The Yin family is really good at instigating divorce,This is obvious to all,But what the Yin family really said,It’s hypocritical to say that he didn’t get into Bao Zhigang’s heart at all.。

Especially when faced with the chaos at the scene just now,Peng Changyi gave everyone a lively lesson,Although he didn’t show up,But his reaction to unexpected events、The ability to control events is much higher than any of them,Bao Zhigang is not convinced,But helpless。Peng Changyi’s current momentum,Has a tendency to surpass him,Yin Jiashi has said it more than once,But what can I do otherwise?Is he going to get along with Yin Jiashi??Of course not!Bao Zhigang has principles on this point。
Someone in Brother City had told him,Said he is not good at the mayor,There is Jiang Fan, the secretary of the world,There is a strong next、Deputy Mayor Peng Changyi,And Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are still brothers,The mayor of him is not easy to do in the cracks。
To stand out,Must have a decent achievement,now,Lang Zhu belongs to him. Bao Zhigang’s grades are not very obvious,The concept of running the city was put forward by Jiang Fan when he was the mayor,Implement this concept in the past two years,The city is much better than before,More scientific than before、more beautiful;There is no obvious credit for him, Bao Zhigang, in attracting investment.,Several large projects registered in the province were introduced by Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,Has little to do with him。An official,The most obvious political achievements are nothing more than two manifestations,One is the policy agenda and governance methods,One is to attract investment or launch a major project,If the hardware and software are not available,That is indeed a bit mediocre,Especially Bao Zhigang is at the best age for an officer,Only political achievements,Can give him extra points,In order to attract the attention of superiors,Have a chance for promotion。
First13chapter Aftermath
Political achievement,It has always been a hard indicator to determine whether an official is promoted,It is also the main content of the assessment officials,Hardware construction not only reflects the performance of a local government,It is also a manifestation of the political achievements of an official as an official。and so,Officials above and below are all grabbing hardware。
Grab hardware,No social resources,Bao Zhigang has been an official for 20 years,He never left Lang Zhu,Start with an ordinary officer of the city government,Step by step to the current position of the mayor,No real power before,In addition to being upright,Unwilling to go with the flow,So he never deliberately managed his official business,He doesn’t go through so many places like Peng Changyi and Jiang Fan,And I have established my own connections without going anywhere,Nothing else,Just talk about a former reporter from the provincial newspaper,Now they can bring investment from foreign companies to Peng Changyi,Not to mention his father-in-law relationship。so,Officialdom,Is the last thing to be honest、Aloof place,Is the least able to maintain the true colors、Maverick place!Officialdom,Should be a“Everything is learned,Human feelings are the article”The place,It’s where you need to pay attention most,Have a good time,Wind and water,Not playing well,Be eliminated,Or be marginalized。
Understand this truth,Bao Zhigang recently made conscious contacts with people from all walks of life,Even if he goes to other places to attract investment, he is only a friend,He keeps in touch with this person consciously,Maybe you will come across a useful one,Isn’t Peng Changyi doing this??A driver of average age and old can use it for more than ten years,Even the township government is a gatekeeper,In the end it was all used by him。of course,This person watching the gate is not a simple character,Is the life and death friend of the provincial party committee organization minister,This kind of luck is not something mortal can encounter,Just met,If there is no Huigen,Hard to work。
I have to say that Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are both lucky people,Jiang Fan and Fan Wenliang work together、Yuan Qipu’s appreciation during attending the Central Party School,When supporting the side, he accidentally became a subordinate with Yuan Qipu,And get promoted on the spot,Otherwise, he won’t be able to be Mayor Langzhu,What’s more unexpected is,Yuan Qipu and the governor Yuan Jincheng are actually cousins who did not have the Five Fortunes;Peng Changyi is even more lucky,During his tenure at Sanyuan,He is very good at using the resources of the old revolutionaries who have lived and fought in the old district,Made a dazzling achievement,Get promoted,same,He relies on Fan Wenliang,Promotion all the way,I found the daughter of a Beijing professor,Brought a big investment project,It even attracted a large foreign company registered in the whole province……
To know,Not everyone can have luck and opportunities like them,Not everyone can catch this kind of luck,This and their to people、Sincerely related to the cause,So Bao Zhigang wants to learn from them,Learn their way of being in the world,Learn from them、The skills of a director,at this point,Can’t learn。
Try to change your past nobility、Honest image,Although there is no conspicuous political achievement,But strive to make fewer or no mistakes at work,Even if there is no big political achievement,But not opposed by the people、Not spurned by the people、Don’t let political opponents get hold of the handle、A good mayor who does not seek meritorious deeds, he still has confidence。Be a pollution-free person,This is Bao Zhigang’s current position。of course,He is not mortal,There is also the pursuit of fame,then,He also intensified contact with his superiors。
recent,He consciously strengthened his ties with Vice Governor Huang。
The second day of the groundbreaking ceremony,Bao Zhigang went to the province,Conducted a review for Vice Governor Huang,Said something like this happened,He underestimated the problem,Poor work,and many more,After saying a lot of reviews,Vice Governor Huang asked:“Isn’t this job that Peng Changyi has been catching?,What are you reviewing?”
Bao Zhigang said awkwardly:“Responsible with me,Responsible with me……”
After review,He reported to Vice Governor Huang on some policy adjustments made by the Langzhu Municipal Government in this year’s investment promotion work.,I hope Vice Governor Huang will continue to favor Langzhu,Give Langzhu more projects。
Deputy Governor Huang was originally the Deputy Governor of the Provincial Government in charge of industry,Later, after the former vice governor of the Standing Committee was transferred away,He competes with Vice Governor Cao, who is in charge of agriculture, forestry and hydropower,In the end, the vice governor of industry took the position,Took over as executive vice governor,should say,He should have the resources。
Vice Governor Huang comforts Bao Zhigang,Said Lang Zhu has developed too fast in the past two years,The new major projects are ranked in the top three or four in the province,And economic indicators are growing rapidly,Equivalent to the sum of the past seven or eight years of Langzhu,Will be more prominent in the next two years,Persuade him not to rush,Don’t eat a fat man in one bite。
Maybe,Bao Zhigang didn’t even expect it,In the days after the riots subsided by the workers in the cotton mill,Various rumors about the riots are raging。
Some say,Peng Changyi intends to make the mayor Bao Zhigang ugly,Deliberately inciting workers to make trouble,It could have prevented minor failures,He secretly encouraged the workers to make trouble,And then act as a good person,Calmed down the storm with no effort;Some say,Peng Changyi has long known that there will be that storm,But because he is not there,Did not communicate with the municipal party committee in time,So that several city leaders were surrounded by workers,Blocked for more than three hours;Someone else said,Yin Jiashi, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, called the Public Security Bureau,Police support,But Peng Changyi relied on his relationship with the director,He just refused to send police,Almost cause a catastrophe……