Chapter Three Seventy Seven 18Million
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Qin Liang blurted out。
“Is that enough,When I held a concert in another city,Such a supreme ticket is usually24Ten thousand,Haishang is my hometown,So under my repeated strong request,The organizer shall not use,So I decided on this supreme ticket18Ten thousand。In fact, the organizer is already giving in,And you know,Concerts,I can only give advice on pricing,After all, people also want to make money。”
Murong Shan patiently explained to Qin Liang。
“My goodness!Blame me for being too ignorant,I really do not know,You turned out to be such an amazing superstar!I’m really sorry,I didn’t play stupid on purpose,I really don’t know。”
Qin Liang is not too cold to the entertainment industry,So he doesn’t know Murong Shan’s position in the entertainment industry,Where does he know how good Murong Shan is?。
“it does not matter,You don’t know it’s normal,After all, I have almost never held any event at Hishang,There are many people who don’t know。”
Murong Shan obviously didn’t take Qin Liang’s fuss at heart.,She is used to seeing strong winds and waves,Already possessed a psychological quality beyond ordinary people。
It’s Qin Liang,Quite embarrassing,Feel very embarrassed,Cough cough,I don’t even know what level they are,What a shame。
“lady,Coffee is ready。”
A young servant approached and whispered to Murong Shan。
“it is good,Bring it up。”
Murong Shan said with Yan Yue。
Qin Liang’s heart moved,He didn’t expect that Murong Shan would be so amiable to the servants at home.,I have a better impression of her,I’ve seen a lot of news about star team nanny and other beating and scolding,There are also various derailments in the entertainment industry,Qin Liang really doesn’t have a good impression of the entertainment industry,But Murong Shan seems to be different from everyone else。