Weight loss has been thin and it is these reasons.


Weight loss has been thin and it is these reasons.

Every day, I am trying to lose weight, but the weight loss effect is not satisfactory. What is the reason to prevent you from getting thinner?

Is it because the way to lose weight is wrong?

Or is the intensity of exercise insufficient?

The following 7 small factors will affect the weight loss effect, come and check that you are affected by several factors!

銆€銆€1, breakfast is eaten less every morning, rushed out, only bite a buns, did not absorb too much protein, will lead you to eat more later.

銆€銆€2, do not eat before exercise According to a new study by the University of Arkansas, women who eat high-protein food before exercise, the movement of 30 minutes of burning is higher than those who are fasting.

In addition, after the fasting exercise, your newborn will double your feelings and you will not be able to eat back the transfusion you just consumed.

銆€銆€3, alone, fitness, group fitness, more than effect.

If you don’t want to join a big group, then with two or three friends to invite sports, it will double the incentive to promote weight loss success.

銆€銆€4, too diligent to weigh in a new study, those who know how to relax their dieters than those who are full of weight on the whole day, the weight loss effect is better.

Learn to avoid worry and emotional eating, so you get closer to your weight loss goals.

銆€銆€5, drink sugar-free soda According to a recent study, dieters who drink sugar-free soda, in fact, subconsciously will make up in the meal, the final result is not reduced sugar, doing nothing.

Of course, drinking mineral spring water is still the best choice.

銆€銆€6, only do aerobic exercise. If you only do cardio-aerobic exercise, but ignore strength training, it is only moisture that is lost at the beginning.

The combination of aerobic exercise and strength training can be transformed into burning faster and greatly improving weight loss.

銆€銆€7, only light weight training in the strength training area of the gym, women are not worried about using heavy equipment, afraid of “long muscles”, and this kind of worry is completely unnecessary, with a heavier device, will only letYou burn more weight, endure the moment, and bring a light body. Why not?

銆€銆€This kind of weight loss allows you to do more with less. Use porridge instead of rice. Change the porridge instead of the main rice. The weight of the gluten is almost the same as the rice, because the porridge has much higher volume than the rice.More, so that you can fully gain satiety, control appetite, prevent and improve overeating.

In addition, you can add kelp, yam and other seaweed ingredients to boil porridge, supplement fiber rich, promote detoxification, while slowing the body’s absorption of aunt, sugar.

銆€銆€Method 2: When eating a fruit and vegetable salad, add a bit of seaweed. The salad is rich in supplemental fiber. It is a good product for weight loss, but some salads contain mayonnaise, such as potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.high.
It is recommended to choose fruit and vegetable salad, add seaweed food at the same time, activate the body’s ability to wriggle, improve constipation, but also thin waist, eat safe and healthy.

銆€銆€Method 3: When eating too much, eat more warm vegetable dishes. You don’t have to diet during weight loss, but you should control the amount of food properly. If you always feel hungry, eat some low-level food.

Do some warm vegetable dishes, steaming can be, put some salt, pepper, vinegar and other seasonings, eliminate the feeling of fasting, vitamins and minerals, while warming can increase metabolism.

銆€銆€Method 4, when you want to eat sweets, use pumpkin and sweet potato instead of MM are generally resistant, especially when you are in a bad mood, eat sweets to ease the mood, and then get fatter.

Although sweets are delicious, sweets are high in sugar and are the killer of weight loss.

In the diet to lose weight need to control, does not hinder the cooking of pumpkin and sweet potato, the natural sugar also gives you a sweet taste, replace the fiber can improve constipation and promote detoxification.


