Tea on an empty stomach, such as lead the wolf into the room

Tea on an empty stomach, such as “lead the wolf into the room”

Drinking tea on an empty stomach, such as “leaving the wolf into the room”, many middle-aged and elderly people are addicted to tea, and the first thing to get up is to make tea and drink tea.
In fact, drinking tea on an empty stomach after getting up is a bad habit.
Because tea contains some caffeine components, when you drink tea on an empty stomach and have nothing in the abdomen, the tea is straight into the abdomen, as if “leaving a wolf into the room”.
If the intestine absorbs too much caffeine, it will produce symptoms of temporary adrenal hyperfunction, such as palpitation and frequent urination.
At the same time, it will affect the body’s absorption of vitamin B1 in future life.
Therefore, since ancient times, people in our country have said that they do not drink hollow tea.
Simply put, drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute gastric juice, reduce digestive function, and easily cause gastritis.
Coupled with the high absorption rate in the fasting state, a large number of undesirable components in tea are absorbed into the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness in hands and feet, and palpitations. This is the so-called “drunk tea” and is harmful to health.
Others like to drink tea immediately after a meal, which is not scientific.
Studies have shown that tea contains a large amount of tannic acid.
Drink tea immediately after meals. The protein, iron and tannic acid in the food are prone to agglutination. Due to the decline of gastrointestinal function in the elderly, it is difficult to digest and absorb these coagulum. This will inevitably reduce the body’s protein and ironAbsorption.
Such as drinking 15 grams of tea brewed with tea after meals, the absorption of iron in food will be reduced by at least 50%.
Over time, it not only lowers the nutritional level and affects a variety of physiological functions of internal organs, but also easily suffers from iron deficiency anemia.
Therefore, it is not advisable to drink tea on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. It is best to drink tea half an hour after a meal.