Does your family have a small medicine chest?

Does your family have a small medicine chest?

What impressed you most during the summer?

Maybe you will answer without hesitation, sunshine and temperature.

The scorching sun in summer and rising temperatures are one of the memories left to us.

This is the kind of summer that keeps us yearning. Even the plants “love” this season, especially aloe. It will grow more freely and quickly in this season. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, aloe is at home.What is the story of the standing “family medicine box”?

  Aloe is a more common plant in life. Because of its fresh appearance and high survival rate, many people will keep it at home.

Therefore, when many people talk about aloe, they feel that there is nothing worth studying. Aloe has whitening, sun protection, and freckle removal effects. It has long been rooted in people ‘s minds, but aloe has therapeutic effects. This is a side that many people do n’t understand.It is a collection of edible, medicinal, cosmetic, and ornamental plant stars, and Chinese medicine has also named it a “family medicine box”. Let us know how aloe vera embarked on its star journey?


Many people are familiar with this function because of sterilization and anti-inflammation. Because there are many mosquitoes in summer, no matter how strict the protective measures are, they will inevitably become dense. Therefore, once bitten by mosquitoes, you can take a small piece of aloeWith its juice absorbed in the wound, it can relieve itching and effectively sterilize and anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera in aloe is a very strong antibacterial substance. It has certain effects on molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.The killing effect is mainly a certain inhibitory effect on the reproduction of pathogens, so for some people with beriberi, it can also be regularly cleaned and wiped, which can treat infectious diseases such as beriberi and onychomycosis.


Dual effects of whitening and moisturizing Since sunlight and temperature are indispensable, sun protection and moisturizing have become one of the summer themes. Various whitening and moisturizing products have been continuously developing new products. Of course, there will also be a lot of aloe vera.product.

However, some chemical ingredients are always added, especially the “coming out” of some fake and shoddy products. In the face of these unpredictable injuries, why not plant “beauty products” yourself at home?

  I believe that the beauty effect of aloe will be praised by people who have used it, because the multi-vitamins and multi-vitamins contained in it have good nutrition, nourish and whiten the human skin, and the juice of the green branches and leaves of aloe is more effective for our skin.It has good astringency, moisturizing and whitening effects. It also has a certain anti-inflammatory effect on some places with acne or spots. Using aloe as an acne product can remove acne marks in time. Of course, this is a long-termThe process of persistence, because aloe is not a “magic drug” that works immediately.


Although the heat and detoxification products are very hot in summer, the summer is not dry, but the humidity is very heavy. Therefore, in the summer, many people will have the invasion of wet poison, and aloe can be used for most foods, such as: ChinaAloe vera, aloe vera and other varieties have a smooth taste. The detoxifying ingredients in aloe can enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytic cells, so it can remove various wastes generated during the body’s metabolism, and can also eliminate external in time.Invasive toxins have a good repair effect on some major diseases or injuries, because aloe vera can prevent cell regeneration, and for some cell damage caused by induction therapy, its repair effect is also recognized by the medical community.


The “cleaner” of blood TCM has always focused on the important role of a large number of qi and blood on the human body. It is believed that qi and blood are the basis of life, but the excess qi and blood need unblocked access.The blood in the body becomes more and more viscous, and there are more and more residues in the blood vessel wall. Blood circulation is gradually hindered. Various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diseases related to blood sugar and blood pressure have gradually become the main killers of healthThe first hand, and the ingredients such as calcium isocitrate in aloe can soften our blood vessels, reduce the plasma content in the blood, expand the entire capillaries, clean the “junk” in the blood in time, and help the smoothness of blood vesselsImproving the burden on the heart and blood vessels can still allow many organs to get enough blood supply and get excess nutrients, which is more conducive to the circular removal of excess waste in the “blood.”


The natural “Jianweixiaoshi tablet” summer heat will make the whole person become more irritable, and appetite is greatly reduced, but the hot still needs physical confrontation, work and life must continue, it is easy to supplement nutrition in a timely manner.The most immediate threat from exhausting yourself is heat stroke.

Many people can easily get angry in the summer. Aloe vera can come in handy this summer. Oral administration can increase appetite, promote colonic motility, and help remove stool, because the emodin contained in it is well-doped.Strengthen stomach function and help to relieve diarrhea.

For external use, bathing with aloe in summer can maintain the alkalinity of body fluids, maintain health, and prevent colds in time.

  The green color of aloe vera will give you a cool feeling in summer. Planting a few pots of aloe on the balcony of your home will also protect you from the sun and relieve your irritable mood.When there are some minor illnesses and minor disasters, they will be transformed into your “little medicine box” in time.