The benefits of family flowering are more – the bedroom has a beautiful flower

The benefits of family flowering are more – the bedroom has a beautiful flower

涓€銆佷綇瀹呭吇鑺卞ソ澶勫銆€銆€鎹姤閬擄紝绱嫅灞炪€侀粍鑰嗐€佸惈鐑熻崏銆侀粍鑰嗗睘鍜岄浮鍐犺姳绛変竴绫绘鐗╋紝鑳藉惛鏀跺ぇ閲忕殑閾€绛夋斁灏勬€ф牳绱?鑺﹁崯銆佸悐鍏板拰铏庡熬鍏板彲娓呴櫎鐢查啗;Ivy, rose, rose, aloe and evergreen can effectively remove indoor trichloroethylene, sulfur than hydrogen, benzene, phenol, hydrogen fluoride and ether; etc.; tigertail orchid, monstera and one-leaf orchid can absorb more than 80% of indoorHarmful gases; Tianmen Branch can remove heavy metal particles; citrus, rosemary and spider plant can greatly reduce bacteria and microorganisms in indoor air.
In addition, spider plant can also effectively absorb carbon dioxide; some of the more fleshy flowers of the cactus family have little carbon dioxide at night; wisteria is more resistant to sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride, and has certain resistance to chromium, some green leaves and other waters.Plants keep indoor air humidity in excellent condition.
銆€銆€浜屻€佸崸瀹ゆ憜鑺辫璁茬┒銆€銆€灏界瀹跺涵鍏昏姳濂藉澶氾紝浣嗗崸瀹ゆ憜鑺辫璁茬┒锛岃繖鏄洜涓虹櫧澶╋紝鑺卞崏鍦ㄨ繘琛屽厜鍚堜綔鐢ㄦ椂锛屾槸鏀惧嚭姘ф皵鍜屽惛鏀朵簩姘у寲纰崇殑;鍦ㄥ闂达紝鑺卞崏涓嶈繘琛屽厜鍚堜綔鐢紝Spit carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen.
At this time, if you put flowers in the bedroom, it will be harmful to your health.
Therefore: 1.
In the bedroom, it is best to put less or no flowers at night to avoid the oxygen and affect the health of the same person;
Some flowers, which can not only freshen the air, but also have some negative effects on people, so it is best not to release them in the bedroom. For example, although the rose flowers can contain a lot of harmful gases, the rich fragrance emitted by them will beIt can cause depression, discomfort, suffocation, and even difficulty breathing; leaves such as azaleas, tulips, lilies and orangutans can also absorb volatile chemicals, but the flowers of rhododendrons contain a toxin.Poor food poisoning, heavy people will take a history (note: not on the market), most of the rhododendrons contain some volatile oils and rhododendrin and other ingredients, have a certain effect on bronchitis and asthma; tulip flowers contain a poisonAlkali, it has been reported that contact with too long will accelerate the gelation of the hair, the aroma of the lily, and the long-term stimulation of the human center will cause insomnia.
There are also some flowers, such as the pollen of Bauhinia, which may cause asthma or exacerbate coughing if it is exposed for a long time; mimosine in mimosa is a very toxic organic substance, and excessive contact with the human body may cause hair to gel down;Night scented scented stimulating particles at night will make high blood and discouragement and heart disease patients feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse, but night scent is a kind of fragrant flower for viewing, its strong aroma, can also repel mosquitoes.Generally used in courtyards and balconies.


How to improve the treatment of bronchial pneumonia in children


How to improve the treatment of bronchial pneumonia in children

The most common pneumonia in children is bronchial pneumonia. When the breath is diminished, the air quality is not good, and the pathogenic microorganisms are more and the resistance of children is decreased, it is easy to induce.

So how to regulate children with bronchial pneumonia?

Here are a few simple and easy-to-understand methods of home care. I hope that you can learn from your parents.

Teach you how to regulate pediatric bronchial pneumonia 1 and improve respiratory function 1) Keep the environment comfortable: air circulation, temperature and humidity are suitable; children should be quiet to reduce oxygen consumption.

2) Those who have difficulty breathing can use semi-recumbent position and often change position to reduce pulmonary congestion and prevent atelectasis.

3) Give oxygen.

4) Follow the doctor’s advice to use antibiotics to promote gas exchange.

2, keep the airway unobstructed 1) promptly remove the children’s mouth and nose secretions: switch body position, shoot back, trigger sputum discharge; give atomized absorption to replace sputum; if necessary, a small amount of sucking.

2) Provide easy-digestible, nutrient-rich fluid, semi-liquid diet, eat less meals, avoid over-saturation and affect breathing; feed should be patient and prevent coughing and breathing.

3) Give the expectorant as prescribed by the doctor, and give the bronchial spasmolytic agent to the severe asthmatic.

3, reduce body temperature to monitor changes in body temperature and alert to the occurrence of febrile seizures; to provide cooling measures for high fever; keep the mouth and skin clean.

4, carefully observe the condition 1) If the child is irritated, pale, asthma, heart acceleration greater than 160?
180 times | points, the kidneys in a short period of time, such as the sharp increase in heart failure, timely report to the doctor, give oxygen inhalation and slow down the infusion rate, follow the doctor’s advice to give strong heart, diuretic drugs, to enhance cardiac contractility, reduce cardiac load.

2) If the child has irritability or sleep, convulsions, coma, irregular breathing, etc., suggesting an increase in intracranial pressure, immediately report to the doctor and rescue together.

