When it’s time to score,Three people quickly formed a flush toilet,Just like Transformers,Waiting for the scoring hero to enjoy the special treatment of sitting in the toilet。

When everyone spent an hour finally successfully rehearsing“To the restroom”After this new celebration,The players from Dongchuan Middle School returned to their dormitories in the dark.。
Hu Lai got into the toilet when he entered the dormitory。
Then sit on the real toilet,He entered the system。
Actually on the way to the training ground,His distraction is not like he said,What are you thinking about celebrating,But suddenly received two tasks released by the system。
Yes,Two tasks。
This salted fish system even released two tasks in one go。
Because people were outside,Surrounded by my teammates,He is afraid of being discovered by others,Didn’t look closely。I just know that they are two new tasks,What is the specific task content,What is the reward,He didn’t even see。
Now after returning to the dormitory,Of course, you have to hide in the toilet for the first time。
“task:Use hard facts to prove to Zhou Zijing that you are the one who can challenge Chen Xingyi。reward:integralx5000,Intermediate Training Scroll:Catch the ballx1。”
“task:Use practical actions to prove that you are better than Chen Xingyi。reward:integralx20000,Advanced training scroll:Shotx1。”
See these two tasks,Hu Lai was taken aback while sitting on the toilet。
Give two tasks in a row,But it’s rare to give two consecutive fuzzy tasks like this。
The previous mission will have specific mission goals anyway,For example, to score a goal in a game,Or just get the chance to play。
But this is only to let Hu Lai prove that he is better than Chen Xingyi,I just told him to prove to Zhou Zijing that he is the one who can challenge Chen Xingyi……The goal of this task is so vague,Instead, Hu Lai was caught off guard。
Tasks with ambiguous goals like this,Hu Lai thought over and over again as if he had only the task given to him in the last national competition,Facing the provocation of Wang Le from Xizi Middle School,Let him fight back,Boost team morale。