Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty


Maintenance clearance to upgrade your beauty

With the increase of age, the skin curve conference gradually shows a downward trend. Sleep deprivation, irritability, stress and so on are all fed back to the skin, and the skin’s resilience is not worse than in the past . In the face of skin with lower and lower recovery function, if you let it goNo matter what, it will get worse-wrinkles, sagging, etc. will come to you one by one.

If you feel that your skin is not right, you should immediately switch to a series of basic maintenance products, control the problem at the initial stage, and climb to a new high point of the “beauty curve”.

  Clearance Level 1: Eliminate Dullness-Shaping Healthy Cuticle Fatigue, When Sleeping Lacks, When Our Mood Depresses Our Skin Will Be Yellow and Black, No Glossiness at all

The dermatologist described the situation as “dark”.

But what exactly is “dark”?

Inappropriate maintenance, young skin will also appear tired-often darkened, sometimes like a layer of dryness; the yellow gas of competition, and sometimes feel ashamed.

Whitening never looked translucent, and hydration was still dry.

  Persistence of dryness and contraction are related to aging, external environment, and dermal aging; and because the epidermal layer has become dry.

After long-term drying, the epidermis gradually received repeated “dry warnings” and became metabolically disordered. The instructions issued by the uploader could not be completed accurately, and naturally nothing could be filled.

If you really want to move towards smooth and fair skin, you must completely eliminate the aging and accumulated cuticles.

  Must know the beauty muscle upgrade: 1, cuticle accumulation can not be alleviated?


  The use of lotions can make aging cutin difficult to form. It sounds a bit like heaven and earth, but it is actually very easy to achieve.

After applying the lotion normally, roll the cotton pad on the middle finger, and rub it on the nose, forehead, and chin, which are the T-zones that easily form the stratum corneum.

By doing this every day, you can feel the skin becoming soft and elastic.

Applying a cream after applying the lotion can assist in oil penetration.

  2. Is the facial cleansing product effective enough?


  In fact, this season is not suitable for exfoliating. Instead, the skin care lotion containing keratin conditioning function can not only clear the pores after cleaning, but also regularize keratin metabolism.

  Clearance preliminary 2: optional nutrition sweater-water and oil balance is the most valuable After entering winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening is not to mention, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor has not been reduced at all.

After a while, the air conditioner will dry the skin again!

If you want to keep your skin moisturized for a long time, you need oil, moisture and humidity.

It is best to maintain the water-oil balance through the trilogy of replenishment, storage, and lockup.

  Must know the initial upgrade of beautiful skin: 1. Is it 0K only with lotion?


  There have been research institutes using cotton pads as tests to prove that when using a lotion, the water can only stay for 30 minutes before using the lotion. If it is not enough to replenish the oil content, it must be used in conjunction with an emulsion to effectively inhibit water evaporation.

  2. Can any lotion work?


  It is not clever to choose a bottle of lotion to use at will. Add a bottle of lotion that is not heavy and choose antioxidant, soothing, oil control or hydration functions according to your needs.

  Clearance preliminary 3: accelerate blood circulation-blur the dark muscles to brighten the diet, air pollution, all accumulate poison in the body.

Not only does it invade from the outside, when the pressure is high, reactive oxygen will increase a lot, which will slow down the blood circulation and the toxins will be accumulated and transformed.

At this point, you have to work hard to relax yourself, loosen the stiff muscles, the skin’s circulating cells will double, and the metabolites of blood circulating cells and carbon dioxide will be carried to the lungs, kidneys and skin for excretion.

At this time, the effect is most obvious when the waste is sucked out.

Better circulation and smooth blood flow are the best time for self-healing. If you want to fill in nutrients now, repair the damaged cells, the skin brightness and water retention will increase greatly.

  Must know the preliminary upgrade of beautiful skin: 1, skin care products do not massage?


  The beautician always focuses on the effect of massage in skin care. Learning a few techniques while using the product can increase the temperature of the skin and speed up the blood circulation (head massage uses the fingers from the middle of the forehead to perform spiral massage on both sides).

  2. Does it matter if the schedule is irregular? No!

  A stress-free life and plenty of sleep are naturally best for promoting circulation.

However, when we are unable to change the stress of life, some correct habits can also help.

Such as washing your face in hot and cold water, eating acceptable VC, food, regular exercise and so on.

  Clearance 4: Metabolism unblocked-increase skin elasticity. After 25 years of age, metabolism starts to decline, and absorption will be much worse than before even if you stay up late.

Smart women’s anti-aging starts with anti-slackening, and cares about whether the skin is tight and deep in the skin. There are a large number of implanted tissues that maintain elasticity and the fibers that connect these reorganized tissues.

If you use beauty products that promote their growth for a long time, you can strengthen the cell vitality from the inside and achieve the supreme elasticity of the appearance.

Improve from the inside of the cell and realize the lymphatic circulation to restore the elasticity of the past.

  Must know the upgrade of beauty skin: 1. Tap the lotion?


  Use both hands to rub the lotion. When rubbing the hands with the epidermis during massage, it will cause the old waste keratin and waste to loosen. It can accelerate the metabolism of old waste keratin and unblocked pores, so that the skin has appetite for nutritional secretion.The only way to do it.

  2. Is there a guarantee with the essence?


  Let the essence stay on the palm for a while to become warm, then slowly spread on the face, cover the surface with both palms for 10 to 20 seconds, so that the skin can have sufficient tension and elasticity.