5, health education 1) explain the relevant knowledge and nursing points of the disease to the parents of the children, guide parents to make reasonable substitutes, strengthen physical exercise, to improve the respiratory function of children.

2) For children who are prone to respiratory infections, when going out in the cold season, keep warm and avoid catching cold.

3) Regular health check to prevent implantation on time.


3 foods help you get rid of bad emotions


3 foods help you get rid of bad emotions

The weather is hot in summer and people become very sensitive.

I want to get angry when I encounter a little something. Although irritability is a normal emotional reaction, occasionally I don’t have to worry too much, but if I do this every day, it will inevitably affect my work efficiency.

Below, we recommend 4 kinds of food for you to help you ease the summer irritability, so that this summer no longer worry.

銆€銆€1, eat more protein-rich food heart corresponding to summer, summer heart Yang is the most prosperous, people are prone to irritability, temper and other symptoms.

Therefore, in the summer, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the heart, drink more milk, eat more soy products, chicken, lean meat, etc., and properly supplement the body nutrition.

銆€銆€2, eat more food early, drink porridge at dinner, drink soup at lunch.

Add some lotus leaves when cooking porridge, which has the effect of eliminating heat, nourishing the stomach and clearing the intestines, and quenching thirst; adding some lotus leaves during porridge, it has the functions of eliminating heat and quenching thirst, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and producing diuresis.
銆€銆€3, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement water and inorganic salts, usually eat more vegetables, fruits, such as tomatoes, green peppers, melon, bayberry, melon, plums and other foods with heat and dampness, especially pay attention to potassium supplements.

In addition, according to the physical quality to choose the right fruit, for people with bad stomach, it is best to choose a milder fruit, not too sweet, not too sour.

Deficiency of cold and patients with stomach cold, stomach ulcers, it is best to eat less cold food such as watermelon, cantaloupe.

銆€銆€I feel irritable and need to relieve the solution in time. It is likely to cause anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

If the symptoms are serious, you should seek the help of a psychiatrist in time to restore a good physiological state as soon as possible.


Wu Peici’s beautiful leg secret weapon


Wu Peici’s beautiful leg secret weapon

Wu Peici is a nine-headed long-legged woman who is recognized by the circle. Therefore, every time she attends a public occasion, a pair of slender and charming legs always kill others.

In order to maintain a pair of beautiful legs, Wu Peici can be said to be meticulous.

Otherwise, even after the “beauty teacher” Yi Neng listened to Wu Pei’s care of the beautiful legs, he shook his head and said that he would go down the wind.

Wu Peici, who is a model herself, has her own set of legs. She believes that a pair of beautiful legs must meet the golden ratio of the legs: one will not have too much meat; the other is the tightness of the foot;It is high calf.

銆€銆€The secret of her powerful legs is to apply lavender lotion every day to relax and relax the calf muscles.

銆€銆€In addition, there are some massage techniques — the beauty of the legs massage method: the emulsion in the hands of the sputum, the temperature is more easily absorbed; the calf massage must be from the bottom up; several acupuncture points focus massage (the upper leg of the bone line, the drainage of the acupuncture points, feetSanli, above the lymphatics, so that the massage can make the lymph can not be separated, not easy to cause edema.

銆€銆€Massage of the thigh: press from the middle to the outside of the ends.

銆€銆€First aid for edema in the legs: Massage your hands in different directions, just like twisting a towel.

銆€銆€Alignment massage: use a massage cream for the legs, then squeeze the massage toward the middle.

銆€銆€Masking method for covering the legs: If there are scars or bruises on the legs, you can choose the yellowing concealer cover, then apply the concealer in a wide range of offsets, and then choose a darker powdered cake.Apply it in a blocking manner to make the color even.


Winter hot pot should eat less of these foods


Winter hot pot should eat less of these foods

In the cold winter, the hot pot will have the first choice for many people to have a meal. A group of people are eating and laughing around the boiling hot pot. It is really pleasant.

However, although the hot pot is delicious, it does not forget to eat hot pot. The nutritionist told us that there are six kinds of foods that are not suitable for hot pot. Come and find out!


The investigation of eating high-purity glutinous foods found that in addition to factors such as physical fitness and fatigue, gout is easy to transfer and the number of eating hot pots increases, which is related to eating seafood, animal offal, mushrooms and other foods rich in scorpion substances.

Some people mistakenly think that “do not eat meat and drink soup” will be better.

In fact, cockroaches can be fully dissolved into the soup, which is also a reason why gout is easy to be high in the seasons of various pots and cockroaches.


