Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Thin stomach and detox 6 strokes

Yoga Asana 1, Cobra 1 prone, hands under shoulders, legs close together.

  2 Inhale, slowly stretch your arms straight up and perpendicular to the front of the entire body. Look up, keep your pubic bones on the ground and tilt your feet backwards.

Keep this posture breathing normally 6?
8 times.

(Every time I do this, I will hear the sound of the spine above the tailbone being stretched. The whole body feels good!

) 3. Exhale, slowly bend your arms, let your waist, chest, and back to the ground in turn, and return to the prone position.

Repeat this pose 3?
5 times.

  Second, the boat-style 1 sits straight back, with the back slightly back.

Move your feet close together, bend your knees to the floor, and put your hands under your elbows.

  2 Inhale.

Lift your calf until it is parallel to the ground, your toes are facing the sky, your upper body is leaning back, forming a 45-degree angle with the ground, and your abdomen is tightened to balance your entire body.The gusset is stretched straight, and the trunk and feet form a “v” shape.

Hold both hands and straight forward parallel to the ground.

Gather the main shaft strength, straighten the waist and chest.

Clamp your feet together.

Keep breathing naturally.

Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

  3. Spine spine 1 Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward and your back straight; 2 Bend your left leg, place your left foot outside the right leg, and bend your right leg to the left rear side; 3 Put your left hand onThe ground on the back of the body, the right elbow is locked and the left leg is aligned; 4 exhale, try to turn the body to the left and rear, thereby twisting the spine; 5 go to the limit, keep this posture for a few seconds; 6 inhale, place the bodyTurn back to your original position and retract your left leg; do the opposite.

  Fourth, the flat style 1 lies on a yoga mat, hands on both sides of the hips, toes on the ground, and strongly support the body.

  2 Spread the power evenly across the entire palm, tighten the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, and buttocks to make the body a straight line.

  3 Put your head forward, and feel that yoga can stretch forward indefinitely from the spine.

Eyes look down naturally.

Relax your throat and eyes.

  4 flat style is a position in the traditional sun worship.

Or you can stay for 30 to 60 seconds as a separate exercise position.

  Fifth, the hero twisted 1 straightened his body, his right leg took a step to the right, and his toes were forward.

Both arms extend flat to both sides of the body, keeping both arms parallel to the ground; 2 Take a deep breath, while keeping the legs straight, rotate the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left heel 62 degrees to the right;  3 Exhale, straighten your arms, stretch your upper torso to the right until twisted and bend downwards, stretch your left hand to the back, your right hand from the front of your right thigh to the back, and hold your left hand.

With your body facing forward and looking diagonally upward, stretch your side waist to reverse the spine.

Keep this position for about 15 minutes; 4 inhale, slowly return the hands, body and feet to the starting position, exhale; 5 inhale, repeat the above actions in the opposite direction to practice.

  Yoga breathing Holy Light breathing method: Start at 1, meditate in a comfortable yoga sitting position, close your eyes.

  2 When practicing this kind of breath adjustment, always relax and don’t try hard.

  3 First adjust the breathing to abdominal breathing, you can put your hands on the abdomen to feel the movement of your abdominal muscles.

  4 Inhale, quickly contract abdominal muscles when exhaling, squeezing breath out of the body.

You need to be able to hear the breath of your nose when you exhale.

Be rhythmic but not violent.

Remember to feel your obvious abdomen inward movement when exhaling, not inhaling.

  In simple terms, the yoga diet divides foods into pleasing foods, inert foods, and modified foods according to the effect of food on the mind.

If you want to get rid of constipation and lose weight, you should eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits in Yue food. The staple food should be based on coarse grains.