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Chapter Eighty Three Reasons for training(Subscribe!)
After a short New Year’s Day holiday,Students back to campus,Prepare for the next final exam。
In order to make the players focus on learning,Prepare for the final exam,The football team also stopped training。
Until January 18th, the school starts winter vacation,The team will resume training。
Actually, if they didn’t make it into the national competition,This winter vacation they can play whatever they want,No need to think about training。
But now to prepare for the national competition that will come right after the start of the next semester,The team not only has to train before the Spring Festival,Training after the Spring Festival。
In the training content arranged by Li Ziqiang for the team,Training before the Spring Festival is based on skills and tactics,Training after the Spring Festival focuses on physical recovery。Because after a Spring Festival,The players will inevitably gain weight,And the decline of body function。
It’s just a high school team after all,Not a professional team,Can’t use the standards of professional players to demand high school players,There is no way to force them to keep their mouths in check when visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival holiday——Don’t say the players disagree,Even the parents and family members of the players will definitely object,Especially those students who did not consider becoming a professional player as their goal。
Specific training time,The training before the Spring Festival is from January 18th to 22nd,Five days in total,Train for one and a half hours every afternoon。Training after the Spring Festival from February 5th to 14th,Ten days,I also train for an hour and a half every afternoon。After the second semester starts,Return to normal practice for a week,Final preparations for the national competition in March。
This kind of training arrangement is for the rest of the team,No problem,Since they are going to participate in the national competition,Then these sacrifices must be made,Can’t be like other kids,Take advantage of the winter vacation to travel。
Their families also support their children to do so。
But for Hu Lai,The situation is a little bit special。


When Shu Qing didn’t know how to say this,Peng Changyi’s phone rang,Peng Changyi just wanted to reach out for the phone,Don’t know,At this time the other car overtakes,I drove backwards towards Peng Changyi’s car,Peng Changyi quickly slowed down and avoided it。

Shu Qing picked up the phone,Handed him。Peng Changyi thought it was from Kangzhou who asked him to drink,Just asked:“Who?”
Shu Qing said:“I did not see。”
Peng Changyi took a look,It’s Jiang Fan,Just connected:“mayor,please say。”
Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,Old Wei and others are waiting for us at the intersection ahead,You can give them the car,Get in my car,Let Old Wei give you an introduction。”
Peng Changyi hesitated。
Jiang Fan immediately caught Peng Changyi’s hesitation,Said:“If you are not tired,You can also drive by yourself,I’m afraid you are tired after driving so long。”
Peng Changyi glanced at Shu Qing,Shu Qing nodded at him,Peng Changyi said immediately:“Tired but not tired,But you can listen to Old Wei’s plan,it is good,Changyi listens to you。”
Peng Changyi put down the phone and said:“Let’s go to the mayor’s car,Old Wei will follow us for a while,You do not mind right?”
Shu Qing is very happy that Peng Changyi can think of her,Just say:“do not mind,You were there to help them。”
Peng Changyi moved his shoulders,Said:“Really tired。”
“Yes,You have been driving for nearly two hours。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“More than two hours to not be tired,Go to the grassland,I changed shifts with Xiao Xu,All of a sudden, six or seven hours are not tired。”
“Why did you get tired in two hours??”
“Because of your scrutiny。”
“Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,Said:“You finally have a sincere side。”
“What finally?I am sincere。”
Shu Qing glanced at Peng Changyi,She was very satisfied with Peng Changyi’s nervous interrogation,It shows that he is paying attention to his question。Speak more boldly:“During the Republic of China, there was a talented woman named Lin Huiyin,Even though he died young,But her short life is very meaningful,Let’s not say that she has left her own unique mark in many academic fields,Let’s say she has gained a lot of sincere emotions,Husband’s、Affectionate person,And the confidant who has always been alone for her。Maybe my feeling is wrong,I feel that Xiaoding is such a happy woman right now,With a husband、Confidant love,Although the way of love is different,But the meaning is the same。”


Ronman startled,She thought Peng Changyi would be interested in this topic,Unexpectedly, she hasn’t expressed what she should mean,Was blocked by Peng Changyi。

