After listening to my father,Ding Yi also has mixed feelings,She doesn’t want to increase father’s guilt,Just jokingly said:“It’s ok,If mom blames you then,I explained to mom,I just said I didn’t listen to Dad,Don’t blame dad,how about it?”

Ding Naixiang looked at her daughter,Said:“You really don’t blame dad?”
“No blame,Of course not to blame。”Ding Yi smiled,Pluck a leaf,Just about to hold it in your mouth,Dad said suddenly:“With pesticides!”
Ding Yi was taken aback,Hold the leaf and put it to your mouth and startled,I didn’t understand what Dad meant for a while。
Dad explained:“I walked here two days ago,Saw the staff beating pesticides。”
Only then did Ding Yi understand that Dad was talking about the leaf,She looked at the crescent-like leaf in her hand,Gently thrown on the lawn。Dad mentioned mom,She feels uncomfortable,A child with a mother is a treasure,A child without a mother is like a grass,She can’t imagine,If mother is alive,Maybe I won’t experience so much trouble,At the very least, I will always be loved by my mother,Mother’s love is the most selfless in the world……
Suddenly,My nose is a little sore,Put your hands behind,Shaking his body deliberately,Walked in front of my father。
Dad saw the momentary change in his daughter’s relationship,He is a little guilty,Looking at her thin back,Called:“Small one……”
Ding turned his head,Seeing Dad is like a child at a loss,Laughed,Conceal the sorrow of my heart,Said deliberately:“father,You have said what you just said countless times,The law,Lu Yuan’s child is older,I have to get married?Don’t talk about it anymore,My ears are all cocooned,I beg you again,Don’t worry about my business,I know what to do,good or not?”
Dad shook his head,Sighed,He stubbornly thinks,Only daughter enters another love life,His heart is at ease,Just said:“Wherever you are,Just a little bad,Too hard-hearted。The Singaporean your brother introduced you,No choice at all,Chinese descendants,Another subsidiary in Beijing,And his father has seen you,like you very much,Deliberately recalled his son from Beijing,But you are fine,I don’t see anyone at all。child,You shouldn’t live in the past years,Going out,Life is full of scenery,Your day is not settled down,Dad, my heart is not at ease,I feel sorry for my daughter,Sorry your mom……”
Ding Yi smiled,She turned around,Still keep both hands behind,Watching dad,Said:“Don’t take the belly of father,The heart of a daughter,I really didn’t live in the past years,Meet the right,I will run to him without hesitation,Tell him,I love you,I want to marry you,You won’t marry in this life,but,I have never met anyone who makes me want to marry so desperately,He just doesn’t work for me, Dad——”
Dad gave her a blank look,Took a few steps forward,Said angrily:“In your heart,only one person,You are completely captivated by her eyes。”
Ding Yi knows who Dad is referring to,After so long,Her heart,Already calm down,So I don’t want to argue with my dad on this issue,Just said calmly:“Comrade Dad,It’s not good for you,It’s been so long,Why are you still turning over the old account?——”
After Ding Naixiang listened to her daughter,,Just stopped,Looking back at her,Said:“Small one,Although so long has passed,But this old account is always in my heart,that year,After you come back from the grassland,Even though i don’t know what happened,But intuitively,I’m sure he let you down,In that case,We should forget him,Some good men in the world are,Xiaohe,There are old overseas Chinese who like you now,Want you to be his daughter-in-law,of course,I am not after his wealth,Lao Tzu can fight for the next world abroad,The kid is definitely not bad,But you didn’t even see,You said,What you are not living in the past years?people,Be good at starting from scratch,After all, days go forward day by day,Since it’s impossible for you and Jiang Fan,Have to learn to move forward。”