“what did you say?I just defeated Sister Shiyun and Sister Yanzi at the same time?How is that possible?”

Liu Xiaoyun asked incredulously。
“It’s true!We all saw it with our own eyes,Sister Shiyun stopped you alone,I can’t beat you,Then Sister Yanzi came up to help,Two people beat you together!You kicked Sister Shiyun down,Two more punches beat Sister Yanzi down again……”
Shen Ruoxue said straightforwardly。
“It must be that they are afraid of hurting me,Dare not really fight me,That’s why,To tell the truth,Which one of them beats me alone?!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s heart turned,Naturally, I immediately understood the reason for this,So awkwardly explained。
“Yep,You are right,Otherwise anyway,It’s impossible for them to join forces and be defeated one by one by you!”
Shen Ruoxue thought for herself,Naturally understand,So I nodded in approval。
“I’m miserable now!Actually beat my two sisters!What to do, Xiaoxue?Will they be angry with me in their hearts??”
Liu Xiaoyun thinks more and more worried,I had to ask Shen Ruoxue tangledly。
“Will not!You think more!Both sisters treat us as our own sisters,How could I care about this with you?If they really care,It was not the two of them who were beaten to the ground just now,It’s you Liu Xiaoyun。”
Shen Ruoxue said confidently。
“you’re right……I’m worried again,But when I look back, I still have to apologize to my two sisters.。”
Liu Xiaoyun said embarrassingly,Don’t mention too much upset in her heart!Why did I suddenly lose my self-control ability just now??
The convoy finally arrived at the airport,The airport, which has been notified in advance, directly opened the door to this chasing team.,Let the convoy drive directly into the airport apron。
The heavily armed special forces got out of the car,Under the order of Liu Xiaoyun,Quickly boarded the plane from the dedicated hatch,now,The normal passengers on this plane have not yet started the ticket check。
“Are we enjoying special treatment??”