Seeing Peng Changyi’s awe-inspiring expression,She is very ashamed,Maybe,No matter how hard she tries,She can’t be incorporated into Peng Changyi’s track。She regrets。Fortunately, Ronman is a smart man,After embarrassment,She smiled and said:“Secretary Peng is the best I have ever seen、The most righteous person,Sorry,Xiaoman doesn’t know the depth,Offended。”
Peng Changyi wants to say:Not offended,I’m not very interested in hindsight。But years of experience,He won’t tell his true thoughts。He just smiled,Did not speak。
Ronman said again:“Xiaoman wants to ask Secretary Peng a question。”
“please say。”
“Demolition……Doesn’t it seem that Secretary Peng admires?,as far as I know,He doesn’t appreciate you either,And he is now controlled,Why do you still help him?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“If you have to think so,You might have heard,Only his 50 acres of land in the Industry and Trade Park is legal,But the 50 mu of land still owes compensation to farmers,It stands to reason that he didn’t call you the second installment as required,It is said that your contract has long been voided,You can hold him accountable for breach of contract,Let him make compensation accordingly,But can’t swallow all his money,I don’t allow this to happen,You know what i mean?”
Ronman nodded,Peng Changyi is not only for this bus project,Also for his people,That’s why I came forward to coordinate this matter,This is a far cry from Zhu Guoqing,She respects him even more,She said:“Xiaoman got it,do not worry,I will terminate the contract with him as soon as possible,Return the money to him as soon as possible,In addition,Since he still owes money to the people,Then,For Secretary Peng,In order to save my image in Secretary Peng’s heart,I decide,But he will be held accountable for breach of contract,But it won’t stop him from bleeding at all。”
“Thank you for your kindness,You should follow the law。such,End here today,I have another meeting tonight。”Peng Changyi picked up the tea cup,Drink the water in the glass in one breath,Got up and left。
Ronman can’t keep Peng Changyi’s footsteps,She had to send him out,She watched Peng Changyi’s back disappear into the night outside the door,Sighed,By now,Some dreams in my heart should be broken,Although Peng Changyi is sentimental and righteous,But he will always reject himself thousands of miles away,In his heart,Love and righteousness,He makes a clear distinction,Talk later than today。
Turn around,She looked at Peng Changyi’s useless chopsticks,Can’t help but feel a little surprised,She let out a long breath,Take out the phone,Called Fang Li,Invite her to dinner……
With the deepening of the judicial investigation,Zhu Guoqing not only has serious violations of laws and disciplines in the development of industrial and trade park projects,There are also major acts of corruption and bribery,Verified,He immigrated abroad for his son and wife,Successively“borrow”In the name of,Took it from Yudakai160Ten thousand yuan,Received renminbi and Canadian dollars from developers and engineering contractors many times,Accumulated amount320More than ten thousand yuan。
After the chaos and dust settles,The superiors also accelerated the pace of improving the leadership of the Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee,Successive mayors、Three deputy mayors,One of them is the Deputy Mayor,A secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and a secretary of the Political and Legal Committee,Also sent a secretary of the municipal party committee,Lu Hua was transferred to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress,Deputy Director,No longer a team member。The original Kangzhou team,Only Lu Hui and Wen Qingxuan are left,Originally, when Peng Changyi came back to quell this incident,Lu Hui fully cooperated,And can adhere to principles,Act impartially,And they are always at the forefront in negotiations with various developers,And greatly safeguarded the interests of the people,Received praise from the provincial investigation team,But very sorry,He has no position。Think about it,Seems reasonable,As a team member,No matter what the situation and reason,When the team will study everything in the Industry and Trade Park,As the third in command,He also raised his hand for many things,From a deeper level,That is, he followed Peng Changyi tighter,From this point on,Neither he nor Lu Hua will be in power。Although the Kangzhou incident did not reach the upper level,But the Jin’an Municipal Party Committee is quite dissatisfied with the Kangzhou team,Among all vacant positions,Did not use a native of Kangzhou,All airborne。Wen Qingxuan is honest and faithful,People are not evil and crooked,Inside the team,There is no obvious tendency,and so,He is still left among the team members。
All team members are basically complete,Only one place is still empty,That’s the secretary of the municipal party committee。Peng Changyi hasn’t been idle these days,But take the new acting mayor to get acquainted with the work,Because he will return to Jin’an City Government sooner or later。
Kangzhou’s new municipal party committee secretary won’t come one day,Peng Changyi couldn’t leave for a day,This is also the requirement of the higher-level municipal party committee。
Recently,The candidate of Party Secretary of Kangzhou became suspense,There are also various gossips and rumors in Jin’an politics。


Sit for a while,Qin Liang can’t sit still,So he said hello to everyone,And then left the room by himself。

Yang Shiyun is really in the room,But she is the only one in the room。
“The swallow is not there?”
Qin Youqi asked。
“Oh,Yanzi told me,She slept in her mother’s room tonight。”
Yang Shiyun answered casually。
“what,Then I will sleep with you tonight!”
Qin Liang immediately said with enthusiasm。
“No way!Are you crazy!Sister Ruoxi is still here,Come and sleep with me?Are you impatient??”
Yang Shiyun immediately refused。
“She won’t sleep with me anyway……”
Qin Liang said tangledly。
“Ugh……You two are no longer a couple,Been married for so long,Unexpectedly……Never slept together,This is what we know,otherwise,Tell me this,I’m afraid no one will believe it。”
Yang Shiyun said with emotion。
“so,I am very poor,I’ll sleep with you at night。”


