat. What is floating wheat?

Floating means floating and floating.

Obviously, floating wheat is dried up, adding wheat that floats in the water.

Huai wheat refers to the full-grain wheat produced in the Jianghuai region.

Don’t look at wheat, but the effects are very different.

The role of Huai wheat is to nourish one’s heart, and the role of floating wheat is to condense sweat and stop sweat.

  Regarding the formula “Ganmai Jujube Soup”, “Golden Lack of Essentials” mentioned that Huai wheat can warm the liver and the yin, and the nourishing fluid is the remedy; licorice is purging the heart and the stomach is the ministerThe jujube regulates the stomach, and it is adjuvant for its dryness on the palate.

Imagine that when you cure the disease, you have made the wrong medicine. Can you cure the disease?

The combination of these three medicines, although seemingly simple, is a classic.

  After so many years of practicing medicine, I found that “Ganmai Date Juice Soup” is also suitable for menopausal women, and it is also very helpful to relieve people’s worry.

In addition, these three medicines have the effect of replenishing and reducing diarrhea.

So, if you are upset and emotionally worried, you can do it yourself—something to drink.

  The useless “blind wheat” can cure the disease once. I went back to my hometown in the countryside.

My cousin came to me and said that his lover was particularly sweaty and that he could soak the bed at night when he slept.

A little sweat during the day.In addition, she often feels dizzy, soft and easy to forget.

So, I asked my cousin to find some “blind wheat” (the folk name for dried wheat), stir-fry it on the fire, and then grind it into flour, and eat porridge every night for the patient to eat, just a few daysAlready.

  Blind wheat has a nice name-floating wheat.

Li Shizhen mentioned in the Compendium of Materia Medica that floating wheat is salty, cold and non-toxic.

Regarding the role of floating wheat in collecting sweat, it has also been mentioned in ancient medical classics.

If you usually sweat a lot, fry it and drink it.

Under normal circumstances, grab one or two each night, wash and cook porridge.

  Sweating is a common disease in life and most people don’t care.

Chinese medicine believes that sweat is the fluid of the heart.

If you sweat too much or spontaneously, if you sweat too much for a long time, you will be exhausted, which will lead to mental burnout, pale face, weak limbs, disregard of diet, cold, sleepiness, etc.

Therefore, sweating may even damage the human body, and may even cause other diseases.