Qin Liang looked at Chen Hao’s back in surprise,It was the first time that he saw Chen Hao say such words during work。

Turned around and went to the VIP room,Open the door and have a look,Qin Liang smiled,He now knows why Chen Hao said that。
The person sitting in the VIP room is Xiao Huahan……
“Brother-in-law,Why are you here to find me?”
Qin Liang pondered;Is there something serious??Otherwise, why would Xiao Huahan have time to find himself in the company?。
“Can someone miss you anymore??You can’t even see a personal picture all day long,I’m not here to find you where to find you?”
Xiao Huahan pouted exaggeratedly,Then stood up and walked beside Qin Liang,Reached out and slung his arm。
“Brother-in-law……Let’s go to my office。”
Qin Liang said awkwardly。
Anyway, I am now the acting president of the company,Being held so intimately by a big man in the company,If someone saw this,Spread everywhere,I don’t need to have this face。
“Ok,Little baby,Let’s go。”
Xiao Huahan smiled softly,Nod in agreement。
Qin Liang immediately felt goose bumps all over his body。
Came to Qin Liang’s office,Xiao Huahan carefully closed the door,Then walked to Qin Liang and said;“Guess why I came to you?”
“Did you find the clue to the boss behind the kidnapping of Murongshan’s daughter??”
Qin Liang is a little excited,After all, it’s been a long time since I met a decent opponent。
“That’s not there yet,But I found other important clues。”
Xiao Huahan pretends to be a mysterious whisper。
“About whose?”