Wei State was the first country to rule the roost during the Warring States Period,Strength is still not to be underestimated by anyone。And as the king of the central plains hegemony,Although Wei Wangzeng has been doing bad things since he succeeded,Whether it’s the dozens of cities captured by Qin or the generals、Da Sikong was killed one after another,Wei Wangdu was very incompetent,The biggest reaction should be to be furious in front of everyone in the hall。

But in fact, he still holds a secret power in his hands。
This force was formed more than a hundred years ago during the Wei Wenhou period,Passed down for a hundred years,Although it has gradually declined,Can’t compare to organizations like Qin Guoluo,But this force still cannot be underestimated within the scope of Wei State。
“Yesterday the prince invited the second son to the Yueyue Tower for a banquet……”
Huli talent just spoke,Wang Wei couldn’t help showing a sneer on his face:“Banquet?Prince and Wei Feng?”
Since Li Chenfeng stood in front of the stage,The crown prince and him are fighting against each other without saying that they are in conflict.,The prince for no reason will be in the mood to have a banquet with his opponent?
I’m afraid the fool doesn’t believe this。
The man in the hat listened to the words of King Wei,Paused,Then continue to narrate what happened。
“……After the attack, the second son fled to the Yueyue Tower under the cover of his men.,Rescued by the Prince’s Guard,But what everyone didn’t expect was,Suddenly an assassin came out of the Yueyue Tower,Directly beheaded the prince and a swordsman next to the prince,The other assassin died with the other swordsman beside the prince,The last second son’s men came to rescue,The assassin who killed the prince escaped far away and has not been found yet……”
Flames flickered in Wei Wang’s eyes,Asked angrily:“Can you be sure that those people are trapped??”
“Yes!Those assassins are marked by spider webs,And judging from their style,It’s indeed the netting method……”


This makes Huang Lei a little puzzled,I don’t know what he meant by this sentence。

Ask now?
is it possible?
The other party is not stupid,Isn’t it the same as being exposed??Make the other party detect the abnormality,At that time the other party may become unusually alert and careful。
This is not a good thing,At least it’s not a good thing in Huang Lei’s opinion。
“I must ask,Ask,Go find information,How else would you know what the other party is going to do next,Which direction will you take?In order to avoid some information that we can’t grasp,I think the best way is to contact him at this time。You watch,See how i get in touch with him,I told you that this kind of thing is not difficult,Not as bad as you think,It can even be said to be a very easy thing。”
When Tie Lan said this,,Let Huang Lei feel puzzled again,He thought it was impossible,How could it be easy?It’s not easy for him anyway。
But Iron Lan didn’t let Huang Lei question,He strode forward directly,Walked directly towards the other party。
This scene surprised Huang Lei again,He didn’t expect Iron Lan to be so courageous,Just go,This is too threatening?It’s so frightening!
Because this kind of thing itself is not necessarily a good thing,Especially his way of going directly to the other party,It is easy to cause some unnecessary trouble,Make the other person doubt,Even at this time, he suddenly shot。
Now Huang Lei can be sure that the person is a dangerous person,Even a slight abnormality in the other party’s words and deeds will make Huang Lei feel scared and panicked,I’m afraid that there will be more problems at this time。。
Then he just watched Iron Lan walk towards that guy like this,At the beginning, the iron fence just passed by behind him,Looks like a hurried passerby,But after he walked a few steps,Suddenly stopped,Iron Lan showed a sudden realization,As if remembering something,I patted my head with my hand,I don’t know what I’m talking about,It’s more like blaming yourself for being so stupid,Why didn’t you expect this or something。Then he walked back again,But at this time, I came across a peaked cap that was picking things up。
At first the guy didn’t respond,Even if the iron fence hits him,Tie Lan kept saying things like apologizing to him,Huang Lei can see Tie Lan bowing to him with apologetic expression in the distance,I can guess that he should be apologizing,It’s just that the cap doesn’t respond,Glanced back,Then lower the hat and continue to pick what you want,The whole process is so silent,Make people feel the problem inside,There is no way to tell。


“Coach Hu!”

