Are you drinking right? Do you drink the right way?


Are you drinking right? Do you drink the right way?

Drinking water timetable first cup: get up at 6:30, constipation people can drink light honey water or light salt water.

The second cup: one to the unit 8:30, to avoid having time to drink water due to busy work.

The third cup: 11:00, before lunch, add the missing water in the morning.

The fourth cup: 13:00, 20 minutes after a meal, add water to help digestion.

The fifth cup: 15:30, work in the afternoon, you can drink some tea/black tea.

The sixth cup: 17:00, drink a cup before work, ease work fatigue.

The seventh cup: 18:30, when the metabolism is strong, the water can be detoxified.

Eighth Cup: 21:00, two hours before going to bed, add water.

Do not drink too much water before going to sleep, otherwise it may cause edema.

Do not drink.

The benefits of drinking water: 1.

After getting up, I will lose 300 to 400 ml of water every night by breathing and skin evaporation before going to work. One night, my body is in a state of water shortage. Drinking a glass of water helps the body restore normal metabolism.

Wake up in the morning, drink a large glass of water, you can supplement the water lost by the body’s metabolism, wash the empty stomach, can effectively replace the blood, reduce blood viscosity, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Before you eat, it is best to drink a cup of warm boiled water on an empty stomach. If conditions permit, you can add a piece of fresh lemon to clear the stool and eliminate the toxins.


Half an hour after going to work, air drying in the air-conditioned room is likely to cause loss of body water, dry mucosa in the nasal cavity, and even bronchitis.

Therefore, after staying in the air-conditioned room for more than half an hour, it is necessary to replenish water, boiled water, mineral water, lemonade, etc. in time, and the water temperature is about 40 掳C.


Work mood irritability Adrenalin is often referred to as “painful hormone”. When a person is painful and annoyed, adrenaline will soar. Like other human toxins, it can excrete water through the body.

Therefore, when you are upset, you may wish to pour a cup of warm water, sit in the seat and slowly drink it, and your mood will be relaxed.


Before leaving the office, office workers often neglect drinking water because of busy eight-hour work. It is recommended that these people develop the habit of drinking a few mouthfuls of water before work.

Because long-term drinking water is insufficient, the bladder and kidneys will be damaged, which may cause back pain and affect work efficiency.

Do not need to drink too much at this time, the amount of a paper cup is enough, otherwise it is easy to “urgent” on the way to work.


After bathing in the evening, many people often feel thirsty and drink a glass of water.

As everyone knows, after taking a hot bath, the body is heated by blood vessels, blood flow is increased, the heart beats faster than usual, and drinking too fast to overcome health disadvantages, especially the elderly, should drink a cup of warm water slowly.


You can’t drink too much water before going to bed before going to bed at night. Otherwise, alternating nights will affect your sleep, but you can’t help but drink. You should take two more sleeps.

Because when people are asleep, the body’s water is lost, causing the blood in the blood to decrease and the blood viscosity to become higher.

Drinking some water before going to sleep can alleviate this phenomenon and reduce the risk of cerebral thrombosis.


High fever, after exercise, when people have a high fever, exercise, etc., they will dissipate heat in the form of sweat, which will consume a lot of water, which will cause dehydration.

It is very important to replenish water in time during fever.

You can drink warm boiled water or warm glucose water in small amounts, and drink it every half an hour.

How to use boiled water: boiled water is the best.

Boiled water is rich in minerals that regulate body fluid balance.

Drink less carbonated beverages because carbonated beverages tend to cause osteoporosis.
Strong tea, salt water can not replace drinking water.
Because of the diuretic of strong tea, it will affect the body’s water balance and cause cell dehydration.

Because the sodium content in the cells is very low, when people drink salt water on an empty stomach, the salt water can enter the blood and tissues, but can not enter the cells. If the salt is too rich, the cells will dehydrate.


Drink fast: drink a glass of water (about 150 to 200 ml) in one go.


Drink plenty of water: add some ingredients in the water (such as herbal tea or some Chinese herbal medicine pieces suitable for you).


Drink warm water: ice water is not good for the spleen and stomach, it is best to choose warm water.


Drinking water on an empty stomach: Water will flow directly from the digestive tract and be quickly absorbed by the body.


Drink plenty of water: Don’t wait for thirst to drink again (thirst is the imbalance of body water, when the cell dehydration has reached a certain level, the central nervous system sends a request for hydration signal).

The above is the best drinking time schedule for office workers and some drinking water precautions, I hope to help your health.