Why is it getting fatter?


Why is it getting fatter?

The popular methods of weight loss in the market are dazzling and dazzling.

Smart people don’t go to the black area to lose weight in an alley. We choose six kinds of weight-loss methods to compare one by one. What is most suitable for you to look for first.


Surgical liposuction — a method of temptation to have a rich, courageous crush, to remove excess manure from the body by surgical means.

The most common is liposuction surgery, and there are special cases of gastric septal surgery, face reduction surgery and so on.

銆€銆€Benefits: The fastest, effective way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Great side effects on the body.

Increased physical strength and resistance are greatly reduced.

銆€銆€Reminder: Gradually eating and drinking may affect the effect of weight loss, so surgery to lose weight is not a once-and-for-all thing!

Can bear heart disease, no cardiovascular disease can be carried out!

銆€銆€Who is best: a little money at hand, not afraid of pain, such as stars, models can be considered for use.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?(up to five stars) 2.

Exercise to lose weight — SARS’s most sought after health mode SARS has made people pay close attention to health, healthy weight loss has become an important concept.

Too many people abandoned the extreme way of losing weight such as dieting, and returned to the fitness center to achieve weight loss through exercise.

銆€銆€Benefits: In addition to losing weight, you can make your body stronger and the lines more perfect.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Slow benefits require great perseverance and perseverance.

銆€銆€Special note: Exercise usually lasts for more than 20 minutes, and the internal sputum begins to burn.

Excessive exercise can cause physical exhaustion and mental euphemism. You can ask the fitness instructor for guidance.

銆€銆€Who is best: curiosity, sports, fear of being alone, and most afraid of boring people, it is suitable to go to the fitness center to participate in healthy dance classes.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽?3.

Watch fitness video exercise — the most suitable for people who do not have a fixed life schedule. This method is relatively simple, and it belongs to the fine water flow type.

Looking at the screen, following the fitness tape to exercise, there is an immersive realism.

銆€銆€Benefits: Convenience, you can start at any time after you get home.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: If you have doubts, you can’t get answers immediately. The speed of guidance is not what you can stipulate.

銆€銆€Special note: The effect of full body aerobic exercise is more than 30 minutes of exercise.

銆€銆€Who is best suited: have time to allocate to exercise, or life is not fixed; conservative, embarrassed people in front of everyone can also try.

銆€銆€Danger level: very small 4.

Eat a diet meal — The most ideal choice for people who are impatient is now more popular, that is, ask the dietitian to create a personal diet menu for their own body, which is mainly light (such as boiled, less seasoning), but the weight isStrict compliance, it will be more troublesome to implement.

銆€銆€Benefits: Don’t go hungry when you lose weight, you can maintain a balanced diet while losing weight.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: Benefits will vary from person to person, and once you return to normal diet, weight can easily rebound.

銆€銆€Special note: It is best to ask the doctor or dietitian for professional advice on weight loss.

銆€銆€Who is best for: For those who are quick to do anything, and who will not give up when they see the effect, some fast weight loss methods, diet meals, novelty things and new weight loss products are ideal choices.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽呪槄鈽?.

Needle–the most demanding way to lose weight Acupuncture is one of the emerging methods of weight loss.

It is a relatively mild and safe method to stimulate the body acupuncture by acupuncture and dredge the meridians to achieve the weight loss effect of 鈥渟welling and diluting water鈥?

銆€銆€Benefits: Safer and more reliable than other methods.

銆€銆€Disadvantages: The benefits are slow and require the assistance of a professional Chinese physician.

銆€銆€Special note: to patronize a reputable and word-of-mouth Chinese medicine practitioner, to deceive.銆€銆€Who is best for: people who have patience.

銆€銆€Danger level: 鈽?鈽?6.

Slimming by blood type — The most targeted way to lose weight is actually hidden in your blood!

The personality of different blood types and the ability of the body to digest food are different, and the suitable way to lose weight is not the same.

銆€銆€Type A: Continuous diet therapy The best type A person pays attention to the people around him. On the surface, although he is not fat, he is not trying to lose weight. In fact, he wants to lose weight.

However, because of the need to be determined, if only diet therapy is dangerous, it is necessary to cooperate with exercise.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss diet: A blood type people have low gastric acid content, difficult to absorb protein, and limit food such as meat and milk, potatoes, bananas and tomatoes.