Eating less visceral hot pot tables, livestock and poultry visceral foods are more common, this eating habit is not conducive to people’s health.

With the application of pesticides, fertilizers, additives, etc. in food production, the internal organs of animals, as metabolic organs, often become the “filters” and “storage” of various harmful substances, especially the liver, lungs, and pathogens.Microbes and drug residues are highest.


Eat less hot food According to statistics, after entering the winter every year, oral disease patients will increase by more than 15% than other seasons, which is related to the oral mucosa being hot and burned.

The temperature of the hot pot soup can usually reach 120 掳 C. If you take it out, it will easily burn the mouth, esophagus and gastric mucosa.

Some people who have a mouth sore, after eating hot pot, the chance of repeated times can be several times higher.

For people with oral mucosal leukoplakia or fused moss, eating hot pot is more likely to make the condition worse.

Therefore, people should not be anxious to eat hot pot, it is best to put the food in the bowl and then cool it.


Drink less soup when you eat old soup and eat hot pot. Otherwise, the longer you take it, the harmful residue contained in the soup, such as the content of nitrite.


Some patients have less hot pot ingredients such as shrimp dumplings, meatballs and other large amounts of oil, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids patients should eat less; hot pot soup contains sodium salt, kidney disease, high blood pressure patients should eat less; seasonings (such asShacha sauce, chili sauce, etc.) have a certain irritating effect, and people with gastrointestinal diseases should be used less.


Eat less and eat more cooked foods. In order to taste fresh, you like to eat meat, lettuce and other foods. This kind of eating is not desirable.

At present, domestic livestock and vegetables are mostly produced by retailers, planted, and food safety is not high, so that fresh foods on the table are often left with pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs.

If you eat it at a glance, harmful microbes may invade the human body.

It is recommended that people would rather sacrifice some of the taste and should also eat the food thoroughly.


Don’t commit the taboo of traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea


Don’t commit the taboo of traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea

The slim waist is not full of grip, and the weak willow wind pulls the lotus – this kind of realm is almost the desire of all women. In today’s “Hanfang” trend, Chinese herbal medicine is more popular among women. These mysterious ancient oriental medicines make it last.The women who pursued their beauty throughout their lives are eagerly awaiting, so more and more self-contained diet teas are emerging one after another. As everyone knows, the medicines are warm and cold, and the same medicine is eaten by different people.He wins the arsenic.


A bit of misunderstanding of weight loss – rhubarb name: rhubarb[sexual taste]bitter taste, sexual cold.

銆€銆€[Function]diarrhea heats the intestines, cools the blood and detoxifies, and passes through the phlegm.

銆€銆€[Application](1) It is used for dry stool, accumulation of diarrhea, and constipation of hot knot, strong heat and yellow.

銆€銆€(2) It is used for fiery heat, forced blood overflow, and red eyes, heat and sores.

銆€銆€(3) postpartum stagnation of abdominal pain, blood stasis, menstruation, and bruises, stagnation and so on.

銆€銆€[Jiji]Any testimony, blood deficiency, spleen and stomach deficiency, no real heat, stagnation, phlegm, and pre-fetal, postpartum, should be taken with caution.

銆€銆€The edible method of the network rumor: rhubarb + honeysuckle, boiled water for tea, many times a day, can lose weight.

銆€銆€The use of rhubarb to lose weight, mainly with its laxative effect, but its diarrhea is very strong, coupled with the nature of this cold, so the cold used is no different from the fire on the fire.

In addition, although rhubarb has a laxative effect, it is a medicine that converges first and then converges. It is easy to form for long-term use. Over time, if you do not accept rhubarb, you will not be able to.

銆€銆€The bismuth component contained in rhubarb is hepatotoxic and can cause damage to the liver.

Clinically, patients with hepatitis B have been reported to have died of sepsis and various organ failures because of the use of traditional Chinese medicine containing rhubarb.

Rhubarb contains sputum components and has nephrotoxicity. In animal experiments, it can cause swelling and degeneration of rat renal tubular epithelial cells.


B. Losing weight misunderstanding – Cassia name: Cassia, grass Cassia[sexual taste]bitter, slightly cold.

銆€銆€[Function]Liver, eyesight, laxative.

銆€銆€[Application](1) For red eyes and swelling, shame and tears.

銆€銆€(2) laxative effect, can cure dry stool.

銆€銆€The edible method of the network rumors: Cassia + green tea, boiled in water, daily drink to light taste, can lose weight.

