Not tell you to whom

Not tell you to whom

It was almost nine o’clock late, and the third floor’s Zhang came to my house again and said to me with a bitter smile: “I’m here to take refuge again, please, kill two sets.”

“So I set up a chessboard and killed.

This big Zhang, the asylum, is to come to my place to avoid his wife’s concubine. He said that his wife didn’t know where there was so much “nonsense”, and when he returned home, his child’s academic performance dropped.The school charged fees again, the price of oil went up again, the unit was corrupted, and even the electric meters and water meters were doubted, and the electricity and water charges were high . Sometimes one thing can be repeated many times.

  After sending Zhang Da away last night, I never fell asleep in bed.

I think the husband and wife live together under the same roof, isn’t it the desire to have an exchange of emotions, a communication of thoughts, a support of the soul?

In the journey of life alone, ups and downs, ups and downs, full of sourness and sweetness, heart troubles, distresses, grievances, and who do you pour into your spouse if you do not return home?

  My wife is also a caring woman. I also have a very annoying mood, sometimes very annoying. I often miss the unrestrained, free and single life.

But a small sight that came into my eyes by accident made me feel a little bit sad and felt that my wife’s concubine was a fortune.

  It was a meeting in Shanghai a few years ago. After the meeting, I took the tourist train from Shanghai to Nanjing.

A middle-aged 40-year-old couple sitting opposite me, from getting on the bus to getting off in Nanjing, the whole journey is the process of the wife’s nagging to the husband, talking about the naughtiness of the son, the intelligence of the son, the body of the parents, and the unit.The benefits of sisters, the marriage of sisters, the excitement of excitement, the sigh of helplessness.

The husband was on the side, holding his chin in his hand, listening quietly, accidentally inserting a sentence or two, or subconsciously moving the tea cup in front of his wife, without any annoyance.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on them, reflecting a happy, warm halo.

There was an inexplicable touch in my heart: all the lovers were lovers, and the husband and wife love each other.