Shen Huan smiled and greeted him。
Hu Dong coming in in his workout clothes,I smiled when I saw Shen Huan,Then sigh:“Teacher Lu,I see you,Just can’t be happy。”
The group of girls next to you are not satisfied。
“Who are you?Why do you talk like that?”
“What’s up,Who smashed your window last night??Such an inexplicable anger?”
“Shen Huan greets you kindly,You are not happy yet?”
“cut,Seeing such an old man, you know,Is he upset that Sister Xiaofeng is so popular?!”
“nausea!Old man like you,No woman likes!”
Hu Dong suffered such a windy crit,The whole person is dumbfounded。
His mouth moved,But seeing more than twenty girls looking at him fiercely,He had to smile wryly,Raise your hands and surrender。
“You misunderstood,I’m not saying that seeing Teacher Lu was unhappy!”Hu Dong explained in a low voice:“This is related to my work!Can’t get help from Teacher Lu,Is my biggest regret!”
no way。


“Sorry!”Bai Xue was naturally rather unconvinced,Do not look at Mo Xiaosheng。

“Xiaomo,Don’t be surprised,This girl is spoiled by me,For my face,Forgive them。”Old Liang laughed。
“Of course Mr. Liang’s face must be given,Actually, I didn’t care about it。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled。
“That’s good,That’s good,Someone in Xue’er’s company went crazy again today,You have to ask Xiaomo to help。”Old Liang said with a smile。
Mo Xiaosheng saw Liang Lao look pleased,Really can’t bear it,My grandchildren made a mistake,He actually needs his old man to come forward to resolve。
“Liang Lao,It’s not that I don’t want to help。It’s just that Miss Bai told me,People want faces and trees want bark,Invite me out。Here,No matter how thick the skin is,I’m afraid I can’t come here casually.?”
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Bai Xue,He didn’t mean to embarrass her,It’s just that her eldest lady’s temper must be treated by someone,She and Liang Luo are really cousins,The personality with eyes above the top seems to be carved out of a mold。
Lao Liang understood what Mo Xiaosheng meant when he heard it.,This is for Baixue to speak in person,Hurriedly winked at my granddaughter,Urged:“Cher,Not hurry up!This is your own business!”
Bai Xue gave Mo Xiaosheng a fierce look,She grew up, which man dared to talk to her like this,When did she stubbornly behave like this with men?
She never thought,For the first time,Actually gave it all to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Sorry,I apologize to you for what happened that day,Please help me once。”
Bai Xue gritted his teeth,Still said it,The ups and downs of the business sea for so many years,She has also learned to bend and stretch。But her heart is secretly ruthless,Once she catches the opportunity,Must torture Mo Xiaosheng severely。
Mo Xiaosheng raised a smile at the corner of his mouth,Seeing that the eldest lady who had been arrogant to herself a few days ago now admits it,It was inexplicably fun。
He didn’t delay anymore,Went to Baixue’s company with Mr. Liang。
On the road,Huang Lao asked Xiang Mo Xiaosheng,“Don’t you need to prepare anything?”
What he said is naturally the things used to break the evil spirits,Such as peach wood sword,Yang Yu and other things。
Who knows Mo Xiaosheng waved his hand,Smiled and said,
“No need to,Those things are of little use。”
Huang Laoyi,Thought for a moment,The look immediately became serious,He asked carefully,


