“is it?Oh,OK then。”

Shen Ruoxue won’t hold back on this issue,Because she knows this kind of issues related to national economy and people’s livelihood,It’s better not to participate in the discussion if you don’t understand,So as not to be ashamed。
“The scenery here is so beautiful,So even if there is no TV,You can also have a great time at night。”
Yang Zhi is comforting Shen Ruoxue gently,But what Yang Zhi thought was:In this beautiful place,Add Shen Ruoxue who is as beautiful as a fairy by your side,That night will not be lonely and bored,Will be happy……
“The people who live here live by what they eat?”
Shen Ruoxue switched to the next question。
“I really do not know this one,Ask Xiaoyun later。”
Qin Liang dumped the pot for the second time。
“Ask me again!Why ask me everything!”
Liu Xiaoyun is depressed,This pit is dug endlessly,If you fall, never think about the rhythm of climbing, right?。
Everyone laughed instantly,Qin Liang dug this pit too blatantly,Not at all concealed,But it’s totally in line with everyone’s common intentions,So in this matter,Liu Xiaoyun belonged to the wall and everyone pushed,There is no way,Who made her“Mu Xiu Yulin”It’s up。
Shen Ruoxue is gloating,Because she felt it was too wise to play stupid。