Shen Ruoxue lifted the girl who was crying with tears from the ground。

“If you two dare to do it again,I will continue to be rude to him!If you don’t want to be beaten, just be honest。”
Liu Xiaoyun issued a warning again。
Qin Liang and Ling Mofeng also quietly appeared behind the four men watching the game at this time。
“Why are you fighting?”
Meizi started asking,The situation is clear,Obviously not a criminal offence against that girl,Because besides tears, that girl,The clothes on my body are neat and tidy,And none of the six men took any action against that girl。
Of course it’s understandable to be pushed down。
No one answered。
The two men who were fighting sat down on the ground, panting, staring at each other with anger,And the four men who watched the game said nothing,That girl just leaned in Shen Ruoxue’s arms and cried。
“I’ll say it one last time:We are criminal police,I am now asking you according to law:Why fight?”
Meizi’s tone became severe。
“We didn’t fight,The two of them are duel。”
Finally a man answered Meizi’s question。
Mei Zi asked surprised。
Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue understood right away,The two turned around and looked at the girl at the same time,She really is a pretty girl with a nice face,Of course with Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun,Plum is nothing compared to it,And these six men are also very young,They look like they are in their early twenties。