Wheat can cure a lot of diseases

Wheat can cure a lot of diseases

Symptom 1: Absent-minded and unhappy.

  Prescription: 15 grams of licorice, 50 grams of Huai wheat, 10 jujubes.

Shuijianbi, one serving a day, and even eat 5 servings.

  Symptom 2: Sweating, sweating with a little activity, often feeling dizzy, soft, and easy to forget.

  Prescription: Find some floating wheat, stir fry on the fire, and grind it into flour to make porridge at night.

  Wheat is arguably the most common food in life. Steamed bread and noodles are made from wheat flour. Some families can’t live without it even for three meals a day.

But did you know that wheat can also be used as medicine?

If used correctly, the effect will be surprisingly good.

  Ganmai jujube soup, must use Huai wheat. I once encountered a typical lady with typical menopausal syndrome. She said that she was often absent-minded and forgot to do things.

I can’t sleep at night, and often have insomnia.

She often shed tears and was easily excited and flustered.

  I gave this lady a prescription: 15 grams of licorice, 50 grams of Huai wheat, and 10 jujubes.

Provided that “five servings a course of treatment, decoction with water, one serving a day.”

  She asked dubiously: “You can prescribe these 3 medicines for me. What will work?

“I said with a smile:” Cure this disease, just these three medicines, you must get them in our hospital.

After 5 days, all the symptoms of this lady had disappeared.

  In fact, this is nothing magical, I just dipped in the classic light of Chinese medicine.

This recipe is the “Ganmai Jujube Soup” in “A Brief Guide to the Golden Depression”.

However, many doctors do not use this formula in clinical practice, because they think this formula is “useless”.

  I thought about this problem for a while, and found out that it was the wrong medicine they used.

Huai wheat should have been used, but many people turned it into floating wheat.

In addition, many people are not very clear about the effectiveness of the medicine, so they do not feel any effect when using this recipe.

When I asked this patient to get medicine in our hospital, I was afraid that she would get the medicine wrong when she went to the pharmacy outside to get the medicine.

  Huai wheat raises one’s heart and calms it. Floating wheat gathers sweat and sweat. What is floating wheat?

Floating means floating and floating.

Obviously, floating wheat is dried up, adding wheat that floats in the water.

Huai wheat refers to the full-grain wheat produced in the Jianghuai region.

Don’t look at wheat, but the effects are very different.

The role of Huai wheat is to nourish one’s heart, and the role of floating wheat is to condense sweat and stop sweat.

  Regarding the formula “Ganmai Jujube Soup”, “Golden Lack of Essentials” mentioned that Huai wheat can warm the liver and the yin, and the nourishing fluid is the remedy; licorice is purging the heart and the stomach is the ministerThe jujube regulates the stomach, and it is adjuvant for its dryness on the palate.

Imagine that when you cure the disease, you have made the wrong medicine. Can you cure the disease?

The combination of these three medicines, although seemingly simple, is a classic.

  After so many years of practicing medicine, I found that “Ganmai Date Juice Soup” is also suitable for menopausal women, and it is also very helpful to relieve people’s worry.

In addition, these three medicines have the effect of replenishing and reducing diarrhea.

So, if you are upset and emotionally worried, you can do it yourself—something to drink.

  The useless “blind wheat” can cure the disease once. I went back to my hometown in the countryside.

My cousin came to me and said that his lover was particularly sweaty and that he could soak the bed at night when he slept.

A little sweat during the day.In addition, she often feels dizzy, soft and easy to forget.

So, I asked my cousin to find some “blind wheat” (the folk name for dried wheat), stir-fry it on the fire, and then grind it into flour, and eat porridge every night for the patient to eat, just a few daysAlready.

  Blind wheat has a nice name-floating wheat.

Li Shizhen mentioned in the Compendium of Materia Medica that floating wheat is salty, cold and non-toxic.

Regarding the role of floating wheat in collecting sweat, it has also been mentioned in ancient medical classics.

If you usually sweat a lot, fry it and drink it.

Under normal circumstances, grab one or two each night, wash and cook porridge.

  Sweating is a common disease in life and most people don’t care.

Chinese medicine believes that sweat is the fluid of the heart.

If you sweat too much or spontaneously, if you sweat too much for a long time, you will be exhausted, which will lead to mental burnout, pale face, weak limbs, disregard of diet, cold, sleepiness, etc.

Therefore, sweating may even damage the human body, and may even cause other diseases.