I haven’t waited for him to think about it……

suddenly,The howling of countless wolves came from all over the forest!
Simultaneously,Qianyu’s ears can faintly hear the voice of men and women talking……
“Xiaoya,You see, if we didn’t provoke them just now,Won’t be chased like this!”The tone of the male voice clearly contains a bit of resentment。
immediately,There was another female scolding sound“To shut up!There was only one ghost wolf just now,Who knew that after being forced to kill one, it attracted so many!”
Qianyu Lifting Eyes,Looking at the men and women rushing forward at a fast speed,I scratched my head in confusion“Wolf?What it is?I seem to have never heard of it”
And the men and women in front of them seem to have seen Qianyu,An ugly color appeared on the boy’s face“Oops!How come there is a child here,Wouldn’t we lead these ghost wolves over!”
The girl next to her spoke“Babe,I’ll lead the ghost wolf away,You quickly get this kid to a safe place!”
The boy was stunned,Gritted teeth“I’ll attract the ghost wolf,You are too dangerous a girl”
Just finished,I found silence in the air……
“Babe?Didn’t you say you are going to lure away the ghost wolf?Hurry up!”
The boy reacted,Hurried reply“Oh oh……it is good!”
Stop talking,Then quickly ran towards the other one……
These ghost wolves were turned away by him,Started chasing……
The girl panted and stopped in front of Qianyu……
Then he looked at Qianyu,After taking a deep breath, he wondered“call……Little brother,Why are you here alone?”
Qianyu looked at the girl without hostility,Then he shook his head“This sister,I don’t know why i am here,I’m here when I wake up”
Girl hears words,There was a trace of pity on his face,“I’m here when I wake up……Could it be an abandoned child?”
Then he said,“Little brother,what’s your name?”


Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three Posesi,fall from the sky(Subscribe)

The strong wind caused by the impact of the violent purple-black mist made Posey’s brows frowned.……
This terrifying attack,I’m afraid that the strength of the seven gods and others can’t stop it at all!!
When all these purple and black mists are poured out,Then slowly dispersed,Revealed the inside……
I saw the Seventh Son of God and the others widened their eyes,The skin is covered with paper cracks,Black light flashes continuously between the lines……
This is the annihilation attribute of the God of Destruction attack,And this situation,It can only show that the gap between Xu Sheng and Shen Qizi is too big……
immediately,Shen Qizi and others trembled slightly,These paper cracks with black awns spread one after another……
Everyone’s bodies collapsed like shredded paper in an instant,The scraps of paper fell to the ground!
Seven Sons of God!fall from the sky!!
I didn’t even leave a whole body!!
Xu Sheng stared at the black debris that was scattered on the ground and dissipated.,He looked back at Posessi who was aside。
After pursing thin lips,Mercilessly“Great worship,You should leave quickly,otherwise,They are your end”
On the other side, Posey’s beautiful eyes looked at the black debris on the ground,The corners of my eyes are gradually turning red……
one move……


“It smells so good!”

See Lin Yu do this,Obaju has something to learn,Pick up one side of the pork and put it in the hot pot。
Put it in a bowl and taste,The whole person is as cool as smoking a big cigarette。
“You try beef,I think beef is quite fragrant。”
Hey,I didn’t expect this foreigner,Don’t even know how to eat hot pot。
I don’t know the foreigners who catch food with their hands,If you come to a hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot,Will you just reach out to the hot pot and eat it??
“Ok,But this hot pot,I have tasted it when I grow up,The best food,You central plains,It’s really amazing。”
Suggestions for Lin Yu,Obaju agreed without hesitation。
Eat this,I ate for more than two hours。
same,Also eat Obaju,I almost burst into stomach。
“Lin Zong,Thank you very much for your care,Wait for you to come to our country,I invite you to eat my specialty。”
Ready to leave。
Mr. Obaju holds Lin Yu’s hand,Politely。
“Ok,Wait for me to be free,Definitely go to taste Mr. Obaju’s hometown characteristics。”
Forget the western food,Half-baked,I don’t like it。
of course,This is what Lin Yu thought,Didn’t say it。
After seeing Aubaju leave,Lin Yu looks at Liang Yi next to him。
“You can take the contract back to Zhao Long,I won’t go back to the company,If there is something,Call me。”
This talk,Just talked for a few hours。
Father-in-law’s banquet takes place in the afternoon,Lin Yu as son-in-law,Don’t dare to be too late。


“What’s the point of crying,right now,Give you a chance for revenge,Do or not!”