銆€銆€This tea does have the effect of clearing heat and calming the liver, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, relaxing the bowel and laxative, and improving eyesight and eyesight. However, it is easy to have abdominal distension, diarrhea and dizziness and nausea after the beginning. For a long time, it is necessary to cause irregular menstruation.The weight of the endometrium is abnormal.

In addition, it is a laxative after all, long-term eating is not good for the body, it will damage the body’s righteousness.


Lose weight misunderstanding C – aloe vera (toxic) Name: Aloe[function]heat and diarrhea network rumored eating methods: raw food, on behalf of tea, a variety of brand of aloe capsules, detoxification laxative.

銆€銆€Aloe vera defecation effect is significant, but should be taken cautiously for those with weak constitution or debilitating spleen and stomach.

For those who vomit after eating fresh aloe leaves, or cause recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhea, should also be banned.

Aloe vera is a kind of medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is convenient for strong constitution (ie, empirical type), but for weak constitution (ie, deficiency type), the effect may not be ideal. Only after understanding adaptability can it be better played.effect.

Women who are pregnant and menstruating should avoid taking aloe vera.

銆€銆€A small amount of aloe vera has good nutrition and moisturizing effect on human skin, and it has less irritation, comfortable after use, rough skin, facial wrinkles, scars, freckles, skin ulcers and other certain effects.

However, aloe vera fresh leaf juice contains a certain amount of calcium oxalate and various plant proteins.

Some patients have very sensitive skin. After rubbing with fresh aloe vera leaves, the skin has an itchy sensation or a red rash spot. It is generally not too serious and can fade in half a day.

If you have skin allergies, you can use aloe vera fresh leaf juice after cold water replacement. If you have severe allergies, stop using it immediately.

If you notice a small rash spot or itchy sensation, rinse it with warm water. Never use your fingers to scratch it, so as not to scratch the skin and cause new infection.

銆€銆€Frequent use of laxatives can cause drug-induced constipation.

This is because it is accustomed to laxatives with laxatives, which will reduce the sensitivity of rectal reflexes. In the future, even fecal blocks will enter the prevention, and nerve impulses that cause defecation reflexes will not cause constipation.

Therefore, if you do not understand the pharmacological pharmacology, you should not take it casually.

It is a three-point drug, remember to follow the doctor’s advice.


When preparing for the new year, don’t buy this poisonous melon!

When preparing for the new year, don’t buy this “poisonous” melon!

In the New Year, it is natural to buy new year goods.
In the new year, the seeds are definitely to be bought.
Whether it is a casual snack in the usual time, or a slap in the middle of the year, the status of the melon seeds can be shaken without snacks!
Nowadays, the taste of melon seeds is much more, green tea, brown sugar, creamy, spiced, plum. Many people ask Xiaobian, which one to pick when buying?
When it comes to buying melon seeds and eating melon seeds, I ask the Xiaobian to ask right.
As a person who especially loves to eat melon seeds, I have accumulated many years of experience to tell you how to pick out good melon seeds and how to eat melon seeds healthily.
(This cow blows too much) The pattern tastes so much, I advise you to buy this kind of thing. In fact, Xiaobian is very entangled in the face of various tastes, but every time it is broken by the heart.defeat!
Want to eat those rich flavors?
Can you accept additives or flavorings?
Look at those red, green, and white. Do you know how much coloring is added to people?
Take the example of green tea seeds, you are really naive and naive!
Some colors that are deep and very cheap will really be as green as below!
Reminder: I suggest you pick the original taste when you buy melon seeds!
Pick the original!
Pick the original!
The important thing is said three times.
Some additives and dyes may affect the human digestive system. It is best not to buy this kind of “dyed melon seeds”; if you taste it strong, you are advised to buy it carefully!
A handful of seeds = a spoonful of oil?
real or fake?
Some people may have heard this saying that a handful of seeds is equal to a spoonful of oil, and the seeds contain a lot of oil.
How to do?
What do you do for people who love to eat melon seeds and are afraid of getting fat?
What do you do for a person who can’t stop a melon seed?
Speaking of melon seeds, if you count 15 grams, the oil content is about 6, 7 grams.
In the eyes of Xiaobian, it is not as terrible as it is said!
But nutritionists have said that nuts like melon seeds (and walnuts, peanuts, pistachios) are just a little bit a day.
Weapons: If you really want to eat, slow down the speed of the seeds, you can effectively reduce your eating, but don’t suffocate your head and linger.
If you eat bad melon seeds and immediately do this, as long as you have eaten the seeds, you will find bad melon seeds and bitter melon seeds.
Sometimes I eat it, oh.
Was disrupted by a bad melon!
Many people will immediately spit out and continue to lay down a melon seed, and choose to let the subsequent good melon taste cover the bitter taste of the bad melon seeds.
This is lazy in life.
What should I do if I encounter bad seeds?
Immediately spit it out, and quickly rinse your mouth with water!
Why is it so serious?
This bad melon may be mildewed, scorched, and wormed. It is responsible for your health.
If it is a moldy bitter melon, it may contain aflatoxin, which is the strongest substance found in chemical carcinogens, and is classified as a type 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s cancer research institute!
To put it another way, the toxicity of aflatoxin B1 is 10 times that of the potassium cyanide (the poison in the spy film is often wiped when the mouth is scratched). It is 68 times that of the arsenic!Some people say that the seeds have been fired. Can the toxin you say be alive?

