The guy broke down and screamed……

Song Min has habitual insomnia again tonight,Although that nightmare has been over for more than a month,But she never came out of that terrible experience。
Shen Ruoxi often calls her,But apart from comfort and persuasion,Shen Ruoxi can’t say anything else。
Song Min’s torture now,Is beyond imagination……Sometimes she can fall asleep when she is extremely tired,But I always woke up from nightmares with drenched sweat!
The terrible scenes that happened before,Always appearing in her mind。
People are like this!When you are always in a constant high pressure situation,You can grit your teeth and support yourself,But once the high pressure suddenly disappeared,Instead, you will immediately fall off……
So Song Min’s situation is like this now!Her spirit is on the verge of collapse!
What she has always wanted to see,Qin Liang who rescued her from the fire pit!She felt that she was only with Qin Liang,She is safe。
These days,She called Qin Liang many times,But I can’t get through,Of course she doesn’t know;When Qin Liang was on the mission,Except for a few people,Anyone is rejected。
anxious,Song Min, who is also terrified,Get up from bed,Walked barefoot into the outside living room,Then he stood helplessly in the middle of the living room and stopped moving.。
Because there is no light in the living room,So it’s dark all around,Only the windows are slightly bright。
Song Min walked slowly to the window,Looked at the night view outside with dumb eyes,Beautiful view of the dimly lit city,Finally let her heart calm down slowly。
A terrible thought suddenly appeared in her mind!
“Since life is so painful,Why should I still miss this world?The wicked man who has harmed me has gone to jail,My grudge is reported,Then I can leave now。”
The idea appeared,It was unstoppable and entangled in Song Min’s mind.!When people lose control of their emotions,It’s easy to have extreme ideas,Song Min is in this situation now。