Yue Ren Wang said coldly to Hu Qingfeng。
First0677Zhang coincides
Hu Qingfeng was slightly startled,Glanced at the tabletop,The dagger whose tail is still trembling slightly,Looking up at Yue Renwang in surprise。
Yue Ren Wang gave Hu Qingfeng a cold look,Avoid his eyes,Said lightly,“this time,I can help you once!“
Hu Qingfeng’s eyes flashed brightly after hearing this,With a hint of surprise in his expression,I don’t seem to think that I have to fight against you every time I meet,Can say such a thing!
Mo Xiaosheng、Luo Yilin and the thin old man couldn’t help but be a little surprised when they heard King Yue,Turning his head, he glanced at Yue Renwang in wonder。This is just now yelling at Hu Qingfeng to kill and cut,Changed in a blink of an eye?!
Although Yuerenwang is expressionless,But it seems to be embarrassed by everyone’s eyes,Said in a low voice,“I’ve never used to these clowns jumping up and down on the land of our country.,Wait until I solve these people,I’ll settle the account with you!“
“it is good!“
Hu Qingfeng couldn’t help feeling a little moved when he heard the words.,Nodded vigorously,I didn’t expect,one day,He and Yuerenwang would actually stand on the same front。
During the next small chat,Mo Xiaosheng’s surprise discovery。In fact, the reason why Hu Qingfeng has kept a low-key storage of financial resources in recent years,Also to accumulate strength,Prepare to wait for the right time,Take a good blow to this kendo master league,In order to avenge the revenge!
And what Hu Qingfeng and Mo Xiaosheng coincided with was,Since this year,Hu Qingfeng also began to recruit masters of profound arts from all over the world,I want to increase my grasp of the Sword Master League。
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart moved,Look overjoyed,Asked hurriedly,“Brother Hu,How are you recruiting?!“
“Can only be said to be small and effective!“
Hu Qingfeng frowned and said conservatively。“Although I recruited a few people who know profound arts,,But the ability is relatively average……“
Actually, you need to recruit these few masters of profound arts,Has almost made him do his best,To know,In today’s society,A big China。Able to inherit traditional martial arts,There are not many people who concentrate on practicing Kungfu and have small achievements,Not to mention this kind of top master of profound arts,It’s not an exaggeration to describe the number as a fraction。
Fortunately, there are so many people in China,Large base,No matter how small the ratio is,Calculate carefully,Huaxia really understands profound art,Maybe no fewer than a thousand people!
It’s just that most people like to stay anonymous,Not easy to find。
“This is easy to say!“


The person standing next to Tong Guanjia heard,Open road。

“You didn’t say this one,I almost forgot。”
Hear this,Steward Tong finished,Look at the Tong Lao rushing up,Open road:“The other party wants you to slap him directly,Don’t kill you directly。”
“Do not worry!”
“I will pay attention to measure。”
Tong Lao heard this,Originally planned to use one-third of the power,Directly changed to one tenth。
Lin Yu,It’s just an ordinary person。
If it’s a Huang-level cultivation base,I can definitely see it。
“Lin Yu,Get away,Don’t welcome up,The opponent is a Huang-level cultivator。”
Lu Wei heard what the other party said,Shouted anxiously。
“I know now to avoid,It’s too late。”
Heard what Lu Wei said,Tong Lao looked at Lin Yu with disdain,Open road。
just,Lin Yu want to avoid?
I didn’t plan to avoid it at all,See the opponent’s attacking fist。
Greet up with one hand。


In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>

Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p>
First451chapter Skater girl
Subsequently,Huang Lei got up to cook,When there is no firewood,Peng Yusang went to chop wood。</p>
And a few girls are not idle,Help choose dishes,It’s Su Luo,Lie lazily,Lying tired,Sit up and tease the pots and pans。</p>
Such a life,Is really what people yearn for。</p>
Right in the yard,Busy time,New guest,Also came one after another。</p>
Wang Ruodan came in first,He just came last time,So I’m familiar with the road。</p>
Teacher He saw her,Surprised,Tao:“Dan Dan,You are here again。”</p>
Wang Ruo Dandao:“Yes,I am coming again,Come here on holiday。”</p>
Subsequently,Other people are also up,Welcome,Only Su Luo looks like a lazy cancer possessed。</p>
Lying down and waving,Teacher He smiled and scolded:“Susu,Never seen,You are so lazy,Are you sick?”</p>
Su Luo waved his hand:“No,I am very healthy,Just don’t want to move,Tired,Body tired,Feeling hollowed out。”</p>
Huang Lei said:“Is the kidney overdrawn??Do you want me to buy you two boxes of kidney tablets?。”</p>