Looking for effective swelling

Looking for effective swelling

Question: In training, you are famous for heavy weight and high number of times. Is this somewhat contradictory?

How do you keep your body big and strong? A: Many bodybuilders tend to be biased when they consider using “heavy weight + high number of times” for training. They think that the two are opposed to each other, and they are always separated in training.Come.

The use of extra heavy weight in order to find a low number of times results in sacrificing the shaping of the muscles due to the increase in muscle mass, or the use of a lighter weight for the high number of times. As a result, the muscle structure is sacrificed for the shaping of the muscles.

The end result is loss of muscle mass building and muscle building because the two rotations are ignored.

  When I train, I don’t think of heavy weight or high numbers.

My principle is simple. It is to maximize the swelling of the muscles. Everything else is listed below. My muscles can adapt to large weights and I can do the high number of swelling and expansion required for ideal swelling.

  You should make your body stronger through training.

But if you always care about low frequencies and extra weight, you will miss many opportunities to gain muscle growth through effective swelling.

  When I try to strengthen smaller muscle groups such as obese biceps, I find that using 4?
6RM can produce muscle swelling, so I don’t let the muscle group bear the maximum weight, and even use the weight that can make it the best swelling. The number of times is not the main factor.

  For coaxial body parts such as the back end, my approach is exactly the opposite.

To maximize muscle swelling on the buttocks, heavy weights and low numbers will produce better results.

Lighter weight and higher numbers may produce a good swelling of a small number of buttock muscles, but this weight range does not adequately cover all the terminal muscle groups.

For example: When I do a straight leg deadlift, in the last group, I have to do it twice to form the best swelling of the entire gluteal muscle group, which means that I need an 805 pound barbell.

  As another example, when I did a chest squat for the quadriceps, using the 585-pound weight, my best muscle swelling appeared in the sixth time, and I did not feel the same when I did it twice with the weight.To the best swelling of the quadriceps, similarly, if I do 10 or 12 times with reduced weight, I will feel the muscles swell insufficiently and deeply; and when I do leg flexion and extension for the same muscle group, until the firstIt took me 30 times to achieve the ideal muscle swelling. At that time, the weight on the rack was 300 pounds. On the contrary, when I did it twice with a weight exceeding 300 pounds, the blood could not be optimally filled into my strands.Quadriceps.

  Focusing on building the most powerful muscles in the most effective way is the best way to achieve the best swelling.