Li Ziqiang stood in front of a pair of parallel bars with the highest height and said to Hu Lai:“Upper body strength training divided into arm strength、Neck and shoulder strength、Chest strength、Back and hip strength and abdominal strength。We practice the same。Start with arm strength first。See this parallel bars?”

Hu Lai nodded。
“See me do a demonstration。”Li Ziqiang turned around,Raise arm,Grab the parallel bars with both hands,Jumped up slightly harder,Then stretch your arms to prop up your body。
After the body is still,His arms bend slowly,Body slowly down,It didn’t stop until the upper arm was almost parallel to the ground。
Then his body started to move up again,Slowly straighten your arm from a 90-degree bend,When fully straightened,The body returned to its original position。
The next step is to repeat this set of elbow bending and stretching actions。
After finishing, Li Ziqiang jumped off the parallel bars,Clap your hands and say to Hu Lai:“See it clearly?Just do it,There are a few points to note,First, you only need to lower your body until your upper arm is parallel to the ground.,Don’t go down,The height of the elbow should not be higher than the shoulder。If you move correctly,Properly trained,Stretching in front of the shoulders。”
“Ok,I understand,coach。”
“Row,Then come on。”Li Ziqiang retreats,Gave the place to Hu Lai。
Hu Lai spit on the palm of his hand,Grab the parallel bars and jump up,Then push the body up hard,Slow down again。
“that’s it,Hold……”Li Ziqiang watched him move from below,At the same time, it keeps sounding correction reminders。“Don’t shake your body,Hold on!The more you shake your body, the more tired you are!”
“Wrong elbow height,Continue to lower position……The upper arm is parallel to the ground,Is the elbow is ninety degrees。Correct,Eh,correct,This is the location,You remember the feeling here。Is there a stretch in front of the shoulders??”
Hu Lai gritted his teeth and replied:“Have,coach……”
“That’s right,carry on,Top back!”
Hu Lai slowly stretched his body up with the strength of his upper arm。
When the body rises to the top,He quickly entered the system and took a look at his current“BUFF”:In the space to the right of his avatar,Displayed by the effect of the strength training scroll,The countdown below the icon tells him there are nine lessons left。
See this scroll effect,Hu Lai feels at ease。
Come on special training,When I get a muscle,Must buy that kind of tightTShirt to wear!