[Sichuan Spicy Snacks]_Type_Category

[Sichuan Spicy Snacks]_Type_Category

Everyone knows that Sichuan peppers are very famous, and there are many kinds of spicy snacks in Sichuan, and they are especially delicious, which makes people feel very enjoyable.

Spicy snacks in Sichuan usually include hemp peppers, peppercorns and peppers, which are more spicy. For those who love spicy snacks, they must not be missed.

So, what are the Sichuan spicy snacks?


The couple’s lung film is a famous dish in Chengdu, Sichuan, created by Guo Chaohua and Zhang Tianzheng.

Usually, beef scalp, beef heart, beef tongue, tripe, and beef are used as the main ingredients, and then they are braised and then sliced.

Red oil made with chilli oil, pepper noodles and other auxiliary materials is poured on it.

Its fine production, beautiful color, tender and delicious, spicy and fragrant, very palatable.


Cold beef Beef cold beef is one of the characteristic traditional cuisines of Zigong, Sichuan. The main ingredients are beef tenderloin, scallions, spices and other ingredients. Pay attention to cut the beef tenderloin and make it uniform in size.


Spicy skewers, as the name suggests, are stringy and spicy delicious snack skewers that are easy to eat with bamboo sticks, which is the most popular manifestation of grassroots cuisine.

Spicy skewers were first popular in Sichuan and Chongqing, and became a representative of Sichuan flavor.

Streets and alleys are now everywhere in the country.

Especially loved by the majority of young men and women.


The croissant has a Spanish-style bullfight, part of a burger, but after the improvement of Sichuan cuisine, it becomes a croissant that meets the tastes of the Chinese people. It is tender and delicious, and looks like a croissant. The name of the bullfighting croissant is well-known.


Braised meat burritos are the most common delicious snacks on the street, especially near the school. It seems wrong to say that he is a meat dumpling. In short, it is a snack from the north. It is also improved after the local improvement in Sichuan. Many flavors meet more.crowd.


Youkazi Dessert Sichuan cuisine is not spicy, but there are also desserts. Someone who has eaten this Youkazi dessert ca n’t stop it, and it is paired with ice cream.


Speaking of Sichuan’s popular snacks, how can there be fewer fakes, an upgraded version of spicy hot, known as one’s hot pot, a variety of delicious ingredients plus exclusive soups, completely stimulate your taste buds.


As the hottest and most powerful snack in 17 years, it is also understandable that catfish has been on the list. It seems that a dark horse in Sichuan snack food has entered people’s attention and soon got it.Everyone recognizes that 18 years will definitely continue to shine.

It is not a cold pot fish or a hot pot fish, but it has a more unique formula to serve everyone’s taste buds.

Sichuan cuisine is well-known both at home and abroad, and Sichuan folk are not inferior.

There are many varieties of Sichuan folk snacks with unique tastes.

Couple’s lung slices, cold beef, spicy skewers, croissants, braised burritos, yummy licks, pickled vegetables, spicy Shanghuan mackerel and other famous Sichuan snacks are even loved by the people all over the country.Favored by friends from all over the world, it has gained the reputation of “Chengdu Snacks Are the Best in the World” and has become the hottest snack in Sichuan in 2018.

Of course, Sichuan snacks are much more than that. There are also very famous and delicious snacks such as jelly, Dongpo fish, Jianyang mutton soup.

We often say that the Dandan Noodle Spicy Skewer franchise stores are all over the country and have made important contributions to the promotion of Sichuan snacks.