She took out her phone in a daze,Called Shen Ruoxi。

At home with Murong Shan。Chen Hao, Shen Ruoxi,Phone connected……
“Old sister,it’s me,Xiaoyun。”
On the phone,Liu Xiaoyun’s voice came,But Shen Ruoxi immediately felt Liu Xiaoyun’s mood abnormal。
“Xiaoyun,what happened?Where are you?Is nothing wrong??”
Shen Ruoxi asked with concern immediately。
“sister……My hatred,Reported。”
Liu Xiaoyun finished saying this,I was so emotional that I shed tears,I didn’t know how to cry……
Shen Ruoxi was in a complicated mood listening to Liu Xiaoyun’s suppressed crying on the phone,Hesitated for a moment,And said to her solemnly。
Yang Shiyun and Shen Ruoxue sitting on both sides of Liu Xiaoyun,And hugged her。Liu Xiaoyun can’t continue,She bowed her head,Put your face on your lap,Finally crying!She has been tortured by this for too long,She who has a strong nature,Never been affected by anything,Any setback hits so deep,Although she never said,But she started
I’m finally brooding about this,Never forget。
After all, this is since she grew up,The biggest insult ever,It’s the only nightmare in her memory that she can’t let go!Nowadays,it’s finally over,Freed!
Qin Liang sitting in front,I turned around and wanted to say something to Liu Xiaoyun,But just called her name,I don’t know what to say to comfort her。