Diet nutrition plan for colds

Diet nutrition plan for colds

(1) Give sufficient water and drink more acidic fruit juices, such as hawthorn juice, kiwi juice, red date juice, fresh orange juice, watermelon juice, etc. to promote gastric juice secretion and appetite.

  (2) The diet should be light, soft and greasy, such as white rice porridge, milk, corn porridge, rice soup, rotten noodles, egg soup, rice flour paste, almond flour paste, etc.

High fever, poor appetite, suitable for liquid food, semi-liquid food, corn soup, egg soup, tofu brain, soy milk and so on.

Those with high fever and thirsty throat can eat cool and juicy foods, such as lotus root, lily, lotus root, etc.

  (3) Eat more vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits.

This can supplement nutrient loss caused by fever and enhance disease resistance.

Vegetables and fruits can promote appetite and help digestion. At the same time, they can add a lot of vitamins and various trace elements that the human body needs, and supplement the lack of energy supply caused by a cold appetite.

Colds and colds, you can eat ginger, light white, winter gourd, loofah, cucumber, etc .; when the evil heat is usually normal, you should eat tomatoes, coriander, citrus, apple, apricot, eggs, coriander, sugar cane, etc.

  (4) Don’t eat cold fruits and cold drinks for colds and colds.

Greasy and fishy foods should be avoided during the fever and cold period; foods such as peppers, dog meat, and lamb should not be eaten during the recovery period of cold and cold;Salted tapefish and so on.