The most effective way to save love

The most effective way to save love

He always thought that he was the most reliable man in the world, and never thought that one day he would betray you.

But it really happened, the one who you thought you could give him wholeheartedly to, still caused the thing that sorry you-and another woman!

This must be a big deal for you, the feelings of the two people suddenly dropped to the freezing point, and you are a helpless little deer standing by the cliff.

At this time, did you watch it fall into the abyss or save it on the cliff in time?

Jiang Mei, 25, noticed to us the story between her and her boyfriend.

Through her own experience, Jiang Mei wants to tell us that love is sometimes worth saving!

  The love towards the freezing point I should have thought of from the beginning. A few months ago, Link started to talk less in front of me. He worked overtime in the company late at night, and always added new clothes one by one.

It took me a long time to learn slowly and slowly: Link had something hiding from me. Although I wasn’t sure what it was, I gradually felt bad.

In my opinion, the relationship between us has been rock solid for two years, and the split can withstand any storm.

We lived together a year ago, and the first days were quite pleasant. Slowly, life was flat and the enthusiasm of the two seemed to gradually diminish. Day after day, week after week. Of course, there was no rush.too noisy.

  And I have been comforting myself: This is normal, all love ends up being “seven things to open the door every day”.

  But the atmosphere became more and more wrong.

We all tried to talk about topics that were not irritating, thinking that this would break the cold wall that had been standing between the two for months.

But everything was futile.

I asked myself over and over again: What happened to us?

Why did it become what it is now?

Questions are always unanswered.

That morning, I couldn’t help it anymore, I poured my fear to him: Link, I’m so scared, I’m afraid that if we go on like this, we will end one day!

  Although some of Link’s anomalies, I never thought that he would carry me to bed with other women, never thought about it.

Even though we weren’t as excited as before, we still had sex regularly, and I didn’t think there was anything wrong.

More often, I just think that our relationship becomes indifferent because of the inevitable passion and love.

That morning, sitting at the table and looking at half of the jam bread, I said to myself, it’s time to make a break, we can’t drag on.

And I never thought that the train of feelings had already derailed.

  The truth was obvious that Link was initially silent, but then he finally spoke, but then flashed incoherently and did not know what to say.

I’m a bit annoyed, what’s wrong with the big man’s house, I have to hide it?

In fact, looking at him, I already guessed that, but I didn’t want to believe that I didn’t believe my Link would do such a thing.

K, what happened, I asked.

Then, from his mouth, vaguely popped out the words that I least wanted to hear: “I have made two trips with a female colleague, and then we . have four weeks .”.

  Link was sitting on the couch crying like a child, the first time I saw him cry so sad.

But I just felt cold, and I was sitting there all the time. The scenes in the past few months began to flash in my mind: Before the business trip, Link put on his beautiful suit; he often came home at midnight and kept his mouth open.He muttered a lot of things to do today; that endless dinner, overtime; and, his evasive eyes . oh dear, why did I just realize that until now?

At that time, the fear and hatred of that woman was far less harmful to me than the deception and betrayal of the people closest to me.

  Analysis: Give each other a space to think-is love going or staying?

In the first few days after the truth was revealed, this issue was enough to be the focus of discussion and consideration between the two.

Standing at the ends of the balance, you are hesitant.

At this time, the best way is to separate from each other and consider this issue calmly.

You can go on vacation or someone can move out of a two-person cabin to regroup.

In this way, the two sides can sort out their emotions more calmly, so as not to make a wrong decision on the fly.

  The lingering nightmares are more like bad nights.The road ahead seemed to be covered by a very thick and thick fog, and the whole person walked aimlessly deep and shallow.

As a result, he and I still maintain a careful relationship with each other, except that I often find myself inexplicably tantrums like volcanic eruptions, becoming extremely sensitive and vulnerable.

  I don’t want to know the details of the entanglement between them.

However, the so-called evil, I often imagine in my mind the various details of two people together: in the office, at the lunch table, on the journey . These pictures entangle me like a devil, can not shake.
Looking at Link out of the house every day, thinking that he and the female colleague are still looking down at the company, I will become more anxious, like a thorn in the back.

I once saw the woman at a party at Link ‘s company. She was tall and had a glorious face-the kind of woman that every man couldn’t help but see more.

And no matter how I was then, I never thought that the man I loved would do such a shameless thing.

  Analysis: Overcoming crime as soon as possible-whether it is a one-night stand, or he (she) has an ambiguous relationship with another woman (man), in short, things that can only be shared between couples, he (she) also goes with another personShare it. As a direct victim of this kind of thing, you must have been greatly hurt. What is more heartbreaking than the betrayal of your favorite person?