The stability of aflatoxin can be said to be very strong, that is, using 100 degrees of temperature for more than 20 hours of “sterilization”, may not be completely removed, can be said to be very stubborn.

Some people may ask, what does aflatoxin harm us?

If you eat foods that contain aflatoxins, you may have a fever, abdominal pain, and severe liver damage!

According to the weight, more than 1 mg / kg can induce cancer.

Just ask if you are afraid of it?

Reminder: moldy melon seeds spit out and rush to gargle; fried melon seeds are best not to eat; when you buy melon seeds, peanuts, because the cover of the shell is difficult to find, all you have to do is stop after eating, spit, 婕盡outh, remember!

What should I do if the melon seeds get angry and the tongue is sore?

The seeds are on fire, the tongue is sore, and even constipation. What do you ask Xiaobian?

What to do, eat less!

In fact, the seeds themselves will not cause you to get angry, let you get angry, the tongue is sore because the seeds are dry, the seeds are salty, the seeds are hard, most nuts have such a shortcoming!

If you can’t control your mouth, you will feel a little bit of pain: don’t forget to drink more water when you eat melon seeds; eat more fruits; try to choose the original taste of melon seeds!

Can’t do it?

Send you two words: deserve it!

If there are too many melon seeds, will it become “fangs” and “guar teeth”?

When the melon seeds are used as a gossip, an artifact snack in their leisure time, unconsciously, the situation of 2 hours is really too much!

So, there is a sister paper worry, finished, how can I do this bright white pearl tooth, will it become a tooth?

Become a tooth?
Basically not!

Because only continuous (minimum 8 hours) continuous force teeth will be displaced, recalling the action of eating melon seeds, it will not last for more than 8 hours, and will not continue to exert force, or a piece of force intermittently,So put your heart in your stomach.


How to create a perfect body in the room –


How to create a perfect body in the room?

Click on the picture to buy. Nowadays, many people are always looking for personal factors to be able to go out to exercise, which undoubtedly affects the health of many people.

So what better indoor weight loss exercise attracts choices?

Recently, many cities have reported smog, such an air environment is very unfavorable for people who want to go out to exercise.

So for those who want to exercise and want to lose weight, what is the effect of indoor weight loss exercise?

Here are some of the best exercise methods for indoor weight loss for your reference.

The push-ups are different for men and women. Women and children under 10 years old, knees on the ground, legs up, legs to knees straight, palms flat, fingers forward, support above the shoulders, palms shoulder width.

Then use the dark volts to touch the ground, and then use the additional support to straighten the arm.

The movement of men and children over 10 years old is basically the same, except that the knees are off the ground, the whole main axis is in a straight line, and the toes are on the ground.

This action can exercise the strength and endurance of the upper limbs, shoulders and chest muscles, and help maintain a good posture, avoiding chest and hunchback.

Lift the leg up, put it down and now surround the cheekbones, keep it straight, lift the heel from the ground, and then lower it.

(You will feel the calf muscles vibrating) Lift this up and let go of the action 20 times.

The last hand, the feet move together.

Gently lift up to the initial position, and immediately return to the initial position of the first section, and start redoing this set of actions.

Retracted sitting on the legs and clasping the chest, legs bent, heel 30-50 cm from the pedal, the soles of the feet flat, the toes hooked to the bottom edge of the furniture, the upper body lying flat back; when the trunk and head tilted forwardTry to touch the furniture hooked on the toes.

Try to repeat it without interruption for 1 minute.

This action strengthens the abdominal muscles, avoids pain at the lower end of the spine and maintains a good posture.

Stretch off the shoes and socks before sitting down, sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward, and fold, the heels are 13 cm apart, the feet are against the wall, and the hands are stretched forward, trying to touch the opening.

Please note that it should not be bent, the force should not be too strong, and the muscles should relax again for 5 seconds.

