In China,There are people who are as ambitious as Little Buss。

He is naturally Jiang Zhenkun, the proud chairman of these days.。
Shen Huan played a god-level performance in the first game,Immediately brought huge traffic and attention to。
Registered members have also increased substantially,Less than a week,Already exceeded3000Ten thousand people registered。
There are also netizens who watch the game as many tourists,I believe I will join it soon。
Of course Jiang Zhenkun also watched the second game。
Shen Huan can’t compete2Sent off in minutes,This made Jiang Zhenkun stunned,It’s cold all over。
He only found out later,The development of the matter is beyond his imagination。
Netizens not only did not scold and reconciled,Instead, she started to support Shen Huan actively and lively。
That’s not2Minutes of game video,It has become the most exciting scene on all websites。
With the number of viewers of,Is also constantly climbing。
Although Shen Huan was punished,But they are also worried about the Lakers’ performance because of Shen Huan,So come to cheer for the Lakers。
In fact, it is also cheering for Shen Huan。
Then in the signal source of,Because it’s the Lakers’ own signal,So there was a scene where Shen Huan went to check in midway,And announcing that Shen Huan’s body is fine,Have set a new high in viewership。