Red and yellow on both sides.Color matching,It looks very beautiful and has a sense of nobility。

It’s just that if this little boy wears it,It’s a funny and festive feeling。
“Kaka Kaka……”
Reporters take pictures,The little boy almost couldn’t open his eyes。
Shen Huan hugged him,And handed it to his parents at the top。
Then Shen Huan went straight back to the locker room。
Facing the loud inquiries of the reporters behind him, he ignored them。
Shen Huan obviously underestimated his influence。
Almost ten minutes later,Not just in North America,Is in Europe and China,The red he gave the little boyTShirt,Has appeared on various social media and forums。
The reporters are also very professional,Less than a minute,Took hundreds of photos。
Netizens selected seven or eight of them,Basically, the front, back and sides are taken care of,Has become the most widely circulated pattern。
“Oh,This adidasTThe shirt looks good!Is this the first jersey created by Adidas for Shen Huan??”
“It should be,I also think it’s beautiful!Whether it is the head of Shen Huan in front,Or the oriental dragon behind……do you know,Oriental dragon is a very sacred animal!Not our dragon!”
“But I have already called the adidas store,Found that they did not have thisTShirt sale!”
“May not be on the shelves yet,This should be the sample they gave Shen Huanfa,Then Shen Huan took it out and gave it away。”
“I give this ad00Minute。At this time give out such a compassionate shirt,Is almost equivalent to20Advertised in front of 100 million people。”
“I love Shen Huan the most,I would still give him a monkey!So the one with his headTI must buy a shirt!No matter how much!”
“Don’t get excited about the girl above,AdidasTWhere can the shirt go?And it will definitely not be a limited edition,Must have!”