To keep everyone from focusing on their injuries,Lin Haoyou has nothing to say。

“Oh,We came here specially to visit you。correct,Is there a female soldier named Tan Xiaoyan in your preparation team??”
Qin Liang knowingly asked。
“Yes,Sister Tan is our team leader,Do you want to see her?”
Lin Hao immediately nodded and said,But he nodded,It affected the chest injury,It hurt so much that he immediately took a breath。
“Yep,Is such that,Yanzi has a separate task to give her,Swallow,We go to your room and wait for her,Then you go call your Sister Tan……”
Qin Liang got stuck halfway through,He still doesn’t know the number of Yanzi’s room。
“9009Room number。”
Swallow answered immediately。“Yes,I will take over for Sister Tan immediately,Then let her go9009Room check-in。”
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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Six Deja vu
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Lu Jian agreed,Ran out immediately……
Qin Liang and Yanzi comforted Lin Hao a few words,Turned and walked out of the room,prepare to go9009Wait for Tan Xiaoyan,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun immediately followed,Acting like a baby, I want to see it together“lively”。
“I am here,Sister Yanzi won’t be nervous anymore,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun has a good reason to watch the excitement。


Chen Hao hesitated for a moment,Grit your teeth,Still nodded gently。

“It’s almost,Hehe。”
Qin Liang is satisfied,With Chen Hao’s consistent reserve and self-respect,I can admit that I miss myself so readily in front of my own face,This is already hard to imagine,Too rare。
“Ruoxi, how are they??”
Chen Hao remembered that his best friend came。“They are also good,Go out on mission this time,Ruoxi and Murongshan both acted very bravely,Ruoxi pursued the gangsters by herself for several kilometers,Murong Shan was hit by a car driving behind while chasing the gangster,But not badly hurt,Almost now
Qin Liang briefly recounted important things。
“what!Isn’t it!”
Chen Hao asked incredulously。“to be frank,I didn’t expect them to be so brave!What a coincidence,A large group of us chased around for a long time without results,The gangster happened to be met by them accidentally,These two girls rushed up immediately,Not at all charming and weak,table
It’s exactly like two real brave and fearless warriors!”
Qin Liang said with emotion。
“I can’t believe they can do this,Especially Ruoxi,That girl used to see a lord on the ground who couldn’t bear to step on。”
Chen Hao also said with emotion。
“So this matter once again thinks that we have proved a truth;people,Can be changed。”


“is it?Oh,OK then。”

Shen Ruoxue won’t hold back on this issue,Because she knows this kind of issues related to national economy and people’s livelihood,It’s better not to participate in the discussion if you don’t understand,So as not to be ashamed。
“The scenery here is so beautiful,So even if there is no TV,You can also have a great time at night。”
Yang Zhi is comforting Shen Ruoxue gently,But what Yang Zhi thought was:In this beautiful place,Add Shen Ruoxue who is as beautiful as a fairy by your side,That night will not be lonely and bored,Will be happy……
“The people who live here live by what they eat?”
Shen Ruoxue switched to the next question。
“I really do not know this one,Ask Xiaoyun later。”
Qin Liang dumped the pot for the second time。
“Ask me again!Why ask me everything!”
Liu Xiaoyun is depressed,This pit is dug endlessly,If you fall, never think about the rhythm of climbing, right?。
Everyone laughed instantly,Qin Liang dug this pit too blatantly,Not at all concealed,But it’s totally in line with everyone’s common intentions,So in this matter,Liu Xiaoyun belonged to the wall and everyone pushed,There is no way,Who made her“Mu Xiu Yulin”It’s up。
Shen Ruoxue is gloating,Because she felt it was too wise to play stupid。


They sit in a semi-private room,There is a clerk at the door,The bodyguard is next to them。Well decorated here,The three brothers and sisters really didn’t hear any noise,mainly,If it’s too loud,I will definitely be invited by the store security to a place that is not disturbing。