However, you can’t keep indulging in this kind of helplessness and self-blame. You need to be relieved and you need to supply nutrients for your injured soul.

Attend more parties or outings. These activities can distract you, and more importantly, let you find yourself.

  Are you arguing?

  The most unbearable thing was that he was hanging there dryly, like the cable car was suddenly cut off at halfway, and he was hung up there idiotly.

In the first few days after his “confession”, he was reluctant to talk about how the relationship between the two would develop.

He seemed to be at a loss all of a sudden, completely at a loss.

And I, I just want to save our love, and if possible, I don’t want to give up.

Looking back now, I am really grateful that I did not have the courage at the time, and I broke up with him angrily.

Sometimes, people may gather a little bit of persistence, and when they are nearing the end, some people often choose to let go.

And I don’t want to be that way, I don’t want to let the happiness I find so hard to be replaced so easily.

  A few days later, Link told me that he would end the relationship with that woman, because, on his emotional balance, nothing was more important than the relationship between the two of us.

I was relieved to hear him say this, after all, his insistence was not wasted.

However, with it came a whole host of difficult issues to be resolved.

After all, the damage this incident did to me was not so easy to disappear.

  The subsequent silence of Link made me anxious.

When there was a problem between a loving couple, the man chose to be silent, and his attitude made me heartache.

Sometimes when I can’t stand it, I even shouted at him: “Talk, talk!

“But he couldn’t open his closed mouth.

Link didn’t have the courage to tell his inner struggles to those around him.

  I can’t watch our relationship go to freezing point like this.

Since Link was unwilling to speak, I had no choice but to think that he had cut it. I didn’t want to refuse like a whistle-wife all day long, and it was not helpful for Link to get angry.

For a few weeks, I tried to think about Link from the perspective of the woman: was there something in the woman that I didn’t exist, but attracted Link, and how to re-establish trust between the two, and so on.

Every night I think about these issues without thinking.

Both Link and I may be a bit exhausted.

After a few days of silence, Link also finally realized that we needed to find a psychiatrist to consult.

  Analysis: Candid relative-When two people can calm down and talk openly, one question that cannot be avoided is: what caused the person to betray your love and cause derailment.

Maybe he or she has always been dissatisfied that you are too busy with work and have no time to take care of his indifference, but he or she either speaks out and tries to find comfort from others.

  If his (her) relationship with that person is not over yet, give him or her a deadline so that he or she has enough time to make the right choice.

There are other details of the two people together, even the details of the bed, not that the more you know, the more helpful it is to solve the problem.

Because the deceived party often does not ask these questions out of interest, otherwise they mistakenly believe that they can enter to achieve peace of mind.

Then there is an incurable vicious circle: the deceived party keeps asking those details in order to achieve what he or she calls inner peace.

  It may not be easy for a professional to tell another person who has nothing to do with this kind of thing between you.However, this approach is often very effective.

When you and your good friends talk about your distress and helplessness, they are often on your side to improve favoritism, so it is impossible to propose constructive solutions.

Expert recommendations can be impartially judged to find effective solutions.

  : The skylight said that the doctor’s “treatment” really worked.

He encourages us to talk to each other, talk to each other and listen to each other, rather than run away.

We talked a lot, including the current situation of the two, and that period of emotional imbalance.

I began to understand that in the past six months, I often ignored him because of unsatisfactory work, and ignored him.

I didn’t tell him what was wrong, but I swallowed it.

My anxiety may have affected Link-this is something I haven’t noticed until now, and Link has slowly begun to hesitate to face me.

He chose to associate with other women instead of helping me through the breakthrough.

To put it simply, he abandoned me at the time-this idea still makes me feel a little heartache.

And that female colleague, for him at the time, was indeed the embodiment of passion. Although the days I spent with me were very reassuring, I really felt a little tedious, and under the circumstances, the atmosphere of our little home was also a bittension.

  Now I finally understand: Only when two people openly and openly can the relationship between the two be stable.

If your relationship with him begins to surround the deadlock or even shake up, then the only solution is to say what is in your heart. Communication is the key to solving the problem.

You know, sometimes the problem may be related to the relationship between two people, and sometimes the psychological change of one person will also affect the relationship between the two people, so you must also ask “What’s wrong with me”.

In order to keep yourself at peace, your partner is your best partner to talk to. Do n’t worry. Tell your restlessness to him or her. You should know that the most intimate lover should also talk about everything at the same time.confidant.