Yang Shiyun was talking,I stood up and went looking for tea cups,So Liu Yong finally successfully avoided what he might face,From the entanglement of my wife and children。

It’s just suffering Shen Ruoxue,After running to the toilet,I guess I won’t be back in half an hour……How dare she come back soon?。
“You are so sweet,I even bought tea cups and tea leaves。”
Wang Yan walked to Yang Shiyun’s side,Said to Yang Shiyun with a smile。
“I know that the only hobby of the master is drinking tea,So before going shopping,I always remember this,Master said:You can skip meals for a day,Tea can’t not drink for a day,Hehe。”
Yang Shiyun is busy living,While answering with a smile。
“This is not nonsense,It’s really true,He would rather not eat,But tea must be drunk。”
Chapter three hundred and twenty six Get used to what grows on you
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Chapter three hundred and twenty six Get used to what grows on you
Wang Yan had to admit。
“How good is Liu Ju’s hobby!Tea tasting is a very elegant thing。”
Qin Liang immediately delivered a little flattery。
“He is drinking tea,Not tea,One word difference,Totally two meanings。”
Wang Yan said unabashedly。
“What do you know?Do I drink tea or taste tea, you know?”
Liu Yong immediately stopped listening,Said he can bear other things,Only when I was drinking tea, I said he couldn’t!His only hobby,And it’s the one I really like,So for him to drink tea,Is very sacred,The inviolable thing。
“nonsense,I don’t know what else can you do?Why,You are not convinced by me?”