It happens that every time Shen Huan cooks it is delicious,So that my grandparents can eat more,Still very happy。

So after she came over to do the data research and recording,Now I eat more and more in Youzuo Hutong。
Shen Huan doesn’t care about these,Anyway, he eats by himself,It’s more lively to eat more people。
When I was in Mingde Lane,He eats at the water house every day。
Even if the food made by Xiahe and Shuiqingshan is not very tasty,But that kind of family atmosphere,But Shen Huan liked it very much。
“Bai Xuejie,Your research topic,Is it about nanomaterials??”Shen Huan asked casually。
Bai Wushuang nodded seriously,“Nanomaterials in the future must be the forefront of the development of human science,Of course our school has research。I have also written several such papers,However, there is no specific direction for practice。”
“I have been earnestly studying and researching scientific subjects in physics this year。”Shen Huan said:“Once I was using a pencil,Look at the pencil characters on the paper,I wondered if the composition of the pencil could be divided into nano-level substances,So what is this carbon nano-level substance??”
Bai Wushuang was taken aback,After thinking,Nodded:“It must be,But so far no one can separate and make it。”
“So i want to try。”Shen Huan raised her head and said to her,“Sister Bai, do you want to be with me??”
Why is Bai Wushuangren so dumb?,I can’t help but be surprised at this time。
Shen Huan actually did such a nano experiment?
Doesn’t he know how difficult it is?