Suitable for vegetables, or a large number of beans and marine food.

銆€銆€O-type: The short-term concentrated and better type of person is more energetic than other blood types. It is always full of energy and vitality, but it is easy to get bored, so the most important thing is to take a concentrated, one-off diet.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss recipes: eat lean meat, animal liver, seafood and green leafy vegetables to control weight. If you rely on corn, cereals, cabbage, potatoes to lose weight, it will be futile.

銆€銆€Type B: The best new weight loss method that has not been popular. If someone has a blood type B person: If your waist is finer and the model is the same size, you will suddenly start losing weight.

Fresh ways to lose weight will arouse their interest. It is best to put the ideal body shape in front of you and keep telling yourself that you must aim at this body. This is the best way to lose weight for type B people.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss diets: especially suitable for meat and dairy foods, but not for chicken, corn, tomatoes and most nuts and seeds.

A variety of meat and dairy products.

銆€銆€AB type: suitable for medium weight loss, planned long-term weight loss, more likely to cause boredom, such as O-type short-term concentration method is not easy to achieve results, so suitable for medium-term weight loss method, sub-course stimulation of acupuncture weight loss method can try.

銆€銆€Typical weight loss recipes: It is recommended that people who eat a variety of high-protein foods should eat less, while fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables, and dairy products are better.

銆€銆€Ms. Ma, 27 years old, a reporter from a TV station, pays attention to the kind of people who are externally imaged.

Like many girls of the same age, keeping fit is a top priority for her. In her own words, she is the kind of person who gets fat when she doesn’t pay attention, and she drinks long meat, which is a weight loss problem.How can I take it lightly?

銆€銆€However, what bothers her is that she insists on physical exercise and insists on controlling her diet, but her weight is getting heavier and heavier, and her posture is getting more and more fat. What is going on?

銆€銆€Dr. Yun: Miss Ma’s problem is also a problem that many women and men encounter today, and it is very common.

In the eyes of many people, losing weight should be an easy task. If you don’t eat for a few days or try to eat a diet meal for a week or two, stick to exercise inside and lose weight.

However, in reality, people find that this is not the case. Although their efforts can make them slim down, they usually rebound after weight, even before they try to lose weight.

So they chose exercise and dieting, but it seems to be a vicious circle. They are thin and fat repeatedly, and the result is getting heavier and heavier.

銆€銆€Maybe you don’t believe that your efforts to lose weight just lead to your obesity.

銆€銆€According to the latest research report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular weight loss leads to more and more fat sequelae.

Young people who develop dieting habits will increase by an average of 10 kilograms (22 pounds) after middle age (between 15 years).

銆€銆€The researchers in the study conducted a 6-15 year study on 3,536 men and 4,193 women, and filled out the questionnaire to understand the weight status, weight loss habits, education level, and social level of the 18-54 year old population.The relationship between marital status, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

The researchers also compared the eating habits of 1705 twins to understand the effects of genetics and obesity.

銆€銆€The results show that men aged 18-29 and women aged 30-54 are most likely to be related to fat.

That is to say, how old the body was when you were young, and no matter how hard you are trying to lose weight, once you have congenital effects of family genetic obesity, middle-aged blessings, even when you are young, you are worried about your weight. It is definitely impossible to reverse.Disadvantages.
To make matters worse, the habit of losing weight by dieting will lead to the sequelae of rising weight.

銆€銆€In addition, studies have shown that people with exercise habits will gain weight once they stop exercising.

銆€銆€The above two points let us know why the more fat is reduced.

So how can we prevent this from happening?

鈥淧erseverance鈥?is a good attitude at this time.

It is very important to insist on having a certain amount of exercise every day to ensure that there is a chance to make a slight burning every day.

In addition, in some habits of life, we must also be strict with ourselves, prepare a cup that you know how big the capacity is, and ensure that you drink at least 1500 cc of water a day to strengthen your metabolism and reduce the accumulation of internal waste.

Depending on your age, before the age of 25, you should not eat for 3 hours before going to bed. After 25 years old, this time will be extended to 4 to 5 hours.

In addition, don’t think that obesity is the best way to lose weight. In fact, if you are hungry once, you will eat it once. This kind of overeating is the most unfavorable for weight loss.