Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Online Job Search Taboo Cheats

Enterprise investigation ★ Strike personnel Yang Jintao, director of human resources of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. Browse resumes within half a minute. Hanwang Technology is currently conducting personnel on large websites.

The company’s human resources director Mr. Yang Jintao introduced the company’s online screening principles and process arrangements in an interview with reporters.

“Education is hard-biology. The first procedure on the corporate Internet is to divide resumes into positions, and then conduct further screening according to the needs of the positions.

Different positions have corresponding education requirements, and people who have previous work experience, especially in large enterprises with good employment experience, are easy to be screened online.

“Mr. Yang, who has been engaged in corporate human resources for many years, has his unique insights on the Internet.” The most important thing on the Internet is the resume sent by the individual to the company or the personal data of the website database.

The Internet is a very large project, and people have to browse a large number of personal resumes at a certain time.

According to experience, personnel will not spend more than half a minute on each resume. If the resume statement is clear and the experience is very attractive, it will pass smoothly.

If the resume is expressed in a flashback way for personal characteristics and professional experience, and the expression is vague and confusing, then it is likely to be screened out.

“So, in the process of online, do companies favor certain kinds of people?

Mr. Yang told reporters, “From the resume or personal data, we can see the previous work experience of the candidate and grind his work attitude and previous status from it.

The work experience of some people is to go up step by step, gaining some honors in the enterprise, indicating that he is excellent and motivated; and those who have participated in other than professional education, indicate that he has a relatively strong learning ability;The post has a relatively wide span, indicating that his knowledge is relatively broad and his ability to respond is replaced.

Such people are more favored by companies.

On the contrary, the person who constantly changes jobs makes people feel that he cannot work steadily, and it is difficult to win the favor of the company.

In addition, Mr. Yang advised candidates not to mention salary issues too much online.

  ★ Participant No. 2 Work experience: More than one page. Li Qiong believes that candidates should express themselves directly on the Internet. “In your online resume, you should explain your career experience in detail. It is best to list previous military projects and makeStatement of achievement and specific work content.

Often companies pay more attention to the position that the candidate has held in the previous company, which directly reflects the job experience and ability of the candidate.

Statements of previous work experience must be concise, reasonable and clear. Usually, the amount of text printed on a sheet of A4 paper is more appropriate.

It is best to indicate long-term, qualitative work periods and hope for some development within a few years.

“For college students who have just graduated, what kind of attitude do companies hold when they are online?

Ms. Li said, “Applicants with no work experience are best to deeply copy the job demand and their career orientation in the online application form.

Should be expressed in more detail as the company’s awareness and insights on positions.

Self-confidence is very important for candidates. From the online resume, companies can grind a person’s affirmation of the job, how positive they are, and his communication and coordination skills.

“Online resumes should be updated regularly for companies to go online. Generally, there are two channels. One is to advertise on the Internet. Candidates let the company know themselves by sending e-mails. The other is to check the online resume database.Screening of personnel resumes to get what is needed.

  The Internet is the core channel of the company. We do not own the job applicants to submit resumes like Tiannu scattered flowers.

The selection of companies and positions must be targeted, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, determine the next career direction, and choose the company that matches them better to send their resumes.

If there is a company that you want to go to, you need to do more homework in advance. You need to know this company more carefully and understand the job requirements thoroughly before you can replace the winner online.

If you are applying for a foreign company, it is recommended that the self-evaluation part of the candidate be written more brilliantly, and it is best to have a bright split.

  Applicants need to be reminded that they must go to the registered website frequently to reactivate the update.

Many applicants will find that no company has contacted themselves for a long time after registration. The reason is that there are quite a few people registering resumes every day, and the website will automatically change these information according to time.

Only by constantly refreshing can companies see the resumes of candidates in a timely manner.

  Three taboos for online job hunting 1.

Job change is too overloaded.

For companies, the personal experience of changing jobs is not a good sign.


Too careful salary issues.

It is not recommended to mention the salary issue again here, and do not over-specify the required salary standard in the online resume. This question can be exchanged in the interview before communicating with the enterprise.


Randomly submitting resumes online is not targeted.Such a performance is seen by the enterprise as a manifestation of no sense of responsibility. The attitude and method of applying to a certain extent reflects a person’s sense of responsibility and initiative in work, and an attitude of dealing with people.