“After I saw Wang Xiao,Suddenly found,What I comforted Ms. Wen yesterday,So superficial,So hypocritical.The child she gave birth to is already a demon,Even if it becomes better,I just know how to repent,Become an ordinary person。Such meaning,Just the world has become a little better。But for Ms. Wen,What’s the point??The injuries she has suffered,despair,It’s all gone,She doesn’t need an ordinary child by her side anymore.”

Baby Ou only feels that she is not really comforting,“This kind of comfort without real action,It’s better to be cool with a gust of breeze.”
Ms. Wen is calm now,Has started a new life,The comfort she needs,Is now,Is the future,Not the past,Not the child who has passed。
“I remember the trainee training camp at Redstone,There are tickets for in-house performances,They are all beautiful young men,I call over there,Let them send some tickets to Ms. Wen.”Look at people who write well,I’m in a good mood。
“.”you,Turns a bit fast,Flashed my waist.Jin Yao raised his hand,But it didn’t stop。
As long as these people yesterday and today,These things,Didn’t hurt my dear at all,That’s it。
Ou Zhaozhao over there,Should rest assured。
A good boy with integrity like Qinbao,That’s it,Ghosts are hard to come by,No evil。
Baby Ou just finished calling the person in charge at Redstone,I found that only one piece of content was received on the phonejSubtitled SMS。Has the SMS been verified this year ruled,This phone is Ou Baobao’s personal phone,Rarely receive private text messages。Looking at the number is still strange。
Subconscious,Baby Ou didn’t care about it。But her phone,Will not receive scam calls and spam messages,If it’s not sent wrong,The one who knows her number,Sent to her。And know her number,She gave it on her own initiative。The phone number hasn’t been leaked out yet.
Staring at the phone,Baby Ou hesitates,Still choose to confirm。
So I asked Yu Sheng to find her who this strange number belongs to。
Less than five minutes passed,Yu Sheng told her,“It’s Pei Huan,Fei Yi Pei。”
Baby Ou raised an eyebrow,Looking at thatjI suddenly had a feeling that was not so good。
I contacted Daou’s security staff first,Then let the technical department locate Pei Huan’s phone,Finally let Jin Yao watch,Call the police whenever you have a clue。
Ou Bao Bao himself,I contacted Xie Yunchu。
She came on business trip during winter vacation,Xie Yun didn’t go out,Stayed at the Imperial Capital for work。
“Pei Huan sent onej,I suspect it means help。You are in the imperial capital,Did you hear anything from Jing’s house??Where’s Jinghui?”
Xie Yunchu understands what Ou Baobao means,Contact Jinghui while answering the phone,“I didn’t hear anything from Jing’s family,After the scene replays the fake,Always in college.wait。Let me ask first,Don’t hang up,I use handsfree。”