What food therapy can prevent air conditioning disease

What food therapy can prevent air conditioning disease

The hot weather is increasingly unreasonable.

The air conditioner in the home is getting longer and longer.

The temperature is getting lower and lower.

The temperature increases day by day. Of course, if you want to be more comfortable, you should lower the temperature of the air conditioner in the work unit and home. After a while, you will feel cooler and cooler, and you will feel much more comfortable, but the replacement air conditioner will blow.Those who pay attention will accidentally contract headaches and other diseases; and when people enter the air-conditioning zone from the hot temperatures outside the street, a large temperature difference will cause discomfort .in environment.

  In addition to paying attention to air conditioning maintenance and indoor air conversion, proper consumption of some foods can improve air conditioning disease.

  The main manifestations of air-conditioning disease are two aspects: one is that the elderly with weak adaptability or frailty enter the cold air-conditioned room under the condition of high-level sweating in the high-rise, and the cold air suddenly hits, as the traditional Chinese medicine says, the exogenous wind cold, similar to the cold coldHeadache, body pain, nasal congestion, etc. Second, because the air conditioner provides recirculated air, there is very little fresh air when closing doors and windows, and very few negative ions in the indoor air, which will generate some odorous gases such as ozone, making people feel tight and panic.Discomfort such as faintness, limb soreness, nausea, fullness of stomach and abdomen, but blood and urine tests are normal.

This is similar to the summer heat and dampness. In the air-conditioned room, the sweat holes are tightly closed due to the cold. The damp heat in the body cannot be transmitted through sweating and stagnates the body, forming a “cold outer bundle muscle surface, damp and hot connotation of the spleen and stomach.”

  Ginger fights against air-conditioning. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger has three major effects: sweating and relieving the skin, warming the stomach and vomiting, and detoxifying.

People in an air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can effectively prevent “air-conditioning disease”.

  Often in an air-conditioned environment, because the temperature difference between indoor buildings is too large, it is easy to feel cold outside.

If you can eat a few slices of ginger or drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup in time, it will help dispel the cold and relieve the table, or use the ginger soup (with salt and vinegar) to soak your feet and receive good results.

  I have been in the air-conditioned room for a long time, and it is easy to be affected by wind and cold and other diseases on the waist and back. Especially the elderly can easily cause periarthritis of the shoulder. In this case, you can burn some hot ginger soup.Add some salt and vinegar to the ginger soup, soak it in a towel and wring it out, apply it to the affected area, and repeat it several times.

This method can make muscles relax from tension, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, which can greatly relieve pain.

  The navel is the weakest part of the human body’s resistance to the outside world. In addition, in summer, the secretion of gastric acid and digestive juice is reduced, and the ability to resist bacteria is weakened. In the air-conditioned place, it is easy to be stimulated by cold and heat to cause disturbances in metabolic functions, leading to germs.Invasion, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other dialysis system diseases.

Eating ginger or drinking ginger soup appropriately can prevent it.

Scientists have found that ginger can play a role in certain antibiotics, especially against Salmonella.

  Drink more herbal tea. Note that daily health care and air conditioning are mostly fever, and prevention of daily health care is important.

Usually drink plenty of cool drinks, such as chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea, tea cakes, mung bean soup, lotus seed fungus and so on.

In addition, eat more melon, loofah vegetables and eggs, meat, milk, etc., eat less frozen products, eat more protein-rich foods.

If the food in the refrigerator is unopened for more than a day, it is best not to eat it again.

At the same time, take a bath frequently, try not to expose to the sun for a long time, keep the indoor ventilation smooth, pay attention to sun protection when going out.

Do not turn on the air conditioner too cold while you are sleeping to avoid causing heatstroke and diarrhea.

  Lotus root porridge lotus root porridge with 100 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 30 grams of cilantro (dry, 50 grams of fresh stems and leaves), add 800 ml of water, boil, and boil for another 20 minutes,Filter off the residue and take about 500 ml of the liquid medicine; use this liquid medicine and 100 grams of barley kernels to cook a gruel.

Eat once in the morning and evening.

  The lotus leaves are not only aromatic and moist, but also clearing away the heat and relieving the heat, which is the best solution for relieving the heat in summer.

With Huoxiang can enhance the effect of aroma moisturizing, its sexual taste is warm, and it can evacuate the cold.

Renjian’s spleen is damp and damp, so that summer dampness can go away from urine.

In modern research, Coix seed also has the effect of enhancing immune function and improving adaptive ability.

Therefore, this side has a very good effect on those who enter the air-conditioned room from a high-temperature environment and have symptoms similar to cold and cold due to poor adaptability.