That’s it for Wang Jiadong,Wang Yuan stopped her hand movement suddenly,He stood stiffly behind his father,The expression of joy just now disappeared。

Wang Jiadong didn’t see his son move for a long time,Just said:“Pinch,I am enjoying it,Harden。”
Wang Yuan continued to rub his shoulders,The movement is much more mechanical than before。
Does Wang Jiadong know his son’s psychological activities?,He continued:“Ugh,Everything is pros and cons,Your will is tempered,but……Ugh,Thought of this,I can’t regret it,Others say mother and child are connected,But who knows that father and son are connected,So son,Listen to dad,It’s enough to make money,We don’t want to be rich,As long as the whole family is in peace,In the future you will marry Wenwen in,Reborn as a male and a half female,Our days are fine,Be content。”
Wang Yuan closed his eyes,Listening to dad,In the palm of his hand,With the cold dampness,Opened my eyes for a long time,Said:“dad,I understand your heart,I grew up,Know what to do。”
Wang Jiadong continued:“Madoka,Business matters,Dad doesn’t understand,But in China,The business field is never purely business matters,The day Kotani left last time,I wanted to tell you,And it was disturbed by your mother……”
“What am i disturbing?”
Just talking,The door was pushed open,Mom came in。
Wang Jiadong lowered his head,Thought,Can’t talk anymore。
“What did i disturb you?”Mother continued to ask。
Wang Jiadong is guilty of Gu Zhuo,Just say:“You disturbed our conversation。”
“What are you talking about?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Talking about how you care about your son,Why don’t i care about my son。”
Mother said to her son:“Your dad doesn’t care how you grew up?Really unconscionable!”
Wang Jiadong avoided Wang Yuan’s hands,Leaning against the desk,Drooping eyelids,Bowed his head and drank,Stop talking。
My wife said:“Why don’t you tell me when I come in?Right son,Your Auntie Gao asked me,If we have no objection to Wenwen,Bring Wenwen over for the Mid-Autumn Festival,What do you mean?”
Wang Yuan said:“Don’t worry,I will handle it myself。”Finished,Just walk out of the study,Back to his room。
My wife take a look,Pointing to his son’s back:“Take a look,Hide it whenever you say it。”
Wang Jiadong glanced at her,Frowned。My wife has a problem,I don’t usually hear her educating her son,Once Wang Jiadong speaks,Her words will come,And it’s endless。The day Gu Zhuo left,I had an appointment with my son,Let my son come back early,I just want to talk about my son’s business,I also want to test whether my son has a specific business with Gu Zhuo,Just said something to my son,My wife came in,I didn’t say anything further down,Today too,I want to talk to my son on the topic from last time,Also disturbed by my wife。He sighed,Started reading at the desk。