Vice Minister Yao coldly scolded impatiently。

Two people ran over immediately and pulled Secretary Lan away。
Secretary Lan struggled hard,Tears running across the face,Panicked:“minister,I’m wrong,I admit,I beg you to give me another chance,minister!President Mo,I beg,Please let me go……”
But her voice is getting smaller,The two who dragged her have dragged her straight out of the hotel lobby。
“Sorry,President Mo,I apologize for the negligence of the people below me。”Vice Minister Yao Chongmo Xiaosheng said apologetically。
“You’re welcome,Don’t blame you for this。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Took the document handed over by another staff member,Signed the name。
“President Mo,Thank you again for your great kindness,I will visit your company next day,What difficulties will the enterprise encounter in the future,Just tell me,I will definitely help!”
Vice Minister Yao firmly shook Mo Xiaosheng’s hand again,Very sincere in tone。
After speaking, he handed Mo Xiaosheng a business card,Mo Xiaosheng quickly returned one。
Because the whole auction process takes too long,After Mo Xiaosheng, Li Qianying and others leave the hotel,It’s almost midnight,Car parked in front of the hotel,Only Mo Xin Xueyan and Li’s group are left。
“I’ll call you then。”Li Qianying smiled and stretched out her hand to Mo Xiaosheng。
“it is good,this is……”