This set of exercises exercises the spine, the weakness of the hips and legs.

Helps avoid back and leg injuries.

3 minutes to jump on the floor to put a small bench or a newspaper, about 30 cm in height, first put the right foot on the bench, the left foot on the ground, and then exchange the position at the same time – left foot stool, right footStep on the ground, do this alternately, do 24 times a minute.

This method can exercise the heart’s response to persistent activities and reduce the risk of heart damage.

Bow and arrow hands keep the ground on the ground, one leg stretches back, into a bow and arrow; then hand forward, make the trunk straight, do 5 times to press, get up the lunge action (do not change legs – use another legDo the same thing 5 times).


Why is it getting fatter?


Why is it getting fatter?

The popular methods of weight loss in the market are dazzling and dazzling.

Smart people don’t go to the black area to lose weight in an alley. We choose six kinds of weight-loss methods to compare one by one. What is most suitable for you to look for first.


Surgical liposuction — a method of temptation to have a rich, courageous crush, to remove excess manure from the body by surgical means.

The most common is liposuction surgery, and there are special cases of gastric septal surgery, face reduction surgery and so on.

銆€銆€Benefits: The fastest, effective way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Great side effects on the body.

Increased physical strength and resistance are greatly reduced.

銆€銆€Reminder: Gradually eating and drinking may affect the effect of weight loss, so surgery to lose weight is not a once-and-for-all thing!

Can bear heart disease, no cardiovascular disease can be carried out!

銆€銆€Who is best: a little money at hand, not afraid of pain, such as stars, models can be considered for use.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?(up to five stars) 2.

Exercise to lose weight — SARS’s most sought after health mode SARS has made people pay close attention to health, healthy weight loss has become an important concept.

Too many people abandoned the extreme way of losing weight such as dieting, and returned to the fitness center to achieve weight loss through exercise.

銆€銆€Benefits: In addition to losing weight, you can make your body stronger and the lines more perfect.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Slow benefits require great perseverance and perseverance.

銆€銆€Special note: Exercise usually lasts for more than 20 minutes, and the internal sputum begins to burn.

Excessive exercise can cause physical exhaustion and mental euphemism. You can ask the fitness instructor for guidance.

銆€銆€Who is best: curiosity, sports, fear of being alone, and most afraid of boring people, it is suitable to go to the fitness center to participate in healthy dance classes.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽?3.

Watch fitness video exercise — the most suitable for people who do not have a fixed life schedule. This method is relatively simple, and it belongs to the fine water flow type.

Looking at the screen, following the fitness tape to exercise, there is an immersive realism.

銆€銆€Benefits: Convenience, you can start at any time after you get home.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: If you have doubts, you can’t get answers immediately. The speed of guidance is not what you can stipulate.

銆€銆€Special note: The effect of full body aerobic exercise is more than 30 minutes of exercise.

銆€銆€Who is best suited: have time to allocate to exercise, or life is not fixed; conservative, embarrassed people in front of everyone can also try.

銆€銆€Danger level: very small 4.

Eat a diet meal — The most ideal choice for people who are impatient is now more popular, that is, ask the dietitian to create a personal diet menu for their own body, which is mainly light (such as boiled, less seasoning), but the weight isStrict compliance, it will be more troublesome to implement.

銆€銆€Benefits: Don’t go hungry when you lose weight, you can maintain a balanced diet while losing weight.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Benefits will vary from person to person, and once you return to normal diet, weight can easily rebound.

銆€銆€Special note: It is best to ask the doctor or dietitian for professional advice on weight loss.

銆€銆€Who is best for: For those who are quick to do anything, and who will not give up when they see the effect, some fast weight loss methods, diet meals, novelty things and new weight loss products are ideal choices.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽呪槄鈽?.

Needle–the most demanding way to lose weight Acupuncture is one of the emerging methods of weight loss.

It is a relatively mild and safe method to stimulate the body acupuncture by acupuncture and dredge the meridians to achieve the weight loss effect of 鈥渟welling and diluting water鈥?

銆€銆€Benefits: Safer and more reliable than other methods.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: The benefits are slow and require the assistance of a professional Chinese physician.

銆€銆€Special note: to patronize a reputable and word-of-mouth Chinese medicine practitioner, to deceive.銆€銆€Who is best for: people who have patience.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽?鈽?6.

Slimming by blood type — The most targeted way to lose weight is actually hidden in your blood!

The personality of different blood types and the ability of the body to digest food are different, and the suitable way to lose weight is not the same.

