First714chapter Fight for the apprentices
A little closer,Just let you hold hands。Be brave,I’ll go with you。”
“What are you waiting for,Time is running out,I have to be friends anymore。”
8Midsummer,Many cities in China,Many malls andKTVinside,All resounding like this song。
9A chorus of girls,Still sounds so comfortable,So that makes people feel youthful。
Such a song,In the summer, I especially feel energetic。
last year8month,A female heaven group in China was born,Quickly became the idol of almost all young people。
This is“Meteor girl”。
“Meteor girl”Relying on《Burn my calories》a song,Fire all over the country。
In so close to half a year,Cities across the country,The most played song is definitely this song。
Even inKTVinside,The most on-demand song,also been《Burn my calories》Occupied。
A group of little girls sang this song on demand repeatedly,Really adds a lot of operating copyright income to。
Also relying on《Burn my calories》,“Meteor girl”Performing everywhere in the country,Circle fans everywhere。