“It seems that an internet celebrity is doing live broadcast,The camera brought the guests to the side。”The boyfriend Ou Zhaozhao is dating now,Under Wanming,A big influencer in the media company that exclusively signed the influencer,So she is quite concerned about the Internet celebrity world。
The four children of the Ou family are currently dating their mothers,No more comments。Anyway, no one will be brought home by my mother to see them。When will this one come out,It’s not too late for them to express their opinions。But according to observation,There is no play in this life。
There are also student Internet celebrities in Yuze School,Two of them are still signed by his media company,At first, it was rumored in school and turned into several versions。For example, the second son of Ou clan has paid for his girlfriend or something。But those two internet celebrities are smart girls,Knowing that he can’t bind Porcelain,They all asked their boyfriends to make a thorough clarification。In addition, he may be the type who is really cold and hard to provoke,The rumors quickly dissipated。
He has also seen the internet celebrities in the school hold the camera and take pictures,I’m looking for classmates to do a show together。I’ve seen people who were scolded by teachers and stopped by school security。
“In public,Casual shooting situation,Really not so good。Everyone enjoys a personal privacy circle in public places,This is the same as the safety distance。Shooting randomly is equivalent to arbitrarily infringing on the safety distance of others,Someone will be uncomfortable,How normal。”Yuze feels,Often photographed others,Either selfish or deliberate。Deliberately photographed,Say hello afterwards,Inform,Ask for permission,It’s also a bit responsible and moral.
So many influencers,Some who only shoot myself,Some people blur the faces of passersby,However, this kind of casual photography of passersby does not care about telling it,What’s more。
“I met someone who is not real,Is good luck。Meet someone who is sensitive and true,Don’t say anything but apologize。otherwise,This is really Gong Huoer。”Si Guangnian thinks,This is the era when everyone is a photographer,I can’t always pay attention to whether others are photographing myself,I can only rely on the photographer to restrain himself。
Yuze hates this,Mainly because in the past few years, many people spread rumors with just one photo,Harm others。Real-name system,Did not reduce the amount of text violence,There will always be people who don’t ask the truth,Even talking about right from wrong。There are many such people,I don’t know how their parents and teachers taught。
“This is for interference to others,But unconsciously unresponsible performance。But indeed,relatively,Some people also lack a tolerant heart。”Click on the bottom of Yuze,“Now many places allow or even encourage Internet celebrities to shoot,Advertise to develop passenger flow,Attract many people to check in。This store is also now,Since shooting is allowed,It is necessary to be prepared for conflicts between guests due to shooting in the mirror and other situations。”
It’s all quarreling,Obviously the store is not well received,Have great responsibility。
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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Six plan


【system hint:You killed40levelBOSSYu Canghai,get experience10000point,Repair point6000point,35gold。】

High amount experience in killing Yu Canghai,Let Du Caseming level straight17level,from18Level is just one step away,Xu Xuxu and the toast to eliminate their sorrows beside them also flashed white light repeatedly.,Crazy consecutive upgrades。
【system hint:Qingcheng faction has fallen in favor100point,Qingcheng SchoolNPCThe relationship with you becomes a terrible hate。】
【system notification:Player Xiaoyao sent disciple Cassia、Xu Xuxu、Songshan sent disciples toast and kill40levelBOSSYu Canghai,Reward reputation500point,Teacher contribution800point。】
【system notification:.】
【system notification:.】
As usual, there are three system announcements,Give enough face to three people,It also caused an uproar among the players,But that’s all aside,Let’s not mention it,Otherwise it looks watery。
【Songfeng Sword】
category:Long sword
quality:The best
+500Point attack,+50Point body method,+200%Matsukaze sword damage,Matsukaze swordsmanship level+1(Ignore the ceiling)
Wearing requirements:Arm strength60,Root bone60,Learn Songfeng Swordsmanship
Introduction:Yu Canghai’s Sabre from Qingcheng Mountain,It is said to be made to imitate Zhang Daoling’s Three Emperors Sword,Also has the attributes of boosting Songfeng swordsmanship,But smaller。
【Qingfeng Nail】*100
category:hidden weapon


“You bitch,See how I play with you!Don’t you dare to betray Lao Tzu??I will let you know what happened to betraying me now!Wait until I have enough of you,I will reward you to my brothers,Let all the men here enjoy your body!Hahahaha……”

Zhuang Sheng said while relieving his hatred,One side is starting to take off his underwear,Seeing that I can’t escape the ruined bad luck,Song Min burst into tears of despair!
“Hey,You guys,What are you doing here?Is the boss here??”
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Chapter One Thousand and Fifty Five Injury is small or big
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Injury is small or big
Just when these thugs were chatting happily,A person suddenly walked up to them,Asked with a smile!
“who are you?”
A bodyguard turned around,I looked up and down and asked。
The person here is Qin Liang,It turns out that after he chased into that little door,Follow Song Min’s crying all the way,I found these few whispering thugs gathered together,So he came over“curious”The question。
“I’m the bodyguard hired by the new boss。Where’s the boss?”
Qin Liang answered casually。
“The eldest is trying to force the future sister-in-law inside,Haha……”
A thug answered with a smile。His voice just fell,Song Min’s cry came from the room!