銆€銆€Type A: Continuous diet therapy The best type A person pays attention to the people around him. On the surface, although he is not fat, he is not trying to lose weight. In fact, he wants to lose weight.

However, because of the need to be determined, if only diet therapy is dangerous, it is necessary to cooperate with exercise.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss diet: A blood type people have low gastric acid content, difficult to absorb protein, and limit food such as meat and milk, potatoes, bananas and tomatoes.

Suitable for vegetables, or a large number of beans and marine food.

銆€銆€O-type: The short-term concentrated and better type of person is more energetic than other blood types. It is always full of energy and vitality, but it is easy to get bored, so the most important thing is to take a concentrated, one-off diet.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss recipes: eat lean meat, animal liver, seafood and green leafy vegetables to control weight. If you rely on corn, cereals, cabbage, potatoes to lose weight, it will be futile.

銆€銆€Type B: The best new weight loss method that has not been popular. If someone has a blood type B person: If your waist is finer and the model is the same size, you will suddenly start losing weight.

Fresh ways to lose weight will arouse their interest. It is best to put the ideal body shape in front of you and keep telling yourself that you must aim at this body. This is the best way to lose weight for type B people.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss diets: especially suitable for meat and dairy foods, but not for chicken, corn, tomatoes and most nuts and seeds.

A variety of meat and dairy products.

銆€銆€AB type: suitable for medium weight loss, planned long-term weight loss, more likely to cause boredom, such as O-type short-term concentration method is not easy to achieve results, so suitable for medium-term weight loss method, sub-course stimulation of acupuncture weight loss method can try.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss recipes: It is recommended that people who eat a variety of high-protein foods should eat less, while fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables, and dairy products are better.

銆€銆€Ms. Ma, 27 years old, a reporter from a TV station, pays attention to the kind of people who are externally imaged.

Like many girls of the same age, keeping fit is a top priority for her. In her own words, she is the kind of person who gets fat when she doesn’t pay attention, and she drinks long meat, which is a weight loss problem.How can I take it lightly?

銆€銆€However, what bothers her is that she insists on physical exercise and insists on controlling her diet, but her weight is getting heavier and heavier, and her posture is getting more and more fat. What is going on?

銆€銆€Dr. Yun: Miss Ma’s problem is also a problem that many women and men encounter today, and it is very common.

In the eyes of many people, losing weight should be an easy task. If you don’t eat for a few days or try to eat a diet meal for a week or two, stick to exercise inside and lose weight.

However, in reality, people find that this is not the case. Although their efforts can make them slim down, they usually rebound after weight, even before they try to lose weight.

So they chose exercise and dieting, but it seems to be a vicious circle. They are thin and fat repeatedly, and the result is getting heavier and heavier.

銆€銆€Maybe you don’t believe that your efforts to lose weight just lead to your obesity.

銆€銆€According to the latest research report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular weight loss leads to more and more fat sequelae.

Young people who develop dieting habits will increase by an average of 10 kilograms (22 pounds) after middle age (between 15 years).

銆€銆€The researchers in the study conducted a 6-15 year study on 3,536 men and 4,193 women, and filled out the questionnaire to understand the weight status, weight loss habits, education level, and social level of the 18-54 year old population.The relationship between marital status, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

The researchers also compared the eating habits of 1705 twins to understand the effects of genetics and obesity.

銆€銆€The results show that men aged 18-29 and women aged 30-54 are most likely to be related to fat.

That is to say, how old the body was when you were young, and no matter how hard you are trying to lose weight, once you have congenital effects of family genetic obesity, middle-aged blessings, even when you are young, you are worried about your weight. It is definitely impossible to reverse.Disadvantages.
To make matters worse, the habit of losing weight by dieting will lead to the sequelae of rising weight.

銆€銆€In addition, studies have shown that people with exercise habits will gain weight once they stop exercising.

銆€銆€The above two points let us know why the more fat is reduced.

So how can we prevent this from happening?

鈥淧erseverance鈥?is a good attitude at this time.

It is very important to insist on having a certain amount of exercise every day to ensure that there is a chance to make a slight burning every day.

In addition, in some habits of life, we must also be strict with ourselves, prepare a cup that you know how big the capacity is, and ensure that you drink at least 1500 cc of water a day to strengthen your metabolism and reduce the accumulation of internal waste.

Depending on your age, before the age of 25, you should not eat for 3 hours before going to bed. After 25 years old, this time will be extended to 4 to 5 hours.

In addition, don’t think that obesity is the best way to lose weight. In fact, if you are hungry once, you will eat it once. This kind of overeating is the most unfavorable for weight loss.