They sit in a semi-private room,There is a clerk at the door,The bodyguard is next to them。Well decorated here,The three brothers and sisters really didn’t hear any noise,mainly,If it’s too loud,I will definitely be invited by the store security to a place that is not disturbing。

“It seems that an internet celebrity is doing live broadcast,The camera brought the guests to the side。”The boyfriend Ou Zhaozhao is dating now,Under Wanming,A big influencer in the media company that exclusively signed the influencer,So she is quite concerned about the Internet celebrity world。
The four children of the Ou family are currently dating their mothers,No more comments。Anyway, no one will be brought home by my mother to see them。When will this one come out,It’s not too late for them to express their opinions。But according to observation,There is no play in this life。
There are also student Internet celebrities in Yuze School,Two of them are still signed by his media company,At first, it was rumored in school and turned into several versions。For example, the second son of Ou clan has paid for his girlfriend or something。But those two internet celebrities are smart girls,Knowing that he can’t bind Porcelain,They all asked their boyfriends to make a thorough clarification。In addition, he may be the type who is really cold and hard to provoke,The rumors quickly dissipated。
He has also seen the internet celebrities in the school hold the camera and take pictures,I’m looking for classmates to do a show together。I’ve seen people who were scolded by teachers and stopped by school security。
“In public,Casual shooting situation,Really not so good。Everyone enjoys a personal privacy circle in public places,This is the same as the safety distance。Shooting randomly is equivalent to arbitrarily infringing on the safety distance of others,Someone will be uncomfortable,How normal。”Yuze feels,Often photographed others,Either selfish or deliberate。Deliberately photographed,Say hello afterwards,Inform,Ask for permission,It’s also a bit responsible and moral.
So many influencers,Some who only shoot myself,Some people blur the faces of passersby,However, this kind of casual photography of passersby does not care about telling it,What’s more。
“I met someone who is not real,Is good luck。Meet someone who is sensitive and true,Don’t say anything but apologize。otherwise,This is really Gong Huoer。”Si Guangnian thinks,This is the era when everyone is a photographer,I can’t always pay attention to whether others are photographing myself,I can only rely on the photographer to restrain himself。
Yuze hates this,Mainly because in the past few years, many people spread rumors with just one photo,Harm others。Real-name system,Did not reduce the amount of text violence,There will always be people who don’t ask the truth,Even talking about right from wrong。There are many such people,I don’t know how their parents and teachers taught。
“This is for interference to others,But unconsciously unresponsible performance。But indeed,relatively,Some people also lack a tolerant heart。”Click on the bottom of Yuze,“Now many places allow or even encourage Internet celebrities to shoot,Advertise to develop passenger flow,Attract many people to check in。This store is also now,Since shooting is allowed,It is necessary to be prepared for conflicts between guests due to shooting in the mirror and other situations。”
It’s all quarreling,Obviously the store is not well received,Have great responsibility。
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